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Crimes against humanity,
hacking, cracking, network forensics, network security, penetration analysis, footprints, phishing & network intrusion detection.


"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts." Abraham Lincoln


Electronically and chemically hacking the human mind

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Part 18

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Part 20


A South African is a person with a sword in their right hand and a Bible in their left hand, when the battle is over they start to rebuild


About the author: Marek Pawinski started to operate computers in 1990, i started off my career in the electrical field and during that time became more intrested in computers when i learned how to use CAD. I changed my vocation to the information technology field and studied for my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Sysytems Engineer), i gave my final exams a miss (wrote and passsed only the four cores) when i discoverd the Linux operating system and Red Hat 6.1 was my first boxed set. So in those days i obtained my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) NT 4 but continued to self study fifteen Microsoft related books in all, including Microsoft Windows 2000. I then opened another business (other than my electrical business) promoting and selling open source Linux operating systems. I became quite intrested in the Information Technology Security field and being quite a book worm in those days i read and used examples of the Information Technology Security books. To this day i still read Information Technology Security books even though most of the information can be found browsing the internet. Unfortunalty in this day and age i have to deploy an active protection system to prevent line-of-sight and broad spectrum frequencies from acquiring and/or destroying my mum and i.

WYSIWYDG - please note this web page may not be avaiable in your country or this web page may be incorrectly served en route, 404 errors abound and as for TOR, pawinski.co.za is /, well fuck me, (this is not an instruction, cunt), i am writing this e-book mainly for my family but anyone is welcome to read my non fiction draft copy e-book (perhaps kindle, as per the terms and condition's, in progress which consists of 75 parts to date.


To my wife, Jabu, for your great support in the past and present in these difficult times

To my father, Arka, (mortuus), thanks tata you taught me a lot in your living years

To my mother, Maria, words can not express my gratitude for all your on going support

To my friends who always stick by me

"We will suffer like Mary suffers/suffered" - Old Testament - "eye for an eye..." - New Testament - "turn the other cheek..."



In this day of network forensics and penetration analysis almost anything is possible, the hackers and crackers whom supplied me not only with the kindle but fire wood for me to write this piece of non fiction. A bit off my own experience with numerous operating systems (twenty and counting, 70% an actual install to HDD and the rest on Virtual Box) always helps. My operating system of choice has been one or other Linux operating system for the last 14 years.

Why not place the shad back in the ocean when a bluefin tuna will come along.

If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. (Mathew 5:39) And that is what we call a honeypot.

A donation of any amount would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my non fiction book

Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over to be killed. Fathers will hand over their own children to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and will have them killed. Everyone will hate you because you follow me. But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. When you are treated badly in one city, go to another city. I promise you that you will not finish going to all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes again. Matthew 10:21-23

Draft copy, in progress

Part one


Honey what's in the pot

Spring forward fall backwards, it was the summer of 2006, 16th December 2006 to be precise and the month long vacations where in full swing. At this odd time with sales historically very low a company in South Africa opened a Linux operating system dvd sales service, this company sold burned Linux dvd's to the public. They had a five year "sponsorship" and sold the Linux dvd's (operating systems) way way below cost.

Their mission was to hit and run.

For five years they opted to destory any other Linux operating system vendor in South Africa and then duck, which they did. As of writing, there is no Linux dvd reseller as up to date as AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's who actually had stock of the distro's advertised. Not a feed from distrowatch.com as the "sponsored" company had. The "sponsored" company had to first download most of the iso's which they purported to have. Why on earth would anyone sponsor a company at a huge loss for five years, i digress, as mentioned before to bring the other Linux dvd resellers down and AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's in particular. In this cut throat busiuness world it's no use bitching but its quite blind for those who had to sell their immovable property for the passion and love of the work they do.

So who was the sponsor, (inter corporate sabotage, jealous guys whom used the Linux operating or maybe the agents at work) now for the time being i leave that for you to think about. You might just suprise yourself

What is the Linux operating system: The Linux operating system sits quietly for example doing it's thing on a web server whilst you browse a web page 62% of the time. The Linux operating system cost less to run than a Microsft Windows IIS ( internet information server). Some are under the impression that Linux operating system is free and that is false unless you obtain a free Linux operating system DVD from a friend. To download a Linux operating system DVD involves bandwith costs, your time and of course if the Linux OS does not download corretly the first time (as has happened to me on numerous occasions in the village (first time city). Strange i had better luck up north before i went south. Anyway the Linux OS looks like Microsoft Windows almost has has the same features, Debian Linux for instance has over 29 000 packages (programs) for mahala (free) almost not counting the bandwidth costs.


Draft copy, in progress

Part two

I now spring forward to the spring of 2012, once again i noticed all was not well at all at all, barring the usual hacking or should we call it cracking of my network, four occurences bothered me in particular at this time and stood out, going back to the 24th of April of 2012 a sequence of events started to unfold in the tranquil village i had choosen as my domicile for my sabbatical a month earlier, my router password had been changed, a communication error with a SMS (text) provider, my BIOS on my one computers that had been hacked and sudden lack of emails from clients as of June 2012. Lets start with the BIOS.

There are a number of ways to flash a BIOS and the BIOS should only be flashed as the last resort if you are experiencing faults where a BIOS upgrade might help. Quite a few companies have the option of upgrading your BIOS via a *.exe binary which is the easiest on Microsoft Windows to update the BIOS but i prefer to flash the BIOS from the BIOS menu itself. So what stopped a cracker from flashing my BIOS on a Debian Squeeze computer, nothing. So that is one machine down and nothing to do with the humidity as i was ill informed. Removing the CMOS battery and/or resetting the jumpers did not help.

Around the same time i could not for the life of me log on to one off my routers, password had been changed by the crackers so i had to reset the router to factory defaults which did not achieve much as the agents had played their stale but very effective trick again of flashing my router firmware.

Around August 2012 i was having a hassle where my SMS (text) where coming in late, priority one SMS would take 15 minutes to arrive and other SMS would take up to an hour. One off the support guys at the SMS network provider informed that "it's not us", the fault was eventually rectified after two months.

The tap was open and running for nine years, email queries and orders came in, what occured in June 2012? Who turned the tap off? Can all of a sudden no one be in the least intrested in the Linux operating system? Why the sudden lack of business emails or non existance thereof?

Must have come from above that i stored my iso's on a computer that was not connected to the internet since i had moved into the village.

Why on earth you may ask would anyone have an intrest in me, well from 2003 till early 2012 i was the number one supplier of Linux operating systems in South Africa, but that would take us back to 16th December 2006 and a sponsored company whose EPP records and any other trace have vanished off the face of the world wide web, almost. Yes our friends at.......... but let us stay a while with the year 2012, 5th December 2012 in particular.

Are smartphones the murder weapons of the future? No they are the murder weapons of the present. There is a feature to wipe your smartphone remotely if it is stolen for instance, if a cracker gets hold of that apps password, well you put one plus one together. So how difficult is it to send a remote frequency to emit from a smartphone perhaps whilst you are in a motor vechilce driving, i wonder, paranoia or fact? 5th December 2012 i was driving along back to the village after a bit of early morning shopping in light drizzle with two smartphones in my pockets with the motor vechicle windows closed. Cruising below 70 km/h in a 80 km/h zone on a straight strech of road. My motor vechicle flipped on the right hand side came down and spun 360 a few times before hitting a small barrier on the opposite side of the road and coming to a halt. Write off and i was not in too good shape either. Why the battery of a smartphone drains unevenly with normal use over a test period of a couple of months beats me or does it.

What a costly and emotionally draining year 2012 turned out to be. 24th of April of 2012 seems to be the magic date which as i mentioned started the sequence of events. What happened on this day, well i met Jabu who is now my wife. Not to the approval of many in the village and higher powers the cookie started to crumble for us soon after 24th of April of 2012. Not all believe in "i had a dream"


Draft copy, in progress

Part three

2013 started of better, not. Another not quite three year old BIOS gone on motherboard number two. This computer had Mageia Linux and Debian Linux in a dual boot configuration. Previous to that my SATA6 hard drives temperature went up to 66 degrees celcius and i had to point a desk fan right at them to bring the temperature below 42. All the harware except the two motherboards function correctly in a test computer. Very very costly affair pour moi. So i aquired a notebook computer in October 2012 with Microsoft Windows 7 Pro installed and on 26th October 2012 i upgraded to Microsoft Windows 8 with the upgrade option offered by Microsoft. What a mission to jump from Linux full time to Microsoft, a big learning curve.

The leap was a bit too much for me and the crackers where hot on my heels, very vigourously for some reason with greater intensity since October 2012 till June 2013. A very simple benchmark: on my cracked i7 notebook i aquired in October 2012, on most games my overload protection would kick in even with two 140mm fans sucking the heat away. Yet as i type this an i3 notebook (not mine) handles the same games no problem, without overheating. I do not recommend playing games with low spec notebooks unless they are gaming notebooks which the i7 with nVidia graphics was supposed to be.

