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Fully inclusive cost of first disc of Linux operating system bootable DVD is R250.00, including postage

My first boxed set of the Linux OS was Red Hat 6.1 around 2002. Or could it be 1999/2000. I later went over to Fedora Core and then at Fedora Core 2 to Mandrake Linux because my video card would not work on Fedora Core 2. And then Mandriva. I miss the Johannesburg thunderstorms where from my SOHO i could see the bad weather coming and would unplug every computer even though i had UPSes.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux was born in 2005 and slowly over the years pushed out Mandriva Linux which i think Mandriva/Mageia Linux used to be the best OS around. I am a RPM guy. Ubuntu Linux has come a long way since i tried 5.05 i think it was. I recommend Ubuntu Linux for a start up Linux if you are new to Linux. 6.06 will only work on my 2006 laptop. So i use the CD version of AntiX on my 2006 laptop with a Septron processor. All my laptops i purchased in Johannesburg are still intact. My two desktop machines have died.

Mageia Linux

Mandriva and then Mageia used to be my favourite and i am still lost without them. I had to leave Mageia 6 as X kept freezing my laptop early 2018 after grafting fine since it's release in July 2017. It's very easy to kill X in Mageia if it's acting up.

I was very sorry to have to leave Mageia 6 even though i still play around with it on Virtualbox. I still have Mageia 5 installed on my mothballed Centrino. Which is not much use as the core temp goes to 75 C when idle and the screen has packed up.

Debian Linux

At Johannesburg on one of my machines i used to use Debian Linux as a file server and burning server.

I used Mandriva as my desktop.

Today instead of Mageia 6 KDE Plasma i use Debian Linux KDE Plasma.

Ian was the guy who complied Debian and Debbie was his girlfriend. Hence the name deb ian.

I am just going to mention these three as i know from past experience they work well even though i have tried most of the top fifty.

These are the top seven Linux distro's in the world today:

The others are mostly forks of the above except Arch which i have not tried.

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