The i7 notebook hardware seemed just fine, the crackers had made certain parts of the operating system dicey to use as dual boot Ubuntu Linux functioned just fine and mprime showed good results on Ubuntu Linux. BT 4.0 has a range of up to 300 kilo meters and Wifi WPA2 is very hackable or should i say crackable and when is on on and off off and on off and off on using the keyboard. Then of course there is the wireless mouse most which require a transmitter and a receiver to work via a radio frequency, if your mouse battery keeps going flat prematurely is there someone nastly hacking or cracking your computer through your wireless mouse? What about your print device, i had the "luck" to purchase a non WiFi print device but in fact the print device had full WiFi capabilities, wow what a bonus for the hackers. (check date, 2010? )

Draft copy, in progress

Part four

What has this all to do with the title of this non fiction book you may ask, "Electronically hacking the human mind" well as computers can be hacked and cracked to the detriment of the system administrator and general user, crackers don't mind whose computer/s or life they distroy just for kicks, so can the brain be manipulated but more on that later. January 2014 my Joomla webpage was hacked by "a group of crackers" hmmm, a jolly good web page that was even if i say so myself, only the memories, screenshots and backups remain. Over the course of the last two years i was forced against my will so to speak to purchase the i7 notebook at quite a good price for an i7 notebook but you get what you pay for and the i7 notebook did not last too long since the purchase date of October 2012. One tends to worry a bit when one's main desktop computer goes on the "brink" so thus more unnecessary expenditure. The i7 notebook failure was partly my fault with a little help from the crackers. Who not only hacked the computers but at the same time i was getting a bit gatvol (upset) with all this hacking and cracking. A few days after installing a new operating system, same old same old, rkhunter text output looks more red than black. Something very special in this village since April 2012 and i don't blame the village which is actually a very nice tranquil place with a lot of good folks. So my sebaticle is extended and my goal is to play it by ear and have many parts to this non fiction book as my writers cramp comes and goes. Typing now on this rainy day i think back to a working holiday i had in the south coast not too far from my temporary residance.

Draft copy, in progress

Part five

July 2011 i went house hunting in the south coast, Monday and the rest of the week where a rainy rainy misaberable few days. The estate agents showed me around and lucky i did not purchase anything. Edge was the best signal so it was difficult and time consuming searching for current propery on sale. Thanks to mum, whilst doing her thing on the www in Johannesburg found a lovely wooden cottage which was quite spacious if compared to European standards. The house she found was in the south coast. Wood seems to be a good insulator and it's quite bearable in the summer with a ceiling fan and cool in winter inside. To top it all the outside wooden walls are clad in aluminium. So i am in a "Faraday cage" so to speak but the windows are unprotected from interference. Well the rain brought on this bit of trivia. Rain rain reminds me of the floods of...... A bit more off topic i lost two pets in nine months, one dachshund in June of 2013 (ten years young) and a boxer in Febuary of 2014 (eight years young). Quite stressfull for me especially my dachshund, there is always a favorite. Talk about electronic torture or electronic "murder", well i suppose you can't use the word "murder" when your canine (dog) is electronically tortured to death. More like cruelity to animals to stress my emotional well being from the death of the canines. Canines are fantastic sniffer dogs, by RCF they can sniff just about anything, canines do a fantastic job at sniffing out puncture repair kits. ....


Draft copy, in progress

Part six

So let me sum up since the year 2011 before i move on to part seven


Part seven

By August 2013 this was all a wee bit too much for me and i started to fall apart emotionally since my forced migration to Microsoft Windows 8 on 26th October 2012 with my i7 notebook, due to my desktop computer dying. Don't get me wrong i enjoy Microsoft Windows 8.1 but the sudden change from Debian Linux and other Linux operating systems like Mageia Linux was just too much for me after tweleve years. My i7 notebook was also hacked to death from 13th October 2012 till August 2013 which did not help much with my transition. Now as i sit here typing i recon maybe this was all a blessing in disguise, touch wood. The i7 notebook had a short life but i managed to get the i7 notebook to dual boot with Microsoft Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux as well as openSUSE Linux. I am quite happy to say i even had optimus working on the dual boot Linux operating systems. Makes me think though how good is Microsoft Windows defender as i downloaded ten drivers for my i7 notebook from the vendor and Microsoft Windows Defender scan came out clean but ClamAV showed that the drivers where full of viruses. So which is which. Well August 2013 till June 2014 i went through a really tough patch, suffering from insomnia, extreme hunger at night and a lot of stress during the day all due to the electronic torture frequency (ETF) except for Christmas night 2013 and Jabu's and my church trip to Bethlehem (South Africa) for two nights, Easter weekend 2014. The agents seemed not to set up the ETF in Bethlehem (South Africa). Nor did the agents set up the ETF at first in En..... (Mkhwekazi house) during the first quarter of 2013 but the agents did latch on in the second quarter of 2013. So now as i type i wonder on this day in July 2014 what the agents have in store for my mum and i at this lovely tranquil village.


Draft copy, in progress

Part eight

Electronically hacking the human mind, more like electronically torturing the human mind. Of course it's cheaper to electronically torture me than to admit there is anything like electronic mind control at all and offer me compensation for all these years. For starters two motherboards, CPU's and after coolers cost in the region of 18 000 ZAR (approx 1 800 USD) as nowhere could i find compatible motherboards for my existing CPU's. That's just talking about desktop one and desktop two which you might remember the BIOS's where fried. Strang how i was taking photo's of my freshly planted lawn (first quarter of 2013) and the next morning my dual core smartphone was wiped when i woke up the next morning, no one within a fifteen kilometer radius (nine mile) around the village (and allegidly in a major city) could repair the smartphone yet they took my money anyway just to attempt to repair my smartphone. Another 7000 ZAR (approx 700 USD) down the drain. Never mind my motor vehicle.

Imagine that, suffering from ED for eighteen years just after i married my first wife, in 1994. Never had problems in that departement before and it was not my ex wifes fault, the ED bit. The ED was progressive since 1994 and was agrivated until the ED was fully blown a few years later. 1994 i started to work with my........................ What does one do when one can't get it up? I got a good tip whilst reading a book named "Papillon". Thanks to my wife Jabu she sorted the ED for me. Or did she? Maybe it came from above or this electronic mind control nonsense again. What did the garage automation lady mean when she stated there are too many frequencies in the Northcliff area, paranoia on my part or fact? Electronic mind control occurs all over the world, to whom should i have reported this electronic torture of the past and ongoing, to Papa? No joke you win you loose. Correction, i did report one incident to my attorney but i was advised to "leave it" There seems to be a very fine line between what comes from above so to speak and electronically hacking the human mind. Wow so now we find out not only computers but the human mind can be hacked. When two large canines (dogs) chase a child down the street and bite this child, is it "vicious dogs on the loose" or this electronic mind control of the canines that sets the canines (dogs) into a frenzy.

I feel sorry for my mum, we are very close when i am not between girl friends, fiancées and wives, i try to spend as much time with my mum as possible especially after tata (my farther) passed away. My mum from time to time endures the same flak but worse on occasions. The village is no exception, and my mum experienced the worst electronic torturing (ETF) in the village, she was hit with a frequency on the late evening of 11th March 2012 or very early morning of 12th March 2012 when she was still in Johannesburg and arrived in the village on the 19th March 2012, a very kind estate agent offered, two weeks before her departure date from Johannesburg, for my mum to stay in his cottage. I remember as i drove off with the three dogs (canines) my mum waved at me with a blank stare in her face. I feel bad to this day leaving her (in good hands i hope, debatable) yet the movers where to arrive on the Monday and i had to depart on the Saturday so all was in sync. So my mum and i are in the same village yet my stay was extended, as you might recall my objective was to have a sebaticle which turned out to be a working holiday. When elephants are culled, the whole herd is culled otherwise the remaining elephants would have great emotional trauma, if only part of the herd was culled. Electronic torture works the other way, pick them off one by one, set brother against brother and sister against sister. I am not aware of any medical illness (other than trauma and mycardial infarction, etc) that occurs overnight out the blue.

I was setting up a computer for mum and on first three boots there was a vendor encryped directory, i put in a password and the computer was not connected to the world wide web too long and the vendor encrypted directory disappeared as well as the password which was changed not by moi.

Whilst in the village i purchased (2012/2013) two way radio's (walkie talkies) to save on SMS (text) costs and voice costs for conversations between Jabu and myself. The two way radio's worked wonderfully till the FIR masterminds started to listen in and record our conversation's. The conversations taking place in the dwelling's where each of the two way radio's where placed, with the two way radio's in the on but not transmit position where also eavesdropped. The two way radio's where like baby monitors. beeeep.

In the first quarter of 2013 a very kind "gentleman" posted a notice on the village mall notice board, a 1987 motor vehicle, hand resprayed, stolen and recovered with a number plate of a town three hundred kilometers from the village, the under "cover" agent requested R22 500.00 (approx 2250 USD), i found out from the insurance company and wiser persons that it was R15 500.00 (approx 1550 USD) over priced. So being a tad expensive i did not purchase the 1987 motor vechilce. I regret i allowed this "gentelman into the house to check prices of similar motor vechicles online. He was most upset when he replied to my SMS (text) that i will not purchase the motor vehicle.

Moving house is rated amongst the top ten stress related causes and been robbed blind whilst the truck is in transit by either the movers or the agents makes the move even worse. The alleged perpertrators had four days to rifle through Mama's belongings. Standing luminaires, bed room suites....

Draft copy, in progress

Part nine

Janusz Walus comes to mind the South African who assassinated Chris Hani. How convenient that Janusz Walus was arrested in a few minutes after he allegedly assassinated Chris Hani. How dumb can one be, obviously his mind was controlled electronically by agents to assassinate Chris Hani. South African defence force where on standby and i remember driving into Boksburg and i found out my bakkie (truck) could do a 180 handbreak turn when i saw 10 000 angry people marching down one of the main streets towards me.

So you think apartheid was/is bad (still a big handfull of apartheid in South Africa both ways), yes apartheid is very bad.

Take a trip to Siberia for starters, after world war two many where forced to labour camps in Siberia. And those in socialistic Eastern Europe had a couple of kilograms of meat rations a month per family and if for example they did not attend the May day parade there food rations where taken away for a month. This is not something i sucked out my thumb but i knew/know folks who where in Siberia alas most of them are not with us anymore but there stories still remain fresh in my mind. Yes this paragraph is a sore point but why on earth would any country build walls and fences to keep the population in if communism is so great. Beats me and most.

Part ten

And so the wizards continue to hack one of the computers, i doubt the file system went corrupt on the Ubuntu Linux computer when i pulled the plug on that computer. The first major sign of been cracked was that "wget -c" would take twenty percent faster to download Sparky Linux 3.4 Gamers Edition (just released) according to "wget" ETA of completion of the download. The hash check did not function as per the command line "md5sum" and K3B hash check output was "calculation failed". I am unable to copy files on the Ubuntu Linux compter larger than 3.6 Gigs, rkhunter for a change is clean because the rkhunter binary is not what i think it is. Running "fsck" and "e2fsck" on the root and home directories comes out clean. So i managed to download Sparky Linux 3.4 Gamers Edition, all four gigs of it with my own wizardly way. Yet i sit here and ponder how to get the iso of the Ubuntu Linux computer as the K3B burn failed the verification check. Only a week ago i downloaded a four gig iso and all seemed to go well on the Ubuntu Linux computer. I suspect that the last updates including a kernel update was not too koscher. dd fails as well so i will have to investigate further this first time for everything in the village. Using a different kernel does not help either on the Ubuntu Linux computer.

So i have come to the conclusion, even though "gsmartcontrol" shows that the hard drive has failed the hard drive was induced with software bad blocks via the hackers. Testdisk showed one bad sector at 83% of the scan and e2fsck was good at one stage during this occurence, all running on a live disc scanning the HDD. Hard drives can be DOA, fail in one month or luck of the draw a HDD can last five or seven years. In first time city i seem to have a spot of bad luck with computer hardware especially but not limited to the Linux operating systems running on any particular hardware, since my arrival in the village. Oh well goodbye HDD, you served me well with ten months of use. The objective of the hackers, to attempt to delete their footprints. I was 100% correct when i stated in the first half of 2013 that it is wiser to install a Linux operating system offline where possible.

Jumping around here a bit, but in first time city, brings me back to 2012 and horse riding in the Underberg with Jabu. It was Jabu's first time on a horse so we took the begineers ride and i was most impressed how Jabu handled the horse ride. The next day i decided to go on the advanced ride to go up a bit into the mountains like i used to do in my younger years. So "first time city" donkey threw me on a gravel road, a bit of my fault as i allowed the horse to go between a fence and a box 200mm by 800mm on the gravel road. But after i had mounted the horse again the horse threw me again 100 meters (328 feet) further down the gravel road taking the wind out of me. So i mounted again and instead of asking the guide for another horse and not a donkey we rode the horses for one hour on the gravel road, boring. Lucky such an incident did not occur when i was at a game reserve horse riding with rhinoceros 200 meters (218 yards) away not too long ago. The affair ended on a happy note on a later trip to the Underberg (different location) when the guide and i rode the two hour advanced horse ride. At one stage the mountain was so steep when i looked down to my left, the river had a drop of 400 meters (437 yards) but the horse was sure footed. The scenery as always in the Drakensberg was breath taking.

The magestic Drakensberg mountains, the Northern berg where my mum and i once stopped at a hotel before the Sterkfontein dam for lunch in 2011 en route to Johannesburg. Whilst enjoying lunch we looked out the windows at the snow capped Northern berg. Unfortuanatly at that section of the road bt the Sterkfontein dam was under construction so it took us a month of Sunday's to get through...........put pic of snow covered bertg here

Then there is the Central berg when tata (my farther) was still alive, we where invited by my brother to a hotel a few kilometers from the Central berg with a fantastic view of the berg. Horse riding was on the menu again and my brother was thrown from his horse as on the way back from the ride when he diverted to his room and horses have only one thing on there mind coming back from a ride and that's fodder and water at the stables. My brother had a spectacular fall over the horses head and he rolled as he hit the ground so he was ok. I was more like a novice on the ride with "ball bashing" at a trot. Those years at a gallop have gone by.

A bit more about the Southern berg Gia Cas and Cha Pea with ex wife

Alas this second trip to the Underberg brings me back to my i7 notebook. TO DO

Draft copy, in progress

Part eleven

On 18th February 2013 i had the best birthday cake in my life, a cake with "Happy Birthday Marek" inscribed by my wonderfull wife Jabu. Actually i never had a cake like that before. She arranged a braai (BBQ) but i fell asleep just before the braai masters started to braai (BBQ). Whilst i was having a nap i was hit even harder by the EPF (electronic pulse frequency)..........sent email to p & a put pic of cake here

Draft copy, in progress

Part tweleve

ERPFC (electronic remote pulse frequency cramps) now that's real torture when during the whole of 2010 and 2011 till March 2012 like clock work after 17:00 i experienced severe convulsive cramps in my ankles for at least two hours or till i fell asleep, no insomia during that time. My mum would give me magnesium tissue salts but the ERPFC where stronger. Wonders never seem to amaze me, on arrival in the village from 16th March 2012 till August 2013 the convulsive cramps in my ankles magically dissapeared. The convulsive cramps in my ankles then commenced again in late August 2013 till end June 2014.

The ERPFT (remote pulse frequency toothache) was old news from the Johannesburg days but more severe torture in the village during the first half of 2013 and a couple of times in June/July 2014. Jabu could not sleep with the pain i was going through in the first half of 2013.

Whilst living in Johannesburg i had an above ground swimming pool to dip in, in the Spring and hot summer months. The above ground swimming pool was lovely to have a dip from August 26th to May 5th every year. Especially just after sunrise when the water temperature was 16 to 18 celcius (...Fahrenheit) it was quite exhilarating to refresh my self in icy water. Not once did i have an ear infection in all those days in my Johannesburg above ground pool. But in October 2012 in the village (first time city) i had a slight ear infection after swiming in the Indian ocean, first time in my life i had an ear infection. I took some drops for my ear, the right ear seems to be preffered by the ETF to induce ERPFE (electronic remote pulse frequency earache). From October 2012 till May 2013 the ETF sadists had great fun inducing extreme pain into my ears. I spent a lot of money on eardrops but that is like farting against the wind. Quite weird how out the blue in this peaceful tranquil village i suddenly started to have "ear infections". This is the ETF agents favourite, i am sure not very many have had a screw driver inserted deep into their ear canal and thank God i have not but the ERPFE feels like that. Blocked ears................

Draft copy, in progress

Part fourteen

Further to part ten. As we speak, this mid July 2014, Jabu's notebook computer is no more. The hackers more likely crackers took out her Microsoft Windows 8.1 installation and the dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 LTS i had installed for her. This is like a continuous attemp and success to hack the computers but we are at the pearl of the ETF and on our own. These crackers don't seem to like the idea of me backing up the configuration and binaries et al. Oh well Jabu's March 2013 birthday present is no more. HDD failure like hell. I will continue with my forensic analysis of the HDD and ....

The creme de la creme (Brothers will turn against their own brothers) is when my mum is hit with EPF, as she was on 12th July 2014 (and 12th March 2012) and in turn this effects me. If the EPFA (electronic pulse frequency agents) can't get at me (but they can) the EPFA use my mother to get at me so it looks like i am the bad (not good) guy. And as i mentioned before the ETF agents love and enjoy torturing dogs (canines) so as to cause distress to the pets owners. Only video's, pictures and memories remain of my Boxer dog and my Dachshund dog with who i used to enjoy sunrise walks to the beach for ninety minutes every morning in 2012. As we speak my Doberman Pincer is ill, WTF now? Is she ill or is it the EPFA at work? The Vetenerian will decide. The first half of 2013 was the year of EVOLF (electronic voice over landline frequency) and EVOSF (electronic voice over smartphone frequency) and as i type now end July 2014 i just got hit by a EVOLF during a nineteen minute overseas conversation. I will investigate further if this can be physiological (which i doubt) or its the ETF agents at work local or international. Touch wood my ear so far does not feel as if i came up too fast when i use VOIP. Come to think of it, this year (2014) is the first time i was hit by EVOSF/EVOLF and felt it. The first half of 2013 the agents had a ball with EVOSF/EVOLF. I will use the speaker phone function in the future and report back my benchmarks. TO DO

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Part fifteen

My farther (tata) who art in heaven and my mum (mama) purchased a house in Johannesburg in 1971, and tata renovated and constructed a new house over thirty years mostly over weekends, over the old house, i would say he preformed 45% of the construction with his own hands. The existing old 50's style house with corrigated iron roof was 140 squares with an corrigated iron out building. The back garden had at least fifty fruit trees and grape vines. Alas when mama sold the property (320 squares livable) there was only a fig and plum tree left. The plum tree was actually cut down to the stump and roots but grew again and bore fruit one meter (three foot) from the original plum tree. As i mentioned before, tata planted a 1.5 meter (five foot) walnut tree he was given as a gift from a friend of his. The walnut tree grew to over seven meters (...feet) and bore excellent walnuts every season. Haya my dachshund dog would bring me fallen walnuts on command and i would give Haya every eight or tenth walnut to eat as a reward. I still have one walnut. Alas in the spring/summer of 2006 (southern hemisphere) the walnut's tree leaves where sparse and one could see right through the walnut tree, prior to 2006 the leaves where so dense that one could not see through the leaves to the other side. In 2007 the walut tree died and fell over shortly after that. Unfortunatly a tree and plant specialist could not save the tree. We used the wood as braai (BBQ) wood.

On the subject of my farther (tata), the followig comes to mind. Money makes the world go round, but being ripped of by private hospitals and private hospital Doctors takes the cake. Imagine that, years ago i had an .......... and went to the trauma department of a private hospital because of the pain. The medical student Doctor on duty phoned the Doctor on call. This qualified Doctor in his 50's reckoned i had to have an minor operation under general anesthetic. Lovely a 8000 ZAR (approx 800 USD) bill for the small procedure for my medical aid to pay which they did pay in part. Two years later i had the same symptom, in the exact same place of my anatomy, so i went to a General Practionioner who happened to be a surgeon as well. The bill came to 500 ZAR (approx 50 USD) for exactly the same procedure, exactly same part of my anatomy. So much for the "hypocrites oath." The Doctor at the private hospital obviously wanted me under general anaesthetic, and what happens under general anaesthetic, well........

Not to be outdone in January 2010 i was admitted to the same hospital via ambulance. A very kind paramedic injected me with morphine en route to the private hospital. She stopped the ambulance en route to the private hospital to administer the morphine. Koodos for her. One off those "hypocrites oath" Docotors actually threatened me after my arrival at the private hospital when i wanted to get up from the bed to urinate. This "hypocrites oath" Doctor then had the gall to take X-Rays, knowing my medical aid would not pay and i was quite compus mentus and not in trauma at the time and the "hypocrites oath" Doctor did not ask for my permission to take the X-Rays which in the end i had to pay 3500 ZAR (approx 350 USD) out of my own pocket. It actually gets better, i overpaid the due amount by 1000 ZAR (approx 100 USD) and the private hospital refuses to refund me the balance due to me and ignores my emails for three months now. Whilst i was admitted in the private hospital for a few days i met one of my Linux acquaintances in the cafeteria and we chatted a bit. Strange in 2012 i could swear i observed one of my Linux clients at the village beach.

Whilst i am trolling "hypocrites oath Doctors", my farther (tata) fell ill with RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) in 1998 and was pumped so full of steroids for years in his joints by a "hypocrites oath" Docotor that he (tata) eventually succumbed to wonders of medication and was euthanasiad on 12th March 2006 at a private hospital, not the private hospital he (tata) was normally admitted to. Twenty six times in his later years tata was admitted to the same private hospital mainly for RA and a mycardial infarction. On one occassion tata was in the CCU (coranary care unit) and a siser had an ampoule to inject my farther with. On the ampoule was written do not shake, so the sister shook the ampoule before administering the injection, not bad service for a couple of grand a day. This was quite way back. We all make mistakes in our proffessions but some of these mistakes just take the cake. I will never forget his screams of pain at night and during the day and i would never wish RA on anyone. His my farther (tata's) Specialist Physcian agreed with my "steriods" theroy after we discussed my farthers (tata's) illness after his passing away. We once stood in my office looking out at the walnut tree and he said: "Marek i wish i could live a few years longer". A Pranic healer also had a go at Tata's RA with her water ritual but the magic did not work.

On the other hand, to be fair my favourite private hospital and an excellent Doctor with a medical student performing the operation did save my life once when i had a life threating trauma accident.

Whilst on the subject of hospitals, it has come to my attention that a great percentage of the time nursing sisters don't actually listen too much to the Doctors. For example "stat" seems to translate to a few hours later. This kind of miscommunication can be a matter of life and death. Not only in the new South Africa but in days gone past. Screaming bitch nursing sister......TO DO

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Part sixteen

So when life gives one lemons and the agents take away ones motor vehicles one purchases a motorcycle complements of mama's (mum's) had earned cash. As i type now it is August 2014, last time i rode was in earnest was 2003 at a Easter weekend group motorcycle camping at Pilgrims Rest in Mpumulanga in South Africa. I was rather embarressed as last time i folded up my tent it was stll wet and the tent really stunk when i erected it that weekend. Otherwise it was a great Easter weekend with me dipping in the nearby stream. From my younger years we used to love camping and i miss those camping days in way out of the way destinations. There was also a motorcycle rally on at the same time (the Easter weekend) in a different camping site. I will not go into motorcycle rallies in this book, "what happens at the rally, stays at the rally".
My farther (tata) and my mum (mama) purchased a motorcycle for me when i turned sixteen, a 50cc on/off road motorcycle. In the suburb where we stayed there were two one hectare open fields nearby which us youngsters used to use to motor cross. The motor cross tracks where made by simple "wear and tear" by the bikers. Alas today the fields are fenced off and no motorcycles allowed. Dedicate this part to camping and my motorcycles.


I have just touched on the very basics of electronic warfare, up to part seventeen. Lets have a look at medical and pharmaceutical torture. I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies employing the pharmacistÂ’s who design the prescrition drugs actually try out the prescription drugs out on themselves first other than trying the prescrition drugs in test??? cases with 1000 or more (for example) human beings being the guinea pigs to obtain a baseline. Like BP medication which can and does cause ED in some cases.....

Part eighteen

Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital - Crimes against humanity


The beginning of November 2014 i suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the G.J. Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, after less than two weeks the psychiatrist maybe a general practionioner, Dr Ndlovu decided to transfer me to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital nestled in the foothills of the Underberg still in Kwa Zulu Natal but in the middle of nowhere. For example it took my wife, Jabu and i to return home on the 14/01/2015 seven hours by four taxis and we missed the last taxi as it was late and we had to walk for one and one half hour up a hill to get home, we arrived after sunset. The non scenic route takes one and one half hours by a low level flying sixteen seater ambulance transporter.

These are factual events as of 13th January 2015 which occured at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and G.J. Crookes Hospital, three months prior to the 13th January 2015. I am working on the typos and grammatical errors.



To top it all i have to go back to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital for more evaluation by a general practionioner as there currently is no psychiatrist at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital(the psychitriast from Uganda retired in the last quarter of 2014) and ones fate is decided by a general practionioner. Did you see the movie Nuts, well what is to follow is very similar, yet worse. I was the only Caucasian patient in the two wings of the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital amongst forty five Africans. What a nightmare, i was assaulted by an 25 year old well built psychotic patient who tried to steal my breakfast, six slices of bread with a bit of butter and tea. i limped for two weeks after this incident with terrible pain in my left buttock. Patients who assault other patients are hit with batons by the security guards and then given Clopixol Acuphase injections to knock them for a few days. The patients fight and hit each other for tobacco especially when the tobbacco runs out and i m the only one who has tobacco. It is impossible to enjoy a hand rolled cigarette by oneself as i was surrounded by twenty psychotic or semi psychotic patients each and every time demanding two pulls of my fag and the patients act as if its there right to my tobacco. Never mind food or gifts received from visitors, one has to eat what one receives at the nursing sisters station or all the food will be taken over by the patients.
What a relief to find out that prison is worse than the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital from two of the patients who actually where in prison, i am being a bit salcastic in this sentance.

On one occasion a patient was bugging me with questions and i told him to speak to the nurse. The nurse told me to "fuck off" and when i went to the sister in charge to report this the security guard followed me and tried to prevent me from speaking to the sister in charge, the security guard from LK Solutions Security then said to me that i am "rubbish" and he will call the other security guards to beat me with battons.

Bathing time is African style like the majority of Africans in South Africa bath in a large plastic dish with about twenty litres of water or less. I was quite used to this as this is how i bathed at my wifes, Jabu house.

I feel sorry for the patients as most of them receive no visitors and i have never heard of or seen before this episode that nurses walk around with polycop plumbing pipe about four hundred milimeters long and fifteen milimeters thick and assualt the patients. Is this Psychiatry?

On the other hand the sisters in charge, some staff sisters and security guards where quite good to me and where very helpfull, but they have to follow the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital rules and the Presidency.

Medication is handed out at 09:30 after breakfast and the patients share the same water cups to down the medication, thank God I do not have turberculousis or some other horrible disease from sharing cups with 45 patients.

The patients spend the whole day in a closed courtyard, 15 by 20 meters and urinate in one corner of the courtyard as the patients are not allowed to go inside the wards to urinate during the day. The stench of urine is unbearable in that corner of the courtyard unless it rains and the urine washes away into the drain. On one night the urinal was blocked inside the ward and the urinal overflowed with urine for three days. More stench and those patients without shoes walked in the urine. The toilets do not work and faeces build up till someone flushes the toilet with a bucket, most nauseating.

Water is sometimes not available during the night when the water bucket and one cup is not left on the other side of the locked grill gate, never mind the fire hazard. If there was a fire there is no chance in hell that all five wards could be open to let out the patients. The wards, ten patients per ward are locked at night as some windows where broken with axxess to the courtyard from the passage.

At this stage I think I would be ashamed if I was any part of the medical profession, especially the Doctors whom are aware of all this and general practitioners who treat psych patients as there is currently no psychiatrist in the Hospital.

I have sixteen years experience as an electrician in the construction field and seventeen years experience in Information Technology mainly using the Linux operating system as well as Microsoft Windows 8, yet at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital i must take orders from cleaners, security guards and nurses some under twenty five years of age, one of the duties of the nurses is to write reports about the patients. If the nurses don't like a patient they write negative reports about a patient. I was so happy and excited to go home on LOA (leave of absence) so one of the nurses asked me if i was having a relapse (from my excitement) can you believe it.


I was unable to pay my bills as i was in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and G.J. Crookes Hospital, joy to the world, i now have "hundreds" of debt collector companies after me and my credit rating has dropped to zero. The social worker at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital has ninety patients in the que and i was lucky to see the general practionioner on the 13/01/2015 as he was still busy attending to patients from November 2014. This frightens me as i may wait for weeks to see the general practionioner on my return.

Stephen Fry (a BBC presenter) based in London AFAIK has experienced mental health problems for much of his life. I am sure he did not receive the treatment i received in Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, not for the life of my can i still phathom that Psychiatric patients are treated with assualt and abuse as part of there treatment to become well again even thought most of the patients are in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital are there for drug induced psychosis where they stabbed or assualted someone.

The isiZulu language is spoken most of the time and i don't have a clue what is going on especially at the twice daily forced prayer sessions but i have to join in anyway. Jabu my wife is a isiZulu girl yet i only understand a bit of isiZulu. Jabu is quite religious so i don't have anything against religion if i at least i could understand the singing and chanting.

I think it's disgusting that South Africa receives billions of ZAR in medical grants from overseas for this kind of treatment and never mind the theft. I had a terrible summer flu for two weeks and only realized later that the roll on deodrant shared by forty five patients was for woman. The roll on ordered for the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital is stolen by someone working in the Hospital for there own use and most of the nursing staff are woman, can't figure out the theft bit as the nursing staff have three to eight thousand ZAR smart phones and drive new 150 000 ZAR plus motor vechicles.

I was treated slightly better than the rest of the patients because i am Caucasian, and like i typed before the only Caucasian within miles of the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. I hope someone takes notice of this part of my book so my African friends (patients) can receive better treatment instead of being assaulted with battons, high heels and plumbing pipe.


I don't know anymore what is the official language of South Africa but the medication i took home on my leave of absence, the instructions where in isiZulu, however i can converse in all languages except "greek".

I actually fear for my life at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, the ward where i am now is called Male Block Two. And one of the patients in this ward is some kind of martial arts expert. On my arrival he had to show off his moves whist we where waiting to be counted. (Counting of patients involves the patients sitting for one hour doing nothing waiting the shift to change and then be counted.) From time to time this "martial arts patient" goes a bit nuts especially on the tobacco subject like most other patients, 70% of the patients. Pure joy knowing i can be assaulted or worse anytime for a small amount of tobacco or food.

Patients are admitted to Male Block One where 80% of the patients are psychotic and smoking of tobacco is allowed. Then the transition to Male Block Two where smoking tobacco is also allowed. Male Block Three, i dread to go there, there is absolutly no smoking allowed and i have been smoking tobacco for thirty five years. I had a small nervous breakdown on admittance to Male Block One and then to Male Block Two. Each transition is like some kind of initiation ceremony where the patients test to see if they can obtain tobacco and food out of me. One patient actually sits on my bed up to and hour waiting for me to light up as he figures what's mine is his. Not all the patients are like this thank God and i recon i have made a few friends. The tobacco saga occurs with all new patients and their tobacco or food is quickly consumed in a few hours. Watching lions or vultures on TV on a kill can give a good picture of the food and tobacco episodes, meaning the food and tobacco brought by visitors to the patients.

Boredom is a real killer and lucky enough my brother bought me a few magazines and a novel with large font as my multi focals where stolen at G.J. Crookes Hospital, Scottburgh, this was Xmas of 2014 on the 22nd of December 2014. My previous business, AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's keep me busy for sixteen hours a day so you can imagine doing sweet nothing most of the day from sunrise till 21:00. Some of the patients whom have been at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital for months, up to nine months or more love it there, free food, free accomandation and free medication, at the taxpayers expense, joy to the world. Lets face it most South Africans have one meal per day if that and at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital:


  • 09:30 Breakfast: Six slices of bread with margarine on three of the slices and tea with milk and sugar, sometimes no milk
  • 13:00 Lunch: Rice or phutu pap or saltless samp and 25 gramms of meat unless there is mince meat then 50 gramms, drumstick of chicken sometimes on Sundays
  • 16:30 Supper: Rice and beans or phutu and pilchards
  • 20:00: Black over sweetened tea and four slices of bread, two of them with margarine
No need to complain, wow at G.J. Crookes Hospital, the food was outstanding, at least different kinds of porrage for breakfast and an egg and a variety of meat and veggies for lunch. Don't understand why all the Government food dished out is not standard

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where one can receive treatment for under $3 but this kind of treatment i don't need and i am not the only patient who complains about abuse and assault. Most of the African patients and there families live in the sticks so to whom will they report all this to. I love South Africa and South Africans but this is really the pits.

I noticed many of the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital take a drug called Risperidone, a horrible piece of work where sixty sixty percentage of males suffer from erectile dysfunction when taking Risperidone, i wonder if the "mental patients" (that's what they are referred to as by the staff) actually have a choice whether to have erectile dysfunction or not, i bet my bottom dollar and it's a fact that no patient is informed of the side effects of the medication they are taking, why should us "mental patients" be informed or have the right to know of side effects, we are the scum of the earth, maybe Government Psychiatry gets it's "info manual" from the holocast. I once researched Risperidone for days on the internet in 2012 and wow what negative reviews. Some of the patients are so spaced out on prescription drugs they sleep most of the day.


During my stay at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, i observed the finer art of theft, assualt by LK Security Solutions on patients, i pity the guy (patient) whom escaped from the ajoining ward, his screams could be heard miles away whilst the patient was beat with batons. No respect for patients, i once informed one of the staff members that the burglar bars put up on one window had jaggered steel edges and could hurt someone so the staff member said "let them". There is no outbound communication to the outside world for most of the African patients, if one asks a nurse to send an sms the answer is "battery flat" or "no airtime, mean while the nurses sit using WhatsApp the whole day. Ok it would be a bit heavy if 45 patients used the nurses phone, even though i offered to pay, the nurses could at least answer truthfully and inform the patients that cell phone calls are allowed. The nurses are a bunch of liars and have the cheek to pray twice a day with the patients. If a patient ask a nurse for something the answer is more likely to be "kusasa" (tomorrow). I can understand spending twelve hours a day for five days shift with psychotic patients is a bit taxing but the staff nurses opted for this job and i think that the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital could be treated with dignity and more humanly.

I learned a whole lot of new isiZulu words like, ingquza, masende and bhebha to the disapproval of Jabu.


Some of the African patients where so desperate for tobacco they would collect the tiny pieces of loose tobacco from the floor and when there was enough tobbaco they would roll a "joint" in a manner of speaking.

Don't try this at home or anywhere else and i do not condone this but it seems that according to Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, violence is cool and condomed. As long as you sort out your frustrations with batons, polycop plumbers pipe, high heels, a strawberry jam sandwich and mind bending, muscle spasm causing injections.

I am upset now very upset. How on earth could Doctor Ndlovu employed or doing her 5/6th year intermenship at G.J. Crookes transfer me from a cage full of pigeons to a cage full of vipers and ruin me financially with intent, well she taught me a lesson i will never forget. If i had been discharged from G.J. Crookes i would have been able to make up my debt payments. Surely if a patient is so psychotic they would be transferred on day one or two. Yet according to my mother: a security guard impersonating a principal psychiatrist, informed my mother that "they need the beds" which is also not true as there where two empty beds in the ward.

I must have been in a very bad state of mind as one night sister took my blood pressure nightly and allowed me to take her blood pressure on numerous occassions. Imagen that some cleaners and staff nurses allowed me to choose and play songs on there smartphones. Ok i hope this paragraph does not get anyone into trouble but i watched the most fantastic game of soccer with the night staff and security guards one Wednesday night. I stand corrected i was at G.J. Crookes longer than 72 hours as i now remember there was no soccer game the next Wednesday for some or other reason whilst i was at G.J. Crookes Hospital.


Someone whom will remain anonymous, arranged that i do not have to go back to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, thank you very much for that.

I acquired two "bodyguards" in Male block one after my tobacco was stolen off my person whilst i was lying down in the morning sunshine on the tiled section of the courtyard floor. My one bodyguard and friend even himself mentioned that it was stressful holding onto my tobacco and rolling "joints" for me. The other bodyguard had been in the ward for many months and the other African patients where a bit wary of him. He would make sure that the other African patients stayed away whilst the tobacco was rolled mostly using my own purchased paper or if that ran out then newspaper. Best to choose the meanest mother fuckers as your friends in a place like this, which works on occassions.

Talking about "joints", marijuana is freely available at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. I found this out when a patient asked me for a light and my bodyguard and best African friend told me not to smoke from that "joint" as it contains marijuana.

Quite educating this business. I found out that one can crush and smoke pain killers as another room mate who slept opposite me did. Maybe that's why some nurses refused to hand out pain killers without a Doctor's script. So if you have a splitting headache in the afternoon one might obtain some pain killers the next day if lucky. I stay away from pain killers if possible but with my buttock injury from being assaulted and my two week summer cold i was popping pain killer's like crazy. Not thanks to the female Doctor whom i requested pain killers at the nurses station and she did not write them up the first time.

Come to think of it my best African friend went on his knees to talk to this female Doctor at the nurses station. Not that they where married but i was under the impression that isiZulu girls serve food on their knees to their husbands. And he was nowhere near psychotic.

To get back to the drugs story, on one occasion i received a phone call in the injection room and there was this newly admitted coloured chap trying to open the medicine trolly. (He also received the customery tobacco treatment on arrival.) A few days later he and the guy who smoked the pain killers managed to steal some drugs from the medicine trolly. They received the baton treatment for their troubles. The assaulting of patients continues to baffle me as i was under the impression that violence in psychiatry was meant to be discouraged (never mind frowned upon) and guys that where in private and most state hospitals, that i have communicated with where never assaulted. Thank God i never witnessed any assault at G.J. Crookes Hospital unlike Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital.


On my move from one section to the next at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital i lost my mountain view bed but was soon invited to another ward closer to the windows by two patients, the alterior motives you guest it tobacco. The first ward or section i was in (gets a bit confusing this ward business) but anyhow i had a lovely view of the foothills of the Underberg mountains but knew this stunning view of the mountains and a village which was part of Umzimkulu village would not last and soon became quite mudane. Being an outdoor lover i never dreamt magestic mountains could become so boring.

So much agro and fustration as the patients where not allowed out the wards for walks. In any of the three wards bar one occasion. Maybe the patients would try to escape, wow why on earth would anyone want to escape. The one occasion sixteen patients where allowed to go for a walk outside was for a haircut. I remember that day very well. I was sitting in the courtyard and a female nurse starting picking out patients for a haircut. She called me out and i said no thanks. I did not want my hair to be cut bald as some Africans cut their hair. My blood really boiled and when the sixteen patients where about to get on the way for hair cuts i wanted to go with to have my beard trimmed off. The female nurse then changed her mind and said that i could not go at all. Talk about being petty.

I might be making a big issue of the tobacco story but that was the only occupational therapy there was at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and when the patients received their monthly disability grant or visitors brought tobacco the patients who smoked, smoked non stop almost till all their tobacco was finished in two or three days. Might as well make a "meal" of it when you have it. I was rather more cautious and tried to ration my tobacco till Jabu came to visit me. For every one hundred grams of tobacco i received, i recon i smoked fifty grams and the other fifty grams was for "bodyguard" and sharing of tobacco fees.

Ninety five percent of the patients smoked and a large percentage never smoked before but only smoked at the Umzimkulu to pass the time and have something to occupy themselves with.

The patients make their own beds in the morning's. The nurses then come along and make the beds again. I found out only one blanket per patient is permitted during the summer months. Allegedly June and July the coldest months, really cold in the Underberg as I found out first hand on some of our vacations in the Drakensberg, two blankets are allowed. One or two degrees celsius outside in winter at late night and early morning it gets really cold without a heater in the bedroom wherever you might be in a hotel or the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. The patients ward windows are not triple glazed but thinking back the glass is 15mm thick so that must help with the cold a wee bit.


How dare the Sisters, nurses (male and female) and security guards force the patients to pray and dance around in a circle singing isiZulu religious songs after the way some of them treat the patients, two faced religious attitudes, i am sure it is written somewhere: abuse, assault, degrade ones dignity, humumilate and tomorrow you will be forgiven. I took no part in these prayer "meeting's" other than i was forced to stand. And my last morning at Umzimkulu Psychtriart Hospital i did go around in circles chanting something at the insistance of one of the nurses just to please her and not have hassles on my last day. At G.J. Crooks one of the sister's made the sign of the cross with her left hand, that's a new one to me.

Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name? And then will I declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness. Matthew 7:21-23

I used to be quite a self religious person but i have lost my respect for God due to this hospital stay and psychological after effects, really too much is too much.

I think Stephen Fry is correct with his viewpoint on God. "The quicker you forget about Him, your life will change for the better"

This is the final nail in the coffin between God and i and it really hurts me to loose faith after so many years, but this is really it, i have had enough. What i have gone through in my life is a fraction of some of the pain and suffering others go or have gone through but i have had enough of this blatant two faced religious attitudes.

Maybe Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft should go on vacation to Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital as he threw a chair across his office in a pussy fit in 2004.


My smartphone was stolen by the horticulturist from my abode whilst i was on vacation and Psych training at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, wow, the horticulturist used up to 2354 ZAR of data on my sim card before it was reported stolen. I set a credit limit of 500 ZAR earlier in 2014 with the 808 MTN support chap whom informed me that "the limit could go slighlty over" 500 ZAR but MTN decided i should have a credit limit of up to 3375 ZAR anyway, "the limit could go slighlty over" seems to mean up to 2354 ZAR which i was invoiced for and had to pay, how nice of them. MTN does not seem to store 808 voice recordings longer than 1 day as their hard drive capacity is only up to 8000MB in size for logs, so it seems, MTN are up to there old tricks they played in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2012, see part XX, sending my international smes (text) messages to dev null, allegedly, week 2/5/8/15.

I hope my uncle was not taking the micky out of me but once he informed me that urine cleanses and can be placed on a boil for instance as a compress. Urine also cleanses the skin. On the rare occassion i consulted with the GP at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital one of the sisters said "tell the doctor what you do with the urine". Apparently it is not isiZulu culture to wash ones face with urine and thus i was forbidden to do so and received minus 70 points.

On arrival i looked around in the courtyard and there was a beautiful view of a small hill. Even a falcon or two and swallows. I also noticed that there was lightening protection on the roof. The Drakensberg especially central and northern berg is know for its high intensity voltage lightening, unlike Europe where the voltage to earth is half that of some places in South Africa. Aluminium cable to redirect the lightening strike to earth did not quite reach earth. Looked like shoddy workmanship as the aluminium cable should at least be protected the last two meters to earth with an earth rod and not be earthed to the gutters which are not earthed.

Talking about gutters, nothing like dancing in the December rain and standing under a broken gutter and having a cool shower. Of course only crazy people do this from total boredom or to have a shower for a change from bathing in a basin, minus 25 points.

At the G.J. Crookes Hospital in the courtyard there was a vertically placed water heater with the electrical connection at the bottom up to one meter from floor level. Don'y give them any ideas. The fire hose was placed next to the elecrtical distribution board in the TV room. Don't give them any ideas. A resuscitation unit was in the corridoor and the socket outlet strip was used to charge smartphones and don't give them any ideas in connection with the fully charged resuscitation unit. In the ward there are two "seclusion rooms" for psychotic patients, six square meters and the walls and ceilings are solid concrete not padded. The four foot luminaire (light fitting) was however IP 69. One african chap whom was admitted from a nearby prison knocked his head silly against the solid concrete and his face did not look to good when the nursing staff let him out.


And it gets even better, on the 18th Febuary 2015, another anniversary, my birthday, my


(to do: more on each individual sister/nurse which where/are shaftable) at UPH & GJC, bit of R rating might spice up my e-book, put in part 25?)

One positive note as i think back now, some ingquza at Government Hospital's are really really fucking sexy and very fuckable (duck) but some can be and some are real bitches who enjoy to see a sort of human being to "suffer, like we suffered" Maybe they want a bit of action on the side with my mthondo and i know some did. Well at least there is some talent to check out. While i am on the subject of fuck this and fuck that, fuck me george, no don't i have been fucked over enough by venomous injections and administered the anti venom only three days later. (TO DO: BLACK ADDER INJECTION) In the old days if an caucasian married an african girl he was the walking dead, as per a male staff nurse at UPH, he was one off the more bearable male staff nurses.


This comes to mind now, on one evening visit to the trama unit at G.J. Crookes Hospital in 2012, my step child was bitten by vicious dogs on the loose in the village, i was informed by a security guard, (it's always the same security company every year and same security guards, the exsisting security company wins the tender and they change uniforms so it looks like another security company won the tender for the next year), that they burn girls in the sugar cane in the south coast, and i am sure guys land up as brown sugar as well.


The reason i was sent from G.J. Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh, South Africa to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital was that Doctor Ndlovu (very fuckable, long plaited black hair, she used to fling her hair sometimes during the daily consultations with myself and the nursing sisters and what a nice tight ass she had wearing jeans, she did not look too bad in a dress either, talent talent talent.) Nothing like a sexy medical student/Doctor to have as a Doctor/GP. Minus 250 000 points to me for fantasicing.


Doctor Ndlovu filled up a bath and gave me a teaspoon, cup and bucket and asked me to empty the bath, i choose the bucket, she asked me whether i would like a bed by the window in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital as normal people would pull the bath plug. Just thought i would ad a bit of humour, this did not actually happen but one never knows, many things said in jest could be true.

There was a bus load of mentally ill patients being transported from Francistown to Bulawayo. The driver stopped for a pee and all the patients escaped. So en route to Bulawayo the bus driver picked up folks from the side up the road to fill the bus. On arrival at the mental institution it took the Doctors six month to discover that the bus load of folks where in fact sort of normal after their six month ordeal. Well after six months in an mental institution a person is always stronger mentally but psycholoicaly scared. Maybe i can become a "trailer trash inja" now (becareful what one wishes for), my apologies i am treated like a inja (dog) now. Medical torture is legal behind closed doors and is much cheaper than mediation or litigation and not at my cost.


Doctor Ndlovu and a colored chap (he seemed to be an actual psychitriast), i consulted with him once, the Doctors need to sort out what is what, who signed "the ongoing lesson i will never forget" and transfered me to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. Whom is going to be responsible for my debt incurred whilst i was been "taught a lesson i will never forget", maybe their medical liability insurance, the wheel is round so i will not stress too much, lets relax and "pray" for rain in our district.

(put here letters signed by GP's at UPH re CC but not typed so sister said invalid)

I would now like to take the opportunity to thank thoes involved for the fodder for my forth coming e-book. Feed me ,feed me, till i need no more......

Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.

(TO DO: Ethembeni, 03/04/20XX Part 21 check part numbers)



iNyoka village

Draft copy in progress. Excuse the typo's they are under construction. Seach engines have spelt for me the last many many years. I am writing my future e-book on a 777.

Once upon a time, long long ago Sir Frank Reynolds, owned half the village and on his land was a sugar cane farm. The cluster of villages starts at in the north at K and ends at in the south at B. (TO DO). My nickname for the village was "the farm" but i dropped that in favour of those whom do not read history. Our abode (to myself anyway) is an historic house, constructed in the early 60's, purchased for the amazing amount of flora (a friend of mine checked the place out from the street before we purchased and was impressed with the amazing amount of trees) and i loved the Pilgrims Rest (Mpumulanga - South Africa) like architectural structure inside the dwelling, the brass light switches are still on my "to do list".

rock pool

I am not typing this to rip off the village, i am typing my experiences which occured on foot, in motor vechicles and what i have observed daily in and around the village district. We are poor simple folk who where previously advantaged, living off the fruits of apartheid pre 1994. WTF my small businnes crashed after nine years, shit happens, so nothng better to do when semi retired than write a soon to be published (kindle) e-book.

Above is a pic of my "private" rock pool, depth varies between 100mm and 800mm depending on the low tide. The rock pool is 20m x 15m at it's widest points and is a pleasure to swim the whole year round on a nice sunny day. The rock pool is like a mini aquarium with tiny fish swimming around. The Indian ocean water is crystal clear in the rock pool. As the tide comes in and the waves lap vigorously over the rocky barrier it's time to leave and dry off in the rocky beach enclave soaking up the south coast winter sun or whatever the season is at the time.

Years ago the goods and passenger trains ran from Ethekweni (Durban) to Port Shepstone, now only the goods trains run all the way. What a pity the passenger train stops and returns to Ethekweni one village before our village. Locals and overseas tourists would love the scenic train ride with amazing views of the Indian ocean, fauna and flora. At some points the railway line is less than 200 meters from the beach.


I was blessed to meet Jabu on the 24th April 2012, we started our day departing at 06:15 (depending on the time of sunrise for the season du jour) for a walk from the Kiosk to Botha's House and back to the Mzinto river along the beach to enjoy the sunrise and the canines where most pleased with the morning walks as well. I also had the opurtunity to swim in the tidal pool which i also did with great pleasure on our arrival at the South Coast. My Boxer dog loved the water and would jump in the ocean following me for a swim. My two alarm dogs where not so particularly intrested in swiming, yet my Miniature Pinscher loves to jump from rock to rock whilst at the beach, she is more like a cat than a dog.

June/July 2012 my business went south, as if all of a sudden the tap was turned off. March, April & May 2012 the orders came in with my online business, i was at the post office almost every day, then my online business wen south and the flac seemed to come from north by north west.

On arrival at this "peaceful tranquil village" in March 2012, my dream of living in a country side village up north in the lake district almost came true but i relocated a bit too far south the move caused our lives to go south. We where treated and greeted with grayfish (lobster) by a kind genleman on the now pilot blue beach in March 2012.


Spot of bad luck opposite the Wrecked Heron sign post of all places just before the Xmas of 2012. Life is full of challenges as per the pic above.

There are three kind of buck (deer,antelope) AFAIK in this tranquil village where eveyone knows everyone's business. The africans love to gossip amongst each other and pass on intel to their employers and vice versa. I have never met such a bunch of nosy folks till my arrival at the South Coast. I was shopping in 2012 and the sales person actually asked me "who are you doing the job for". God forbid as i found out, some other company in the village should have any competition related to any of my busines projects or proposed business ventures. "she already does that".


I managed to spot all three species of buck in the first few months i was in the village, two of the buck less than 300 meters from our abode. (TO DO: find out the name of the buck 350mm high to shoulders, buck spotted at the bush on the way to bj rock, is lovers rock still named lovers rock? north of CSH).

velvet monkey

Then there are the "pesky" velvet monkeys which are a pleasure to watch and photograph the first few years but now have become a nuisance once the initial adrenaline rush of the amamzing wildlife passes. I love wildlife but not only are the monkeys pesky but dangerous especially if they are protecting their young. On one occasion (2013) i actually had to back track away from the monkeys whilst in the garden as four monkeys tried to attack me as there was a a baby monkey nearby, i was most pissed off. The little thieves love to gather food left in the kitchen. We are blessed with fruit trees and nectar sweet flowewring trees so the monkeys visit us often. 2013/2014 the monkeys where shot at with pellet guns and paint ball guns loaded "goons" (steel marbles) by some. The new high powered pellet guns take out the monkeys out very quickly and the "africans eat them" allegedly.

"This is a quite, tranquil, peacefull village" as i was informed by one of the guys from one of the utility companies in the second quarter of 2012 as we where discussing the pro's and con's of smacking my guard dog with a thin branch from a tree. This is in fact very good training for guard dogs as actions like this and similar (teasing dogs) makes guard dogs more alert and keen. On the subject of canines, (dogs) must be keep far away from other peoples property during sunrise and sunsert walks, i found out, as one kind afrikaans gentleman threw a log at my dog and shouted something to me in broken english, "you know the rules", rules? i never received the memo, my dog was barking at his dogs near his street gate.


This is a quite, tranquil, peacefull village is not always so quite, tranquil and peacefull. In 2012 and 2013 there was a Bed and Breakfast next door to our house. 80% of weekends guests would arrive on Friday afternoon's and fire up what sounded like up to 800 Watt RMS speakers at around 16:00 on a Friday till 04:00 on the Saturday morning. Jabu and i would find it diffucult to fall asleep on some Friday/Saturday evenings. One of our neighbours has/had up to 2000 Watt RMS speakers in 2014/2015 and nothing goes better than a braai and loud music to enjoy the partry. I also enjoy loud music on occasions and when in Rome do like the Romans.

The (sort of) closed village(suburb) is also quite exclusive and the cost of living is higher than in Johannesburg due to transport costs. The nearest city is Ethekweni (Durban) which is an hours drive away on the freeway. Due to the village being in the sticks some specialized parts are only available in Ethekweni as is the case in all rural villages world wide.



Holiday houses are quite popular, especially in first world countries and South Africa is no exception. Folks from Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and far afield even up to 1300 km's may have a holiday house in the village as well as folks from overseas. If the owners of holiday houses have 500 cattle they can afford one holiday house in the village and if they have more than 1200 head of cattle they may have another holiday house in Cape Town as well. I am using cattle as an example from my cattle and game farming days.

A number of houses are unoccupied except for weekends and school holidays, the owners employ a house sitters/house keeper to look after and keep the houses clean. The houses vary from 180 square meters up to 700 square meters. The house sitters/house keepers have free accomandation in their quarters, 7.5 square meters and up to 18 square meters. As we are in one of the poorer provinces, the cost of living is high but the wages are low yet with high perks as is all over the world in poorer nations for the less educated proffesional workers, wage wise.


As per the village gossip, no water, gate, Min R (TO DO)............


It is impossible to find employment in this close nit community where every one knows everone's business including that i am looking for better employment, so i have to stick with being self employed to make ends meet. Once the word spread that i have been at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital (if you did not know this. now you know) i have sweet fuckall chance of gaining employment even though all the good christians that count in the village know that i am looking for better employment. Yet i have been given the go around by some large local construction companies.


Above is a pic of mongoose, there many inyoka's on the loose in the village especillay during the hot summer month's, a mongoose has a very good chance of taking out a inyoka. (snake)

There was an altication in the village pub, on arrival at the village pub i greeted the indian barman and he just looked at me and continued playing on the pornographic slot machine. I was talking out to myself a bit that evening (apparently according to search engines on the internet some folks do speak to themselves out loud) and when i came to pay the bill i said out loud to myself "i am a retard". The indian chap barman said "i noticed"

All hell broke loose and i was assulated with barstools by the indian and coloured barmen, agrevating my shoulder injury from my motor vehicle "accident" in December 2012. I was informed by the indian chap barman "don't come back". This cost me my motorcycle helmet and my optical Rayban sunglasses which had new lenses fitted in Febuary 2012. I have not recovered these items to date.


The damages to the village pub where repaired the next day according to witnesses and these damages where incurred by the barmen swinging the barstools wildly paricualrly in my direction. This must be part of the barman/waiter/chef training in the village. Bite the hand that feeds you.

Pity the pub lunches where delicious as well as the cappuccino's, except for the foot long russians rolls, the russians (sausage) seem to be of dubious cheap origin but that's only my investigation.

Well that's the price one pays when my wife, Jabu and i used to enjoy breakfast or lunch at the village pub in 2012/2013, maybe the 15% tips i used to leave for the village pub staff where unappriciated.


There are many bird species around when the monkeys are not foraging in the tree's or up to monkey business. The hornbill shown above is just one of many bird species, wood peckers and falcon's abound. (more here on birds)


Another rant, I purchased a motorcycle in late January 2013, a friendly neighbours son (since deported north or better) who had a motorcycle said the exhaust manifold was rusted as if the motorcycle had stood outside in the rain. Weird when i registered the motorcycle the liscense disc was registered for renewal every December but i purchased the new out the box motorcycle in late January, 2013. On delivery there was a scratch below the petrol cap, WTF i left it at that. (TO DO: hello try car polish to get scrath out)

Wherever motorcycle was assembled, some poor soul forgot to place the circlip on the metering rod in the carburettor. Run in service and two services later the bike mechanics did not notice. More than a year later an acquaintance of mine took part of the carb apart and fitted the circlip back into postion. That's when i stopped sending the motorcycle in for warranty purposes services.

For over a year my fuel consumption was ten litres per hundred and then dropped to four and one half litres per hundred after the carburettor circlip was in the correct place on the metering rod. I was mistakenly under the impression that the fuel compsumption was a tad high as i am quite a big boy but weight less than the recommened 150kg by the motorcycle manufacturer including shopping in my backpack.

As of delivery of the motorcycle in January 2013 and to date, once the bike warms up it is difficult to find neutral. This was reported to K when he kindly collected the motorcycle for the run in service.

As of January 2013 my motorcycle used quite a bit of oil. When i replaced the oil myself in the last quarter of 2014 the oil consumption dropped dramatically. The mechanics at the workshop did not tighten the sump plug to the correct torque and the oil was ever so slighly sweating from the sump plug. This does has it's pros and cons as i was filling my bike up with 20ml of oil every three or four months with fresh oil. Yet i prefer to have my sump plug tight like i like my ingquza's and replace the oil often.

You get what you pay for in some cases (some mid range motor vehicles also have a parts waiting list) i am still waiting since January 2015 for my headlight lamps to arrive from China. The dealer in NPS kindly offered to post them to me after i e-mailed him a photo of the headlight lamp twice. The owners manual is in the post since January 2013. (TO DO) Thanks K & C.... (Brilliant fodder "what happens on the rally stays on the rally, feed me, feed me, till i need no more....... Part 37 motorcycle rallies, fucking fantastic bury myself deeper)


On my return from my up to three month vacation and psychc training (what does not kill one makes one stronger within reason) at the lower Underberg mountains in the Drakensberg, South Africa. I found my rear tyre to be completly flat as well as my front tyre which only had 1.1 bar. Seems like some persons where tampering with my bike. However the velvet monkeys are very intelligent and inquisitive so one never knows. Maybe i am just a wee bit paranoic but i once parked my motorcycle at the kiosk in 2013 and on return from our walk on the beach, i found a security guard truck parked within five meters from my bike, the driver was in the truck but his backup quickly ran and climbed into the passenger side of the truck (bakkie) as we approached. Must be they had an urgent call out an had to move fast.

When i first purchased my motorcycle the young lad who also had a motorcycle mentioned there is no respect for bikers around the South Coast area, he is quite correct, just the other day a young lass overtook me on a bridge. I was quite shocked on my first visit to London, UK, i approached a pedestrian crossing on foot and the oncoming traffic came to a unexpected halt, i thought WTF.


Some but not all the folks are a tad naughty in the south coast area, maybe my contatcts in Johannesburg where fucking me over (unknown to myself) but at least their workmanship was 150%:

Installing gas water heaters on the outside berg facing wall in the full afternoon sun, the manufacturers of the gas water heater accidentally stuck a sticker on the side of the gas water heater, "for indoor use only", must be to do with the electronics, moisture and rain not being buddies.

Around 2013 i purchased 2000 ZAR of lawn and compost. Planted the lawn and the lawn died in the autumn a few months later. I ordered lawn that will grow in the shade, the lawn thrived the first few months. Unfortunately my english is not up to scratch and when i noticed "brea shade" on the invoice i was feeling lucky. The chap who sold the lawn to me used to call me "larny" and accidentally on purpose delivered kikuyu lawn. So i have not solved the soil errosion problem.


The electrical certificate of compliance, COC, they used to call it (SABS 0142) now SANS i believe, was issued in February 2012 by one of the local chaps from the South Coast area for our abode.

After connecting the appliances during the 2nd & 3rd day of arrival at the abode, i noticed: But whom am i to argue with a three phase master electrician, whom unplugs an electronic refrigerator live from the socket outlet instead of placing the refrigerator on standy first.

Chatting about electrical installation's, i recall what a SABS 0142 wireman once said after i wired a new 120 square meter installation (spot on as per the green book in those days), "first time for "PE", God bless his soul. (Part 21, 22, 23, 24,)


pull switch

I miss my contacts in Johannesburg, i had a sanitry engineer (plumber) buddy whom was disabled (hearing) and liked to piss it up a bit, yet when he did the work, the work lasted and he was not a rip off artist. Unlike "Mr Bicycle" who was at our abode three times in 2014, charged up to 1000 ZAR to "repair" the water heater, when i asked the sanitry engineer with 30 years experience at some or other place to adjust the thermostat he said he did yet i later found out he was on the incorrect side of the water heater to have done so. The experienanced african chap did however manage to damage two pull (light, luminaire) switches by standing on the conduit whilst working in the ceiling void, as per the pic above.

Looks like they all saw me coming, (TO DO map-asj Part XX)



The image above of a similar row of racks, since relocated, was the first impression that caught my eye when we met to catch up in person after many years of abscence since our school years. This was soon after we moved into our new abode (1st quarter 2012) and the young lass arrived from Ethekweni with her five year old grand daughter. They arrived in a Audi cabrio. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch at the kiosk. You may wonder why i am referring to racks? Well that i leave to your imagination, and not only the IT guys will know the urban slang. I am in big shit if she reads this :-) She reconed that i would "find nothing here" in this lovely, tranquil, gossipy (if there is such a word) and rip them off for all they have village. It was the summer of April 2012, felt like summer anyway, as her five year old grand daughter played on the gumpole lumber play ground we chatted and caught up with old times since last seeing each other when i passed grade 7 then went on to pass grade 12. But how incorrect she was, a month latter i was blessed to be introduced to Jabu, my now very supportive wife and best friend. Miss Audi cabrio relocated to LDN AFAIK.


There is/are former Selous Scouts whom reside in the village, "your the man".

But on the other hand a chap aquired a dog named "hitler" in 2014, i find this most offensive, as would most folks whom survived Siberia, you get all kinds. Even though he did sort out my circlip on my metering rod in my motorcycle carb in 2014, i am still awaiting since 5th May 2014 for a full service of my motorcycle in exchange for an item (goods), which he received from my old lady in December 2014, anyway, amongst other items belonging to myself. (verbal contracts count fuckall anyway). Never mind taking moneytry advantage of my old lady whilst i was away "on vacation", November 2014 till January 2015. Talk about "african time", it took him six days to help me with my alleged puncture in the 3rd quarter of 2014, i pumped the tyre up myself to find some kind soul had in fact let the air out of my tyre at the TG or our abode. Don't look at anyone "skeef" in this village, they will "take one out" in a manner of speaking, (kill -2 nice --777) and then go to church on Sunday. When it comes to religious matters i prefer Sunday to Saturday. That is why "they always see me coming". (TO DO: Part piece de resistance". However he was very friendly when we first met till he received orders to treat me like a "second hand". I hope the "lessons i will never forget" do not backfire on anyone.


doctor d

<BGSOUND src="peet-12082015.wav">

<BGSOUND src="peet-12082015.wav">

Rook to... "our primary purpose is to screw people"

I am a bit despondent now, August 2015 due to "sins of our fathers" (Part 75), not limited to that only but 777 bothers me as well.

Great, thank you, as per the paragraph below i may now defiantly RHT (hold on a minute i did RHT pre Xmas 2012, the ambulance wanted to take me north (of the land fill) to G.J. Crookes, i told the ambulance drive "haybo" dive me south). 13/08/2015, I will now attempt to use legal herbal medication like some used for centuries for minor ailments. I do not favour tatoo's so i will not have a tatoo on my chest, "DNR". I was RMT by two Doctor's on that day from two different practices.

muslim hypocratic oath

13/08/2015 12:36, i was refused medical treatment by my GP (in front of three "witnesses" - my apologies they work for Doctor MRD, his witnesses) due to four alleged non payments by my One Doctor Medical Plan, looks like "truth hurts" as per Part 18. My GP or general practioner allegdly owns an industrial complex behind his consulting rooms, the consulting rooms are opposite the post office. Doctor MRD allegedly is the owner of four Mercedes Benz motor vechicles, a C320, a S500 , an E350 and a SL63 all black in color. This is pure heresay other than he does have a black C320 parked in front of his consulting rooms. Yet i need to watch my back if this intel is true. I am sure Doctor MRD is well connected with the local XXXX and of course when one tango's there must be two. My last consultation with Doctor MRD, Doctor MRD diagnoised myself with a bladder infection without taking a urine sample. At that consultation Doctor MRD gave me a script instead of dispensing the anti biotics himself as Doctor MRD is a dispensing Doctor. Strange i thought at the time. Allegedly my One Doctor Medical Plan has not paid Doctor MRD for my last four consultations with Doctor MRD, As of 16/08/2015 i am still suffering with an ear infection radiating to my jaw whilst waiting for up to three weeks for my ODMP to pay Doctor MRD. The acconts lady at Doctor MRD rooms stated that my ODMP gives authorization but then does not pay. Seems more likely that i am the sardine on the end of a hook. The colored accounts lady shouted some "obsinities" at me when i was standing on the pavement ready to mount my motorcycle and the two African sisters watched in awe. (TO DO: FAVR)

Next lady for a shave

tTo DO: pizza scottburgh 2012 bikers, permit 2012 xmas, snakes paragraph, motor show, birds paragraph, attempt to purchase wheels 2013, new years day 2013 RAC, map "did you trip her up" after facebook post 29/30/08 "you never forget your army number" ASJ, alki BP, cottage, two way street, HPU, masinda, DTDC, JM - back at your jail, house keys 4 JM

je ne suis pas c, mais je voudre bien savoir comment la femme blondes cuir noir, Cour internationale de justice ???


Part 36



Financial loss only counting and counting since 16 March 2012 thanks to EPFA, ETF and PCT

Replacement value:

Imagine that my optometrist mentioned in the first quarter of 2012 that i do not need scratch protection on my sunglasses as "you look after your ...." don't remember the last word he said but he was insinuating that i respect my earthly goods and take good care of them. Like my twenty eight year old chronograph which cannot be repaired in the village and surrounds as there is no watchmaker around these parts.. The chronograph was almost stolen off my wrist once. PUT THE LAST SENTANCE IN PART EIGHTEEN


Reviews to date:

my emotional well being, 30/07/2014, 16:25 CAT. Well well this statement reminds me of a year after fosscd.co.za aka budgetlinuxcd(s).co.za, opened their doors on 16th December 2006 and the many times i gave up hope due to unfair bussiness competitive behaviour on the part of fosscd.co.za, WTF let me carry on anyway. Even though Jabu lost a laptop (notebook) computer just ten days ago due to the unethical hackers who are playing God. I am on the last "properly functioning computer" (cough cough) so wish me luck. At random Jabu gets hit by EPF and on 04/08/2014 whilst i was not at home, she was in a good mood when i went out, on my return she had such an enormous mood swing that i did not recognise her. This is not the first time Jabu has been hit by the EPF either at my place or at mukakwazi's home since 201x.

More positive and negative input will be great to improve my non fiction book.

check spelling, grammer, and to do yellow

A donation of any amount would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my non fiction book


Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of God. It depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord". Romans 12:17-19


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